Monday, August 25, 2014

Review of Days Of Our Lives 8/2/14 Boston Event + 8/3/14 Wahlburgers Visit

By Jocelyn B.

        This is my review on my trip to Boston for the Dual Coast Days Of Our Lives Boston Event on 8/2/14.

        I like to be detailed in my writing so I split the review into sections just in case anyone wants to skip to a certain section.

        1. How I started watching Days/What got me watching again
        2. Decision to go to Boston & Trip Planning
        3. Boston Bound
        4. Meet and Greet with Days Cast
        5. Q&A/Role Play/Live Auction with Days Cast
        6. Tunnels & Turnpikes oh, my
        7. Cocktail Party with Days Cast
        8. Wahlburgers in Hingham
        9. Going Back to Cali plus seeing Eric, Jen, & Chrishell at the airport

        1. How I started watching Days/What got me watching again

        In the summer of 1996, when I was 10 years old I remember channel surfing. Then I stopped on NBC's Days of our Lives when I saw two hot guys on my TV screen. One was Bryan Datillo who played Lucas and the other was Austin Peck who played Austin.

        I became quickly enthralled by their storylines with Alison Sweeney who played Sami and Christie Clark who played Carrie. I also loved the other storylines with Stephanie Cameron who played Jennifer Deveraux and Mark Valley who played Jack Deveraux. Then of course I was hooked on the Marlena/John/Stefano/Kristen/Susan story line too.

        It was ultimately Sami and her unrequited love for Austin that kept me watching until early 1998 when she stopped pursing Austin and became involved with Franco/Brandon.

        Fast forward to April 2013. My mom had ABC's Body of Proof on and I saw Mark Valley was on the show. That sparked me to watch Days of our Lives Jennifer/Jack/Peter clips from 1996 on YouTube. Then I remembered how I loved Sami so much. I wanted to catch up on what her character was up to so I Wikipedia'd her.

        I was intrigued when I saw Sami's various last names on Wikipedia from the multiple marriages she went through. One of the last names she had acquired was Dimera which in the unlikely event that you don't know is one of the most powerful families on Days. That one surprised me so I wanted to know how she became a Dimera.

        Through Wikipedia I discovered Sami married someone named EJ Dimera who had an unrequited love for her. That really caught my attention because I was used to Sami chasing Austin and not someone chasing after her. I also read there was a controversial storyline of EJ forcing Sami to have sex with him in 2006. I wanted to see what the controversy was.

        I went to YouTube and searched for "sami meets EJ first time 2006." I was immediately hooked when I watched their first meeting. The clip started off with Sami and Austin as a couple which blew my mind because in 1996 he was all about Carrie.

        Then when I saw EJ and discovered he was British I wanted to learn more about who his character was and why he was in Salem. In the list of suggested videos was a scene between EJ and Sami in 2010. I was curious to see how they were interacting in 2010 so I watched it and it was a clip of EJ telling Sami he was in love with her and I was shocked because Sami was always about Austin and here was this handsome British man telling her he loved her.

        It was then that I decided to see how exactly EJ fell in love with Sami. Thank goodness for YouTube because I was able to watch Ejami clips. I quickly learned that Days fans call them Ejami which is a portmanteau of their names.

        What really hooked me was seeing EJ chase after Sami even though she liked him at first but then focused her attention on Lucas. Plus their on screen chemistry was explosive. They really fit together and their scenes are so exhilarating and entertaining. I have never been so captivated by a fictional TV couple before. I went through about 7 years of their storylines in a few months. It was a lot to absorb but I was so addicted to knowing what would happen between them.

        I eventually caught up to Days in the present time around August 2013. That's when I started watching full episodes of Days on Hulu. I just love the storylines and in some ways I could relate to the characters' emotions. The easiest comparison I can think of is with Jennifer Horton currently having her buttons pushed by Eve Donovan. I can relate to how Jennifer feels when someone like Eve taunts her and gets on her nerves.

        2. Decision to go to Boston & Trip Planning

        I remember in November 2013 there was Days fan event at Universal City in SoCal. I wanted to go so bad but my schedule wouldn't allow. I decided to search online and see if there was by chance anymore Days related events coming.

        I eventually found a company called Dual Coast Events ( that runs Days fan events. I saw they had an event for Atlanta where James Scott aka EJ was scheduled to appear. I probably would have gone since former job has an office in Atlanta and I would've been able to work from there during my stay. However, the event was sold out.

        It turns out the event being sold out was a blessing in disguise. At the very last moment James backed out of going to the event for personal reasons.

        I decided to follow Dual Coast Events on Twitter and Facebook just in case they announce any future events on the West Coast.

        In about March 2014 I found out about the Days Boston event. I saw that James was one of the scheduled actors to appear. I considered going but it seemed extreme for me to fly all the way to Boston from Cali. It didn't stop me though from calculating how much the trip would cost.

        The next few months thoughts of going to Boston had a firm place in my mind. I wanted to go but at the same time I didn't know if it was worth the effort. Then I seemed to get signs to go. I remember going to work one morning and following a car with a Massachusetts license plate. Then at work I got a Boston Red Sox cap and New England Patriots beenie.

        What eventually pushed me into the "I'm going to Boston" column was when I found out on Twitter that James was leaving Days. I wasn't surprised since Alison Sweeney announced earlier in the year she was leaving so I had a feeling he would be next. The announcement made me sad though. For the past year I have been obsessed with the Ejami saga. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

        I really wanted to meet James since he's been a fixture on my screen since 2013. Boston was the only event he was scheduled to attend. I didn't know if there would be another opportunity to meet him so I knew I had to find a way to make this happen.

        A few minutes after midnight on July 14, I took the plunge and bought a "Full Package" for the Boston Days event.

        The Full Package which cost $460 entailed:

        1. Meet & Greet with all the actors in attendance:
        -James Scott aka EJ Dimera
        -Eric Martsof aka Brady Black (previously Ethan Winthrop on Passions)
        -Galen Gering aka Rafe Hernandez (previously Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions)
        -Daniel Cosgrove aka Aiden Jennings
        -Casey Moss aka JJ Deveraux
        -Jennifer Lilley aka Theresa Donovan (previously Maxie Jones on General Hospital)
        -Chrishell Stause aka Jordan Ridgeway

        2. Q&A and Role Play Game

        3. Cocktail Party with the Days stars

        Then I bought my plane tickets. I originally wanted to take Southwest because I have Rapid Rewards Points but decided on Jetblue because they offered a direct flight from SJC to BOS. There was no turning back now that I had pulled the trigger.

        Another reason I chose to go to the event was it was happening at the Hilton Boston Logan Airport. It's the only hotel that's connected directly to the airport. I liked that I didn't have to worry about having to take a cab between the hotel and airport.

        Since I decided to go at the last minute the Hilton representative on the phone said all the rooms that had the special rate of about $220 per night with taxes were taken. He said if I booked at the moment it would cost me about $297. I decided to pass and see if I could find a better deal online. After doing some digging I was able to find a rate of $228 which was so much better than $297!

        My flight was scheduled to arrive to Boston at around 6 AM. Check-in at the hotel was 3 PM. I knew I was taking a huge risk coming in so early. I put in a request to pay an extra $25 to check-in early however I got an e-mail saying it was denied. I figured if the hotel wouldn't let me check in early that I'd have to find a bathroom somewhere to change and have them hold on my luggage.

        The Dual Coast Events website said that the actors would be signing a maximum of 2 items. I struggled to think of what I wanted each of them to sign. It wasn't like with my other love Backstreet Boys where I could easily find merchandise like posters and albums for them to sign.

        I thought about buying the Days of our Lives Better Living book that came out last year but the book is so heavy. I didn't want to carry something so heavy across the country and then back home. Then I considered uploading pictures I found online onto CVS' photo website to be printed but I was paranoid about the store not processing the pictures due to copyright.

        Then I remembered I bought printer ink in December 2013 and it came with 5x7 photo paper. To save myself money and a trip to CVS I decided to use the photo paper to print pictures of the actors I found on Google.

        First I tried to find pictures of James since he was the primary reason I was going to Boston. For a man so hot and handsome it was hard for me to find a picture that I wanted him to sign. A few of the pictures I found were low quality and I knew they wouldn't print well on a 5x7. I'm a perfectionist so I needed to find the right picture.

        I printed 3 pictures of him and I still felt like I hadn't found the one. I decided to move on with finding pictures of the other actors and focus on him later.

        Next I knew I wanted to print my picture with Eric Martsolf from 2003. I felt it would be a good conversation piece during the meet and greet. Back in 2003 Eric and Liza Huber (Gwen on Passions) came to Westfield Valley Fair in Santa Clara. They helped host a Back To School Fashion show and did a meet and greet. I only wanted Eric and me in the picture so I cropped Liza out.

        Then I continued to print pictures of Jennifer Lilley, Galen Gering, Chrishell Stause, Daniel Cosgrove, and Casey Moss.

        The next day after work I continued my search to find the perfect James picture. I found one that was nearly perfect. My issue with it was it looked dark. I had to lighten it in my photo editing program. After I printed it I was finally complete with pictures.

        Then I read online that since Casey Moss lost his ID he was unable to fly to Boston. I thought why couldn't this be announced before I printed two pictures of him. I could have saved a lot of ink.

        Next on my agenda was figuring out if I had the chance to go to Wahlburgers while in Boston. I love New Kids On The Block so I wanted to check out Donnie Wahlberg's restaurant venture with his brothers Mark and Paul. According to Google Maps Wahlburgers in Hingham, MA was about 30 minutes away from the Boston airport. I researched the different ways I could go there. I could either take a ferry, train, bus, cab, Uber, Lyft, or rent a car.

        Apparently the ferry website said there's limited ferry service on Sundays which is when I only had time to go. I looked at the train/bus travel times and it would take about 3 or 4 hours round trip. I didn't have time to wait that long especially since I would be boarding a plane that same day. I considered taking a cab/Uber/Lyft but the prices seemed steep and I don't have much trust in riding with strangers by myself to a destination over 30 minutes away.

        I decided since I can handle driving in California then I can surely handle driving in Massachusetts! I made this decision about 2 hours before I was supposed to be at the airport.

        I tried to use my American Airlines miles to rent a car at the very last minute. Unfortunately the AA website doesn't allow the redemption of miles the day before the scheduled rental. I think that's so lame!

        I almost went to book directly with Hertz but then I remembered that I could use potentially use my Southwest Rapid Rewards Points. The website to redeem my Rapid Rewards points was confusing. I almost couldn't find where I could redeem the points for a car rental. I almost gave up but thankfully after doing some more clicking I found the place to rent a car with points.

        Since I didn't have a good experience with Avis last time I rented because they accused me of getting into a car accident when I didn't I decided to book with Hertz. I booked the lowest point car available which was an economy.

        Then it was off to the airport!

        3. Boston Bound

        At the San Jose airport (SJC) I'm used to going to Terminal B which services Southwest and Alaska Airlines. This time since I was taking JetBlue I had to take Terminal A. I thought I was running late but it turned out I was super early. The flight was scheduled to depart 9:10 PM but it was delayed by nearly an hour.

        The gate agent made an announcement saying the flight was full and they needed volunteers to check-in bags. After seeing how many people were going to be on the plane I had a feeling it would be tough to find a spot for my bag. I decided to gate check it.

        It was past 10 PM by the time I got onto the plane. Since I booked at the very last minute I was one of the last people to get on the plane so I was glad I made the decision to gate check my bag. On my seat was a packet that had a sleep mask and earplugs. I made use of the sleep mask but it smelled bad.

        I thought it would be easy to fall asleep on the plane but it wasn't. I felt so cramped in my seat and my whole body was aching. I missed my bed! I probably got about 3 hours of sleep.

        After landing in Boston I felt like a walking zombie. When I looked at the window I saw it was cloudy. Also near the gate where I exited the plane I saw Dunkin Donuts. I heard one of the employees talking in a Boston accent and that really cemented to me I was really in Boston. I considered buying food there but the line was long so I passed. Plus I already had a Mocho Mammon pastry in my bag that my mom had bought so I ate that for my breakfast.

        I did my obligatory location check-in on Facebook and then walked to baggage claim. Once I got my luggage I tried to figure out where I had to go. I passed by a lotto scratcher machine and was so tempted to buy a scratcher. Then I thought, how would I redeem it? I didn't want to run around Boston trying to find a liquor store to redeem it.

        The airport map said I was in Terminal C and that the Hilton hotel was near Terminal E. I thought the walk wouldn't be bad. The signs were a bit deceiving. They kept pointing to Terminal E. It was only me and distant couple behind me walking in that direction. The walk ended up being a journey. I still don't know how I had the energy to walk that far but at least I could relax and walk at my own pace. There weren't many people walking around so I could take my time walking.

        Finally I made it to the hotel. Despite the marathon walk I was grateful to be able to have made it safely to the hotel. Since I took the sky walk that connects the hotel and airport, I entered the hotel through the side where their ballrooms were located. The first ballroom I saw had a sign saying the Days of our Lives Dual Coast Event would be happening there. I was glad that right away I knew where the events would happen.

        Then I spotted a man lurking around the doors to check out where the events would be happening too. He had on a Days of our Lives t-shirt.

        It was past 7 AM by the time I got to the hotel. Even though I got the e-mail saying I couldn't get early check-in I decided to go for it and ask again. I had nothing to lose. The lady at the front desk named Diana looked intimidating to me. I thought for sure she would deny me.

        I said, "I know I'm early but is it possible to check-in early?"

        She asked for my last name and did some typing on her computer. She said that no rooms were available at that time. I asked her at what time would they be available? She said around 9 PM. I was about to accept having to check-in at 9 but then she said...

        "I do have one room available but it's handicap accessible..."

        I said, "If it's available I'll take it?"

        Then she said, "If I were you, I'd take it especially since you were on a long flight from California."

        I kind of felt bad taking a room that's handicap accessible but after being on a red eye flight for about 6 hours I needed it. I am so grateful to her for letting me check-in early. I was able to rest a little bit and get ready for the first event which was the meet and greet. She also gave me a letter with very useful information about the hotel like the Wifi password and how to access the hotel shuttle.

        My room was 634 on the 6th floor. It was close to the elevator and next door to the vending machine. I liked that I didn't have to walk down the hall just to reach the elevator. Even though I was by myself the room was for 2 beds. I had a nice view of the airport and the water nearby. I also saw it was raining.

        I took a short nap and woke up around 8:46 AM. I was too paranoid to fully fall asleep because I didn't want to miss the meet and greet which was the most important event.

        What I loved about the hotel room is how spacious the bathroom was. I understand it was built that way to accommodate those with handicaps. Using the shower was tricky though. I don't know if it's because I didn't know how to work the knobs or if the knobs were broken. The shower had two heads. One at the front and one on the side. Naturally I wanted to use the one on the front because that's where normally people take showers from. No matter what I pressed the water would not come out of the shower head. I then tried the other shower head and finally water came out.

        4. Meet and Greet with Days Cast

        I quickly get dressed and then head to the first event. At the elevator I saw 2 fans holding the Days of our Lives books. Once we rode the elevator they got off at the 2nd floor and I got off at the 1st floor. That's when I realized I should have followed them. I took the escalator up to the 2nd floor and tried to see where they went.

        When I first got up to the 2nd floor I saw some people congregating in an area nearby. I still had to pick up my event tickets so I went to what I thought was the will call window for the Days of our Lives event. The guy asked me if I was picking up tickets for the "Fur Con." My face was like what? lol

        I said that I'm looking for the Days of our Lives event and he pointed me into the direction where there was a line. As I walked to the line I saw people that had some parts of their fur costumes on like either animal heads or their tails. I thought it was so hilarious that two events that couldn't be anymore different were happening right next to each other!

        I picked up my ticket which included a meet and greet ticket and also a grey wristband that showed I bought a Full Package. I examined the people in line and of course a majority of them were women and also they were much older than the Backstreet Boys crowds I'm used to. I joked to myself that I'm going to be like these old ladies in the future when I attend Backstreet Boys events.

        The host of the events is a man named Tony. He was walking around mingling with the crowd and also making announcements.

        While waiting in line a woman was selling tote bags and calendars that had pictures of the Days cast. I'm partial to tote bags so I bought one for $20. I did a last minute change to what the actors would change. I decided they would all sign the tote and then 1 of their pictures since it was a 2 item minimum per actor.

        The wait was so excruciatingly long. Unlike Backstreet Boys events I've attended, fans aren't treated like cattle. It was not a quick "hi/bye" meet and greet. From line I had a good view of Galen Gering. I couldn't see much of the other actors. There was a couple behind me who I overheard said were from Phoenix, AZ. I didn't feel too bad about my traveling since they came from out west too.

        As we inched closer to the actors I saw they were all sitting at tables. First up was James which freaked me out. I was hoping to have another actor first so I could at least warm up. Next to James was Daniel Cosgrove. Then it was Galen Gering, Chrishell Stause, Jennifer Lilley, and Eric Martsolf.

        When I first saw James I saw he had a lot of facial hair. I still couldn't believe I was breathing the same air as him. I noticed that most of the fans taking pictures with him were basically squatting next to him as he sat down and crossed his arms. I thought that was a bit cold and was kind of bummed. I didn't want to squat down to his level. I wanted his tallness in my picture.

        Thankfully I was toward the middle of the line because it gave me time to build up my courage. I noticed 1 fan got him to stand up in her picture so I thought if he could stand for her, then he can stand for me!

        There was an old lady helping with the line. She asked me where I'm from and I said California. Then she asked me who was my favorite and I said James. The old lady got distracted by someone. The fan in front of me was finished with James and then we made eye contact. I wasn't sure if I could go up or not and since the old lady was preoccupied James waved me over to him.

        I said "hi" to James and he says it back. I knew I wanted him to personalize the things he was signing for me.

        Before I could even ask him, he asks me, "What's your name?"

        I tell him, "Jocelyn." I proceeded to spell it for him.

        Then he says my name and says, "It's nice to meet you Jocelyn."

        Then he asks me, "Where are you from?"

        I said, "The Bay Area in California, near San Jose. I'm a bit out of it because I took the red eye here to Boston and just got in this morning. I came here because I didn't know if I'd ever have a chance to meet you."

        Then he said something along the lines of that Boston was going to be the last event he was attending. I told him that I was glad I decided to come and have the opportunity to meet him.

        My mind froze. There were so many things I wanted to say to him but my eyes landed on the tattoo on his arm. I was aware of the tattoo already but I felt it would keep the chatter going. I knew it was a quote but I didn't remember what it was.

        I asked him, "Oooh what does the tattoo on your arm say?"

        James pushed back his shirt sleeve and read in his delicious British accent, "Nature Never Did Betray The heart That Loved Her."

        I said, "Wow, are you thinking of getting anymore tattoos?"

        He replied, "You know actually I was thinking about that yesterday. I don't know we'll see."

        Then he suggested we take a picture which I even forgot about doing since I was so mesmerized by him. I asked him if he could stand for the picture and he happily obliged.

        The wife of the couple from Arizona was nice enough to take the picture for me. James put his arm around me and we took the picture. In a flash it was over.

        James asked me, "Are you going to any other events?"

        I told him, "Yes, I'm going to the Q&A and then the cocktail party."

        He said, "Be sure to get some rest in between Jocelyn."

        I freaked out inside when he said my name again! I never thought I'd hear EJ Dimera say my name! For most of you, you know how much I love Nick Carter and I've met the guy over 40 times and he's never said my name :( Then here James Scott comes along, I meet him for the first time and he's said my name twice! It's a small gesture that meant so much to me.

        I thanked James and then joined the line to meet the next actor which was Daniel Cosgrove. After that I was basically floating on here. I got what I originally wanted which was a meet and greet with James. He exceeded my expectations and I loved that he put an effort to small talk with me.

        Next was Daniel and he also asks me what my name is and where I'm from. He asks me how long have I been watching Days of our Lives.

        I tell him, "It's a bit complicated."

        Then he joked, "I'm sorry I asked."

        I explained that I watched the show from around 1996 to 1998, stopped and didn't start watching it again till 2013. (I didn't explain that the reason I got hooked back was became of Ejami.) Then I said ever since I started watching again 2013 that it's so addicting it's like crack lol

        He asked me if he wanted me to sign the picture I had of me and the bag. I then joked with him, "No, I just brought this picture so we could look at it."

        I wanted to tell him that I was loving the chemistry between him and Kristian Alfonso aka Hope but I didn't get a chance to. He then says let's take a picture. He stands up from his chair and then does a funny post where it's like he's tebowing but standing up. I wish the person who had my camera took a picture of that. Then he posed normally and we take the picture.

        After Daniel is Galen Gering. I first loved him as Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions. I honestly didn't know what to say to him. I thought it would be a short conversation sort of like Daniel's. I say "hi" to Galen and he says it back. I told him that I loved him on Passions and now on Days. He says "thank you." He asks me for my name which I say. He says I have a beautiful name and I tell him it's thanks to my mom. He said something like that's what mom's are for.

        He asks me where I'm from and I say California. I told him that I took the red eye to Boston. He said he did too! He said did you fly out of Long Beach? I told him no I flew out of San Jose with JetBlue. He said he took Delta but that the other guys took JetBlue. (I wasn't sure who he meant specifically with "other guys.")

        He asked me when I arrived to Boston. I said about 6:29 AM. He said he arrived 6:00 AM so he got there first. I feel like if I either took the shuttle to the hotel or walked faster I probably would've bumped into him earlier since our arrivals were 30 minutes apart.

        We then take our picture. I wish he would have stood up but I didn't feel like asking. After taking the picture I thought I was done with him so I started to walk away but he kept talking to me so I stopped lol

        He asked me where in California I'm from. I said the Bay Area near San Francisco. He said that his sister lives in Los Altos. That's when I asked him if that's where his family is from and he said no. They're from LA. Since he mentioned LA, the first thing that came to my mind was the UCLA flood lol I asked him if he was near that and he said no but that it was shame all that water was wasted especially during the drought in California. Then he mentioned that people can't even water plants anymore without getting in trouble. I mentioned that my mom had to cut back on watering her plants.

        He then wraps up the conversation and I thank him for his time. Then I join the line again to meet Chrishell next. I noticed Chrishell brought 5x7 pictures of herself. I wanted her to sign the picture I printed of her but she already signed the picture she brought.

        Chrishell was wearing a tight tank top that showed off her toned stomach and a long skirt with a slit. I wish I had her body! I told her it was nice to meet and see her so sexified since on Days she's usually wearing conservative clothing.

        She said her character Jordan is getting more sexier with outfits on the show. I didn't know what else to say to her so when she hands me her 5x7 picture I said that I like the flower thing in her hair.

        Chrishell asked me where I was from. I told her California in the Bay Area. She was really shocked when I said that. She asked if I was already in town for something else and dropped by to come to the event. I told her no, that I came only for the Days event. (It would have been too complicated to explain to her that I'm a huge Backstreet Boys fan and that traveling far distances for a meet and greet is really no big deal for me :p)

        Then I said that I can't wait to see more of her storyline and what her secret is. I said it seems like just when I think the secret is out it seems there's another secret.

        Then she started to say that she hasn't watched Friday's Days (August 1st) because she was on a plane but that people were telling her what happened and... if you haven't watched Days yet you might want to cover your eyes... She said someone told her that the episode where Sami tells Jordan about Rafe and Kate was shown. I literally wanted to cover my ears when she said that. I really wanted to say stopppppp I don't want to hear anymore lol All I could say is, "Oh, wow I can't wait to see that."

        We take our picture and then I move back to line to wait my turn with Jennifer Lilley. When I get to Jen, I'm holding the tote bag and a picture I printed of her from her official website. One of the guys working the event was mesmerized by the picture I had of her. He asked out loud, "Where is that from?" I felt so bad because I ignored him when he asked because I so focused on Jen.

        Jen asked me, "What's your name?"

        I tell her "Jocelyn."

        She then tells me that name is on her list for baby names for girls. I joked with her and said she needs to bump my name high up on the list. I asked her what's her number 1 choice. She said, "Julie."

        I continued to her pester her about my name. I said, "It should be Jocelyn."

        She said, "But I really like Julie."

        Then I said, "Just have twins and you can do both names."

        She said, "Deal!"

        I tell Jen that I love how good she is with favoriting tweets that are Days related and mention her. She said of course and that she loves the fans that's why she does it. The first tweet she favorited of mine was about Ejabby and I didn't even mention her at all. She found my tweet with the hashtag #Days. She has also favorited any other tweets where I mention or reply to her. I love that she takes the time to acknowledge her fans on Twitter.

        I didn't know what else to say to her so I said I can't wait to see how Theresa gets herself out of the fire poker mess she's gotten herself into. I honestly don't remember exactly what Jen told me. I think she said something like Theresa will come through? I tell her I love her earrings which are so big. I wish I could wear big earrings but I'm paranoid about them ripping off.

        Last but not least is Eric Martsolf. This was actually my second time meeting Eric. As I mentioned earlier I first met him in 2003 at Valley Fair in Santa Clara, CA.

        I said, "Hi Eric, I know you don't remember but this is my second time meeting you." I then whipped out the picture of me and him from Valley Fair.

        He was intrigued by the picture. He asked, "When was this taken?"

        I replied," 2003. It was at a mall. It was some Back-to-School Fashion event and you made an appearance for Passions."

        He said, "Wow, a lot has changed since then."

        I said, "Yes. Congrats on the Emmy by the way."

        He said, "Thank you." He kept staring at the picture and said, "I don't even remember this shirt. Why am I wearing a bowling shirt?"

        Then he saw the tote bag the other Days actors had signed and asked, "Your name is Jacqueline?"


        I said, "No, it's Jocelyn."

        He says my name and then proceeds to sign my picture with him and the tote bag. It's time to take the picture so I asked him if he could stand in my picture since in our first picture I'm up against the table while he's behind it. He said sure and we take the picture. The employee who took my picture said it's a good one. Eric made a remark saying if she says it's a good one, it's a good one!

        Eric thanks me and I remember thanking him back and touching his bicep. His bicep was so hard. I've never felt a bicep so hard before!

        After the meet and greet I was floating on air. I sat in the room for a while and absorbed what had just happened. I was so impressed by all the actors and how they each took their time to make small talk with me. That meant so much to me. I've been to so many other meet and greets, especially Backstreet Boys ones were bodyguards are always yelling at you to hurry up. There wasn't anything like that at the Days of our Lives event!

        I had only attended one event so far and already I felt I got my money's worth. There were still two more events to go which were the Q&A/role play and the cocktail party. I decided to go to my room and rest up for a bit since that's what James had advised me to do earlier ;)

        I spent my time tweeting/updating my FB/Instagram with using my iPhone to take pictures of my camera's screen to show off my pictures with the cast. I thought about buying some lunch at the cafe below but decided to skip it. I ended up eating Lays potato chips I brought from home. Then I set the TV on "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

        5. Q&A/Role Play/Live Auction with Days Cast

        Time breezed by and it was time to head down to the Q&A. The line was already formed so I was near the back of the line. When I got in I got a spot in the 4th row right in front of James and Jen. They were the first actors sitting up on stage. I saw them whispering into each others ears. I wish I could have heard what they were talking about. Then came Daniel, Eric, and Chrishell. Galen was the last to enter and he literally ran up on stage and then took his seat.

        The questions mainly revolved around the show. I loved the banter between the actors in regards to the show. I remember Eric mocking the flashback scene between Aiden and Hope doing the waltz. He did the move the hair out of the way thing Hope did on Aiden.

        I remember they joked about Rafe and how during important scenes when he's about to be told something important his phone always rings thus interrupting the moment and delaying him from learning any information.

        The actors also joked about the Froyo placed called Day and Night which is never open. I remember Galen saying it's closed during the day and it's closed during the night. The actors also said no one eats Froyo on the show. If I wasn't shy I wanted to shout out that recently EJ and Johnny were eating Froyo at the Horton Square.

        They also joked about Hope's eyebrow and how she raises it. Then Daniel made a remark about how she'll raise her eyebrow, and he'll raise his and then I think Eric joked that then Drake aka John will come in and raise his eyebrow too.

         A fan asked what would be their happy and unhappy ending for their characters.

        A fan asked about Jordan and something along the lines of her not wearing the glasses anymore. Chrishell explained that the writers/producers had some plans about it but the plans fell through and so what they did was just transition Jordan into not wearing the glasses anymore and hoping the fans wouldn't notice. Most of us fan concurred that we noticed.

        Chrishell also shared that Clyde originally wasn't supposed to be her dad. He was supposed to be her ex-husband.  Then the writers/producers changed their minds.

        Someone asked about Kristen Dimera coming back. Eric explained that her comeback was very quick and that it was basically like a tiny package they had to put together to last 7-8 weeks. Also, Eric mentioned that we'll get to see the actress that plays Kristen (Eileen Davidson) on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

        Then James said that before the Q&A Jen had filled him in on how the storyline involving Kristen coming back to show would turn out. (So that's what they were whispering to each other earlier!) He said he was surprised and that it's good. He didn't spill anymore details. Now I'm really curious to see what happens!

        Jen said that her and some of the cast were making bets to see what would happen when Kristen came back. When they all got the script they all saw they were all wrong. Potential spoiler alert... Eric said that once again Kristen leaves on uncertain circumstances that makes you want her to come back.

        Someone asked James if he's had a hard time separating himself from EJ in some scenes such as the episode from April where EJ has a fantasy/nightmare of Sami finding out about him and Abigail. (One of my favorite episodes!) He said most of that episode had to be filmed in one take. He and Alison rehearsed for one day. Damn, they were so good for just one day of rehearsal and having to film it mostly in one take.

        Host Tony mentioned that episode nearly gave him a heart attack (me too!) and that he really thought it was real until the last few minutes when it was revealed it wasn't. Eric mentioned too that he thought it was real and that he's usually good at determining what's a real scene and not on Days.

        James said for the most part he can separate himself. He mentioned one time he had a hard time separating himself was filming the scenes when he found out that Grace was his daughter from Sami (even though we all technically know that Grace wasn't his biological daughter.)

        I remember a fan asked them to use one word to describe where there character is right now in their storyline. I think Chrishell, Eric, and Jen explained that they just recently filmed New Years episodes. This took James by surprise since they were already filming New Year episodes. Eric said that they also just finished filming Christmas.

        I clearly remember Galen using the word "erotic" to describe where his character Rafe was at the moment. I love that he used that word since I write erotica.

        Someone asked where Casey Moss was. Tony made a disclaimer that he was only saying what he was told to say which was that Casey lost his ID and couldn't travel. James made a joke that we could probably find him on the Sunset Strip. (For those who don't know Casey is part of band and recently he played a show somewhere on Sunset Blvd.) Then Eric jokingly said that he was going to beat Casey up on Monday for not coming to Boston. Then Eric jokingly said let's all go and find Casey and that the airport is nearby so we could go.

        I remember a fan explained that they could relate to a lot of what happens on Days. She said that years ago her husband was hit in the head with a fire poker too. Jen's eyes bulged when she heard that. The fan explained that her husband can't remember much but can remember who did it. Jen then pouted lol

        The fan said something about how what happens on the show is like real life.

        Jen then said, "That's why soaps are amazing and they aren't going anywhere."

I also got video of Jen explaining the fire poker incident and Eric made us all laugh with his remark after Jen's explanation.
        I forgot the question but I remember James talking about EJ's character. He felt that at the beginning EJ was smart and then became dumb. He didn't say it outright but I got the impression he was throwing the writers shade for how they made his character currently. He said he was frustrated over some of the things the writers wrote for EJ.

        As a writer myself, that made me so paranoid. Then I began to think about the characters I created and wondered if they would be mad at me over the direction I was writing them.

        I personally think the only dumb thing EJ did lately was have sex with Abigail multiple times. I think the Ejabby storyline would have been more believable to me if they had only kissed and heavily made out rather than going all the way.

        Although James expressed his frustration he said that overall he had a great time with Days and thanked us fans.

        After the Q&A was a role play game. I wasn't brave enough to go on stage. They did improv games. The first one was "Family Portrait" where 1 Days actor and 3 fans would have to do a crazy pose.

        I remember Jen and 3 fans had to act like they were at the strip club.

        Chrishell and 3 fans acted like they were bikers at church.

        Eric and 3 fans acted like they were vegans at a BBQ.

        James and 3 fans acted like Charlie's Angels. James cast himself as Charlie and sat in a chair with his back facing the audience.

        After the Family Portrait they played another improv game called Freeze. Basically 2 people would do a scene and at any time someone can call freeze, then tag one of the people out and replace them to continue the scene.

        James was supposed to go first but he said he just ordered a drink and basically inferred if we waited until he had some alcohol in him the game might turn out better. So Jen went first and the scene was of her and a fan dragging a body somewhere.

        Then I remember Eric and Chrishell were paired together and they were given a setting of the Brady Pub. Eric acted like drunk Brady and Chrishell played a concerned Jordan trying to take care of him. Eric was hilarious! He was pretending to be drunk so Chrishell was trying to steady him so she touched him and he was like, "Heeey we just met." A couple of fans yelled freeze and took their turns to act with Eric. Then Jen yelled freeze and inserted herself into the scene. I totally felt the chemistry when they acted together and were staring intensely at each other.

        James got his drink which was in a Venti Starbucks coffee cup. I don't know if it really had alcohol in it. He let Galen taste some of his drink and Galen nodded his head in approval. I thought that was sweet of James to share some of his drink with him.

        James was paired with a fan and the setting was the Dimera Mansion. The women who role played with him tried to be flirtatious nannies and James basically played EJ as being freaked out by them and their suggestions lol

        After the Role Play was a live auction. First up for bidding was a James Scott pack that included a very large shirt that said "James Scott," a photo book with pictures of him inside, and a mug that says "James Scott." James said he wanted to show host Tony how to do a real auction. He conducted the auction for his items himself. It eventually came down to 3 ladies bidding as 1 vs. another lady bidding by herself. The bidding went all the way up to $1,600!

        I remember a blanket with pictures of all the stars was auctioned off. Eric and Galen stood up to help show off the blanket. Someone from the audience jokingly asked, "Does the blanket come with those two?"

        While Eric and Galen held the blanket, Galen took off his pants. Behind them was Jen who was loving the view and jokingly taking pictures on her phone. Then Eric took off his belt and began to snap it. The bidding for the blanket went up to $700.

        Next up for auction was a picture with all the Days actors to be published in an upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest. I would have loved that! The bidding ended at $3,400! Damn these women have bank.

        6. Tunnels & Turnpikes oh, my

        After the event I went up to my room so I could prepare to pick up the car I rented from Hertz. My plan was after I got the car I would do a little driving around Boston and hopefully find a place nearby to eat. I took the free shuttle to the rental car center. The welcome letter the front desk lady gave me earlier was so helpful with letting me know that the shuttle ran 24 hours and would stop at the rental car center. I was glad to be spared a cab ride and walk there.

        Once I got to the rental center I went to Hertz to get my car. This time I didn't care too much about what car I rented since I would have the car for barely a day. I was assigned a Chevy Spark in stall 634 which was in the economy class. I thought it was fun coincidence that the car's stall number 634 was the same as my hotel room number. The car was a far cry from the BMW I rented in LA back in February.

        I tried to get my GPS to find a place nearby to eat but it had trouble finding satellites and kept thinking it was in California. I decided to just go with the traffic flow and hope for the best. Once I left the parking lot I was immediately met with a fork in the road. I had no freaking idea which way to take so I picked a side and hoped for the best.

        I was immediately taken into a tunnel. I thought the tunnel would be short but it wasn't. There was no way to exit and I was like geez, what have I done? (On 8/22/14 I found a toll charge on my credit card statement. It turns out I was charged $3.50 for the tunnel toll plus a $4.95 "administrative fee." I think this is unfair because there was no sign indicating entering the tunnel would incur a toll. I did a search on Google and found that multiple people have had the same issue when driving out of the Boston Airport.)

        Also, I discovered people in MA don't know the concept of merging. I thought Californian's were bad at merging but no, these MA drivers will not let you merge.

        Once the tunnel ended I was still hoping it'd be easy to find a place to eat. I was up for any fast food like McDonald's, Burger King, or Subway. As I kept driving I could only see buildings and nowhere to eat. Then I ended up passing Fenway Park which I didn't expect to be so close to the airport. I also passed the New Balance building. I kept on driving and eventually had to go through a toll plaza. I really didn't want to pay the toll but thankfully it was cheap. I only had to pay $1.25 which is a bargain compared to the tolls in the Bay Area.

        After passing the toll I could see from my peripheral vision that I was driving along the coast. It became clear to me that I was no going to find anywhere to eat. I decided I need to exit and get back on the other side of the freeway to go back to the airport. Once I was able exit, it took me circling around a couple of times to finally get back on the direction going back to the airport. I did see a Subway and pizza place while circling but I saw the parking lot was full and I didn't have much time left since I had still had to get ready for the cocktail party.

        Thankfully the way back to the hotel was easier. The signs were easy to follow. When I finally made it back to the airport, I saw a sign pointing to the direction of food and fuel. I imagined there being a row of fast food establishments. Instead it was just Dunkin Donuts and a gas station. I quickly realized Dunkin Donuts was very popular in Boston. I decided to get food from there.

        I ordered a Big 'N Toasted sandwich that came with hashbrowns and coffee. I don't like hot coffee so I made it iced coffee instead. I actually don't even like coffee in general but the combo came with it. Then I drove back to the hotel. I had to circle it 2 times because I wasn't sure where self parking was. I'm used to hotels having an indoor parking garage. I discovered the hotel's parking was outdoor and on the side of the hotel. I parked the car and then headed back to my room.

        By the time I got to my room it was about 7:40 PM. The cocktail party was at 8:30 PM. My time was tight so I ate part of my sandwich, ate all the hash browns, and drank some of the iced coffee. I also got a diet coke from the vending machine near my room. (Yes, I know that's a lot of caffeine!) The iced coffee tasted so good! It's better than the iced coffee I had from Starbucks.

        After I ate, I quickly got ready, and then headed to the cocktail party. Prior to booking this trip, I wasn't sure if I even wanted to attend the party. I was going alone so I knew I was going to be the awkward loner. I didn't plan on staying the whole time. I just wanted to check it out and then leave early.

        7. Cocktail Party with Days Cast

        I got the ballroom about 5 minutes before 8:30 PM. I was one of the last people in line. There were people who arrived after me so I wasn't the only one running late. After we were let in there were employees walking around with hors d'oeuvres. I first had a crab cake and then a prawn. I saw chicken skewers but I passed.

        Music was playing from a laptop near the side of the room. Host Tony said there wasn't a DJ so no requests could be made. I kind of thought it was sad there was no DJ. The music that was playing so far was pop music from the 90's. I remember Wannabe by Spice Girls was playing.

        Once all the fans were let into the room the actors were introduced one by one. I remember James was last. After the introductions all the actors but James started to mingle with fans. James immediately went to the bar on the side of the room with a female blonde fan to get a drink.

        I didn't know what else to do so I went to the other bar opposite of the bar where James was to get a drink. I planned to get a vodka cranberry but changed my mind when I saw a martini bottle on the shelf so I ordered an apple martini. I'm still trying to find an apple martini like the one I had in Miami at the Marriot Biscayne Bay bar. Unfortunately the one I had in Boston didn't compare.

        After getting my martini I saw Daniel Cosgrove aka Aiden taking pictures with fans. I decided to try him first. He said to me, "I see you got your martini." I asked if he had his drink yet and he said he had his margarita somewhere. I told him I love margaritas. When we took our picture I could feel his left hand rubbing my shoulder affectionately. I enjoyed that.

        I continue to sip my martini and see Eric Martsolf aka Brady mingling with fans and taking pictures. I was just standing near him not in a hurry to get my picture with him. What I loved about the cocktail party was the fans were not as aggressive as Backstreet fans.

        Eric was talking to a couple of fans and then our eyes meet. I don't even know what Eric was talking about to them but he says, "Right Jocelyn?"

        My eyes widened when I heard him say my name as he looked at me. Then he quickly said, "Yes, I do remember your name."

        Then he turns back to focus to the fans he was talking to as I stood there in shock. I could feel the eyes of the fans around us looking at me. The way he said my name made it sound like we were long time friends and that I frequently go to Days of Our Lives events when in fact this was my first one. Plus earlier he had accidentally called me Jacqueline and I didn't expect him of all people to remember my name ever again. (I guess I really made an impression on him? ;))

        Then he talks to me again and says something along the lines of "You're next and if not then you can call the police on me."

        I joked with him and said, "Oh, I'll get a fire poker and get you with it."

        He misheard me though and thought I said "fire department" lol He said, "Yes, call everyone even the fire department."

        After he was done talking to the fans he came to me. He was holding a glass of red wine so we clinked our glasses and said "cheers."

        We take two pictures. I remember when I pulled away from him I noticed his white dress shirt has a hole in it. I was about to call him out on it but then I thought I didn't want to potentially embarrass him in front of other people.

        I said to him that I loved that we were on a first name basis and he thanked me for coming. I remember Katy Perry's "Firework" was playing. I was sort of moving my body to the music. I wasn't all out dancing.

        Eric said, "Aw, you're really feelin' it!"

        Then he mentioned he wasn't into this kind of music. Britney Spears' "Gimme More" started to play. I remember Eric started to do some pelvic thrusts a la Magic Mike.

        I said, "You don't like Katy Perry or Britney Spears?"

        He said, "I prefer Beegees and rock bands."

        I also remember the subject of James came up somehow. Eric asked, "Is James being anti-social?"

        Someone said that he wasn't.

        Then Eric said, "You have to remember he's British."

        I also remember Eric mentioning the Fur convention happening next door. He said, "You know what I want to do? I want to crash the fur party."

        We all encouraged him to do it. He didn't end up doing it though.

        Then mingled with the fans near us for about 2 minutes before he moved to the other side of the dance floor where host Tony and Jen Lilley were. The fans nearby were a bit disappointed. Also, because of Eric the fans nearby knew my name and one of the fans said, "Jocelyn, you know Eric, try to get him back here." lol

        I stood there awkwardly and was like, "Uhhh..."

        I love that Eric made it seem like me and him were BFF's. I was the only one in that group of 10 fans or so that he addressed by first name. I was unable to get Eric back to where the fans were but eventually the followed him and got their pictures with him.

        I noticed on the other side of the ballroom James and Galen were each spending their time with fans. Naturally I went to try to get James first. His line was very slow as he tried to spend time with each fan talking to them. I waited patiently and 3 fans managed to cut in front me which was so annoying but I let it go. Looking back on it, I wish I hadn't.

        There was a fan behind me named Katie who I think noticed this and said that I could go before her. Right before it was my turn, James said that he would be right back and left the ballroom. James still had a long line so we all waited patiently. Nearby was Galen and his line.

        After waiting about 10 minutes, the line for James dissolved and it was just me, Katie, and two fans named Debbie and Kathleen. A part of me wanted to move on to Galen's line but then I thought what if James came back and I lost my spot so I stayed.

        James eventually comes back into the ballroom about 15 minutes after he said brb but he didn't come back to originally where he was. So much for saying he'll be right back. Fans began to crowd around him and he takes pictures with them.

        I managed to get 2 pictures with James but the whole thing of waiting for him sort of left a bitter taste in my mouth. Plus the two pictures didn't come out so good. I am glad though that our first picture at the meet and greet came out good so I can't complain. All I wanted was one good picture with him and I got it.

        I tried to see if Galen's line was still going but it wasn't. It felt awkward to bother him so I didn't approach him. I hung out with Kathleen and Debbie for a while. When we saw Galen taking a picture with a fan, that's when we approached him.

        I told Galen that I posted the picture of us earlier online and that my friends were saying "Luis!" and were jealous of my picture. I said I wanted to take another picture to make them more jealous. I was expecting to take one picture and that would be it.

        After the first picture Galen said, "No, that didn't feel right. Let's take another one."

        Galen pulled me tight against his side and we take a second picture. He said, "No, still doesn't feel right. One more."

        We take a third and Galen pulled me more tighter to him. Then he said, "There, that's the one."

        I was really impressed that he took, not 1 but 3 pictures with me! I really appreciated he took the time to do that.

        Then he said, "You look really beautiful tonight."

        That just blew my mind. I thanked him and then he said thanks for coming. I couldn't believe someone I had watched on TV since 1999 from Passions had called me beautiful!

        Eric remembering my name and Galen calling me beautiful really made up for my lame second meeting with James. I went to Boston 100% focused on James but Eric and Galen really won me over with the way they interacted with me. They exceeded my expectations.

        After Galen, I mostly watched the dance floor and saw Jen, Chrishell, and Eric dancing. I remember those 3 doing the Wobble and then Galen and Daniel joining in. James was the only one who didn't even touch the dance floor. He spent most of the evening sitting down and talking to which ever female was near him.

        I also remember seeing them do the Gangnam dance.

        At one point Eric took the floor and Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" began to play. The fans naturally crowded in front of him. He began to air guitar and sing the song. That was so fun to witness. We were all singing along with him.

        A few songs later I heard "Dirty Dancing" by New Kids On The Block began to play! I was like omg, I need to go to the dance floor. I didn't even care if I had no one to dance with. I had to make my way to the dance floor!

        I didn't have to worry about dancing alone. There was a group of like 3 fans, Jen and Chrishell. I danced over to them and we all danced together as us fans sang along to the song. Jen was surprised we knew the words to the song.

        One of the fans even said to Jen, "Even she knows the song!" lol

        I said to Jen, "You've never heard this song by New Kids On The Block?"

        She nodded her head and said no.

        We continued to dance and I remember Chrishell trying to learn the words to the chorus. She caught on quickly and we all sang it together.

        Toward the end of the song, Eric spots us and he joins us and dances with us.

        A fan then asks Eric for a picture which he obliges. Jen was nearby and I got this idea for a Thrady sandwich pic. (Thrady is portmanteau of Theresa and Brady in case you didn't know.)

        At first I didn't think they heard me but Jen says, "Get in here honey." I get my picture and continue to dance the night away.

        The night is winding down and the cocktail party is nearly over. I was so glad I decided to attend. The party and also the other events really surpassed my expectations.

        When the party was over I noticed James left first and in a big hurry. I really wanted to at least say bye to Eric but didn't get the opportunity to. When they all left I walked to the elevators. It turns us Eric, Jen, Chrishell, host Tony, and a few other Dual Coast Events staff members were walking in the same direction.

        I didn't think I would fit in the elevator with them but I managed to squeeze in. As we rode up to our floors, Eric was standing in the corner imitating the Moviefone guy. He kept saying something like, "Awkward elevator ride. Welcome to the Awkward elevator."

        When the elevator stopped on my floor which was 6, I decided to say, "Bye Eric!"

        He responded, "Bye Jocelyn!"

        Then everyone else in the elevator said "bye" to me which I wasn't expecting lol

        I ended up saying, "Bye everyone! See you all soon." I don't know why I said that. I should have said, have a good night lol Oh, well.

        I took the short walk to my room and once inside I just basked in the awesomeness of my day and night with the cast of Days Of Our Lives.

        I tweeted and Facebook'ed up a storm before falling asleep around 2 AM.

        8. Wahlburgers in Hingham

        I had a good deep sleep and woke up around 8 AM on Sunday August 3rd. My main goal of the day was to visit Wahlburgers in Hingham. I was nervous since my first drive in Boston on Saturday was not successful. I wanted to at least try though since I didn't know if and when I'd have the opportunity to be in Boston again.

        Before I checked out of the hotel I wanted to print my boarding pass. I loved that the Hilton allows each guest to print 10 pages for free. The Hilton had 3 Mac's and 1 PC for guests to use. 1 of the Mac's was occupied and the rest were available. I tried printing on the 2 Mac's but I kept getting an error saying to update the Adobe Flash Player. It made me feel like I was at work since I frequently had to deal with customers who need to update their Adobe Flash Player.

        I managed to finally get my boarding pass printed on the PC. Then I went to checkout. The man helping me checkout asked if I enjoyed my stay and I said did. I gushed a little about getting to go to the Days event. He mentioned that he was a Susan Lucci fan and loved All My Children. I then told him that the 2 Mac's couldn't print due the Adobe Flash Player error.

        I then pull my luggage to my tiny car rental. I had to pay for parking first at the machine. Parking was so expensive. I had to pay $35 for parking.

        The car's trunk was just big enough to fit my one luggage bag and another small bag if I had one. I felt raindrops slowly start to fall on me. I pleaded to the rain in my mind to stop. I didn't know if I could handle driving in the rain on unfamiliar roads. It did rain for a few minutes but eventually it stopped which I was grateful for.

        I pulled out of the parking lot and make a turn. I go to merge on the freeway and thought for sure I would get in the correct lane. I didn't. I was supposed to take 93 south but I ended up on 93 north. I had no choice but to ride out of the road. There was nowhere to exit. I eventually get to a toll plaza. I couldn't see how much the toll was so I thought it would be $1.25 like the tolls I got on Saturday.

        I handed the toll taker $2 and he pointed to the sign saying it's $3.50. Then he said, "We're not in California anymore."

        I know he was probably joking but I said to him, "How did you know I was from California?"

        He said, "Us toll takers, we know everything."

        I gave him $2 to add and he gave me $0.50 in change. He said, "Hold on to these, these are very valuable here."

        Then I enter the tunnel and took the first exit I could. It turns out I took an exit near Fenway. The placed looked like a Downtown Boston. It had a lot of shops and places to eat. I would have loved to stop and explore but I was on my Wahlburgers mission. I had to circle the area twice because I kept missing the exit for 93 south. I finally get on 93 south and do my best to listen to my GPS.

        I remember seeing on the exit signs on the freeway the JFK Library. I would have loved to visit it but there was no time. I wasn't on the freeway that long. I had to take an exit which was exit 12 to Neponset/Quincy. From there the drive to Wahlburgers was mostly what my dad would refer to the backroads since no freeways were needed to get to the destination. I only got lost once when I accidentally made a left turn when I was supposed to keep going straight since the lane had changed to a left turn only lane.

        I managed to get back on track and I ended up following a Toyota Camry which led me in the right direction. I remember especially when I got to the roundabout, I had no idea what I was doing so I followed the Camry and thankfully it led me to where I needed to go.

        It was about 11:40 AM when I arrived to Wahlburgers. The drive should have taken about 30 minutes but since I got lost a couple of times it took me nearly 50 minutes. I tried to find street parking but all the spots were taken. I ended up parking in lot that charged $4 for the day.

        The way to pay for parking was something I'd never seen before. It was a board of slots that had the parking stall numbers. Those who parked had to put $4 in either paper money or coins and then push a silver key into the slot with their stall number after the money is inserted to complete the transaction. No receipt is given. I thought it was kind of shady. Like, how do they know who really paid? Since I'm a paranoid person I paid anyway. I wasn't going to take any risks especially since I had a rental car.

        I walked to Wahlburgers and noticed immediately it was a tourist attraction. I noticed people taking pictures in front of the restaurant and of it. There were other places to eat but nearly everyone was going to Wahlburgers. I didn't go inside right away. I wanted to walk around and explore what was around.

        There wasn't much around. Compared to what I'm used to in California it seemed not many people were out and about shopping. Near Wahlburgers I saw a bed store, vitamin shop, a manicure place, Hingham Beer Works restaurant, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Old Navy.

        I chose to do some shopping at Old Navy for my parents. My mom wanted something that said Boston and my dad wanted some New England Patriots wear. I ended up buying my mom a Boston Red Sox shirt and my dad two Patriots shirts. I didn't realize till I looked at my receipt that I wasn't charged sales tax on the clothes! That blew my mind. After discovering that I wish I had shopped for myself. I'm used to that pesky sales tax in California on clothes.

        Then I went to Wahlburgers. Before I went inside, I looked at the menu on my phone just so I was more prepared. I decided to get an Originally from Dorchester Burger (shortened to OFD), tater tots, and a soda. The line was longer now. I had to squeeze myself inside to join the line. When I first stepped in, I immediately saw the place was packed! I thought for sure I wouldn't have a place to sit. I was amazed at how many people were inside.

        A woman at the door explained that Wahlburgers had two sides. The left side was more of like a sit-in restaurant where a server was assigned to tables. The right side was more like take-out where you can sit where you want and no server was assigned to the table. I was by myself so I went to the right side.

        I looked at the menu on the wall just to see if I had any last minute changes to what I wanted to order. I saw that the Burger of the Month was "The Shanghai" burger. I saw that the patty was made of turkey and shrimp. That sounded good to me. I was torn because I wanted the OFD burger.

        I figured... why not get both?!

        I told myself I would eat one now and then the other later. I would decide when I saw them which I would eat first.

        As I got closer to the register, I noticed glass containers that had cupcakes. I love cupcakes so of course I had to get one. I couldn't see what flavors they were so I made a mental note to ask.

        Then it was my turn to place my order. I ordered the OFD burger, The Shanghai burger, tater tots, a soda, and a cupcake. The young lady taking orders explained the two cupcake flavors. One was chocolate and the other was vanilla with vanilla frosting that's dipped in chocolate. The vanilla one sounded interesting so I got that one.

        I was then handed a buzzer which would buzz when my order was ready. There were some people taking pictures of the pictures of Mark and Donnie up on the wall. I did the same myself. Mark's picture was of him sitting in a chair looking back.

        What I loved about Donnie's picture is it was from NKOTBSB's Fenway show and that in the background it was clear to see the NKOTBSB sign. As a Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block fan seeing that meant a lot.

        I remember two ladies asked me where they could buy Wahlburgers merchandise as if I was a regular and knew where. Earlier I saw some people buying them right at the register in from the NKOTBSB picture. Now I wish I had bought something Wahlburgers since it would've been tax free.

        I managed to find a table near the back exit. I took a seat and noticed the napkin holder had some text. To pass the time I read it and saw 3 drinks were being advertised. One of them was "Berry Delicious Iced Tea."

        Most of you know that my Twitter name is berrydelicious and that since 1999 I've had my Berry *Delicious* Nick Carter Stories site. I wish I had seen that drink earlier because I would have ordered it! I already ordered a soda though so I had to pass.

        I was starving so the wait felt extra long. Finally my buzzer buzzed and I picked up my food. The young lady at the counter was really nice. My food was in 2 bags plus my drink was in a drink holder with the cupcake. I jokingly said, "This is going to take 2 trips."

        She asked me if I wanted a bigger bag so I said yes. She placed my food in the bag and I was able to carry the drink with my free hand. I'm the kind of person who feels awkward eating in when I said my order was "to-go." Outside of Wahlbugers are 4 tables so I sat at one and ate. Eating outside gave me time to get some fresh air and absorb the surroundings of Hingham.

        I looked at both burgers to decide which one I would eat immediately and which one I'd take home. I was amazed at how large the patties were for each sandwich. I'm not used to seeing large patties. The OFD looked more appetizing so I chose that one.

        What I loved about the OFD burger was the tomato jam. I felt that gave the burger a nice kick. Also included in the burger were mushrooms, bacon, and swiss cheese.

        I ended up eating the Shanghai burger the day after I got home. I liked the concept of the turkey burger mixed with shrimp. My mom does a similar thing when she makes shanghai rolls with ground beef mixed with shrimp. The only thing I didn't like was it had pink ginger slices.

        For my side I had tater tots. I was really impressed at how crispy they were. I remember at Sonic when I got tater tots they were soggy. Also, Wahlburgers' tots weren't greasy.

        After I finished my burger and tots I ate the cupcake. The chocolate ganache was already melting so I had to devour it fast. When I took my first bite I was surprised that hidden inside the cupcake was chocolate filling! I liked that surprise.

        Once I finished eating I wanted to go back inside Wahlburgers to use the bathroom but the line was still out the door and inside was crowded. I decided to try finding another place for a bathroom. I walked around and saw a Bed, Bath, and Beyond nearby. I thought for sure they would have a public bathroom. They did not. I went back to the Old Navy and they had no public bathroom. I decided to just go back to Wahlburgers and ask if they had one. The young lady who had packed my food in a bigger bag directed me to where the bathroom was located.

        It was near the bar so I got to see the other half of the place I didn't get to see earlier. The bar was packed and I really wished I could have had a drink or two or three :p

        When I saw where the bathroom was I thought it was cute on the door for women was the W Wahlburgers logo and for the men it was an upside W to make an M. The bathroom was very clean. I remember hearing somewhere that if a restaurant's bathroom is clean then it means their kitchen is clean too.

        After I left Wahlburgers I was about to go back to the car when I decided to take a quick stroll through the ship yard in front. I got to see lines of peoples boats along the water. There was also another restaurant there that I later found out was Alma NoVe which is Paul Wahlberg's restaurant that was named after his mother.

        Although there weren't many people walking around I got the vibe most of the people were tourists like me since they were reading the historical signs like I was. Once I got to the end of the shipyard I saw a line of more tourists with a guide. I also saw where the ferry's would dock if I had taken one. I wish I had the chance to take a ferry just to see the scenery but service was very limited on Sunday's.

        9. Going Back to Cali plus seeing Eric, Jen, & Chrishell at the airport

        It was time to drive back to the airport and head home. The drive back wasn't so bad since I was more familiar with the roads. Once I got to the airport I went to the gas station near Dunkin Donuts. The station was packed with renters like myself filling up before returning the car. I circled the station twice.

        Then I remembered what had happened to me when I rented a car in LA and found out when the gas tank was not on the driver's side. I decided to park the car to see where it was. It's good I did because I saw it was on the passengers side. Once I found a gas pump I put gas. The gas price was similar to California's at nearly $4.00 a gallon which I expected since the station was the only one near the airport.

        Then I drove to Hertz and returned the car. Then I hopped on a shuttle to the airport. Before I went through security I tried to see if there was a shop where I could find a hoodie that said Boston. That was my mom's special request. I found a shop but they didn't have hoodies. I went through security and saw I had about one hour to kill before boarding.

        I decided to walk around to find a shop. The first shop I went to had a lot of Boston Hoodies so I started looking through them and the employee there kind of rudely said to me those are for kids :\ I circled around the adult section but most of the hoodies in my opinion were ugly. I saw one hoodie that was okay but it was about $60! I love my mom but $60 for a hoodie seemed excessive to me. I saw another shop so I went there but they had no hoodies. I continued walking but found no other shops.

        Since I wasn't successful in finding a hoodie I started walking toward my designated gate. As I walked I kept thinking that my mom would be very disappointed if I didn't get her a hoodie. I decided to walk back to the first shop I went to and take a second look.

        While walking back I noticed 3 people stop walking and naturally my eyes went to them. That's when I realized the three people were Eric Martsolf, Jen Lilley, and Chrishell Stause.

        I said, "Oh my God."

        Eric heard me and looked in my direction. Then Jen and Chrishell followed his eyes. They all recognized me. For a split second I thought about asking for a picture with them but decided to pass since they already have given me so much the previous day. It was a nice bonus seeing them.

        Eric said to me, "Heading home?"

        I said, "Yes."

        He asked, "Jocelyn, right?" (Eeeek he said my name again! :D)

        I said, "Yes."

        He said, "Have a safe flight home."

        I said, "You guys too."

        Then we walked in separate directions. First off, I loved that Eric still remembered name. Second, I loved that the 3 of them were traveling on the same plane together. Third, I love that they flew JetBlue. It made me wonder about James, Galen, and Daniel though. I wonder if they flew back together or separately?

        If it wasn't for my mother's desire for a hoodie I most likely wouldn't have run into them at the airport. I continued walking to the first shop I saw and this time I found the perfect Boston hoodie for my mom that I didn't see when I was there earlier. It was also cheaper than the first one I said. The hoodie cost $35.99 without any tax!

        After I bought the hoodie, I went to Starbucks to get iced tea. Thankfully the Starbucks at the airport accepted gift cards unlike LAX which doesn't.

        When I got to my gate I noticed there were a lot of people waiting. It looked like the flight would be full. The gate agents were looking for volunteers to gate check their bag. I volunteered again since it looked like I wouldn't have a good chance at finding a spot.

        The flight was long but good. I love that Jetblue has TV's on the back of every chair. The only thing I couldn't figure out was where the headphone jack was located. I had to settle for watching without sound. For a while I watched some of Real House of New Jersey and just filled in the dialogue in my head. Then when that got old I continued to channel surf.

        While channel surfing I stopped on the FX channel when I noticed a very attractive man in what seemed like some ancient historical movie. My eyes were glued to him. He was so handsome and gorgeous. His biceps were well developed and I loved the aura of confidence he displayed in the film.

        I couldn't think of his name so I continued to watch to see if FX would show the name of the movie as it played. For the longest time FX never displayed the movie title which I found strange because before when I watched FX they would always show the movie title.

        As if someone for heaven whispered his name to me, the name Henry Cavill came into my mind. I'm not familiar with him at all so it seemed very random his name somehow came into my mind without having done any online research. I only knew Henry was the latest man to play Superman.

        Other than that I was completely clueless to who he was. I didn't even know if my guess was right. A few minutes after the name Henry Cavil came into my mind that's when FX finally showed they were playing the movie Immortals. I made a mental to Wikipedia and IMDB Henry when I got home to my computer.

        When the credits to the movie came at the end my guess was confirmed when I saw Henry Cavill's name. After expressing my interest in him much of my Facebook friends and Twitter followers encouraged me to start watching The Tudors where Henry has a role. I also am interested in watching his version of Superman.

        After touching down at SJC I thought back on my Boston adventures and still could not believe I had the nerve to fly across the country for barely a weekend just to meet the stars of Days. I had such a great and unforgettable time. I was so glad I took the risk to go. It was definitely one of the best days of my life.


If you made it this far I applaud you!

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