Sunday, May 19, 2013

Backstreet Boys 20 Year Fan Celebration & Hollywood Star Ceremony

Backstreet Boys getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been an event I'd been looking forward to ever since it was announced they would be getting one. It's a tremendous honor and I needed to be part of it. In addition to getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Backstreet was also going to celebrate 20 years together as a group. The details came a bit late but finally their management revealed that on 4/20/13 there would be a fan celebration at the Fonda Theatre and the star ceremony would be on 4/22/13.

I made plans with Jaime, a fellow Backstreet fan, who I went to see NKOTBSB with in Las Vegas in 2011. The fan celebration ended up being free and fan club members had a chance to win tickets. I had recently renewed my membership with my last platinum VIP fan club code that I got in 2010. I honestly was still surprised the code worked but I'm glad it did. Once the contest for tickets was up, I entered. I'm glad I entered right away because before the contest ended, the fan club had already picked winners. Luckily Jaime and I had each won tickets.

Finding a hotel for 4/19 to 4/23 wasn't easy. Everything was expensive. To save some money I decided to book the Loews Hotel from 4/20 to 4/23 and stay at another hotel from 4/19 to 4/20. It was really difficult to find a hotel for 4/19 to 4/20 but at the very last minute I found a decent deal for the W Hollywood Hotel. Part of the reason I chose the W Hollywood Hotel is because it was located within walking distance from the Fonda Theatre.

I left my house around noon and arrived to LA around 7:30 pm. The W didn't have self parking and I wasn't comfortable leaving my car in a parking lot outside of the hotel so I chose to valet. I ended up paying nearly $44 to valet my car for barely a day. Once I checked-in I met up with Jaime and we headed to our room which was 518. I loved that our room number was the same date as the Millennium release date of 5/18. After we unloaded our luggage, I wanted to go out to Beverly Hills to finally get a taste of Sprinkles Ice Cream. There's currently no Sprinkles Ice Cream where I live.

Both Sprinkles Cupcakes and Sprinkles Ice Cream were very crowded. I swear everything else around that area was dead except for those 2 places. Jaime and I first went to get Sprinkles Ice Cream. I got a scoop of salty caramel which was so good. I honestly wanted about 5 more scoops but I had to resist. Jaime got a scoop of pistachio. While we were eating our ice cream I spotted a fellow Backstreet fan named Julianna and her friend. We all hung out for a bit.

Then after Jaime and I had our ice cream I wanted to try the Sprinkles ATM. The line was super long and the wait was even longer because nearly everyone in front of us ordered multiple cupcakes. The machine unfortunately can't handle multiple cupcake orders all at once. Each cupcake needed it's own separate transaction. There were some college girls in front of us practically ordering for their entire dorm which I really think took them about 20 minutes to finish ordering. Then the couple in front of us ordered 10 cupcakes.

When it was finally my turn I ordered a Cuban coffee cupcake because it was a newly released flavor and I was curious to try it. Jaime ordered a chai latte cupcake. We go back to the hotel and I take a well needed shower before going to bed. I was anxious about the 20 year fan celebration. I had guaranteed admission with the chance to buy VIP but in the back of my mind I was scared what if VIP sold out.

Jaime and I woke up early the next morning. We decided to get breakfast at McDonald's because we knew it would be a while before we could get food. After breakfast we changed into our outfits and checked out of the hotel since I had only booked one night there.

On the way to the elevators I spotted 2 guys who looked like they were still in college. I know it's mean to judge but I thought they were jerk frat boys. While waiting for an elevator one of the guys asked us, "You both stayed for one night?" I said, "Actually, we're moving to another hotel." Then he jokingly replied, "Yeah, this place is dead. There's no parties going on here." When the elevator dinged open, he held the door open for us and let us enter first. I'm so easy. I fell in love with that guy's charm. He wasn't bad looking too. He was wearing a tank top so I could see the muscles in his arms. If I wasn't so shy I would have flirted with him so more ;)

After we checked out of the hotel, I retrieved my car from the valet. Jaime and I weren't in a hurry to go to the venue since on Twitter I had found a fan named Bianca who wanted to be next to Brian during VIP. She was already in line and said she would hold a spot for us. I decided before going in line we needed to find the Loews hotel which is the 2nd hotel we would be staying at for the rest of the trip.

I made a right turn at the stop light and I thought I was driving in the right direction toward the Loews hotel. I drove for about 1 mile and didn't see the hotel. I remembered on Google Maps the distance between the W and Loews was less than a mile. I finally gave up and decided to turn back. I figured there would be plenty of time after the event to search for the hotel.

On the way back to the venue, I kept my eye out for a place to park my car. I saw a parking lot on the side of where the fans were lined up. I considered parking there but I didn't feel like having fans being in my way while I tried to park so I ended up parking in the lot on the other side of the venue which was across from the W hotel. There were no fans on that side at all.

When I pulled into the lot, the attendant asked me, "Are you here to see the Backstreet Boys?"

I laughed and said, "Is it that obvious?"

The attendant then mentioned that the Backstreet Boys were having a pool party at the W hotel. I immediately thought that was bullshit since I figured if that was happening: a) I would have known about it and b) There would have been fans crawling all over the hotel to get to that party.

The attendant said that parking is $10 until 5 PM and then another $10 if we stay after 5 PM. We were obviously staying past 5 PM so after we paid $20 I parked my car. My car's CD player is broken so to play music I use my iPod touch and a cassette adapter. I didn't want to carry many things in my bag so I went to put my iPod in my trunk.

While standing outside, I heard loud music coming from a car. I looked in the direction where the music was coming from and spotted a white Escalade from a distance. I thought my hearing was deceiving me because the vocals of the music sounded very much like Nick. The song didn't sound familiar though but the voice was like Nick's. I was also aware that Nick drives a white Escalade since a few weeks ago there were paparazzi pictures of him at a grocery store with his Escalade.

I couldn't make out the face of the person in the Escalade talking to the same parking attendant that I had talked to earlier but my instinct was screaming to me, "THAT'S NICK."

After I put my iPod in my trunk, I gestured to Jaime to get back in my car. Once we were in my car, I tell her that I think that's Nick in the white Escalade talking to the parking attendant. I told her that I wanted to wait until the Escalade parked and see if it's Nick that comes out. The Escalade then goes to park near where the venue is. I kept my eye on it and for the longest time no one comes out. At first I thought, did I miss the person coming out? When I took a closer look, it appeared no one was in the car which baffled me because I had seen no one walk out.

Then I thought, it's probably not Nick anyway and my mind is playing games with me. I get out of my car and I'm bummed at myself for my wild imagination thinking Nick was in that white Escalade listening to himself sing. I mean really, does Nick Carter blast his own music in his car? That's a bit arrogant. I also felt embarrassed for sharing with Jaime I thought that person was Nick. I'm a perfectionist. I don't like being wrong.

Jaime and I walked toward the venue and the person in the Escalade finally steps out. I see a short looking skinny man who looks Asian with a huge backpack and black bag. I felt so stupid for thinking that guy was Nick. Jaime and I kept walking toward the venue and this man who looks like a short skinny Asian man comes into focus.

As we got closer I noticed this man had tattoos on his legs. I begin to walk faster and that's when I realize I was right all along...

That man in the Escalade who I thought was a short skinny Asian man was Nick!

I tell Jaime that's Nick and we walk a little faster. Nick reaches the corner of the sidewalk and stands there. I'm glad he chose to stand there because he could have easily kept on walking and crossed the street. The street wasn't busy. When we get to where Nick is, he spots me and smiles. One of his eyes is squinting at me and the other is squeezed shut.

He said, "Hey."

I said, "Heeeey Nick, what are you doing standing on the corner by yourself?"


I asked, "Waiting for what?"

He shrugged and said, "Just waiting... excited for tonight?"

"Yes, what's even going on tonight? We're all wondering.We don't even know what's happening."

"It's a surprise."

"A surprise? Ugh, you're gonna keep us in suspense."

"Yeah, it's a surprise."

Jaime then asked if we can take a picture with him. He said sure so we take pictures with him. Jaime had an issue with her camera so I volunteered mine. I almost panicked because Jaime told me that my camera was saying that my camera's memory was full. I didn't understand why she was getting that message since I had an 8 GB that was barely full in there. Fortunately, I had a back up 16 GB card so I immediately switched the memory cards.

I apologized to Nick and said, "Sorry, technical difficulties."

 Once that was all straightened out, I took my picture with Nick. He was wearing a backpack that was filled to the hilt with whatever. I wish I had asked him what's in his backpack. He's worse than me when it comes to putting stuff in bags :p It was so stuffed that I honestly didn't know where to put my hand when I was next to him. I ended up putting my hand below his backpack and if my hand moved one more inch it probably would have been on his ass.

We thanked Nick for his time and he waves bye to us. Jaime and I walked away and toward where the line is. I looked back and Nick was gone so that's when I basically freaked out. My instinct was like, I told you so Jocelyn. I had doubted myself but I was glad my instinct was proven right. The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

What I loved about the encounter was it was just me and Jaime. The fans were lined up on the other side of the building so they couldn't see what was going on. Another thing I loved was Nick was ALONE. He had no one with him. There was no bodyguard ushering him away and there was no fiancee distracting him. I really liked that Nick drove himself to the event. At past events, he's either with an entourage or Lauren. I was glad that we got to have him all by himself.

Jaime and I then tried to figure out the line situation. There was a huge line already and it was barely noon. The line was mixed with both ticket holders and non-ticket holders. We tried to find Bianca in line but we were unsuccessful. Bianca had sent me a text saying that she had went to Rite Aid. I wanted to go to Rite Aid too to see if they had bathroom because I had the urge to go.

While trying to figure out where Rite Aid was I spotted Brittany, a fan I had met through the fan club during the NKOTBSB tour. We had done VIP for the NKOTBSB shows in LA and Anaheim. We catch up and I tell Brittany that we're trying to find Rite Aid. She told me that she knew where Rite Aid was but that the bathroom was out of order. I was immediately disappointed but then she told me near Rite Aid is a Denny's and that's where she and her friend went to use the bathroom.

The walk to Denny's/Rite Aid is about 2 blocks. They're both located in a strip mall type place called Gower Gultch on Sunset Blvd. After going to the bathroom, I look at the sign and see there's a Baskin Robbins and Starbucks. I honestly wanted to go to both but ended up going to Starbucks since I had a gift card there. I ordered a tall Hazelnut frapp because I had never had one before and I wanted to try it. I also ordered a maple oat scone because just in case I got hungry.

Once we get our Starbucks we head back and try to figure out the line situation again. When we got back, the huge line was split into 2. There was one line along one side of the building and another one on the other side. We ask around and get in the line that's for those with guaranteed tickets.

Time passes by ever so slowly. I couldn't finish my tall Hazelnut frapp. I drank about half of it. I also couldn't finish the scone. I didn't want to throw them away so I decided that I wanted to go put them in my car so I could have them later. Jaime held our spot in line as I walked back to my car.

Once I crossed the street, I glanced back at the venue and noticed at the back there were 2 fans taking pictures with Kevin! They were the only 2 fans there and I saw Kevin guide them behind the alley so they wouldn't attract attention. It was too late... he already caught my attention lol

After I checked that the street was clear, I jay-walked to where they were. By the time I got to where Kevin was he was already starting to walk into the back entrance of the venue.

I think I said, "Kevin!"

His bodyguard said to me, "He has to go inside."

I frowned and accepted defeat. However, Kevin had heard me say his name and he saw my camera in my hands. He turned around and jogged toward me. He said something like, "Okay, really quick."

(The flash was on so the picture came out bright. I did my best to fix it.)

Then he gestured to his bodyguard to take the picture for us. I freaking love that he overrode his bodyguard to take a picture with me. I didn't even ask for a picture. Kevin could have easily kept on walking and pretended he didn't hear me. I loved that he came back for me. He pulled me close to me and we took a picture.

I honestly wasn't sure that his bodyguard took a picture because I swear it looked like he didn't press the button. The bodyguard gave me back my camera and I even asked him, "Did you press the button?"

He said, "Yes."

I checked to see if he was telling the truth and indeed he pressed the button and the picture came out.

Kevin then jogged toward the back entrance and said to me, "See you in there!"

After that happened, I couldn't believe I had unexpectedly ran into a 2nd Backstreet Boy. What made it even more special was it was Kevin. It's been years since I've had had an encounter with him and I loved that he spared a minute to take a picture with me when I honestly didn't even ask lol When I was done with my picture, I walked back to the side walk and the 2 fans that took a picture with him were there and we all just freaked out for a moment since we were the only 3 to get a chance to briefly meet him. They had told me that they had seen AJ go in but he didn't stop.

I was on cloud 9 when I walked back to my car. The event hadn't even started yet and already all my expectations were exceeded. After I dropped off my Starbucks to my car, I went back and there was more waiting in line. It was so hot but at least we were in the shade. I found out that the mother and daughter sitting next to us in line was from the same area I'm from. They were from Santa Clara which is actually where my work is located.

A few minutes before it was time to go into the venue, we saw a cop car park in front. Then the 2 cops bolted out of their car and ran. They grabbed a homeless looking guy and handcuffed him. Everyone was staring and wondering what happened. I honestly don't know what happened but seeing that helped make time go by faster.

The line then moves and security lets people in by groups. Once we're in, Bodyguard Q welcomes us and invites us to take a picture on the red carpet.

Then we're pointed in the direction to go upstairs for VIP. We had to buy VIP on the roof. Once we're on the roof, it was more standing in line. I saw a cart on the side with bartenders mixing drinks. I wanted a drink so bad but I wanted to buy VIP first. It was another long wait but I finally get a wristband for VIP.

Off to the side where VIP was being sold, was a merchandise table. I decided to buy the grey shirt. I wanted the tote bag but that merchandise table ran out. I also wanted the poster but I didn't want to carry it during the event and risk getting it crumpled and torn. After we get merchandise, I spot a cardboard cutout of Kevin and take a picture of it. Then I see there's an ice sculpture so I take a picture with it too. I wanted that drink I was craving but I decided I didn't want to risk having to go to the bathroom later so I passed.

We all then head downstairs to where the fan event would happen and make a stop at the merchandise table there. Fortunately, there were tote bags there so I bought one. There was already a large crowd of fans in front of the stage. About 5 minutes of being near the stage, that's when Brian peeked from behind the curtain and fans screamed.

We then find a spot to stand near stage left and do some more waiting. The DJ was playing Backstreet Boys songs and trying to get us hyped up.

Finally, after waiting so many hours, and sweating a million gallons Backstreet Boys appear on stage. When I saw Nick walk on stage looking all fine, I was like damn. I'm glad they all dressed up for the event.

Everything was a blur after I saw them on stage. It was a great feeling to see all 5 together on stage. I'm not going to go into detail on everything that happened at the fan event since it's all on YouTube. You can watch it here:

They told stories and Nick set up a story of where Leonardo Dicaprio played with AJ's goggles in London. I loved how after the story Nick said to AJ, "Ryan Gosling wouldn't let you in one of his movies."

They previewed some tracks they had recorded and talked about them. If you go to you can listen to clips of the songs.

I remembered Nick talking about the song "Soldier" and how he was inspired because he loves playing video games. So typical of him lol

My favorite preview was of "In Your Arms." It was an upbeat song that I can dance to. I can't wait to hear the full track. Howie introduced the song and I loved how AJ referred to him as "Howie Delicious." :D

Kevin got a little choked up when it was time to preview a song called "Show 'Em What You're Made Of." Apparently it was phrase his father used to say a lot. That reminded me of my dad and how he loves to say, "Now you know."

The most amusing preview was for a song called "PS." At first I thought it meant "PS" like in a letter. Then I thought what if it's a song poking fun of women's "PMS." Then Backstreet said "PS" stands for "Permanent Stain." We all lol'ed. What the hell kind of song title is that? My mind immediately thought, is that a song about Monica Lewinsky :p

After they previewed the songs, a short clip of the documentary was shown. I didn't record it because I thought it would be recorded on the livestream. I found out later that the documentary wasn't shown. There were a lot of people around recording it though.

Here's one fan's recording of it on YouTube:

I'm anxious to watch more of the documentary. While the clip was being shown, Nick and Howie were off to the side watching it together. I totally gasped and grabbed my heart when the clip came to the part where Nick burst into tears when he was back at his elementary school. I had never seen him so emotional before.

It also surprised me to see them walk the grounds of Lou Pearlman's former mansion. I loved getting to see them in the recording studio and getting a glimpse of what the recording process was for their upcoming album. I thought it was so sweet when Brian lead a prayer circle. I also loved seeing him cook.

After the documentary clip was a Q&A.The questions were okay. Every time there's a Q&A my mind goes blank. I wish I had a great question everyone would appreciate.

I thought Howie's response to the question about what they would say to their younger self was cute. He said that he wouldn't have let his hair grow out and Nick said that he liked Howie's hair like that.

Of course, some questions were on the verge of sexual like someone asked have they ever made love while their music was playing in the background. I remember Brian had mentioned that his son was in the audience and I kind of felt bad that Baylee's ears had to be subjected to those kinds of questions.

Leighanne and Baylee were sitting in the balcony and I remember looking up at the balcony and seeing Leighanne looking not impressed with some of the not so clean questions being asked.

After the Q&A the event is over. At this point my feet are extremely throbbing. I couldn't wait to sit down. Since the line was super long for VIP, we all head back up to the roof to sit down for a bit. I decided to buy a "Backstreet Boy Cocktail" at the drink cart. The drinks were so expensive! I wanted to try all the cocktails but they were like $10 each.

The cocktail that caught my eye was the "If You Want It To Be Good Girl" one aka a Sex on the Beach. I've never had a Sex on the Beach before but wow, that drink was very strong and I drank every drop of it.

Then we all stood in another long line for the VIP M&G. My feet were throbbing and I really wanted to sit but the venue security were being meanies and they wouldn't let us sit. The wait was long but we eventually make it down to the stage where the M&G was taking place.

When it was my group's turn we got the usual pep talk of no hugs and no autographs. Then we're led behind a curtain to where Backstreet is and go up a very short flight of stairs. I spot Bodyguard Drew and say hi to him. He recognized me and said, "Hey, what's up?" I said, "Nothing much."

Then I go to Brian who is first in line. I say, "Hi Brian!"

His face lit up and he said, "Hey! It's good to see you."

Brian then hugs me and I get paranoid about their bodyguard's yelling at me for getting a hug. Thankfully no one yells at me. My mind was blank and later on I regretted not saying anything else to Brian like, "Congrats on 20 years" or "Happy Anniversary."

After Brian, I notice there's a couch where the rest of Backstreet is lounging around. I didn't know if I had to go in front of the couch or around the back of it. I ended up going behind the couch because Brian and the other Bodyguards were sort of in the way in the front.

I said hi to AJ and he said hi back. I wanted to say something about his baby girl Ava but I felt awkward about it so I just shook his hand and moved on. Next to AJ was Howie but his back was to me and I honestly didn't want to make him turn around. Next to Howie was Nick who was sitting down on the couch. One of the fans in my group was already sitting to his left and the spot to his right was open.

As I rounded the corner of the couch I heard Nick repeatedly ask out loud, "Who's going to sit next to me? Who's going to sit next to me? Who's going to sit next to me?"

I walked faster and spotted his right hand resting on the couch cushion looking extra big. Without hesitation I said, "Me, me, me!"

There wasn't very much space between Nick and Howie but I was determined to squeeze myself between them. I turned around so I could sit down. I was about to plant my ass on the couch cushion when I felt Nick's hands grip my sides and then he pulled me down to the couch beside him. His unexpected touch took me by surprise. He could have easily just let me sit down on my own so I really appreciated he was a gentleman and made sure that my ass landed on the couch and not the floor. (If I had known he was going to put his hands on me I should have pretended to trip and land on his lap ;))

I was very self-conscious sitting next to Nick. We were thisclose. I had practically been sweating the whole day from being out in the sun. I wished I had brought some body spray or perfume. His right arm was resting on the back of the couch behind me. I don't know why but I put my arm around him. It kind of felt awkward but I didn't want to move my arm.

There was awkward silence for a bit so I asked him the first question that came to my mind, "How's your eye?" (If you don't know about his eye, he had posted a picture on Instagram where there's a red spot on his eye.)

Nick proceeded to tell me that he got LASIK. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and I could still see the red spot there in his left eye. (I honestly don't know if he was telling the truth or lying about getting LASIK because I remembered he said on Instagram Backstreet got into a "fight." I didn't think to question him at the time.)

I asked him, "How was it?"

He smiled and said, "Good."

I told him that I was considering getting LASIK. Before I could ask him more about LASIK, 1 of Backstreet's bodyguards said it was time to take the picture. The picture is taken and it's time to go. I didn't even really get to say anything to Kevin or Howie during the M&G but that's okay because Nick touched me ;)

After the M&G I was bursting with energy. Yes, I've met Backstreet before but every time feels like the first time. I always feel so euphoric afterward.

The fan event was over and it was time to leave. Jaime and I say our goodbyes to Bianca and her friends. I didn't want to leave right away because my feet were throbbing so we sat in my car for a bit. A fan that I know from LiveDaily named Mike spotted us in my car and stopped by to chat with us for while.

After that, Jaime and I tried to find a place to eat. It was a bit difficult to find a place on Hollywood Blvd. Mostly everything was some sort of sit-in restaurant. I wanted fast food with a drive-thru. I then remembered there was an In 'n Out on Sunset Blvd. so we went there. The drive-thru line there was so LONG! I had never seen so many cars lined up to get fast food.

Once we got the food, we begin the journey to find the Loews hotel. Finding that hotel wasn't easy. I had thought I was going the right direction but it turned out I was going in the opposite direction. What should have been probably a 10 minute drive turned into over an hour drive.

Finally we find the hotel and park in the Hollywood and Highland parking lot. I had remembered from reading the hotel's reviews online that past guests suggested to park in that lot rather than going through valet. I paid $10 for parking and then found a spot near the elevators. I thought we were so close to the hotel. It turns out that after 10 PM that particular entrance from the parking lot was locked and only guests with room keys could pass through. Since we hadn't checked-in yet we had no keys to unlock the door.

I was so frustrated with myself. I thought, damn it, I should have valeted if I had known the door would have been locked. Jaime and I had no choice but to walk a very long distance around Hollywood and Highland to get to the front entrance of the hotel. What made that more torturous is we both had our luggage with us.

Eventually we make it to the hotel lobby. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing just yet because even though it was past midnight by the time we got to the lobby there was a line! We waited in line for a long 15 minutes and finally we were checked in. The room number was 506. Floor 5 seemed to be the theme of this trip.

Finally when we make it to our room, I just drop myself onto the bed. My whole body was damp with sweat and my feet were pulsating with pain even though I had worn flats the whole day. Once I got some of my energy back I took a very nice cold shower. After the shower I felt refreshed and enjoyed my In 'n Out. Although I was tired it was hard for me to fall asleep so I ended up killing time talking with Jaime and also lurked on Twitter and Facebook.

I was glad that I could sleep in on Sunday and get a chance to recover from the Fan Celebration. I probably fell asleep at around 3 AM but my body is so used to waking up for work that I woke up at around 7 AM. I stayed awake for a couple of minutes and then will myself to sleep so more.

Jaime has a cousin that lives in Hollywood so she went out and spent time with him. I spent most of Sunday cooped up in that hotel room. I was too tired to do anything.

Time seemed to move fast that day. When 6 PM came I knew I had to at least do something productive. Since the hotel is attached to the Hollywood and Highland shopping center I decided to walk around for a bit. The only things I had ate that day was my left over In 'n Out burger and Starburst candy. I needed to get food. I was in the mood for rice so I found a chinese food place. To be honest the food didn't look very good but I was too exhausted to be picky. I got half fried rice, half chow mein, and orange chicken. The chow mein was good, the orange chicken was okay, but the rice wasn't good.

Jaime then gets back from visiting her cousin. Since the star ceremony was the next day we wanted to check out where it would be located. While looking for the star we ran into other fans looking for the star too. One of them is a fan named Jennifer who I had met at the San Francisco Vampire Diaries convention in 2012.

There was a construction block thing (I don't know what to call it lol) over a square near Boys II Men's star. It said something like Gumdrop? (I can't remember.) I had a feeling the star would be there because I remember reading online before that before star's are revealed they're covered with that sign before the unveiling. The other fans were skeptical but I just knew that was where the star would be.

After scoping out the area, Jaime and I go to the CVS nearby. I had $5 in Extra Care Bucks that had expired the day before. I wanted to see if they would let me use it. I was so grateful when the associate said I could use it. Jaime and I got some things like snacks and sunscreen that totaled around $23. After I gave my coupons the total went down to $12. The cashier said to me, "You're a smart shopper." She told us that a guy was so happy to be saving $1 from a coupon he had but I apparently beat him with my $12 worth of coupons ;)

It was getting late and we had to wake up early for the ceremony the next day. Before we got to the hotel we stopped by Wetzel Pretzel for a brief snack. I got a Wetzel Cheese Dog and a frozen strawberry lemonade.

Jaime had set her alarm to about 5:30 AM. When I woke up I felt like I had a boulder over my body. I just didn't want to wake up. Jaime started to get ready while I was huddled in the covers. After a few minutes I had gained some energy. I went on Twitter to lurk and that's when I saw people tweeting there were already over 100 people in line already! I couldn't believe it since the Walk of Fame people had insisted lining up would start at 7:00 AM.

Since Jaime was more ready than I was she went ahead to stand in line to hold a spot for us. I got to the line around 7:15 AM and it was pretty long. I was glad though that we didn't have to wait too long like for the Fan Event on Saturday. Security came by and gave everyone wristbands. Then a few minutes later they came back to write numbers on the wrist bands. I was glad they did that. Then security said that since we had wristbands and #'s we could leave the line to get coffee or go to the bathroom and then come back at around 9:30 AM. Jaime and I left the line to go to the bathroom at Hollywood and Highland. Then we sat down there for a couple of minutes.

When it's close to 9:30 AM Jaime and I head back to the line and continue to wait. The street in front of where the star ceremony was taking place was shut down to traffic. Once that was all coordinated, fans were then escorted there. There were already fans crowded along the barricade in all the good spots. Jaime and I found a spot behind the stage area.

It was more waiting and standing. Fans then started to scream and I look up and see Brian on the roof of the building in front of us waving. Then a few moments later Kevin comes to that spot and waves as well. Sometimes a bodyguard or some random guy would pop up in that place just to see if fans would scream and mistake them for a Backstreet Boy.

In front of where Jaime and I stood was sort of an impromptu backstage area. We could see Backstreet's friends and family arriving and walking by. I remember seeing one guy who looked exactly like Hank from Passions but I wasn't sure if it was him. Then a fan yelled out, "RYAN!" The guy looked and smiled in the direction of where his named was being shouted. I was right it was Ryan McPartlin. Damn, he looks fine in person. I was surprised he was there but apparently he's a very good friend of Kevin and Kristin's. I loved that he took the time to be at the ceremony and show his support for Kevin.

Then I saw Angel and her fiance. Angel has such good hair. I want her hair lol I also saw Baylee, Leighanne, and her nipples poking through her dress lol You would think she could afford a bra or good pasties that could conceal those nipples. I also saw AJ's family and Nick's fiance Lauren.

Backstreet then makes their way out through a door from the building in front of us. They're all looking fine in their attire. They absorb the screams from the fans. There was a helicopter hovering in the sky and I saw Nick look up at it.

Max Martin was there to give a speech about his experience with Backstreet and how they have helped changed his life. I feel it goes both ways and that he too has helped changed Backstreet's lives. He gave them songs to sing and who knows where they'd be right now if he hadn't given them those songs. It's those songs that have had a major impact on me and millions of people all over the world. Those are songs that are so timeless and catchy that even haters know at least the chorus to a Backstreet Boys song written by Max Martin.

I loved it when Max described meeting them for the first time and hearing them sing "I'll Never Break Your Heart" for him. He said that he got chills from hearing their voices.

I absolutely loved it when Max said he wanted to quote ABBA in relation to Backstreet and he said could because he's Swedish. He said to Backstreet, "Thank you for the music." I had always thought about Backstreet whenever I listened to that song in the past. It's such a fitting song and most of the lyrics I can relate to. I was so glad that Max too had the same thoughts as me in regards to that song.

If you've never heard the song, this is the chorus:

Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing.
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing.
Who can live without it?
I ask in all honesty.
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me

After Max gave his speech, the fan who won the fan club contest gave her speech. Then after that each Bsb in alphabetical order gave their own speech.

Nick looks soooo delicious.

BACKstreet Boys? :p

I just love this random picture I took of Kevin lmao
I remember during AJ's speech he mentioned how they would forever be remembered through the star and how his daughter could one day take her own children to the star.

I don't remember much of Brian's speech... lol

I remember Howie mentioning that his wife Leigh surprised him that morning by showing up unexpectedly.

I remember Kevin's speech being emotional for him. Either I haven't heard him talk in a while but it seems lately his southern drawl is more apparent.

Last but not least was Nick. The tone of Nick's speech reminded me of like a coach's pre-game speech. It was filled with inspiration and motivation for us fans. I loved that he kept his speech about the music and fans. My favorite part of his speech was when he talked about how he and his mom came to Hollywood when he was about 7 years old and how he saw scary people talking to themselves and the stars on the boulevard.

Honestly, I wish he'd tell more stories like that about his experiences as a young boy trying to make it in the entertainment world. He's truly lucky that he was able to achieve such success and still maintain it at age 33. I'm freaking 27 and I'm still itching to achieve a quarter of the success he's had.

I was a bit amused Nick steered away from mentioning his fiance in his speech. AJ, Brian, Howie, and Kevin all mentioned their significant others and their family. I can see his point though of not mentioning her since she had nothing to do with him becoming a Backstreet Boy. Other than tagging along to his concerts and events she didn't really contribute much to where he is now as a singer.

I forgot when but sometime during the ceremony it was declared that April 22nd, 2013 was declared Backstreet Boys day in Hollywood. Now there's 2 Backstreet Boys days! If you didn't already know October 7th is Backstreet Boys day in FL. I will definitely be celebrating both Backstreet boys days!

Baylee holding the proclamation that April 22nd is Backstreet Boys day:

When the ceremony concluded, security immediately had the crowd disperse because they needed to open the street soon to traffic. My feet were throbbing and I was starving. I couldn't wait to sit down and eat. Before Jaime and I went to eat we decided to see if we could find where Backstreet was leaving. We walked around the corner and saw a crowd of fans around a parking garage entrance.

We saw Brian and his family leave first. They got into a huge Mercedes van. Kevin and his family left in a Range Rover. Howie and his wife left in a Ford sedan. AJ and his family left in a grey'ish/beige Escalade. Nick was the last to leave, driving his Escalade all sexxxy.

A fan from Europe, (I want to say Norway?) approached Jaime and I and we chatted for a bit. She was on vacation in LA to visit her friends and coincidentally she found out that her vacation coincided with the Backstreet events.

Jaime and I decided to take advantage of the coupons an employee of Buffalo Wild Wings passed out while we waited in line. The restaurant was close by and I didn't feel like walking anywhere else. The wings were so good. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. While Jaime and I waited for our food the restaurant played "Straight Through My Heart." It was like they knew fans were in the premises.

After we ate, we walked back to the hotel and noticed that barricades were set up for the "Pain and Gain" film premiere. I would have loved to stick around to watch Mark Wahlberg and The Rock walk the red carpet. However, Backstreet sucked the energy out of me. I didn't feel like standing around and waiting.

Jaime and I rest at the hotel for a bit and reflect on the awesome day. Then I decide I want to go back to Beverly Hills. I wanted to walk around around Rodeo Drive one last time during my vacation. On the way to Beverly Hills I noticed a sign that I wanted to take a pic with. We dropped by and took pictures there.

Jamie and I then walked along Rodeo Drive. There weren't very many people walking around and most of the stores were closed already. We walked by Chanel and I wished I could have gone inside to browse.

We walked by Cartier and I got a random idea to take a picture with me covering the "i" to have Carter spelled out. I liked how the picture came out.

Jaime wanted to take a picture in front of Dolce and Gabana because her friend loves the brand. While I was taking a picture of Jaime there was what looked like a family walking by. A young 20-something looking girl asks if we want to get our picture taken together in front of D&G? Jaime and I say sure.

After the girl takes the picture she says that she feels lots of good energy coming from us. She said if we had time we should come visit her. Jaime and I look at the postcard she gives us and it turns out she's a psychic. We got a big kick out of being approached by a psychic.

I said to Jaime, "Of course she's feeling lots of good energy from us. We just had an amazing weekend with Backstreet Boys!"

I noticed while driving/walking around Hollywood/Beverly Hills/LA that there are a lot of psychic places to visit. I wish the psychic would've told me my future with Nick Carter :p muahahahaha

Jaime and I also walked by the Equinox gym where Nick had played basketball which was streamed online a few months ago.

We also walked by Mr. Chow but it dead. I loved that a few days later the Littrell family was photographed by the paparazzi at that restaurant. If only they had eaten there when Jaime and I walked by :p

We also passed by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant Villa Blanca.

The sun was setting so that meant we had to wrap our Beverly Hills adventure. Before we left, I wanted to stop by Sprinkles Cupcakes and Sprinkles Ice Cream one last time. We first went to get cupcakes. I got 2 cupcakes which I didn't eat until I got home. Then we went to Sprinkles Ice Cream. I was shocked when we walked into Sprinkles Ice Cream and the girl at the counter said "Welcome Back!" I was like, "Wow you remember us?!"

I got a red velvet sundae. It was $6.75 but soooo good lol I wish I had the time, money, and metabolism to try all the ice cream/sundae flavors they had.

We then head back to the hotel so I could park my car there. We still didn't have any pictures with or of Bsb's star so we walked over to the star. There were a few fans there taking pictures. Once it was our turn we tried different poses. I was doing one pose where I was lying on the ground and some random guy laid down beside me lol The picture with him didn't come out though. A lot of the pix didn't come out too good since it was night time and there wasn't much lighting around. The camera flash put a glare on the star.

Jaime and I decided to come back the next morning so that we could get better pictures. On the way back to the hotel we stopped by CVS again. I had another $5 coupon I wanted to use. I bought water and potato chips. The chips and my left over wings became my dinner. Nick would be so proud... not lmao :p

The next morning Jaime and I go back to the star to take more pictures. There were already a group of fans there taking pictures. The group of fans asked me, "Are you Jocelyn? @berrydelicious on Twitter?" I was like O_O I was a bit surprised they knew my name and my Twitter name lol One of the fans said she had recognized me as one of the fans that went to Nick's Vegas birthday event.

We all chat and take pictures of each other on the star. I went a bit crazy with the pictures with the star.

I didn't want to leave the star but I had to. I had to check out of the hotel and I had a long drive ahead of me. I said bye to the star and then reluctantly walked away. It was truly an honor to be part of a career milestone for Backstreet Boys. They've impacted my life so much and continue to bring me joy through their music.

If you made it this far in my review I truly applaud you for having the attention span to do so.

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