Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Savings @ CVS! Spent $0.53 on items totaling $25.23

I recently bought new boxes of contact lens' and I needed contact lens cleaner. The CVS near me had them out of stock on Sunday so I went to the 2nd closest CVS today. Also, since my Sunday transaction at CVS produced a lot of Extra Care Bucks for me I decided to use them to buy the contact lens cleaner and other items.

This is what I got:

1 Clear Care Contact Lens Solution x $10.49 each
1 CVS Body Wash x $3.79 each
6 Balance bars x $1.50 each = $9.00

Total without coupons and 8.375% CA tax = $25.23

Coupons I used

-20% off CVS coupon that is valid for non-sale items
-6 Free Balance Bar coupons I won from Balance Bar's Facebook (I was lucky to get a cashier who isn't strict on coupon acceptance!)
-$2.00 off a CVS brand body wash which I received in my account
-$9.00 Extra Care Bucks

Total after coupons & 8.375% CA tax = $0.53 

$25.23 - $0.53 = $24.70 full price eliminated

Plus I got a $1.00 Extra Care Buck from it being my 4th green bag tag scan.

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