Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nick & Knight Tour Review + Solo, Duo, & All Access VIP

Note: I divided this review by city. Feel free to skip to a certain city if you'd like. There's also no pictures or videos added yet to this review. I may add some later so be on the look out.

1. West Hollywood, CA - I did solo Nick VIP here.
2. Anaheim, CA - I did Duo Nick and Jordan VIP here.
3. San Francisco, CA - I did All Access VIP here

1. West Hollywood, CA - Nick Solo VIP - 11/14/14

For the Nick & Knight tour in California I decided to go to 3 dates: West Hollywood (WeHo), Anaheim, and San Francisco (SF). 

I was fortunate to have enough miles with Southwest to cover a round trip flight from SJC to LAX. That was a great savings for me to be able to go to the WeHo and Anaheim shows in SoCal.

For those who don't know the Nick & Knight tour has 4 different types of VIP:

1. The duo VIP which is a meet and greet with both Nick and Jordan. 
2. The solo Jordan VIP.
3. The Nick VIP.
4. The recently added All Access.

For WeHo I considered each option above. First I wanted to do a Jordan solo because I have a ton of pictures with Nick but none with Jordan. Then I thought about the duo. Then I thought I'll just stick to Nick. Then I thought about going all the way with All Access.

After Backstreet Boys' cruise I decided to pledge my loyalty to Nick and do the solo VIP. Plus I really wanted a Nick solo VIP pass and have Nick sign it since I didn't get that option for the Nick and Knight show in Ft. Lauderdale, FL that I attended on October 22nd.

The VIP e-mail said check-in was at 4:30 PM. I got to LAX around 1:30 PM and took the shuttle to Hertz. I rented a compact car for 3 days. I used my American Airline miles to partially pay for it. My remaining balance was around $30 so that saved me some money.

Last time I rented a car from Hertz at LAX I was able to pick it up right away because I'm a Gold member. For some reason they didn't put my name on the Gold member billboard so I had to go to the rental center and chat with an agent through the kiosk. I thought it would be automated but it's basically Skype on a kiosk. That freaked me out a bit. I guess that is the future of rental car checkout.

After I got my car, I had plans to go to Burger King which was nearby. I forgot which direction it was in and I ended up going in the opposite direction. I didn't feel like turning back because it wasn't easy to make a u-turn. I figured I would find something on the way. As I drove closer to WeHo I noticed the traffic was increasing. I knew if I didn't find food soon that I wouldn't have a chance to do so.

About halfway to WeHo I spotted a Carl's Jr. to my left. I decided to go there. After I made my turn, I parked and noticed there was a Chinese Food place called Chinese Deli nearby. I was in the mood for Chinese Food so I changed my mind and went there instead. I ordered chow mein, fried rice, sesame chicken, and sweet and sour pork. Then I ordered a diet coke (yes I'm that kind of person... lol). I got all that for $6.50 which shocked me because in the Bay Area all that would cost about $13.

I get back on the road and get stuck in traffic. I was so worried I wouldn't have time to eat, get ready, and get to VIP on time.

The hotel I selected to stay at was Best Western Sunset Plaza. It's walking distance from the House of Blues venue which is on Sunset Blvd. I know how hard it is to drive and park on Sunset so I researched online where to park. People who stayed there said to park in front of the hotel, check-in, and then enter the hotel's parking garage located behind it. 

Thank goodness researched beforehand because when I drove by the hotel there was construction happening in front of it. I drove to the street behind the hotel and parked on the street. The street was on an incline. I'm not used to parking on street like that so I had the wheels facing straight. When I got out of the car I noticed signs everywhere that said if cars aren't parked with the wheels facing toward the sidewalk they'd get ticketed. Plus there were signs saying a permit was needed to park on the street.

I took the risk and left the car there. There wasn't anywhere else to park! 

I wasn't sure how to get to the front of the hotel. I started to walk down the street but it didn't feel right. I turned around and decided to take a chance to go into the parking lot and get access to the hotel there. Thank goodness I did that because the front desk unlocked the parking lot door for me and let me check-in. After I checked-in I power walked to the car and thankfully it didn't get a ticket. I grabbed all my stuff and go to my hotel room which is located on the first floor room 129. At this point it's about 3:30'ish. Check-in was at 4:30 PM so I had an hour to eat, take a quick shower, dress up, put my make-up on, and put my things in my bag.

It was 4:28 PM by the time I did all that. I power walked to the venue. Of course all my rushing was for nothing because fans were still milling around the venue. I could've taken my sweet time.

I immediately spot familiar faces and say "hi" to the people I know. The same happens to me and people say "hi" to me. 

I then find the Nick solo line and join it. Mostly everyone has their passes already. Bodyguard Josh was the person acting like Photographer Justin. He was the one checking people in and he was the one who took the pictures. That amused me so much.

Apparently Nick was stuck in traffic which didn't surprise me. I know all about LA traffic especially on a Friday night.

Josh comes back after what felt like a long time and checks me in. He gives me a pass and I'm glad to have one since I didn't get one in Ft. Lauderdale.

Then the venue's security goes down the line checking IDs and putting on wristbands to insure everyone entering is over 21. When the security guy checks mine he notices that I'm a Libra because my birthday is October 5. He said his birthday is on October 3. He makes a joke saying we're better than the rest of the people in line because of our birthdays and I agreed with him.

A few moments later Jordan walks by the VIP lines and goes inside the venue. I kind of wish I was brave enough to ask him for a selfie when he walked by.

Before we went inside I spotted a Mercedes convertible pull up to the valet. I had a hunch it was Nick since the car looked so fancy and I was right. He stepped out of the car and the first thing I noticed was how fluffy his blonde hair looked. It had no product in it. He was shaking his head and I could only assume it was because of all the traffic he had to endure to get to the venue. Lauren was also with him. I loved that he drove himself to work.

I go inside the venue and join the line with the other Nick solo VIP's. Inside already are the duo VIP's. Then the Jordan VIPs enter. While the duo VIPs are happening mostly everyone is staring at the duo VIPs in progress. I would've thought the duo VIP would happen somewhere private and away from prying eyes.

The fan next to me asked me if I was Jocelyn and I said yes. It turns out she was Heather who is one of my Twitter followers. We chat for a bit as we wait. I notice that since the duo VIP is still going on that I should have time to go to the bathroom. I asked the security guard who is a Libra if I could go to the bathroom. He basically said maybe and left it up to me to go. I said I was going so I went to the bathroom. Once I went it seemed I started a trend because other fans followed me to go to the bathroom too.

I'm glad I went because after that I didn't have a chance to go again.

Bodyguard Josh then directs Nick solo VIP's to go upstairs. It's more waiting. Nick then comes and centers himself in front of the line. He asks if we have questions. I try in vain to ask him a question but I don't get chosen :( I wanted to ask about a possible Vegas residency since there has been hints of it happening.

I remember him being asked about his sobriety. It was nice to hear him admit that he's been on and off the wagon. From what I've seen he's been doing good. I didn't see him drink on both the 2013 and 2014 cruises. The last time I personally saw him drink was in February 2014 during Bingo night when he had some shots after the I Heart Nick Carter taping.

I don't remember the question but I remember the question made Nick answer that AJ was going to be at the show. My friend Jen had messaged me earlier saying maybe AJ would be at the show. Hearing Nick say that confirmed her message.

Another question I remember someone asking is about his movie. She asked if Nick would read her screen play and he said he would if she gives it to him. Now I want to write a screen play to give him but then again my screen play might be porny...

It's time for the pictures and it turns out the side of the line I'm on is the front. I generally don't like to be near the front of the line because it doesn't give me time to process what's about to happen. 

Part of Nick's VIP's is taking a selfie with him since he promoted that on Twitter. I didn't get a selfie with him in Ft. Lauderdale because the VIP was too large. 

The area we were in was dimly lit. Nick first stood in a place that had a sign that said beans. He took a picture with a few fans there but decided it was too dark so he moved to a different place to take the picture. It was all moving so fast. A fan in front of me tried to take a selfie with him but he said to her it's better to take a picture with flash and he pointed to Bodyguard Josh who was taking the pictures.

The front part of the line sensed he wasn't into doing selfies because of the lighting so we put our cameras away. When it was my turn I say, "Hiiii Nick."

I gave him a tight hug and relish being in his grasp for a second. He's all ready to take the picture and I give him my VIP pass to sign. Then I start babbling about how this was my first of 3 shows I was going to. I said that I'd be in Anaheim and then in San Francisco. He was obviously half listening to me because he asked me if I was going to be in San Francisco and I said yes because that's where I'm from.

After he signs the pass he hands it to me and then he asks me which side I want to stand on? I said that it doesn't matter. In my mind I was thinking as long as you're on one of my sides that's all that matters!

He puts his arm around me, Josh snaps the picture, and in a second it's all over. I was directed to go downstairs. The duo VIPs already had staked the claim on their spots in front of the stage. I was torn between staking a claim on my space or getting a drink. In the end my desire to have a good view won so I found a spot close to center stage. I ended up having 2nd row. The fans in front of me were short and Jordan fans so it worked out for me.

While waiting behind the crowd is Jordan taking his solo pictures. I'm a bit jealous of all the lighting Jordan's fans are getting. Plus they got to stay downstairs. Then I took a glance upstairs where I could see Nick still in the middle of taking pictures. It irked me when I saw Bodyguard Mike helping fans take "selfies" with Nick with their cameras. Basically Bodyguard Mike just took like a close up pic with the fans and Nick so it looked like a selfie lol *pout* I didn't get that opportunity.

On stage was a clock which I appreciated because it saved me from having to look at my phone for the time every 5 minutes. It was close to 7'ish and my mind was all set on the show starting. It wasn't until the fan behind me mentioned that we were still waiting for sound check. I totally forgot about it! I'm not used to having sound check so close to when the show starts.

While waiting for sound check my mind was fixated on the Quickie happening afterward. For those who don't know what a Quickie is basically a quick meet and greet with Nick and Jordan after the show. I decided close to the last minute to do it. My mind was brainstorming ways to make the Quickie fun. The real meaning of a Quickie is a fast sexual encounter so I was trying to think of how to make the pose sexual without having to make Nick and Jordan awkward about it.

First I tried to decide if I wanted Nick behind me or in front of me. In Ft. Lauderdale he was in front of me so I thought this time I'd have him behind me. Then I envisioned him behind me and thought if he was really hitting me from behind what he would do in the heat of the moment. That's when the idea of him pulling my hair entered my mind. I thought should I or should I not? Nick had rejected me in Ft. Lauderdale previously when I wanted him to show his abs in my picture. That helped my courage because I had already been rejected by him so if he rejected him again it would not be a big deal. I decided to go for it after the show.

Sound check eventually starts and Nick and Jordan start off by doing Halfway There. I remember Jordan asking Nick how he was feeling and Nick said something along the lines of, "I'm doing good, Knight... see what I did there? Good, Knight."

Nick says they need to practice IWITW for "MC." It immediately clicked in my head that "MC" was code for McLean and that AJ would make a surprise appearance during his verse in IWITW. The surprise was ruined for me though. I knew this would happen because I remember back in 2011 when Bsb kept practicing IWITW over and over at the Staples Center it was because they were practicing for Kevin's surprise appearance.

After that song Nick told Jordan he wanted to practice "Take Me Home." Then he walked off stage and went on the floor with us fans. He situated himself behind the crowd as Jordan sang his verse. A few fans that were near him managed to get selfies with him before he started his verse. I was tempted to sacrifice my spot for a selfie but I didn't want to be greedy with the pictures.

When Nick decides that he and Jordan sound fine, he goes back on stage and they do a few more lines of the song before ending it early. The last song they sound check is "Nobody Better."

Nick and Jordan then retreat to the backstage area. Their opening act Leroy Sanchez then takes the stage and does his sound check. Soon after he does his set.

At 8:45 PM is when Nick and Jordan hit the stage. Although I've seen the show before in Ft. Lauderdale and also online from the Atlanta Yahoo stream, I was seeing the show in a new perspective in the second row. What I loved is that the fans in front of me were clearly Jordan girls so whenever Nick would come near our area they didn't care. More Nick for me!

When IWITW came on just as I expected AJ came out during his verse and everyone freaked out. I really loved that AJ was willing to do that.

Another highlight of course was the 90's tribute and seeing Nick and Jordan hump the floor.

In a flash the show is over. It was time for the Quickie. I check-in with Bodyguard Drew and jokingly say to him that he should know my name by now. He says that he doesn't know my last name. He crosses my name off the list and puts a wristband on me.

I wasn't in a hurry to get in line for the Quickie so I ventured off to the merchandise booth. I bought the Nick and Knight sweatpants for $45 and the hoodie for $50. Those are perfect for winter!

The lines are then sectioned off by Quickie levels. I had the Threesome Quickie which meant it was just me, Nick, and Jordan. From a distance I saw one of my Bsb friends named Mike who I've known for years starting from the LiveDaily days. I asked if he could do me a favor and film my Quickie. Thankfully he was willing to do it.

It was my turn and Nick gives me a bright smile. He asks me, "Are you ready for your Panini?"

I burst his bubble and said, "No. Can you pull my hair?"

He gave me a look like did she really just ask me that? I didn't think he would do it so I was like whatever, it's not the first time he's denied me so I move on to Jordan. I position myself for the Panini and then I felt a slight yank on my ponytail. Nick was doing it! He was pulling my hair. I wasn't sure how to have my face so I just did what felt natural which was stare at the camera with my tongue hanging out.

When it was over Nick lets go of my hair and says out loud, "That was just weird." I guess it flew over his head why I had him do it. I guess he's not a hair puller doing sex. *sigh* The things I could teach him. If only :p Then when I walked away I felt Jordan also grab my ponytail and run his fingers through it.

I walk out of the venue but I really didn't want to leave and go back to the hotel right away. I lingered near the valet where Nick's car was. I looked up his car online and I saw it's a Mercedes SL 550. I normally see the skinnier versions of the SL's so his was unique since it was the wider one. The starting price is $84,000 which means Nick's is probably around $100k if it's fully loaded and has extra features. Someday I'll be able to afford a luxury car worth that much!

I really loved that the hotel I stayed at was walking distance. I didn't have to worry about driving back and forth to it. I'm also glad I chose Best Western because it was quiet. I stayed at the Grafton on Sunset last year for Nick's book signing and it was very noisy.

On the same floor as my room are the vending machines. I wanted to get a snack, bottle of water, and a can of soda before going to my room. I was able to get chips and bottled water. The soda machine wouldn't accept my $1. I almost gave up but my craving for soda was strong. I decided to go to the front desk and get change for my $1. The machine gladly accepted the coins over the paper $1.

I had some left over Chinese food so I ate that and the bag of chips. I reminisced about what happened. I wanted to have the TV while I did this but the TV was being stubborn. When I first turned it on it was set on a politics channel. I wanted something more entertaining like a late night talk show. Changing the channel was a challenge. No matter what I did the channel wouldn't switch. Then I tried using the channel buttons on the TV. All it did was switch it to an unconnected channel that showed nothing. I tried unplugging and replugging the TV in but nothing was changing. I thought about calling the front desk but it was late and I really didn't feel like bothering.

I shut off the TV and then prepared myself to sleep so I could have energy for next show in Anaheim.

2. Anaheim, CA - Nick & Knight Duo VIP - 11/15/14 

It was around 7 AM when I woke up. I wanted to get more sleep but my body was ready to start the day. I finalized packing up my things. Then I made my way up to the 3rd floor to have some breakfast. Part of the hotel stay included breakfast which I really appreciated. It saved me from having to worry about finding something to eat. The breakfast wasn't anything special but it was enough to keep me sated until I reached Anaheim.

For breakfast I had 2 slices of waffles, bacon, eggs, and potato slices. After I ate I finished up packing my stuff and check-out. When I checked out the lady at the front desk asked me how my stay was. I told her it was good but that I had trouble with the TV. She asked if I had called the front desk and I said I hadn't. I thought that was the end of it but she said next time to call the front desk and they would help with that. For the trouble she removed the $18.00 parking fee which I appreciated!

I then make my way to Anaheim. It was around 11:15 AM when I got on the road. When I Google mapped how long it would take it said it would take about 50 minutes. Of course it's Cali so traffic is expected. It took me about an hour and a half to get there. When I got to Anaheim I decided to find food before checking into the hotel. I tried to find a place to park and found that the hotel I was staying at, Hampton Inn, was very close to Target. I parked at Target and then looked at my GPS' food suggestions. I remembered Target offered free WiFi. I took pictures of the names of food places my GPS suggested so that when I got WiFi inside I could look up the best place. Then the urge to go to the bathroom hits me so I do that first.

I'll never forget when I left the bathroom I held the door for an elderly Target employee and she said "Bless you" to me.

Then I walked to where Target sells food and sit down at a table. I wanted to find the Chinese place my dad and I ate at back in 2008 when I saw AJ at House of Blues. I couldn't remember the name but I knew it was situated very close to Disneyland. It seems the law of attraction of was at work. After researching food places I found the place I was looking for which was Panda Kitchen.

Before driving there I buy a bottle of diet Pepsi and a small box of Sour Patch Kids just in case I got hungry later and needed a snack. Panda Kitchen had sesame chicken which I haven't had in forever! One of my favorite Chinese places in Mountain View used to have it but they closed. I go back to my hotel and check-in. I was super amused when the front desk lady asked if I was in town for the marathon. I told her I wasn't and that I was going to a concert.

I finished checking in and then head to my room. It was past 2 PM and the check-in e-mail for VIP said to be there by 4:15 PM and that VIP would start at 4:30 PM. I thought I had all the time in the world to eat, shower, and get ready. It felt weird having down time. I ate my Chinese Food while having the TV on. I was glad the TV in this hotel room wasn't as difficult as the one I had in West Hollywood.

I remember The Pursuit of Happyness was on. I will forever remember that movie as the one that encouraged me to apply to become an intern at ABC 7 in San Francisco. The movie near the end so when it was done the next movie was Forest Gump which reminded me of the game show on the Bsb cruise and Brian did a Forest Gump impression. I switched it to the Disney Channel and had on Austin and Ally and Girl Meets World. 

It was about 3 PM now and I knew I had to get ready. I had let time go by too much. I was in a mad dash to get myself ready. Of course by the time I drive to Downtown Disney there's traffic. I was really paranoid I'd be late. I reached the parking lot around 4:40 PM. I had to power walk from near the back of the parking lot all the way to House of Blues. 

When I got there I saw a line in front of the venue. I asked the fans in line if they were in line for VIP. They said yes. I asked which one and they all said Jordan. I had duo VIP so I asked about it and they said they were already inside. That just made me more paranoid so when I went inside I saw a group of fans who already had their passes.

I met a Jordan fan named Suzanne who said she hadn't checked in herself yet so that made me so relieved nothing had started yet. JP, the person who the e-mail said to check-in with, then appears and I get my pass. It's more waiting. Then JP gives us our concert tickets and the venue security rips our ticket stubs and then checks our bags. Then we're let inside.

I was glad that the duo VIPs got to do the VIP without prying eyes like the West Hollywood one. The venue feels tinier than the last time I was in it for AJ's solo show back in 2008. On stage I could see Jordan hanging out with the All Access VIPs. He was taking pictures and selfies with them. It also looks like he was showing them the instruments.

JP then hands us each an 8x10 picture of Nick and Jordan which costs $10 at the merch booth.

Apparently we were waiting for Nick... again like in Hollywood. Right after I tweeted that we were waiting for him, he suddenly walks into the area. It seemed like he came through the kitchen. He kept repeating "I don't need a lot. I just need you." That's from the rap in "Nobody Better" which he does during the show. 

He then mingles with everyone. Mostly everyone is a Nick girl so I hung back as they clung to him. I met with Jordan first. One of the perks to being a duo VIP is getting a tote bag. What I wanted was for Nick and Jordan to sign the bag but we weren't given it yet. I had no choice but for Jordan to sign the 8x10.

Then I tell Jordan that I've never had a selfie with him before and he was like let's make this happen. He snapped 2 pictures but thought it was dark. I told him I could put it on flash so I switched on the flash. He was impressed by my camera's selfie mode and thought it was fancy.

After that Nick was in the middle of mingling with another fan so I waited. When he was done with her he asked out loud who he hadn't gotten to yet?

I immediately said, "Me! Me!"

Nick turned to me and he gives me a warm smile. He told me, "I'll never forget about you Sweetie." *insert mental squee here*

I hand him the 8x10 picture of him and Jordan to sign. He then turns to the bar and sets it down so he can sign it against a hard surface. Then I gave him my camera so he can take a selfie of us.

He positions the camera in front of us and I tell him that we need to look at the lens because on the cruise one of us was either looking at the screen instead of the lens. While I am explaining this he is snapping pictures lol 

Then like Jordan he mentions the lighting is not good so he puts his arm around me and quickly shifts me about 180 degrees. I love that he's comfortable enough with me to do that. I couldn't do something like that with him or anyone else. He continues to snap a few more selfies with me.

When we're done he continues mingling with the remaining fans. Then it's time for the champagne toast. We're each given a plastic cup that looks like a champagne glass. I did my best to get Nick to pour my glass which happened. Then we do a toast and clink our cups together.

I heard Nick tell a fan that we needed to touch glasses with eye contact or else it'll be 7 years of bad sex. Well I can't let that happen so I made sure to look Nick and Jordan in the eye when it was my turn to clink cups ;)

The champagne was soooo good! I believe it was Prosecco. 

I then noticed that most of the fans got their VIP swag already and I still didn't have mine. I was directed to the merch table where there were a few bags left. The swag was the Nick & Knight tote and glow stick. For the price we paid I wish we got more like a shirt. I also wish we got the bag earlier. I would've rather Nick and Jordan sign the bag than the 8x10.

After the toast it was time to take pictures. It turns out where I was standing was going to be the front of the line. I don't like being first but I didn't feel like moving to go near the back of the line. I'm glad I didn't because it turned out after taking the pic we could go claim a spot near the front of the stage.

The fan I met earlier was nice enough to take pictures of me during my meet & greet.

When it was my turn I gave Bodyguard Mike my bags and stepped up to Nick and Jordan. I hugged Nick first and then Jordan. I turned around to position myself for the picture. We were about to take it when a venue employee with a huge cart of ice passed between us and the photographer.

I said, "Wow, that's a lot of ice."

When the ice man is out of the way we put on our smiles and take the picture.

I start to walk away to let the next fan in line go. I took about two steps when Nick grabs me and grunts, "Uhhhhh."

My first reaction is to grunt back at him so I go "Uhhhh" back at him.

Then he does it back to me and so I give him another grunt.

It honestly sounded like we were fucking and making porno sounds. I wish I knew what inspired him to do that. (I wonder if he remembered the Quickie in Ft. Lauderdale where he grabbed me and pressed himself against me which prompted me to automatically grunt and he mocked my grunting.)

After our impromptu sex grunt session, I thought he was done with me so once again I take two steps away from him. Then I heard him ask me a question which made me stop and look back at him.

He asked me, "Do you have Native American in you?"

For a split second I considered making a sexual innuendo to him but I couldn't come up with one without my words scrambling in my mouth. He previously claimed to have some Native American in him before thus the footprint tattoos on his chest which he then had removed. I wanted to say something like well you said you had some Native American American in you and well if you get inside me then I'll have Native American in me. It would've something silly like that but I couldn't find the words at the time lol

Instead I give him sort of a WTF stare and say, "No..."

Then he follows up with, "What are you?"

I reply, "Filipino."

He says, "Filipino... I have a story."

I said, "What?"

He was about to tell it but then changed his mind. He said something like he'd tell me later.

I tried in vain to get him to tell me now but of course in typical Nick fashion he was done with me and he focused his attention on the next fan in line for the picture.

I thought, ugh what a tease!

I walked over to the stage area. About halfway there I hear someone call my name. I recognize the fan as Kristie who I'm friends with on Facebook and follow on Twitter. She's from New Jersey and she did All Access VIP. We briefly chat and she tells me about her All Access experience so far. After our chat I continue to walk toward the stage. Some of the fans who were done with their VIP pictures had claimed their spots. I managed to get a front row spot close to stage right.

A few moments later I'm joined by Matt, a fan who I've met previously at past Bsb events. We chat for a bit as we wait for sound check to begin. Eventually the floor gets filled up fast and it's just VIPs. I wondered how the general admission crowd would even fit.

I remember looking back and seeing Jordan still in the middle of taking his VIP pictures. He seemed to have the most VIPs over Nick. Many of my Bsb friends who had Nick's solo VIP were already finished and had joined the crowd.

Sound check starts and I was a bit disappointed Nick and Jordan only did 2 songs. I got spoiled in West Hollywood with the 4 songs. The songs they did were Halfway There and Nobody Better.

After they're done it's more waiting. I thought Leroy was going to open again but thankfully he doesn't. There wasn't any opening act.

Before Nick and Jordan hit the stage, a woman stands near the speaker on stage right. Then a few minutes later someone makes an announcement over the speaker system about fire exits in the venue which I thought was totally random. While the announcement is being made the woman next to the speaker is translating what is said through sign language. I thought she'd only be there for the fire exit announcement but she stayed.

The show starts and it turns out that woman and also another man were going to sign language the whole show. They switched every couple of songs. Apparently there were some hearing impaired people at the show. It really amused me that these two sign language interpreters really got into what they were doing. I was impressed they could sign the lyrics to the songs. I wonder how long it took them to master the lyrics.

The performance highlight for me was Nick's "I Got You" solo. I happily sang along to it. Much like the West Hollywood show, I was near a lot of Jordan fans. They obviously did not know the words to "I Got You."

As Nick sang our eyes met and in between lines he said to me, "You know the words huh?" *sigh*

Then later on in the song our eyes met again and he said, "Thank you baby." *double sigh*

Toward the end of the show some of the Jordan fans near me left the crowd. I assume it was either to beat traffic leaving the venue or to get a front spot in line for the Quickie. That made a few of the fans behind us move forward. Some annoying fan got next to me and stuck her arm out trying to get Nick to touch her when he was like 20 feet away. I hate it when people do that. I mentally sent signals to Nick to not reach out and touch her hand. Thankfully he read my mind and didn't reach out to touch her hand ;) :p

The show ends and the crowd slowly disperses. I hang back a bit because there's still the Quickie. I couldn't believe the 2nd show was over already. I mingle with my Bsb friends for a bit. Then I notice near the bar is a crowd of people checking in for the Quickie. I wasn't sure if I had to check-in so to be safe I head over there. I asked Bodyguard Mike if I needed to check-in and I showed him my duo pass. He told me I didn't have to and that I could go upstairs to wait.

Two fans I know, Olga and Mary, had the threesome Quickie so they had to check-in so I waited for them. Once they were checked-in we started to go upstairs and I'm stopped by more Bsb fans I know so I stopped and chatted with them.

I head upstairs and a lot of fans are milling about waiting for instructions on where to be. I spot Matt standing near the bar. Eventually we are told by the venue security to separate by wristband and pass. I stuck with Matt because he was the only other duo VIP up there. Then the rest of the duo VIPs start to trickle in.

Fans with the threesome Quickie go first and then the tag teams/more the merrier. After that the duo VIPs go. When it was my turn I hand Drew my bags and go to hug Jordan and then Nick. I tell Nick that the Quickie we did where he pulled my hair was a hit on my Twitter and Facebook. He nods and smiles. I said something like I don't know how to top it.

I then position myself in between them. Jordan asked if he could pull my hair. I told him he could if he wanted to. He then said something like we'll just do what you want so he didn't pull my hair. They sandwiched me and I decided to wrap my left leg around Nick. It was an idea I had come up with earlier but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it. The opportunity presented itself so I went for it. It felt really good to have Nick all up on me. I wish that could happen more often.

The picture is snapped and I release my leg from Nick. I turn to Nick tell him, "I have All Access on Tuesday in San Francisco. You better be ready."

He gave me a slight smirk and then extended his hand for a fist pump which I gladly returned.

As I walked away I noticed in the room next where the Quickie was happening was a huge party. It looked like some young people had booked the room and were dressed formally in suits and gowns. I'm just assuming but it seemed like a rich kid was having a big birthday party of some sort. The kind of party seen on MTV's Sweet 16 show. 

Once I exited the venue I spotted a group of Bsb fans I know, Olga, Jen. K, Monique, Briana, Crystal, and Lori. 

We all mingle for a while and then Jen, Olga, and I go to Denny's that's located near the entrance of Disneyland. Getting there was quite an adventure for me. I parked in Downtown Disney and Jen parked in the parking garage near Disneyland. Jen was nice enough to drive me close enough to Downtown Disney to get my rental car. However because of the marathon happening some of the streets going there were closed up for preparation. Thankfully Jen knew her way around and got me as close as possible to where I parked. I had do some walking but eventually I find my bearings and get to my car safely.

When I drove out of the parking lot I thought I had to pay for parking. I even spent time earlier going back to House of Blues to get my parking ticket validated. However the parking exit was open and no payment was necessary. I was glad I didn't have to pay.

I had some trouble finding the Denny's. I first set my GPS to find a Denny's on Katella Ave. but it felt wrong to me. Jen had told me the Denny's was in front of Disneyland and the GPS was taking me away from it. I ended up turning into a residential street where I was able to pause for a bit to reset my GPS to take me back to my hotel. I remembered when I drove to my hotel earlier that I had seen a Denny's. My gut was telling me that's the one Jen was talking about.

Sure enough when I drove on Harbor Blvd. which is where my hotel was located I passed by Denny's. I made a U-turn and went there. I immediately knew I was at the right place when I saw Jen's car in the parking lot. 

I craved something crispy so I ordered the $8 seafood platter which was basically fish and chips and shrimp. I almost ordered the red velvet pancake puppies but passed. I'm glad I passed because the seafood platter satisfied my appetite.

We chat and reminisce about our Nick and Knight adventure. Then Jen mentioned we all should have brunch at Cheesecake Factory Sunday morning. I had no other plans so we decided we'd message through Facebook whenever we woke up

We had some troubles paying our check but once that was settled we part ways and I go back to my hotel. I remember I couldn't find any close parking near the hotel's entrance. There were a few tiny spots open but because the cars next to the spot did what I call "asshole parking" my car couldn't fit. I ended up parking a bit far from the entrance. 

When I walked toward the hotel I felt scared and thought omg what if I get attacked and raped right now. I walked faster and thankfully behind the hotel was a way to get into the hotel via hotel key. Once I got inside I felt safe. When I got to my room I packed up most of my stuff and went to bed around 3 AM.

My body wakes up close to 8 AM. I knew I should have fallen back asleep but I couldn't bring myself to do so. I was paranoid I'd oversleep and miss checking out of the hotel at noon.

I got dressed for the day and finalized my packing. I sent Jen and Olga a message on Facebook saying I was awake. I gave them a few minutes to respond but got nothing so I figured they were still sleeping. I didn't know when they'd be awake so I went ahead and took advantage of the hotel's breakfast. I had half a waffle and eggs.

Then I went back to my room to relax a bit. I got a reply from Olga saying she and Jen just woke up. Then we made arrangements to meet at Cheesecake Factory around 11:15 AM. I checked out of the hotel and then drove to Cheesecake Factory. It turns out Cheesecake Factory was located in a shopping center near Disneyland. I didn't even know that existed. 

Jen and Olga were already inside and had gotten a table. My tastebuds were craving something crispy again. Whenever I go to Cheesecake Factory I always end up ordering fish and chips. (I used to order the pork ribs but it was taken off the menu a few years ago.) I tried to see if I could order anything different but fish and chips won. The waitress asked if I wanted the lunch portion and I said yes. I didn't even know there was a lunch portion and it was cheaper than the full entree. 

When I got the "lunch" portion I was shocked at how much I was given. It didn't look like a lunch portion to me. It looked like a normal sized entree. The fish and chips tasted so good! The fish was crispy and fulfilled my craving for something crispy.

We chat and in the back of my mind I can't help but feel sad because I don't know when the next time I'd be in SoCal for a Bsb event.

At around 1 PM we say our goodbyes because Olga needed to catch the train home. Plus I had to make my way back to LAX.

I remember spotting a 7-11 when I arrived to Anaheim so I stopped there to buy lotto tickets because you never know when luck would strike. (In my case it didn't but at least I tried!) 

Then before I left Anaheim I considered going back to Downtown Disney to look around for awhile but changed my mind when I saw the long line of cars waiting to go into the parking lot. I eventually got on the freeway and began my journey back to LAX.

I thought I was going to take the 5 freeway back up to LAX but my GPS sent me on a couple of different freeways. I wonder if that was for the best because I didn't hit much traffic going there. While I was on the freeway I noticed a Honda CR-V in front of me had a license plate that said "< 3 U AJ." That made me laugh and reminded me of friend Jen Y. who loves AJ so much. That license plate would be so perfect for her.

It was around 2 when I got near LAX. Before I returned the car I had to fill up the gas tank. I had a hard time finding a gas station I could pull into easily. I finally pulled into a gas station only to find out when I got out that the gas tank opening was on the passenger's side. I'm used to it being on the driver's side. I was about to move the car and switch sides when I saw the gas prices at the station were higher than the ones I passed earlier. I decided to leave and try to go back to the other gas station with a cheaper price.

Apparently everyone and their mother knew that gas station was cheap because all the pumps were taken. I had no patience to wait so I left and saw there was a McDonald's next to it. I had a free small Frappe coupon I won from the Monopoly game so I stopped there to redeem it. It was a hot day so I needed a refreshing drink.

After I got my caramel Frappe I sat down and for a few minutes I was just relaxing. Then suddenly I remembered that rental cars have a specific time they needed to be returned by. I forgot what time I had put down. I went back to the car to check my rental receipt. Sure enough I had put that I would return the car at 2:00 PM. I checked the clock on my phone and saw it was 2:14 PM!

I knew most rental companies have a 30 minute grace period so I had 16 minutes to go to the bathroom, put gas, and haul ass to Hertz.

I managed to do all that by 2:28 PM.

I found a Shell gas station near Hertz and put gas as fast as I could. There was a woman in a pump near me that asked me for gas money saying she just needed a few dollars to get home. I could smell bullshit from far away and told her I had none.

After I finished pumping my gas I go to Hertz and return the car. Thankfully I am not charged a late fee. Once I cleared all of my stuff from the car I sit down on a bench and enjoy the rest of my frappe. Then I hopped on a shuttle and begin my journey home.

3. San Francisco, CA - All Access VIP - 11/18/14

I know most of you are anxious to read about my All Access experience to see if it was worth it.

Before I start my review I'll give a run down of what I paid for and what I got. It was a pricey experience but when I broke down what I got I think the price was worth it.

Price breakdown of All Access:

I paid $1514 total. First I bought the duo VIP for $606 in May. Then I paid $908 in November to upgrade to All Access.

-$600 + $6 fee duo platinum includes duo m&g, signed item(s), VIP pass, concert ticket, gift bag with $15 tote, $10 8x10, $15 glow stick, $206 Quickie
-$250 + $6 fee Jordan solo meet & greet
-$250 + $0.30 fee Nick solo meet & greet
-$149 + $6 fee tag team w/jen quickie
-$99 + $6 fee more the merrier w/all access
-$13 + $1 tip Margarita

$127.70 difference but I got an All Access pass, go backstage, a massage from Nick, hang out with Nick and Jordan and, got a got (Twitter follow) from Jordan.


I set my alarm for 9:40 AM. I thought that would give me ample time to get ready. I was severely wrong. I thought I had all the time in the world to get ready. The All Access e-mail said that I could arrive anytime I wanted but that typically Nick and Jordan arrive between 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM. My goal was to leave the house at around 2:00 PM to arrive in SF at 3:00 PM.

I miscalculated time and ended up taking too long to get ready. I was ready at around 2:45 PM. I was about to walk out the door when I felt that the socks I was wearing was loose. I do something that I really regret which is turn around, take off the socks and put on a new pair. My mom has always told me that it's bad luck to go back and change something when you're about to leave. She also said it's bad luck to make a stop on the way to a destination but I'll get to that later.

I change my socks and by the time I get in my car it's about 3:00 PM. I had to make a stop at Walgreens because I had printed a picture of Nick wearing the Under Armour shirt I gave him for his birthday in Vegas in 2013. I wanted to show it to him and have him sign it.

I was about halfway to Walgreens and so far everything is going smoothly. I'm in the left lane. I get near the stop light at Milpitas Blvd and notice a bus trying to change lane but the car in the right lane was not letting it in. I was scared that car would suddenly cut in front of me so I slowed down my speed. The bus was able to change lanes successfully.

The light at Milpitas Blvd then switches to a yellow light and I ease my speed. I wasn't going to run the yellow light. There was a Honda CR-V that was in front of me. I thought it was going to run the yellow but it didn't. It stopped in the middle of the intersection and then proceeded to back up! I didn't think she would back up so I stepped on my brakes but it was took late. My car slams into her rear bumper.

I had never ever hit a car before and of course of all the times for this to happen was right before an very important concert. I was freaking out.

I followed the car to Abel Plaza to inspect the damage. The Honda CR-V had no damage. My poor baby had a bunch of scratches because the CR-V has a spare tire on the back so the zipper for the spare tire's cover scratched my hood. My bumper now has a circle dent from the CR-V's muffler.

I'm grateful there was no major damage to either of our cars and that there were no injuries. Just to be safe I took pictures and also got the cell phone and name of the person driving the car. I didn't want to take any chances. 

After I calmed down a bit I go to Walgreens to pick up the picture and buy contact lens cleaner. After that accident I just felt off. I got on the road around 3:30'ish. My GPS said I would arrive around 4:30 PM. I just hoped I wouldn't miss anything.

I'm glad a few days before the show, Jen Y. and I researched where to park. I saw on the venue's website that if concert go'ers park at Holiday Inn they would validate the parking. That saved me from having to look around for parking.

I got to the parking garage around 4:30 PM. I frantically grab my stuff and power walk to the venue that's about 2 blocks away. As I'm walking I check my Facebook messages from Jen. The last message I got from her said that Jordan and Nick were there and in my head I go ughhhh because I was missing time with them.

The All Access e-mail said to call someone named Justin upon arrival. Justin is the same as JP who I met previously in Anaheim for the duo VIP. When I'm a few steps away I give him a call and we meet outside the venue. He helps me get inside the venue and gives me a concert ticket. Then he gives me my All Access pass. He leads me to a room where there's a few fans already.

I thought he was going to take me backstage to where Jen and the other All Access VIPs are but he says to stay there because they were going to start the duo VIP soon. I know I was going to get time with Nick and Jordan later but I couldn't help feeling mad at myself for my lateness and missing them arrive.

A few minutes later I spot Angela, a Bsb friend of mine. Then I see Jen and meet the 2 other All Access VIPs Kathryn and Silvia. I was glad there were only 4 of us since I had seen in SoCal there was over 10. Plus I love that Jen and I were the Nick girls and Kathryn and Silvia were Jordan girls so it worked out perfectly.

Nick and Jordan then entered the room and time seemed to accelerate.

Jordan approached me first. Freaking Nick went in the opposite direction. Jordan had said earlier they would sign the 8x10 but I already got that signed in Anaheim. When Jordan got to me I told him I wanted to be different and have him sign the tote bag which he did. Then Jen takes a picture of us. Although I have a selfie and quickie picture with Jordan, that was my first posed picture with him.

When Nick gets to me I say, "Hi Nick. I made it."

He puts his arm around me and gives me a half hug. He said something like, "Yeah, where have you been?" (A part of me interprets this as, aw he noticed I wasn't there when he arrived.)

Then I start babbling something like this to him, "I made it here in one piece. I got into a small accident and rear ended a car on the way here."

I will never forget the way his eyes went O_O when I told him that. 

The arm he has on me wraps around me tighter. He pulls me closer to him which makes my hand fly up to his chest to maintain my balance. I let my hand linger on his chest for a few extra seconds. I just love how comfortable I feel near his his body.

I gave him my tote bag to sign. Then he continues to sign other items fans were sticking out to him. Then someone in the room, I can't remember who said that the champagne toast is happening soon. I hadn't taken my picture with Nick yet so I had to grab his attention for the picture. 

Jen got a posed picture with Nick already which I took because she didn't want a selfie. I wanted to follow her lead and get a posed picture with him because I don't like how I look in selfies. (All about that angles lol)

I hand Jen my camera and manage to get Nick's attention. I jokingly told him, "I don't do selfies."

He wraps his arm tightly around me and says, "You're smart." (Tell me something I don't already know :p)

We take the picture and then he moves onto another fan. I noticed a fan got two autographs from him so I was like if she can I can so I went to my bag and grabbed my copy of the 2011 In Rock magazine I brought. He was featured on the cover. It's a Japanese magazine so I didn't understand anything in it.

I explained to Nick, "I had my aunt in Japan get this for me. I have no idea what any of it says."

Like the tease that he is, "It says a lot of provocative things in it."

I was so set on having him sign it I forgot to ask him what "provocative things" are said in it. If anyone can read Japanese please let me know because I want to know if he's telling the truth.

We're told to get our champagne glasses so I get mine. Nick and Jordan pop open the bottles and start pouring. Nick grabs my glass and pours. He stops when the fizz reaches the brim. When the fizz simmers down I only have half a glass of champagne. 

I wait for the toast to start. Jordan noticed I needed more so he filled my glass up some more so it was near the top. We then do the toast for San Francisco. Jordan wondered why it wasn't okay to call SF "Frisco" and asked why it's called the "The City." I told him that's tradition. He later mentioned this before "Halfway There" in the show. He noticed he got more cheering for saying "Bay Area" instead of SF/The City/San Francisco.

I waited for Nick to say what he said in Anaheim about needing to do eye contact during the cheers or else it's 7 years of bad sex. He didn't say it and the both of them do the cheers super fast.

We barely have a chance to take 2 good sips of champagne when we're told to get in line to take the picture. It just felt so rushed. It didn't feel this way in Anaheim.

I chugged down the champagne and got in line. I really wanted to keep the glass but no one else was taking it so I reluctantly put it on the bar with the other wine glasses. Looking back I wish I had just taken it.

When it was my turn I step up and hug Nick first and then hug Jordan. I turn around to position myself for the picture. When Nick wrapped his arm around me I felt my hair get messed up and tangled in his hands. As much as I liked that I didn't want my tangled hair in my picture.  My first instinct was to say, "Owww my hair!" 

I sort of squatted down to release it from being tangled. I heard Jordan apologize which I thought was sweet. Nick and Jordan re-position themselves and we take the pic. When we broke our pose I felt someone touch my hair and I thought it was Jordan but turns out it was Nick.

The line for pictures goes fast. Nick and Jordan then separate to do their solo VIPs. Jordan's VIP happens on the first floor. He already has a huge line waiting for him. I remember when I bought the SF duo VIP in May that Jordan's solo VIP's sold out and a few months later he added more. He certainly has a big fan base in the Bay Area.

We discovered that Nick's VIP was happening up in the balcony section so we climb stairs to get there. Nick was already in the middle of his Q&A. There were a lot of fans crowded in front of him. It reminded me of like a teacher giving a lecture to students.

This is what I remember from the Q&A:

-Nick mentioned he talked to Devon Sawa on Monday (11/17/14) about being in his movie with the working title "Dead West."
-He said that he's been to an island near San Francisco and quizzed us on what we thought the island he went to was named. So fans were like Treasure Island? He said no. We said Angel Island? He said no. I said Tiburon. He said no. Someone said Alcatraz and he said no. Finally he said Sausalito and we were like uhhh okay if you say so. (It's not really an island lol) He said he and his friend Chris had visited there. He also mentioned going to Haight Street. He said he put on his hoodie, had a paper bag with an alcohol drink and sat on the sidewalk and basically sat there like a bum. He said no one recognized him. (Him telling this reminded me of a fan fic I started to write and it's inspiring me to continue writing it.)
-He says he hopes to have a second run of the Nick and Knight tour in July 2015. *crossing fingers for this!*
-He mentioned touring Asia with Bsb in 2015 *crossing fingers this too! PHILIPPINES!!!*
-He mentions his Thanksgiving plans will be going to the Bucs game on November 30.
-He asks what kind of album we want from Bsb and ppl mention Christmas. He wondered out loud why do ppl like Christmas albums?

Just like in West Hollywood and Anaheim, the place where I'm standing is the front of the line. None of us near the front wanted to go first so a fan I know on the fan club named Bianca goes first and then another fan.
When it's my turn I show Nick the picture I got printed from Walgreens of him wearing the shirt I gave him in Vegas. 

He says, "That's funny."

I fail to see what's funny about it... 

He asked, "Do you want me to sign this?"

No, I'm just showing you a picture of yourself to pass the time... SMH.

I tell him yes and then Bodyguard Josh takes the pic.

I was still so frazzled from my accident that my mind wasn't thinking clearly. I forgot I wanted to do a pose where I mocked doing a romance novel cover pic with him. In a way it's good I didn't do that pose because Bodyguard Josh takes the pictures half body.  If I did that pose with Nick I'd want a full body shot to get the idea across.

Nick didn't take selfie with me nor Jen during his solo VIP which I thought was lame. Jen told me that when she asked Nick for one he said that she already got one earlier but technically she and I didn't get one since our pictures were posed. -_-

After us All Access VIP's finish taking our pictures with Nick we go to the first floor and get in Jordan's VIP line which is still super long. While in line I get a call from an LA area code. I was feeling social so I decided to answer it. 

I said, "Hello?"

A female on the other end asked, "Is this Nick?"

I thought... is this a joke?!

I said, "No..."

She apologizes and says she got the wrong number and hung up quickly. I wish this happened earlier when Nick was actually next to me so I could have handed him my phone. I also wish I remembered to tell Nick this later when I saw him again.

When I get to Jordan I jokingly say to him long time no see. I hand him my camera to take the selfie which he does so without any complaints unlike Nick. Then he hands my camera to Bodyguard Drew and we take a picture.

When we're all done taking pictures I spot Bodyguard Josh lugging around a piece of luggage which we found amusing. Earlier Jen was able to get a Nick VIP pass but she wanted another one to make up for the pass we didn't get in Ft. Lauderdale. I also had e-mailed Ground Ctrl a few weeks ago about the VIP pass and they said they couldn't contact the VIP coordinator (Bodyguard Josh). GC advised me to talk to the coordinator in person. I was armed with my e-mail from GC and ready to demand my passes from Bodyguard Josh. I barely get my sentence out to him when he just hands me 2 Nick VIP passes. He gave me and Jen a strange look but he didn't fight us about it. I was so happy he gave us the passes without any argument.

Then we go backstage to hang out for a bit. The backstage area is small. The hallways are tight. I follow Jen, Kathryn, and Silvia to a room where they left their stuff. I put my stuff down on a couch. Kathryn had bought cupcakes from a place called Sift. I had thought about buying Sprinkles cupcakes to give to Nick but since there was no time I decided against it. I'm glad I did because then there would've been too many cupcakes. Even the tour wardrobe person, Nikki, said they practically have cupcakes everyday.

I ate one cupcake and it was enough to satisfy my appetite the whole night. Jen said earlier Nick ate two cupcakes lol (So much for Kitt Fit eh? Speaking of Kitt... I was so happy that the wifey wasn't there! ;)) There was also a ton of bottled water in the room so I helped myself to one and took a few sips. I was hoping we'd get food but we didn't. So much for craft services.

We then head to the stage for sound check. Nick came on stage and started to strum his guitar. Then some crew moved Jordan's keyboard to center stage along with some stools. Then together Nick and Jordan took their places and started sound check. Just like Anaheim they only did 2 songs which were Halfway There and Nobody Better. Then after they were done Nick disappeared and Jordan approached us All Access VIPs. 

Jordan comes to me and asks if I want to play the keyboard. I was shy I didn't want to touch anything in fear of breaking something. I stood next to him as he jammed on the keyboard. Then he disappears backstage.

We head backstage and hang out for a bit. Jordan then comes into the room and inwardly I freak out. He spends a few minutes with us. In the back of my mind I wonder where Nick is. Jordan then leaves so we try to see where Nick is. We walk down the hall and see the room where he is in is closed :\ I was amused that the room he was given was labeled "Women's Dressing Room."

We decide to redeem the drink tickets we got. We each got 2 but I couldn't find my tickets so Silvia was nice enough to give me one of hers. I couldn't understand the drink menu so I went with a drink I know which is a margarita. The drink normally costs $13! It was so delicious.

On the way back to the backstage area we see Jaime and Bonnie, my fellow Bsb friends and we all chat for a bit. Then we go back and hang out in the same room. I thought it was our space but it turns out we were in Jordan's dressing room. No wonder he was hanging out in there earlier. We wondered where Nick and Jordan were. We creep to the hallway and to sneak a peek at the "Women's Dressing Room" where Nick had previously taken refuge. The door is closed.

Bodyguard Mike is walking around. He jokingly remarks to us that we're acting like we don't belong there but we do. We retreat back to Jordan's dressing room to hang out some more. We had heard food was coming but unfortunately it wasn't for us. The food that was ordered turned out to be seafood for Nick. (Geez Nick share lol) I saw Bodyguard Mike holding a brown gift bag with the seafood inside and he went into Nick's room to deliver it.

We hang out in Jordan's dressing room for a few minutes and then he enters, makes himself comfortable on the couch which is near my stuff. He spends time with us. He asked me for my name which I told him. He says it and I tell him, "I really appreciate you taking the time to learn my name. I've met Nick so many times and he's never even said my name. It's always either baby or sweetheart."

Jordan came to Nick's defense and said that they both meet a lot of people and it's hard to remember names. Despite that, Jordan saying my name meant so much to me. Even if he doesn't remember it, I love that he spent a few seconds to learn it. That's so much more than I've ever gotten from Nick.

Jordan seems to know Jen and I are huge Backstreet Boys fans. At first I thought it was because she had told him earlier but she told me she didn't. He did his best to make small talk with us. I noticed he had quite the potty mouth. I didn't expect him to be such a cusser.

With all the attention we got from Jordan, it became clear to me that Nick was being anti-social and that there was nothing I could do about it. At least I was with a great group of fans to hang out with. 

Jordan then leaves the room because he needs to make a phone call. We wonder where Nick is. Jen and I then try to find him. We walked around and came near a door. Near it there was a paper that showed all the different passes. We were staring at it when Bodyguard Mike then opens the door from the opposite side and comes in. 

From the brief moment we saw the door open we saw the door led to the buses outside. Jen asks where Nick is and he said, "He's on the bus on a phone call." (:\ Were Nick & Jordan on a phone call with each other?! lol)

I don't know if he was telling the truth or not. So much for All Access eh? Jen and I then go back to the stage area. We take some pictures touching Nick's guitar on stage. Then one of the crew members tells us that it would be easier for us to move across the stage is we go behind the screen that says "Nick & Knight tour."

We continue to hangout in Jordan's dressing room sans Jordan. Then Nick walks by in the hallway doing scales. For the next 20 minutes we hear Nick singing "whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh" over and over and over. Hearing him sing that over and over and over just made it us giggle. He was doing it in different octaves. He also would do it purposely off key and let his voice crack. I wish I could have recorded the whole thing. I've never heard him practice like that before.

I had go to the bathroom. The bathroom is near Nick's dressing room. It amused me so much that while I sat on the toilet I could hear Nick singing whoa oh oh oh oh oh.

Jen decides to hang out in the hallway in front of Nick's dressing room so I go with her. I felt so awkward though and wish I had courage to just go right up to his door which is now open. We catch a glimpse of Nick pacing back and forth as he's doing his whoa oh oh oh's. He is shirtless and wearing the black pants he wears during the beginning of the show. He also had what looked like a white stretchy bandage wrapped around his stomach. I assumed that would be for the portable mic he'd wear during the first batch of songs he'd perform. 

I recorded Nick doing some of his whoa oh's. Nick saw us lurking in front of us door. He told us that he'd be out there with us in a few minutes and that he was feeling sick. When he told us that I heard how nasal his voice was. I then felt bad for him because although he was sick he had a show to do. He couldn't call in sick like a typical employee. Then he continued his whoa oh oh oh's and suddenly Jordan comes out of a room and goes toward Nick's room. I jokingly remark that it sounds like Nick is summoning Jordan.

Jordan says, "Nick is summoning me."

We retreated back to Jordan's dressing room. It's getting close to show time. Jen really wanted to spray hair spray on Nick's hair. Kathryn being the brave one went over to check on Nick and then she encouraged us to go to Nick's dressing room. The three of us walk to Nick's dressing room but we don't go inside. The hallway is slim so I end up being in front of the doorway with Jen and Kathryn behind me.

We stand there as Nick is doing something with his mouth in front of the doorway. I later learned through a Google search he was doing lip trills. It's a type of vocal warm up. To me it's basically blowing raspberries in key. (When I got home I tried to do what he was doing & all I could do is laugh. It's harder than it looks!)

Nick sees us standing there so he pauses his lip trills and tells us, "You can come in if you want."

I hesitate for a second and then accept his invitation. I walked in and realize the room is very small. In front of the doorway is a table with a mirror above it. To the left of that is a couch against the wall. Nick has stuff everywhere. I couldn't really sit on the couch so I stood next to it. What caught my eyes first was seeing the blue shirt and grey pants he wore during VIP and sound check in a heap on the floor. He literally just undressed and left his clothes on the floor without bothering to pick them up and fold them neatly. I hate to admit it but he undresses like me. Just seeing that made me feel intimate with him. Like he was comfortable to share his messy side with us. 

He continued to do his lip trills as I observed his space. 

Jen is still standing near the doorway. She holds out her phone to Nick and asks him, "Can we take a selfie?"

I thought when Jen asked that she meant just a selfie with her and him. I was ready to feel like the awkward 3rd wheel as they took a selfie since I didn't have my phone or camera with me. 

Nick takes Jen's phone and he does something that surprises me. He walks over to where I'm standing, leans his back against the wall, sort of squats down to my height and positions himself for a selfie with the three of us! I followed Nick's lead positioned myself near his shoulder. It meant a lot to me that Nick decided to make me feel included to the selfie party. Nick snaps a few selfies and then hands Jen back her phone.

I'm so glad Jen was with me because she had the guts to ask Nick that! I wouldn't have asked.

We hear Bodyguard Drew shout that it's a few minutes till showtime. I was bummed to hear that because I would've liked to spend more time with Nick in his dressing room. I usually don't wish for an opening act but at that point I wish there was one so it would've bought us more time with him.

I exit Nick's dressing room but linger in front of the doorway. Kathryn and Jen were in front of me but they weren't walking forward. I had no choice but to stay there until they moved.

Drew shouts again that it's a few minutes till show time. When I heard that I thought Nick would pass by us to get near the stage first. I sensed Nick behind me. He continued to do his lip trills. I felt like I was in Nick's way so I tried to move to the side so he'd be able to walk by us. Moving to the side didn't help. There was still no room for him to walk by so I turned around to start walking forward so we could get to the stage area. 

In my mind I thought why aren't Jen and Kathryn moving lol 

Nick then wraps his arms around me and I freeze because his arms were around me unexpectedly. He hugs me from behind and I loved the way I could feel how tall he was. For reference I am 5'2". I briefly grasped onto his hands for balance. 

He was still doing his lip trills so I asked him, "Does that help with your vocals?"

He pauses doing his lip trills and replies, "Yes."

He then continued to do his lip trills as he released his hands from his hold on me. I thought that was the end of him touching me. His hands then slide to my shoulders where he let them rest there for a few seconds.

I didn't think he would keep his hands on me too long but then he started to dig his fingers into my shoulders in a massaging motion! 

I said, "Ooh, a massage?"

He kept going and I said, "That feels nice."

He massaged me for what felt like a long minute. He probably felt how stiff my shoulders and upper back area were. I stood there absorbing the feeling of his long fingers digging into my shoulders. This wasn't a psuedo massage. His fingers were really digging deep and it felt fucking good. The funny thing is for the longest time I've been wanting to get a massage since my co-workers had been talking about it. 

Just thinking about Nick's massage makes me crave another one. I'd do All Access all the time if I got a massage from him. Maybe next time I'll get a full body massage? ;)

Bodyguard Drew then calls for All Access to meet near the stage area. My mind and body are in a haze from the massage. We start to walk forward but Jen still didn't get to spray hair spray in Nick's hair. Nick already has hair spray in his hair but he says something like he could use more. He fetches the bottle and hands it to Jen who gives him two spurts.

Then we head to an area near the stairs and stage. That's where the pre-show prayer was going to happen. We wait for Nick, Jordan, and the band to join us. At first I'm standing against the stairs and Silvia is standing near the stage area. Nick and Jordan come down. Jordan stands next to me and Nick stands next to Silvia. I was hoping I could stand next to Nick but I didn't make a big deal about it. I heard Kathryn and Jen telling me and Silvia to switch since we were both standing next to each other's favorites. I thought if they say to switch I'm going to do so. Silvia and I switched and we were next to our favs.

We join hands and for a while we're silent. We didn't really know what to do so someone started to say "bless this..." so Jen took the lead from that and started to bless everything lol I chimed in and said, "Bless this venue." Nick was silent the whole time. When we ran out of things to bless we capped it with an amen. Nick then put his hand out, then one of the band members beat me and put their hand over Nick's, I put my hand in, and then Nick put his other hand in so I tried to put my hand on his but someone else beat me. Once everyone's hands were we cheer and break.

Apparently Nick and I were the only ones who put 2 hands in. I thought everyone put both hands in until I saw the picture of it. I just followed Nick's lead lol

After the prayer we're led to the stage where there are 4 chairs for each of us. We each took a seat and then when the lights dimmed down we stood up. Bodyguard Mike warned us not to take pictures of the curtain behind during their quick changes (darn lol).

The lights dim down and the crowd's screams roar. We stand up from our chairs and await Nick and Jordan to hit the stage. They walk past us and Nick holds his hand out and our palms touch. (I was the only one he touched palms with!)

The show kicks off and I do my best to take in every moment. Although I was side stage and had a view of their backs most of the time I really enjoyed having a different perspective of the show. In Ft. Lauderdale I had a balcony view, in West Hollywood and Anaheim I had 2nd and 1st row views and I capped it off with a side stage view that usually Bsb wives get.

Somethings I observed being side stage that I don't think the crowd caught:

-Right before Nick's verse in "Take Me Home" he couldn't find his mic and its stand that he used for the song. He asked us if we saw it. We look around our area but didn't see anything. Silly Jen thought he was looking for Bodyguard Mike! He then disappeared to find it. It was almost his verse and he was nowhere in sight. I thought he wouldn't make it to stage but like a pro he makes in time. He went ahead and sang his verse with the mic he had on.

-Bodyguard Mike who doubled as a roadie was pre-mature in his cue. He's supposed to put Nick and Jordan's mic stands on stage before "If You Want It" starts. He put them on stage before "Deja Vu" started. Nick communicated with him through his eyes and by gesturing with his hand waving in front of his neck in a cut motion to tell him to put the mics back.

-Before "Switch," Nick was already at his mark when Wardrobe Nikki shouted "NICK! NICK! NICK!"

We tried to get Nick's attention. Finally Nick hears her and she gives him the signal that his fly was open lol Gosh I want her job. I want to get paid to look at Nick's crotch to make sure his dick doesn't make an unexpected appearance. Nick quickly fixes his fly and goes into "Switch" without any other issues.

-After Jordan's "Give It To You" solo I was sooooo excited to see Nick perform "I Need You Tonight" acapella. I retmember seeing INYT videos and pictures from Kristie who did All Access in Anaheim. I was all set to record and melt when Nick breaks my heart and walks by doing that hand waving in front of his neck in a cut motion to Jordan to signal he was not going to do his solo. 


Once Jordan gets the signal, they fast forward to the last part of the show where they banter for a bit before going into the "You Got It (The Right Stuff"/"Larger Than Life" medley.

The show ends at around 9:30 PM. I couldn't believe how fast it went! I tried to resist the sadness that was starting to seep in my stomach. The last Nick and Knight show I'd see (for now?) was over.

When the show is over Nick dashes off stage. Jordan stuck around for a few extra minutes. He was holding photographer Brian's camera and he snapped some pictures of us. Then he shows us some of the pictures Nick took of him near the crowd and tells us they're good. In my mind I'm thinking why are you showing us these pictures? I'd rather be in the pictures with you. Jordan then disappears backstage too.

Before we left the stage area we stopped by a mirror that was nearby and quickly take a look at ourselves to make sure we look decent for the Quickie.

Wardrobe Nikki makes a joke that we used the mirror more than Nick and Jordan did.

Nick then stumbles by us looking completely out of it. He had changed out of his last concert outfit and was wearing the same grey pants and blue shirt he wore doing VIP. He looked so queasy and not all there. It was weird to watch him in that state when a few minutes earlier he appeared lucid on stage. Jen asked if he was okay and he breathlessly said "Yeah" and then disappeared behind the stage.

We then go backstage and to Jordan's dressing room to hang out and continue prepping for the Quickie. Jordan wasn't there and I thought we wouldn't see him since he'd be busy prepping for the Quickie too. He proved me wrong when he came into the room and sat on the couch.

Since Jordan was with us we didn't rush to leave for the Quickie since he was part of it lol He asked us if we enjoyed ourselves being side stage. I told him yes it was nice to experience the show from their perspective.

Jordan continues to make small talk with us. I hated how my mind was basically a blank being around him and I couldn't think of things to tell him. Of course it's only the next day when I think of a million things to tell him.

The topic of the Hollywood star came up and I told Jordan that the previous weekend I was in Hollywood and I got to visit the New Kids star. I told him even though it was new it was already dirtier than Bsb's star. Jordan thought Backstreet got their star 2 years ago but Jen and I correct him and say it was last year. I mentioned seeing New Kids' congratulatory video to them where they sang "Drowning." Jordan squinted his eyes and had a "what the hell are you talking about" look on his face.

I said, "You don't remember singing 'Drowning' and congratulating Backstreet on 20 years?"

It took him a few seconds but he finally remembered singing "Drowning" with an exaggerated country twang.

The topic of the New Kids cruise came up and Jen told Jordan I'd been on all 4 Bsb cruises. I said I've always wanted to go on a New Kids cruise. He encouraged us all to go. Jen mentioned there was survey sent to Bsb cruisers asking where the next cruise should be like Europe, Mexican Resort, etc. I said I voted for all the west coast options. 

Jordan then said he thinks most of the fans seem to live on the east coast and that's probably why most of the cruises at in the east. After Jordan explained this he looked at me and jokingly said something like, "You still don't like the idea.... (of an east coast cruise.)"

Jen asked Jordan what his favorite Backstreet Boys song was and he said, "Incomplete." Even though it was his favorite song he only knew one word from it which was "Voices..." He kept repeating it that line over and over and he said to me and Jen, "You guys probably know all the words. What are they?"

I started to sing way off key, "Voices tell me I should carry on but I am swimming in an ocean all alone. Baby.. my baby..."

Then Jordan starts to repeat that line over and over. I remember he asked Silvia if she heard "Incomplete" and she said "no." Jordan told her she has to know it.

Jen then asked Jordan who his favorite Backstreet Boy was and Jordan didn't give an answer. We started talking about favorite New Kids members. Jen said that Jordan was her favorite. I tell Jordan he's my favorite New Kid too. He jokingly says something like "That says a lot." I tell him I actually liked him first before Nick.

I told Jordan, "I thought Nick was ugly and I didn't like his voice back then."

Jordan was so shocked I called Nick "ugly." He said, "Tell us how you really feel! I think Nick is handsome."

I said to Jordan now Nick is and that I started to like him when he got ripe.

Jordan continued to berate me for calling Nick ugly and then he said he was just kidding and reached out to hold my hand.

Jordan also do a refresher on our names. He says Jen's name. Then he looks me in the eye and tries to remember my name. I don't know if he's joking or not but as he's "thinking" about my name I start to hum the Jeopardy theme.

Then he says it, "Jocelyn." I tell him he's correct. I said it should be easy to remember our names since mine, Jen, and his starts with the letter "J."

Jordan is then requested to come down for the Quickie. A few minutes after he left we head to the floor. I wondered where Nick was and if he was feeling okay to do the Quickies. Sure enough Nick was already there with Jordan. The Quickies had already begun with the threesomes going first. It freaked me out to see Nick smiling and looking like his life was sunshine and rainbows as he took the Quickie pictures when just a few minutes earlier he looked nauseated and off balance. 

It reminded me that although he's this famous singer, performing is his job and he has to essentially do like what I do when I'm at work where even though I feel like crap I have to smile and push through.

A fan named Jessica who did All Access in Phoenix told me that All Access VIP's are supposed to go last for the Quickies. It gives them a chance to say goodbye to Nick and Jordan. I also noticed in Anaheim the All Access VIPs went last.

We were at the back of the line but it seemed there were some fans in line trying to be last. We let them go before us but then other fans would show up to be last and we had to keep letting them pass us until the end.

Before it was our turn, Bodyguard Josh and Drew let fans who missed their solo Nick/Jordan VIPs take their pictures. Whenever I think I'm late to an event there always seems to be at least one person more late than me. Jordan took his VIP pictures first. Nick went off to the side while this happened and checked his phone. It reminded me and Jen of a picture we saw online of Nick standing off to the side checking his phone because a Jordan fan kicked him out of her Quickie picture. When Jordan was done Nick did his VIPs.

When they're all done it's our turn, Drew yells "ALL ACCESS!"

Kathryn goes first, then Silvia. When it got to me and Jen we kept telling each other to go first and then we stepped toward Nick and Jordan at the time lol I let her go first. When it was my turn I said, "I'm so sad this is my last sandwich of the tour."

Initially I wanted to do my Quickie with us throwing up Westsiiiide signs but I decided against it since I wanted to be all up on Nick one last time. I position myself facing Nick and relish in the feeling of their bodies pressed up against mine. In a snap my Quickie over.

We thought we were last but 2 guys ended up being officially last so they take their picture. After them, us 4 All Access VIPs take a picture with Nick and Jordan together. Kathryn and Silvia stand next to Jordan and Jen and I stand next to Nick. 

Nick then rests his head on mine which I didn't expect! I love that he felt comfortable enough with me to do that. *sigh* Why is he married? lol

After we took the All Access Quickie picture I thought Jen and I would get to take a Quickie with the two of us. I got this idea when I saw the Anaheim Quickie pictures. I noticed that some of the All Access VIPs got to take more than one Quickie picture: a threesome and a tag team between fans that are friends. I wanted to do a tag team with Jen. At first I suggested we both kiss Nick on the cheek while Jordan is the odd one out. But then Jen said she didn't mind being with Jordan while I was with Nick.

The tag team almost didn't happen. I'm glad Jen is braver than me and she said something about it which Jordan heard. Jen positions herself next to Jordan and I stay next to Nick. 

I remember telling Nick jokingly to watch out because it looks like Jen is converting to Jordan. He said that it's okay. I told him I guess that'll be one less fan to worry about.

Nick leaned his head toward me. An urge to kiss his cheek came over me. It was now or never. I turned my head and planted my lips on his cheek. He hadn't shaved so I felt his prickly stubble against my lips. I was a bit paranoid about him thinking my lips were chapped lol My lips were on him for a good long 5 seconds. I thought, is the picture going to happen or not? Of course I didn't mind the time delay but it seriously felt like my lips were on him for a long time.

After the picture I peel my lips off Nick and then whine to him, "I'm so sad. I don't know when I'll see you again."

He said something like, "Don't worry Sweetie. You'll see me soon." (I confess I hang on to him saying that to me.)

Then I mention, "My friend Courtney and I bought tickets to the premiere of your movie. I guess I'll see you whenever that is."

He said, "The movie will start filming in February."

I hear Jen mention "Philippines" which reminded me of what Nick said to me in Anaheim about having a story when he discovered I was Filipino.

I babble to Nick, "Oh! That reminds me. In Anaheim you asked if I was Native American but I'm actually Filipino and you said you had a story about it. What is it?"

I braced myself for an exciting, juicy, personal story from him... instead I got a history lesson from Professor Carter.

He said something along the lines of, "Filipinos are actually descendants of Native Americans."

Wait... what?

I gave him a quizzical look. "Oh, really?"

He firmly says "Yes."

I wait for a punchline and for him to tell a story about himself and how he knows this. I didn't get one. I search his eyes to see if he's joking but he's freaking serious about it.

I ask him, "Is that it?"

He says, "Yes." 

Then he goes on to say that most Asians are descendants of Native Americans. In my mind I was thinking I'm a freaking college graduate and here's Nick Carter edumacating me on something I've never heard of before. 

I doubted his info but I said anyway, "I didn't know that. Thanks for the info."

All that anticipation and wondering what the story would be and that was it. In Anaheim he had built up this excitement in me over the story and then when I finally get it, it's nothing but an underwhelming history lesson. I hope he's not like that during sex where he gets you aroused but has poor execution at hitting the spot for a delicious orgasm.

I did appreciate that Nick stuck around to talk to me for a short while. I wish we could have chatted some more but their bodyguards motion to them that it's time to leave. Nick leaned down and gave me a kiss on the forehead. *siiiiigh* Then he gives me a goodbye hug. I also get a goodbye hug from Jordan. Then they head backstage.

We also head backstage because our stuff is still in Jordan's dressing room. On the way backstage I end up near Drew and I ask him if he'll be at Brian and Kevin's Kentucky Hall of Fame ceremony in April. He said he doesn't know. He hasn't been asked yet.

Once we're in Jordan's dressing room we gather up all our stuff. There were still some cupcakes left. Jordan's manager Marcus opens the box and sees a half eaten red velvet cupcake which he says is Drew's. He tells Drew to finish up his cupcake but when Drew sees it, he says it looks like someone got more of it than he remembered.

Since Drew was there Jen asks about the tour schedule for Backstreet Boys. Drew said he actually got an e-mail that same day about their upcoming tour in Asia. He said the dates will be between April 11th till May 21st. He said they're not going to China but they're going to Hong Kong. He wasn't sure about the Philippines. I randomly asked Drew if he was Filipino and he said no and that he's Tongan.

Jen mentions they'll be in Israel in May and Drew makes a remark that we know Backstreet's schedule more than him.

Jordan then walks by in the hallway and thanks us for being there and doing All Access. I was hoping Nick would be there too but he wasn't. 

Jordan then says something that I thought was an interesting piece of information. He said, "All Access was actually Nick's idea."

For something that was Nick's idea he surely didn't act like it was. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated every second I got with Nick during All Access but he did not pay us the kind of attention Jordan did. All Access in San Francisco was perfect for Jordan fans because he spent about 80% of his time with us. He hung out with us in his dressing room multiple times and put in an effort to learn our names and chat with us.

Okay, so Jordan didn't give me a massage like Nick did but still, I wish Nick was more verbally social. Although Nick wasn't so social, his actions toward me like the massage, resting his head on mine, the touching, and kissing spoke volumes to me.

Once Jordan and the whole Nick and Knight team leave we do the same. I didn't want to leave though. I suggested to Jen, Kathryn, and Silvia that we find a place to eat so we can at least relax for a bit and reflect on our night.

We go to Mel's Diner which was about 3 blocks away. I ordered fish and chips.I know you're thinking again?! It's my fav. Out of the 3 different fish and chips I had Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim was the best.

Silvia mentioned she was going to Alcatraz the next morning. I've lived in the Bay Area my whole life and I've never been there. Isn't that always the case when you're near something you rarely go to it?

We continue to chat and reminisce but by like 1 AM it's time to wrap up. I had about an hour drive back home and I needed to be up by 8 AM for work. Jen and I say our goodbyes to Kathryn and Silvia. I'm so glad we got to do All Access with a great pair of New Kids fans!

Jen and I then walk back to Holiday Inn. When we got near the venue we took some pictures near the sign in front of it. As we continued walking I noticed there was a girl who approached a guy who happened to be Bodyguard Josh. I was surprised he was still there loitering outside the venue long after we left. I thought once the show was done he and also Nick's bus would've been on their way to the next show in Seattle. But then again maybe he thought the same of us and wondered why we were still there lol 

He was glancing at me and Jen and I was glancing back at him. When we got closer to him, I asked, "You're still here?"

He said, "Yeah... have a good night ladies."

We got our parking validated at the Holiday Inn's front desk. I'm so glad I only had to pay $9 for parking. That's a bargain to me in SF. We continued to chat some more but realized that our parking validation lasted only 15 minutes so we reluctantly said our goodbyes. I'm very grateful I got to do All Access with my great friend Jen! The experience wouldn't have been the same without her. We share a tight hug and then go our separate ways.

The last time I drove home from SF was in August after Jesse McCartney's show at the Fillmore. I thought finding the way to 101 would be simpler. My GPS guided me to Van Ness. Once I was on Van Ness there were a ton of stop lights to get through. It was about 2 AM so there wasn't much traffic on the road. However, there were a lot of street lights and building lights on. The color of those lights easily blended in with the stop lights. 

I approached an intersection where in the center lane there was construction happening. My eyes looked at that for a second as I made sure to stay in the left lane to avoid going through it. All of a sudden a police car blares it sirens and shines a bright light on me. I thought, geez what now? I thought my bad luck with cars was over. 

I've never been pulled over by a cop before. I pulled over to the side and opened my driver's side window. My passenger's side window is broken. The cop begins to question me. He asks if I saw the red light over there. I was honest and told him no. He asked if I had been drinking. I said no. He asked if I had mental problems and I said no. Then he says I'm lucky no one was driving through when I ran that red light. Then he told a story about how he got hit by a driver who ran a red light and how he's lucky to be alive. 

I apologize to the cop. I told him that I got out from a concert and I'm trying to find the freeway. I pointed to my GPS. He asks where I'm driving to and I told him Milpitas. Then he asks for my license which I give him and booya what does my address say? Milpitas. Damn right lol

I was polite as possible and I sensed he kept talking to me to hear if I was drunk or not. He gave me directions to the 101 freeway which at first I doubted because my GPS was telling me something else. I decided to believe the cop over the GPS and he ended up being right. I was very grateful he let me go with a warning and didn't issue a ticket. 

Once I got on 101 South it was smooth sailing home. I couldn't fight the withdrawals that began to seep into my veins. The Bsb cruise and Nick and Knight tour exceeded my expectations. I cannot wait for whatever the next event will be. Hopefully my wallet will be prepared for it.

If you made it this far I applaud you!

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