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December 4th-5th, 2011 - Meet & Greet Photo Session, Karaoke, PDA Pajama Jam/Going Home...

December 4th-5th, 2011 – Meet & Greet Photo Session, Karaoke, and PDA Pajama Jam

The rocking of the boat woke me up a few hours later. I couldn’t tell what time it was because our cabin had no windows. I tried to fall back asleep but I couldn’t. It’s good I didn’t fall back asleep because about 10 minutes later Naomi’s iPhone alarm goes off and she wakes up. It was around 10:30 AM.

We both got ready for the meet and greet, and then headed up to the Lido Deck for breakfast/lunch. On the last cruise my favorite food to eat was the French toast. When I saw there was French toast on this cruise I got 3 slices. I was slightly disappointed because the French toast on this cruise did not even come close to the awesomeness of the French toast I had on the first Backstreet Boys cruise. I did not finish the 3 slices I got. I know, I know, it’s not good to waste food and there’s starving people in third world places but I’m not going to force myself to eat food I don’t want.

After we finished eating we went to deck 9 to where the meet and greet was taking place in Xanadu Lounge. The Xanadu Lounge was right next to the casino. There was already a line of fans waiting to get their pictures taken.

Naomi and I immediately found Michelle, a fan from Canada who I found on Twitter. She and her friend wanted to stand next to AJ in the meet and greet picture. She said that her friend was already in line holding a spot for us. Next we tried to find Christina and her husband Kevin. I found Christina on Twitter too and they both were willing to stand next to Brian.

We had trouble finding Howie fans for the meet and greet picture. As we all tried to find Howie fans someone walked by me and said, “Hi” to me. I looked at her and I recognized her face. It turned out it was Kristy who runs the fan fiction site Under the Sheets.

I thought it was hopeless to find two Howie fans for the picture and that I’d have to tackle for Nick in the picture. Thankfully Michelle’s friend found two fans willing to stand next to Howie.

While we waited in line, Nick walked by with a cup of coffee in his hand and Bodyguard Mike in tow. He was the only Backstreet Boy to pass by the line so I assume he was the last to show up and that the other 3 were already in the Xanadu Lounge waiting for him.

When we got to the entrance of the Xanadu Lounge there were two female Rose Tours employees. One employee asked us how many people were in our group. When we replied “8” she breathed a sigh of relief and even thanked us. She seemed stunned that we had a group of 8 already. I then told her that I found most of the group through Twitter and she and the other employee said, “That’s a good idea!”

The female Rose Tours employee then gives us each a ticket that has a picture of Backstreet Boys and the number 25. A male Rose Tours employee then gives our wristbands a heart hole punch so that we don’t have the opportunity to sneak back in line to take another picture. Then each member of our group gives another male employee our tickets and we go stand in another line.

I observed how the other group pictures were being taken. I saw that Brian crouched in the front again like he did last year in my group’s meet and greet picture. I wish he wouldn’t do that! I understand that 12 people in a picture are a lot to squeeze in but because Brian crouched in front this is what happened:

I didn’t even notice Nick put his hand on my shoulder until I saw the picture on the fan club. I seriously did not feel his hand on me at all. I remember Naomi telling me that she felt Nick put his arm around her but I told her that I didn’t feel his arm or hand at all. He could have been feeling up my ass and I probably wouldn’t have noticed. (Now I get how people can get pick pocketed.)

I am thankful that my wish came true which was to stand next to Nick in this year’s meet and greet picture but perhaps I need to be more careful about what I wish for next time. (Also, if I hadn’t had such an awesome VIP picture from the Cameo Pre-Cruise Party then I would have been mad.)

I can’t help that I’m 5’2”. I even wore heels and tried to make myself as tall as possible but that obviously didn’t work.

I’m not very good at photo editing but I launched the old version of Paint Shop Pro on my computer and did my best to make myself and Nick look decent together. I airbrushed Christina’s husband’s forehead out. Then I added a thinking balloon and the text “Nick Carter & Me on Dec. 4th, 2011.”

Despite the picture situation I had fun at the meet and greet. I tend to be an over thinker, so before the meet and greet I tried to think of something to say to Nick. I didn’t want to ask him anything that would make him feel like he was being interviewed. I thought about saying, “I’m still trying to process that orange tuxedo you wore last night.” I didn’t end up saying that.

This is what ended up happening…

The order of Backstreet Boys at the meet and greet went like this: Howie, Nick, Brian, and AJ.

I went up to Howie and I told him that he was a machine for staying up and partying so late at prom. He just laughed and said, “I try.” I also noticed he was wearing sunglasses and it was so obvious it was because he didn’t get much sleep.

Next, I shook hands with Nick and said, “Hi Nick.”

Nick looks down at me (since I am short after all), he gives me his “I’m sexy and I know it” smile, and says, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you again.”

My composure just flies out the window and into the ocean.

I know I’ve “met” Nick multiple times… (I put quotes around met because let’s face it most of those times I’ve “met” him were just quick 5 second “hi’s”-take-a-picture-he-walks-away situations.)

I was just amazed that he recognized me and that he actually bothered to even give me an indication that we’ve met before.

I stumbled on my words but I think I managed to squeak out something like, “Oh, oh, same here…”

I think it was obvious I was in shock over Nick recognizing me because I noticed he was pointing and gesturing to something behind me. I gave him a puzzled look and thought what the hell is he doing?

I said to Nick, “Huh? What?”

Nick just kept pointing and gesturing so I look back and I see Brian waving his hands and kind of jumping up and down. I said, “Oh! Brian. Hi!”

I shake hands with Brian who says, “It’s good to see you again.”

I smiled at him and I was about to try to say “Hi” to AJ when I hear someone yell, “PICTURE!”

Everyone in the group shuffles to stand next to their designated Backstreet Boy. I take Nick’s right side while Naomi takes his left. There seems to be a brief stall since Justin doesn’t take the picture right away like he normally does.

In that brief window of time, I noticed that Nick was wearing a shirt with an extremely low v-neck. I was very fascinated by his man cleavage. His shirt reminded me of the V-Neck SNL Digital Short that showed men battling over how low their v-necks could go.

Nick also wore a thick jacket. Seeing him wear a jacket gave me a momentary flashback to the concert where he also wore a jacket that he mentioned still had its price tag. I couldn’t resist saying something about it.

My right hand automatically crept to his jacket and I petted its lapel. Then my hand started to wander toward his man cleavage. Before I could touch it, I quickly realized what I was doing and took it away in embarrassment.

I jokingly remarked to Nick, “There’s no price tag in your jacket today?”

Nick faintly chuckles and then puts on a serious facial expression. He then tells me in a low serious tone, “That was part of the show.”

My stomach fell and I say, “Oh.”

I really thought he was serious for a moment. I felt silly for even mentioning it and then 5 seconds later he says to me, “Just kidding.”

I laughed because he really had me! I believed it when he said it was part of the show. I thought to myself, I’m so gullible! He could tell me anything like the sky is pink and I’d believe him.

Justin the photographer then tries to get all of our attention so that we all look at the camera. Nick’s bodyguard Mike then says that the guy is blocking the lady in the back (me) and that’s when I got paranoid about being blocked in the picture. I appreciate that Mike the bodyguard and Justin tried to help me be seen but I still feel they should have taken an extra 5 seconds to let Christina’s husband move a little lower.

We all break apart once the picture is done. I was on a complete adrenaline rush from my brief moment with Nick. Those few seconds with Nick just made my day. Him saying, “It’s nice to meet you again” made my year.

I didn’t say “bye” to Nick, Howie, or AJ but I remember walking away, and then turning around to say “Bye Brian.” I don’t why I did that but he did say “bye” back to me.

On our way out of the Xanadu Lounge, a Rose Tours employee then gives us each the meet and greet ticket we had turned in earlier as a souvenir to keep. Our picture group then thanks each other and we go our separate ways.

It was around 2:00 PM and karaoke wasn’t until 4:00 PM. Naomi and I had a lot of time to kill so we explored the ship. On deck 9 was the Photo Gallery which had pictures that were taken by the ship’s staff. Pictures were free to take but payment was necessary to keep them.

Naomi and I had gotten our pictures taken when we boarded the ship, in the dining room during dinner, and when we disembarked the ship in the Bahamas. Out of all those pictures taken I liked the picture Naomi and I took when we disembarked the ship in the Bahamas.

After we looked at the pictures, Naomi wanted to check out the merchandise again to buy something. We took the stairs down to deck 8 where the merchandise was being sold. While she looked around I noticed that on a table were autographed copies of Howie’s solo album “Back To Me” for $25. I almost bought one but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $25 on a CD. Near that table I saw the Sphynkter t-shirt I saw before.

At first I wasn’t interested in buying the shirt but then I discovered on the back of the shirt it had the dates of the cruise on it. That sold it for me and I had to buy it. After we made our purchases, we walked around the ship some more.

Front of the shirt:

Back of the shirt:

We went back up to deck 9 and decided to check out the casino. I remembered on the last cruise Nick spent most of his time in the casino. Nick wasn’t in the casino but as Naomi and I walked by a poker table I noticed a distinguishable bag hanging on a chair. The bag looked exactly like the one Lauren had tweeted about bringing on the cruise. My eyes then spotted a very tall woman standing next to the chair with the bag hanging off of it. Sure enough it was Nick’s woman Lauren.

I thought it was particularly interesting that she was in the casino gambling without Nick in sight. In the 2010 Backstreet Boys Cruise, Nick and Lauren were practically glued to each other. That’s when it clicked in my head that she hadn’t attended any of the evening deck parties so far. I didn’t see her at the 80’s party and I didn’t see her at the Prom party. I only saw her at the Sail Away Party and Bahamas Beach Party. I then wondered if she would attend the PDA Pajama Jam and made a mental note to see if she showed up.

Lauren was wearing a floor length dress/skirt (I couldn’t tell) and a denim jacket. Her hair was up in a ponytail. It was a stark contrast from the 2010 cruise when I saw her in the casino with Nick where she wore a very tight short dress that showed off her long legs and 5 inch heels that made her even taller.

I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a little rift between her and Nick on the cruise. I saw a rumor online that Lauren wasn’t happy about missing a girl’s only trip with her friends to New York. Then she had tweeted that apparently she was needed on the cruise? (Whatever that means?)

When Naomi and I were out of Lauren’s earshot I asked her if she saw Lauren. She said she didn’t and I told her that I wouldn’t have noticed it was her if it wasn’t for her bag hanging off the chair. (If you really know me, then you’ll know that I love bags and I am a bag watcher. I am always constantly checking out the bags women, some men too, carry.)

We then walked by Lauren again and Naomi notices her. We then decide to explore deck 11. It was the one deck we hadn’t had a chance to walk on. The skies were overcast but I enjoyed looking off into the ocean and seeing no land. There weren’t many people on deck 11 so we just enjoyed the peacefulness for a while.

While we were on deck 11, Jennifer, Alyssa, and a guy walk toward us. The guy introduces himself as Martin. Apparently he’s a photographer. I noticed him on stage with the DJ during the Cameo Pre-Cruise Party. We chatted for a while until they leave.

Since Naomi and I were still holding our merchandise shopping bags, we decided to kill some more time by going back to our cabin to drop off our stuff. After we dropped off our stuff, we walked around some more. Time was moving way too slowly.

Finally, it was time for karaoke. I was very disappointed that Naomi and I weren’t chosen to do karaoke. I am Filipino and its part of my culture to karaoke! I wondered if the songs I picked were too popular or too unpopular.

For reference the songs I picked were:

1. Fantasy – Mariah Carey
2. Say You’ll Be There – Spice Girls
3. Heaven – Bryan Adams

I wish we were given a song list so that we could at least know we had a chance to karaoke. I also wish we were allowed to pick more than 3 songs.

Before karaoke started, Backstreet mentioned that there was a fan who wanted to get her head shaved by Backstreet Boys. Apparently she was diagnosed with brain cancer and would be under going chemo therapy soon.

When the haircut was about to start Nick said, “Yeah be careful we don't know how to cut hair too well. We have people that we hire for that… and then they don't do so well… look at my head."

Howie was the first one to cut her hair. She had waist length hair so it was put into a ponytail and Howie cut it off. It took him a while though because the scissors he used weren’t sharp.

Nick commented, "They gave us some dull scissors."

Brian was so cute and funny as he cut her hair. He pretended to be snipping her hair like an actual hairdresser. He even let her wear his hat for a short moment as he cut her hair.

It seemed that Nick was the impromptu host since he was the only one holding a mic. He kept making commentary. He started talking about how some women look hot with shaved heads.

Nick started to name famous women who have had their heads shaved before, “There's some sexy women that did this look. I remember Demi Moore did it in GI Jane. Sinead O'Connor, she looked hot as well... until she burned that picture. Natalie Portman! She looked good as well and one of my favorites Sigourney Weaver, Alien 3. Man she looked sexy.”
I thought it was funny Nick mentioned Sinead O’Connor and the Saturday Night Live picture incident. Although he said Sinead burned the picture she actually just ripped the picture of the Pope into pieces.
There was one moment during the haircut where Nick imitated a gay hairdresser and said, “Dah-ling you look beautiful.”

After listening to what Nick said during his haircut commentary I noticed he likes to say the word “well” a lot.

Nick then said he wanted her to have a Mohawk before shaving her head completely so they did that first. The Mohawk reminded him of the character in movie/book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” so he said, “That girl is crazy though. I wouldn't mess with her.”

I’ve heard about “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but I haven’t read any of the books or seen any of the movies. Now I’m curious about it.

As Brian used the razor on her head Nick said, “You know what we could do we could put some lines in… look like the New Kids you know.”

After Nick said that Howie grabbed the mic from Nick and said, "We should give her our initials. Property of BSB."

Once her haircut was done, karaoke commences. I believe the first song was “Wannabe” by Spice Girls. I actually considered signing up for that song but I wasn’t completely comfortable doing Mel B’s rap part.

Nick said that Howie knows Baby Spice. Then he followed it up by saying Howie knows her “really” well. He basically inferred Howie and Baby Spice hooked up in the past.

Howie kept repeating, “That’s not true. Not true. Not true.”

AJ then said, “It’ll be on Twitter tomorrow!”

Nick added, “That will travel really fast over the web.”

I’m amused Nick said “the web” versus “the internet” or “online.”

After the fans were finished karaoking “Wannabe” Nick made some comments about the lyrics. He repeated some of the lyrics like, If you wannabe my lover you gotta get with my friends?

“And then slam your body down and wind it all around?” Nick repeated.

Then Howie went, “Zig-a-zig ahh.”

That made Nick go, “Zig-a-zig ahhhhhhhhhhhh.”

I admit hearing Nick go “Zig-a-zig ahhhhhhhhhhhh” was hot. It sounded like he was having an orgasm. Then Howie copied how Nick said it but of course it wasn’t as hot to me.

“Whoever wrote that was a perv,” Nick said about the song “Wannabe.”

A fan then karaokes “Raise Your Glass” by Pink and I got video of Nick dancing to it.

Two fans then karaoke “Thong Song” by Sisqo. I loved how Nick was shaking his ass during the song. He would squat down a bit and then shake his ass with 1 of the 2 fans. At one point he turned his back to the audience and shook his ass. That’s when I noticed he was wearing True Religion Jeans. (I hope someday I can own a pair of True Religion Jeans.)

Toward the end of the song it appeared Backstreet was over the song. Nick started to babble, “Aw man this song has got a lot of lyrics in it… It really does. Right about now I could kill Sisqo.”

Then toward the end of my video he says, "Come on girls bring it up! Give me some Whitney Houston! COME ON! YEAH! High notes. High notes. Come on. Super Bowl baby!"

“Super Bowl baby”? That’s like the most random commentary to make during karaoke. Now I’m wondering if that’s how Nick thinks during sex. When he comes does that mean he scored a touchdown?

Brian then asked the crowd what type of song should be karoke’d next. He mentioned one music genre which I forgot and then the other genre was country. Almost the whole crowd, including me, wanted country. He looked down at the tiny piece of paper in his hand and said that the next song would be “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. This was another song I considered signing up for but I felt it wasn’t upbeat enough. I obviously was wrong since Brian seemed to be so into karaoking the song.

Before the two fans that picked the song started to karaoke Brian said that he wanted to tell us something. He said that one of AJ’s ex-girlfriends keyed his car before. Then he decided instead of telling the story that he’d sing it to the tune of “Before He Cheats.”

AJ seemed to not be completely paying attention because in the background of my video he says, “What was that? Did I hear my name?”

Then a few moments later AJ goes, “Oh, you mean my ex? Oh yeah she was crazy. But, but, but just because of Twitter she was a nice girl most of the time but she was still crazy.”

Nick says, “You know this is gonna get back to her.”

AJ then says, “But, but, but thankfully I found my soon-to-be wife. Thank God.”

Nick holds up his hand and says, “AJ. AJ. Just because you think she’s sweet don’t think she won’t cut you up.” (I think he was referring to Rochelle here.)

I thought it was interesting that Brian seemed to be the only Backstreet Boy who was interested in karaoking “Before He Cheats.” *gives side eye to AJ, Howie, and Nick* I kind of felt bad for the fans who did the song since AJ, Howie, and Nick didn’t really sing or interact with them that much.

I noticed Nick in particular walk away and was out of sight for most of the song. Oh, what I would have given to be able to crawl into his mind at that moment to see and hear what he was thinking. I know this is weird but I felt some tension coming from him.

Nick did come back into view toward the song’s end and when the fans were done karaoking Nick said, “Hey can I say something? Girls don’t get mad. I really don’t think guys like listening to that song. It kinda makes them uncomfortable.”

When Nick said that, it confirmed to me why I sensed some tension from him during the song. Body language screams volumes.

A fan was picked to karaoke “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred. However, people who knew her shouted that she wasn’t there. If she wasn’t there… where was she? I would have been mad if I was called up for karaoke and wasn’t present. Backstreet decided to karaoke the song anyway without her.

I loved how Nick made his voice a couple of keys lower than usual. I also thought it was funny how he pronounced “Milan” in the song. It sounds like he’s singing “My lawn” instead. Nick burst into laughter when apparently “4 More Breaks” appeared on the screen and they all said it at the same time.

“Ha, ha, we all say that.” Nick said.

Howie and Nick then pretended they were like models turning around on a catwalk.

It had been sprinkling for a while and the sprinkling then gradually turned into rain drops. I regretted not wearing my Backstreet Boys hoodie. I remember looking up at the sky and seeing grey clouds so low! I’ve never seen clouds so low before. I wasn’t sure if the rain drops were making my videos blurry but I kept on filming anyway. Thank goodness I kept filming because the videos came out fine despite the rain.

About halfway through the “I’m Too Sexy” karaoke Nick said, “Here comes the raaaaaaaaaaaain. Who wants to get wet with Backstreet? God I love this.”

You can see some of the rain behind Brian:

I thought only for Backstreet Boys would I endure standing in the pouring rain.

Backstreet had the fan that karaoked Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back” last year perform again this year. AJ said she’s the “MVP of karaoke.” I think it would have been more entertaining if she karaoked another song. It didn’t feel as exciting the second time around because I’ve seen it before.

Nick then took the mic to announce who was next to karaoke. He had two tiny pieces of paper in his hands. He read them both and then tossed one of them away. (What a litterer!)

The song he picked next was “Lady Marmalade.” He said, “I just think that would be a fun one to do.”
That was one of the songs I considered picking for karaoke but I wasn’t sure if it would be the Moulin Rouge version or the Patti LaBelle version. I’m more familiar with the Moulin Rouge version so I decided against choosing the song. It turned out it was the Moulin Rouge version. (Darn!)

Lady Marmalade

“Livin’ La Vida Loca” was another song that was karaoked. I think it was mostly chosen because it was played during Howie’s introduction part in the NKOTBSB tour. Nick sang, “She’s living the crazy life” instead of “Livin’ La Vida Loca.”

The last karaoke song was Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.” It was raining nonstop so I think karaoke had to be cut short.

I really liked how the two fans changed the lyrics to the song to “Howie’s chapstick” instead of “cherry chapstick.”

During the “Hope my boyfriend don’t mind it” part, Nick said, “Don’t worry he doesn’t mind.”

Apparently some fans started kissing each other in the audience because Nick asked, “Who’s kissing who? Show us.” He then finds them and points at them. Then AJ runs over to Nick and gives him a kiss on the cheek which took him by surprise.

Then at 1:31 in my video Nick says “LAAAADIIIIIESSSS.” :)

After the fans were done karaoking, Backstreet started to banter for a few minutes. I was so glad that I was able to record their banter. They teased each other about their ages, AJ getting married, and being dirty. Their banter turned dirty because they started talking about the PDA Pajama Party that was going to happen in the night time.

Other notable quotes from my video (just in case you’re too lazy to watch it.)

Howie: “AJ you’re a nasty boy.”

Howie: “See what the boat does to you. It brings out the dirtiness.”

AJ: “Howie’s the dirtiest of all.”

I thought it was funny when Nick sang, “Chestnuts roasting, on Rochelle’s dinner plate.” AJ had mentioned that it felt like it was the Backstreet Boys roast. Nick then said, “It’s cause you’re getting married. They gotta roast ya. You know what I mean?”

Howie said, “Roast your nuts” to AJ.

AJ goes, “Really? Damn.”

Then Brian says, “It is close to Christmas” which prompted Nick to sing “Chestnuts roasting, on Rochelle’s dinner plate.”

Nick then walked away and said, “I can’t take this no more. I gotta take a break.”

Howie then wraps up their banter. Brian thanks the karaoke contestants and apologizes that they couldn’t get to everyone because of the weather being like the “Quit Playin’ Games” video. They waved goodbye and karaoke is finito.

Naomi and I shuffled indoors along with the crowd since it was raining outside. It was past 5:00 PM and dinner wasn’t until 8:15 PM. Then the final event of the cruise was the PDA Pajama Jam which was at midnight.

With so much time to kill I wanted to try my luck on the slot machines in the casino. On the first Backstreet Boys cruise I had won over $90 so I was hoping that kind of luck would strike twice for me.

When Naomi and I went to the casino, I spotted a line of people getting sushi at a sushi bar in the corner. I wasn’t sure if it was included in the cruise fee. Naomi decided to stand in line and it turned out that sushi was included. So we sat down at some window seats and ate some sushi. I thought it tasted good. From where we sat, I could see Lauren was still in the casino gambling. A small part of me hoped that would mean Nick was nearby but he wasn’t.

Lauren had moved from the poker table to the craps table. There was a tiny group of fans watching her gamble. (I’m assuming they watched her because they hoped Nick would come by eventually.) It kind of surprised me that she was still in the casino gambling. I would have figured that since karaoke was over Nick would have joined her in the casino or he would have picked her up and they’d go do something together elsewhere on the ship. On the last cruise they seemed to always gamble together.

After we finished our sushi, I decided to take my chances on a penny slot machine. I tried to feel out which slot machine would be the one that would give me money. I picked one and I put in $20 and bet the maximum. I didn’t win anything. I put another $10 and bet the maximum again. I lost so I told myself to stop. I didn’t want to gamble any more of my money away.

There really wasn’t much left to do. It’s a bit ironic that the boat is huge but there’s not much to do except eat, gamble, shop, and attend Backstreet events.

Finally it’s dinner time. I wondered if there would be any Backstreet Boys in the Spirit Dining room that night. Naomi and I decided to eat at the same table we ate at the previous night since it was near the “Reserved” tables. Sure enough Howie, Bodyguard Josh, and a few other Rose Tours security guys were there eating. Once again, I compared to the first cruise where ALL of Backstreet ate together at every dinner. This cruise it’s apparent they’re all like “whatever” about eating dinner together.

I tried to discreetly take one picture of Howie eating dinner but Bodyguard Josh has camera radar and made a gesture to me to stop. Whoops.

I wanted to go all out with dinner since it would be my last one of the cruise. I ordered 2 starters, 1 main course, and 2 desserts. My two starters were French onion soup and pasta with calamari. My main course was veal. I chose veal because I’ve never tried it before. For dessert I had chocolate melting cake and baked Alaska. I also ordered a margarita to drink.

It’s good I ordered two starters because I didn’t like the French onion soup at all. The pasta with calamari was sooooo good.

Calamari & Pasta:

French Onion Soup:


The veal as my main course was very disappointing. The veal was like rubber. I couldn’t even finish it. At least I tried it though so I know not to order it in the future.


I think before dessert came for us, Howie left the dining room with Bodyguard Josh. That meant it was almost time for Group A’s concert. Gah, I WISH we could have went to that concert too. One concert wasn’t enough!

Dessert finally arrived and I was also disappointed with the baked Alaska dessert. It was like melted ice cream surrounded by thin cake topped with chopped fruit. I was glad I ordered a second dessert of melting cake and that was very good. It was better than the melting cake I had on the first day of the cruise.

Baked Alaska:

Warm Melting Cake:

The margarita I drank had so much ice in it and it cost almost $11! Boo alcohol not being included in the cruise fee.

Naomi and I went back to our cabin to get ready for pajama night. I decided to wear my Missoni for Target robe and leggings. (I’m not slutty enough to go out in public wearing a silk robe and nothing else :p)

It was around 10:00 PM so there were still 2 hours until the PDA Pajama Jam. Naomi and I decided to go to deck 8 and linger in front of the Dynasty Lounge to listen to some of Group A’s concert. I expected other fans to be doing the same thing but it seemed that we were the only fans that cared enough to listen to the concert outside.

Backstreet wasn’t even singing a song when we got to the Dynasty Lounge. They seemed to be talking but I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying. Then Brian started to sing “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams which meant they were at the part of the concert where they choose 4 fans to be serenaded with the song “Helpless When She Smiles.”

It seemed to be taking Backstreet a while to start singing “Helpless When She Smiles.” Naomi and I didn’t want to look too obvious that we were there to listen to the concert so we walked around deck 8 for a few minutes and then return by the time they started singing.

As I mentioned earlier on deck 8 is the casino. As a bit of a joke, Naomi and I decided to see if Lauren was still gambling in the casino. It was past 10:00 PM and the last time we saw her was past 5:00 PM. I didn’t think she’d be there since Group A’s concert was going on. I thought she would have gone to the concert to see her man up on stage.

To my surprise when we walked into the casino there was Lauren at the same craps table! She seemed to be gambling the Sunday away. There was still a tiny crowd of fans around watching her which seemed pointless to me. I guess she’s seen Nick perform a billion times and was over seeing Nick sing?

Her lack of attendance to the concert only furthered my assumptions that perhaps there was a little rift between her and Nick on the boat. I personally don’t think I would ever be tired of seeing Nick sing and perform and stage. (I think that’s obvious by the number of Backstreet Boys concerts/events I’ve been to :-\)

*sigh* Some women just don’t realize what they have sometimes :p Since she didn’t go to the concert then I would have thought she would be getting ready for the pajama party… if she was even going?

Across from the craps table where Lauren was playing was the casino’s cashier. In front of the cashier was a box that held raffle tickets. Naomi asked the cashier about the raffle. After the cashier explained how the raffle worked we decided to try it. It cost $5 for one raffle ticket.

The raffle ticket also came with a game where you pull about 10 pieces of paper. If behind the piece of paper were 3 matching images then you win the prize that is listed beside it. I bought one and I ended up getting 3 matching images which won me back my $5. I decided to invest my $5 again and buy another raffle ticket. I didn’t get any matching images on the second raffle ticket I bought. We didn’t win the raffle though since the cashier said winners would be notified if they won.

After the raffle, Naomi and I go back to the Dynasty Lounge to listen to the concert. AJ was on the mic saying that the song they were going to perform next was 1 of his 2 favorite songs they were going to perform. The band then starts to play “If I Knew Then.”

I wondered if Nick would forget the lyrics like he did for Group B’s concert. I listened carefully when it came to his verse and he successfully sailed through it and remembered the words. I personally thought Group B’s “If I Knew Then” was better just because Nick forgot the words and stumbled through his verse.

It was both awesome and torturous listening to the concert from behind closed doors. I wished I had the ability to make myself invisible so that I could sneak in and watch the concert again.

I remember hearing Nick say “That was my cardio” after he sang “Burning Up.” He must have really spazzed out during his performance.

We listened to “Quit Playin’ Games,” “I Want It That Way,” “Shape of My Heart,” “Everybody,” and “Drowning.” We wanted to double check if Kevin really did leave and he did because “Drowning” was performed without him. Before the song ended, Naomi and I decided to leave because we knew once the concert was over we’d get run over by fans wanting to leave as fast as possible to go to the PDA Pajama Jam.

We went to the atrium to take the elevator up to the Lido Deck. Then we noticed that there was a crowd of fans standing around the bar area. We wondered why they were there. Naomi then discovered it was because the PDA Pajama Jam was moved inside due to the weather.

We ended up settling on a spot on deck 8 which was on the same level as where the impromptu stage would be. Unfortunately we didn’t get a front row spot. We had to stand behind some fans and whew did they reek of body odor. We didn’t really have a choice though since all of the good spots were filling up quickly. Oh the smells I have to endure for Backstreet!

It’s another waiting game. Backstreet takes their sweet time changing into their pajamas. I found entertainment in watching 2 different pairs of guys dancing to the music the DJ played. I noticed on deck 9 the two Asian guys who I had seen dancing during the Sail Away Party.

Two Asian Guys Dancing:

However, I felt the two Asian guys were outshined that night by two white guys wearing spandex and the “I <3 BSB” panties. What was funny to me was I saw one of those guys earlier in the elevator wearing jeans and a green polo shirt. He just seemed so serious and straight laced in the elevator. Who knew that I was bound to see him wearing spandex and panties a few hours later popping his booty? You can’t judge a book by its first cover

"I <3 BSB" Panty Guys:

About an hour later, Backstreet made their way to the impromptu stage as they waved to the crowd and absorbed the screams. My eyes directly went to Nick to see what his idea of pajamas was. I secretly hoped he’d just show up in boxer shorts and nothing else. My hope didn’t come true. He wore Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pajamas that covered a majority of his body. Nick said that he was wearing Raphael (pajamas) with Michelangelo slippers. I guess the store was sold out of Raphael slippers?

AJ wore striped pajamas. Brian wore Elmo themed pajamas. Howie wore Hugh Hefner like pajamas.

Bsb Walks in

AJ, Howie, Brian, and Nick then each thank the fans for coming on the cruise. Brian reiterated during his spiel that he wanted the next cruise to happen during the summertime. It reminded me of what he said in Napa about speaking things into fruition. He was definitely doing that for the next cruise because he kept repeating summer time next time, summer time next time lol If I speak into fruition “I want to have sex with Nick Carter” will it happen? :p

In my video I thought it was cute that AJ gave Brian a signal to let him know that Nick hadn’t talked yet. Nick takes the mic and does his thanking. In the middle of his thanking his voice cracks so he asks if any of us has this shit going on with our voices. Then he mentions how people usually say they’re sick after they’ve been on a cruise ship so he told the crowd, "So you can be like yeah I got sick from a fucking Backstreet Boy. You can blame it on us."

After their thanking the DJ plays “Straight Through My Heart.” It appears Manager Jenn and Backstreet are arranging things so the crowd watches her shout into their ears. Then AJ takes the mic and announces that the last cruise event would be Truth or Dare.


AJ says it could be fans’ one and only chance, if they choose truth, to ask Backstreet whatever they want. Brian then asks, “Why wouldn’t you choose a dare AJ?”

AJ replies, “I don’t wanna get in trouble.”

Nick then cuts in and says, “I say we make a rule, none of us can choose truth. We can only choose dare.”

Then AJ says, “What if the truth question is really gritty? Like really gritty.”

Nick replies, “I don’t know AJ, like seeing you do some stuff like walking down the hall with your pants down can be pretty funny AJ.”

AJ says, “Yeah but that’s like a Tuesday afternoon for me so... I’m just sayin’.”

AJ kept emphasizing fans choosing truth questions to ask Backstreet. Nick then starts like bouncing on his feet and says in an effeminate tone, “What’s your favorite position?” (He was totally mocking how some fans act toward them.)

Before the game started, I thought it was sweet that Brian said hold on one quick second and then thanked the ship’s staff down at the bar, Billy from Philly, and the fans.

Backstreet jamming along to “The Call”

Some of Nick’s white boy dance moves during “Sexy & I Know It”

At 5:24 in the video Nick goes “LAAAADIIIIIEEEES.” :)

At the very beginning of this video Nick stands up against the banister and holds his arms out. AJ gets behind him and they reenact the infamous Titanic scene. AJ imitates Kate Winslet and says, “I’ll never let go Nick. I’ll never let go.” Nick bursts into laughter and once he can catch his breath he says into the mic, “Okay you can let go!”

AJ then spots Brian standing on the bar. AJ says to Brian, “No stealing drinks!”

Then Howie says to Brian, “Go body surfing!”

Nick immediately agrees with Howie, “Brian! Body surf! I dare you! Body surf. Body surf.”

Nick then gets the crowd to chant, “Body surf. Body surf. Body surf.”

I honestly didn’t think Brian would do it. I thought pffft he wouldn’t let fans touch him like that… Well, well, well. Brian surprised me and he went through with it! He took off his hat and gestured to the crowd.

Howie then said, “Yeah Brian! Protect ya tings man! Protect ya tings!”

Brian then turns his back to the crowd and lays down onto the hands that are waiting for him. He crowd surfs for a bit. In the background of my video you can hear Nick going crazy screaming, “YEAAAAH! YEAAAAH!”

AJ said, “Ladies. Ladies. That is the definition of a true rock star right there.”

Then somehow Brian ends up standing in the middle of the crowd. AJ said, “And now he’s stuck.”

The crowd then helps him continue body surfing and AJ says, “And he’s back up again.”

I lose sight of him on my camera so I put my attention back on the impromptu stage. Nick and Howie then get the crowd to chant, “Brian. Brian. Brian.”

Then AJ says, “I’m so proud of you Rok. I’m so proud of you. Leighanne. Leighanne. I’m so proud of your husband.”

Then Nick asks, “Who wants a freaking marshmallow?”

Nick then goes down to the bar. He’s given a bag of HUGE marshmallows. He puts one in his mouth with about half of it sticking out. He scanned the crowd for a fan and when he found a fan that he liked, he bent down and waited for her to open her mouth so that he could pass the marshmallow to her.

Oh what I would have given to be at the bar right at that moment! I want a marshmallow kiss from Nick. He passed out marshmallows mouth to mouth to a few fans before he retreated back up to the impromptu stage. Damn, I know if I was one of those fans I would have just grabbed him while he passed the marshmallow and gave him a kiss.

AJ then said they were going to pick some fans to play Truth or Dare. Of course I tried in vain to be picked but I wasn’t. I never have good luck when it comes to be chosen for Backstreet related things. *pout*

Nick picked a girl wearing an Indianapolis Colts T-shirt from Victoria’s Secret PINK line. He helped her get on the bar and they made their way up to the impromptu stage. A few more fans are picked.

– Brian’s Dare

Brian was the first Backstreet Boy to do a dare. He was dared to do the worm all along the bar. I was very impressed. I didn’t know Brian could move his body like that. After he finished his dare he drank a shot.

– Fan Dare/Intro of Howie’s Dare

Then it was the turn of a fan, Melissa from Jersey. She picked truth. Backstreet and Manager Jenn then huddled together and tried to think of a question. When they were done, Brian took the mic. “The question that we’ve come up with… I didn’t come up with it okay.... Here we go... is have you…”

The mic then gives feedback and Brian says, “Hello… thank you. Have you ever kissed a girl?”

Melissa answers right away, “Yes and I liked it.”

The crowd cheers and Nick goes “Yaaahoo!”

Brian continues, “Okay. That’s just not the question. It’s a 2 faced question. You have to tell us about where you were…what it felt like…”

Brian then said on behalf of the fan, “She said which time?”

AJ goes, “Oh man. Yeeeeah.”

Howie and AJ then banter about Jersey girls.

Brian asks, “What was the girl’s name that you kissed last?”

The fan replies, “Denise.”

AJ says in jest, “Oh my God. My mom’s name. You kissed my mom?! Aw, shit!”

Brian asks her, “Is Denise here?”

She replies, “No she’s not. She’s home.”

Brian says, “Oh she’s back in Jersey. Hello Denise and hi mom.”

AJ then says, “And my mom’s from Jersey! Aw, shit! It’s getting worse… All right well seriously, where do you all think I got it from? My mom!” (Ahhh, it all makes sense now :p)

Brian says, “Okay next question right?”

Nick looks at AJ and says, “Hold on. Hold on. If we ask that question first you get one… Wearing ladies clothes?”

AJ asked, “Why you asking me?”

Nick replies, “Cause you wear girls clothes sometimes.”

“So? Don’t be jealous.” AJ says.

Nick says, “I am jealous!”

Manager Jenn then thanks Melissa from Jersey and says the next contestant in Truth or Dare is none other than the Latin Lover Howard Dwaine Dorough.

Nick says, “We wanna see you do something physical… Let’s get physical, physical.” Then he starts singing Olivia Newton John’s song “Physical.” In my mind I went, ugh! Because when I was thinking of 3 karaoke songs to choose earlier “Physical” was one of them! I ended up not picking it in my top 3 and I wished I did since it seemed Nick wanted to hear that song.

Howie does the sign of the cross and says into the mic Manager Jenn is holding, “Dare.”

Manager Jenn then looks at the pieces of paper in her hands and tries to find a good dare for him.

Nick then says to Manager Jenn, “Why are you doing that? You are protecting him! Don’t you protect him!”

Manager Jenn denied she was doing that and said, “I’m doing the opposite.”

Nick then shouted, “Daredism!!!”

Just when I can’t find Nick anymore endearing he goes and creates a word. For those who don’t get what he meant by “daredism” he means that Manager Jenn is discriminating against the dares like how racism discriminates against certain races.

Manager Jenn then announces Howie’s dare is, “You need to make out with a pillow. Tongue and all.”

Nick then interjects and says, “No. No. No. No. No. Can we add to that? He has to have sex with the pillow.”

Nick is that what you do in your spare time?

Nick suggesting that made me wonder if that’s something he does in his spare time. How would he even think to go there? I love his dirty mind.

Manager Jenn then says, “Let’s make it better” and tries to get Howie to have sex with a blow up doll that looks like Kevin instead of the pillow. Howie then smacks the blow up Kevin away.

Manager Jenn says, “All right, do a pillow.”

Howie says, “That’s the wrong group.”

The crowd goes ohhhhhhh. I don’t know exactly which group he’s talking about but my first thought was ‘NSync. However, that could apply to New Kids on the Block too.

AJ says, “Those are fighting words D.”

Brian then says about the blow up Kevin doll, “Hey! Hey! We can be the kissing cousins. I could make out with him.”

Ha! I love that Brian made an incest joke.

Howie says, “All right go for it Brian!” I don’t think Brian actually did it though.

Manager Jenn then gets a fluffy white pillow that’s signed by Backstreet. Nick then asks if Howie can do his dare on the bar. (Hmmm, once again I’m wondering if Nick has had sex on top of a bar.)

AJ tells Howie to lay the pillow down on the bar, “The ladies wanna see you work those hips on the bar.”

Howie says, “This is definitely different than doing the centipede. I mean the worm.”

As Howie walked down to the bar he jokingly remarks, “All right. Shut all your cameras off.”

AJ protests, “Oh, hell no.”

– Howie’s Dare

Nick then starts babbling about the girl Howie lost his virginity to. Someone named Jennifer?

Nick shared. “Howie had sex with Jennifer. Lost his virginity with her.”

Before Howie does his dare, Manager Jenn asked if he wants to take a shot before or after his dare. He decided to do the shot before. The DJ then plays “I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color Me Badd.

Then he takes the pillow and sets himself up to hump it. Howie says the pillows name is something like Zupita (SP?)?AJ keeps giving him suggestions on what to do and Howie tells him, “Don’t tell me how to make love to my woman!”

Howie puts Zupita on his crotch. He spanks her a couple of times. Then he wiggles his finger at Zupita like she’s been a bad pillow. He rubs Zupita and AJ then encourages him to “spank her ass.” He licks 2 of his fingers and then spanks Zupita. Then he sort of rotates and shakes the pillow on his crotch.

AJ encouraged Howie to give Zupita a big kiss. Nick’s mind was further down the gutter. Nick said, “Howie! Get on the ground with that thing! Go doggie style! Get on your knees homes!”

Howie sets Zupita down on the bar. He takes the time to stretch and when he’s done, he gets down on the bar and mounts Zupita. Apparently Howie is a 15 sec man because about 15 seconds later he stops and tosses Zupita away like a $2 whore. Poor Zupita.

Nick then said, “Hey, that’s not how he normally does it. Trust me.”

First off, how the fuck would Nick know about Howie’s sexual techniques? Muahaha, of course that only furthers my assumptions that they’ve had Backstreet orgies. (Yes, I’m bad.)

– Fan Dare – Stuffing marshmallows into her mouth

A fan then does a dare. Her dare was to stuff as many HUGE marshmallows as she could into her mouth.

Manager Jenn then passed the mic to the fan and the fan said, “They’re really huge, like my men.” (She was talking about the hugeness of the marshmallows.)

Nick then said, “She asked if she could say that. Have you heard what we’ve been saying all night?”

Oh, Nick you amuse me.

Howie said, “Yeah you seen what I just had to do?!”

The fan then starts to put the HUGE marshmallows into her mouth. Nick was so in awe of her stuffing her mouth full of the white stuff. At around 3 marshmallows she starts to gag and choke.

AJ said, “Don’t choke or throw up.”

Nick said, “I will do the Heimlich.”

If that was me, I would have faked choking just to get Nick behind me to do the Heimlich.

AJ then says, “Shove it in girl. Sorry, sorry.” Well, now I know what he tells women to do when they give him oral sex.

The fan can’t get anymore HUGE marshmallows in so Jenn wraps up the dare. The fan then spits out the marshmallows into her hand. Nick then asks her for her name which is Megan.

Nick says, “Give it up for Megaaaaaaaan.”

A thought then entered Nick’s brain. He asked the crowd, "Has anybody ever been to a strip club?" It sounded like two fans went wooo. Hello Nick, we are a crowd of about 95% women. We are not exactly the target demographic for strip clubs.

Apparently Nick has been to a lot of strip clubs because he then imitates what he’s heard at the ones he’s been to, “They go… Give it up for Megaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.”

In the background Howie says, “These are very sick dares. Who came up with these dares?”

Nick then asks where she’s from and then he says, “She’s a blonde headed tall girl from California. Give it up for Megaaaaaaaaaaaaan.”

Let me imagine for a second. If that was me then Nick would have said, She’s a black headed short girl from California. Give it up for Jocelynnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

AJ was the next Backstreet Boy to do a dare.

Nick read out loud what AJ’s dare was. I was impressed that Nick could hold his mic AND drink in one hand, a piece of paper in his other hand, and read the words on the paper at the same time. If that was me I would have spilled my drink all over the place and dropped the mic.

Nick read, “You have to be tickled by the player to your right.”

I panned my camera over to AJ and it turned out Howie was to his right! When Howie realized that he walked away fast.

Nick loves to make his own rules because after he read AJ’s dare he said, “But I think there needs to be a time limit and I also think there needs to be three girls instead of the player to your right.”

Manager Jenn says to Nick, “I like your thinking.”

Nick continues, “So they have to tickle you, you have to take it.”

Howie jokingly asks, “Where does he get tickled?”

Manager Jenn says, “AJ to the bar to get tickled!”

AJ says, “Aw, shit. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. I don’t like this idea.”

– AJ getting tickled

AJ goes down the bar. He then says that he has to pee, “Be gentle okay. If you tickle me too much it could get a little gross.”

Manager Jenn scolds AJ, “Stop wasting time and get tickled.”

Howie then recites, “Looking for love in all the wrong places” which is a line from the song “Bust a Move”

Nick then encouraged the fans, “Girls go for it.” Then he says, “He has to make the rounds like Brian did.”

AJ then lies back down onto the bar. Manager Jenn says the tickling will happen for 30 seconds.

Nick says, “Don’t let him wiggle-wiggle-wiggle away.”

Then they begin counting slowly, “One-one thousand… two-one thousand…” all the way up to 30.

Nick then asked AJ, “Was that your worst nightmare?” AJ couldn’t answer because he didn’t have a mic with him.

A fan then gets a dare. Her dare was to make a rap about Nick. Howie told Nick to give her a beat so he started to beat box. Honestly, her rap was kind of lame. She repeated, “Nick you’re so hot” and I couldn’t really hear what else she was saying.

Of course I wished I could have done a rap about Nick. If that was me I would have been like: Nick Carter is so delicious. He makes the girls get vicious. He gets the crowd hyped and isn't a butt wipe.

– Nick before his dare

Last but not least Nick was the last Backstreet Boy to do his dare. He started to sip the rest of his drink down.

Howie said to Nick, “Suck it boooooooooooy.”

Nick explained, “I had to drink this whole thing ‘cause I’m doing a dare.”

He finished off the drink he already had. About 30 seconds later he gets handed a shot which he knocks back like it’s nothing. Manager Jenn then asks for AJ, Howie, and Brian to help pick a dare for Nick.

Nick waiting for his dare

While AJ, Howie, and Brian picked a dare for Nick, Nick was on the mic. He said, “No, not gonna happen. Not gonna show nipples either.”

Howie then said, “Nipples-nipples-nipples” like the way LMFAO says “wiggle-wiggle-wiggle” in their “Sexy & I Know It” song.

Nick then says, “I’m sure they ran out of good dares… a problem.”

Howie whined, “Yeah, you guys gave me the worst one.”

Nick was quick to defend their decision,” No! We just kinda made it a little different.”

Howie said, “That was terrible!”

Then Nick asked the crowd, “Did you guys ever in your wildest dreams think that we’d be doing something like this in front of you?”

The crowd shouts to him, “NO!”

Howie replies, “I hope not!”

Manager Jenn then asked Nick, “All right Nickolas are you ready for your dare? All right you gotta go down on that bar boyfriend… ‘cause you’re gonna get from these lovely ladies a very sexual and deep massage.”

Manager Jenn asked Nick if he wants to pick some girls from the audience to massage him. Nick then turns and faces AJ. AJ points to himself and then he points to the bar. Nick misinterprets AJ’s motions.

Nick says to AJ, “I’m not massaging you AJ! What is wrong with you?!”

AJ then gets a mic and says, “No. No. No. No. No. Since Nick got to add to my dare Imma add to his dare. So Mr. Carter take the backpack off. Come on. Backpack off. Backpack off.”

Brian then asked AJ, “Hey AJ, is he gonna be the recipient?”

AJ replies, “Yes. Now. Now unzip a little bit.”

Nick protests, “No. No. No. Can’t. I got skin under there. I don’t have clothes.”


AJ says, “But you gotta go down there on the bar and let multiple fans massage you.”

Double damn.

Ohhhhh what I would have given to be down at the bar to be one of those fans to massage his body!

Nick gets down to the bar. AJ and Howie want him to do another shot. Nick whines, “I just did one!”

He then lies face down on the bar and the fans “massage” him. I use the term “massage” loosely because he was basically molested and raped right in front of my eyes. I thought, Wow, I am witnessing Nick getting molested right now.

AJ then counts very slowly to 30. “One-Mississippi… two-Mississippi…”

The sounds Nick was making and what he was saying during his “massage” were so hilarious.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Uhhh… I kinda like it. Oh, let’s do it. This is amazing. I really like massages!”

Manager Jenn then says, “Go for the brown eye. Get the brown eye.” If you don’t know what she means, she means his asshole.

Nick quickly said to his “massagers”, “Don’t you do it! Don’t you do it!”

He really sounded scared at the thought of fingers going up his ass. After the “massage” Nick pulls his body up into a kneeling position.

AJ asks, “How was it buddy?”

Nick replies, “Honestly, I kinda liked it… Yeah I kinda do feel violated.”

Howie says, “You didn’t even have to pay for that one.”

Nick said, “I normally pay for massages but… It’s a new system called 12 AM massage let’s start it.”

Manager Jenn caught some fans feeling up Nick’s ass. “Nick’s butt was being violated right now. I saw that.”

AJ added, “Nick got violated yet somewhat fulfilled.”

Howie remarked, “He was like in prison!”

If you notice in my video before he went back up to the impromptu stage he looked for his drink. I loved that despite going through being molested he still remembered that he needed his drink. I would have forgotten about my drink if that was me.

Somehow the fan wearing the Colts shirt that Nick picked earlier for Truth or Dare ended up on the bar, sandwiched in between AJ and Nick as they danced. That’s a sandwich I would like to experience sometime in my life.

Howie said to them, “That’s not dirty enough! Get dirty! Dirty south. Get lower.”

AJ & Nick dancing with a fan on top of the bar

Howie then told the 3 of them to get closer so AJ and Nick with her in the middle give her a big bear hug. Oh, once again, what I would have a done to be that fan. *sigh*

Howie then said, “Pop that booty to the audience.” AJ turned his back to the audience and shook his ass.

Howie says, “Not you AJ, her! Stop it AJ”

AJ ignored Howie. The fan then pops her booty and Nick does it. Mmm… Nick shaking his ass is just delicious. When they’re done booty popping they take a bow and get off the bar. When Nick is behind the bar, he does another shot.

Nick & Howie doing shots while AJ talks

Once all of Backstreet is on stage, another fan has to do a dare. AJ says that if the fan picks dare that Howie and Brian have to be part of it. While this happened, Nick and Howie do a shot together. I cannot believe the amount of shots these dudes are doing.

The fan picks dare and her dare is to get spanked.

Fan gets spanked

The fan named Chelsea, Brian and Howie go down to the bar. Brian is holding a small stuffed Elmo. Manager Jenn tells the fan to take a shot before the dare. After the fan takes a shot, Howie asked if someone has a belt.

The music starts to play but Nick’s mind is somewhere else because he says, “Wait. Wait. Wait. Hold on. Hold on. I’m sorry. I gotta hear her beg. I gotta hear this…”

Brian then asked Chelsea, “Wait, how old are you? Like 12?” The crowd goes “ohhhhh” and bursts into laughter.

AJ goes, “Whoa.”

Nick exclaims, “Brian!”

Brian said, “She looks really young dude.”

“How old is she?” AJ asked Brian.

“She’s 19.” Brian replies.

AJ says, “So? She’s legal. Go for it.”

Nick then adds, “So beg. She must beg. MUAHAHA.”

If you notice in my video at 1:01 , Howie looks up and holds his palm up. It looks like he’s asking God to forgive him for what he’s about to do to the fan. He then undo’s the tie to his Hugh Hefner robe because he was going to use it to spank the fan.

“Will you please spank me?” the fan asked to Howie and Brian.

Brian grabs the mic from her and in Elmo’s voice he says, “Okay.”

I think I would have been more whiney and needy if I had to beg to be spanked. The fan just sort of asked them to do it. I would have BEGGED and moaned to be spanked in an innocent school girl kind of way.

Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling’” started to play and for 30 seconds Howie spanks the fan with his robe tie and Brian spanks the fan with the stuffed Elmo he’s holding.

I think that fan was the last contestant for Truth or Dare. The DJ then plays music and it’s time to party all night long!

some of Nick’s white boy dancing for your entertainment

(1:44 Nick & Howie each say LAAAADDDDIIIIEEEES)

There was a point at the PDA Pajama Party where Nick and Howie went to the men’s bathroom. They were in there for a very long time… I know curiosity kills the cat but I really wonder what exactly they did in there. Being the dirty minded person I am, I thought either Nick is taking a shit or he’s jacking off or both?

Occasionally, the bathroom door would swing open and I could see a glimpse of Nick and Howie standing and chatting with each other. I thought it was only a girl thing to hang out and chat in bathrooms?

I guess it’s a good thing men's bathrooms don’t typically have a long line because Nick and Howie really hogged the bathroom and there was security and bodyguards blocking the door from letting men in. I would have been mad if I had to really pee but I couldn’t enter because a celebrity was inside the bathroom.

Nick and Howie being in the bathroom a long time made me remember that one episode of Glee where Finn was in the bathroom and he called Kurt but he told Kurt he had to go or else Quinn and her parents would think he was pooing.

– Nick & Howie talking, Nick woofing like a dog…

I missed filming it but apparently Howie made a joke and Nick said, “T.M.I.”

Howie then said, “I use too many jokes over and over again.” Then he explained the “BB” joke he made previously about having BB (for Backstreet Boys) tattooed on his butt and when he spreads his ass cheeks it would spell out “Bob.”

Nick then stretches out his right leg onto the stair’s banister. “Look at my Ninja Turtle shoes. Look at these guys. It’s contradictionary. I’m Raphael with Michelangelo feet but… ya guys having fun? Seriously.”

I thought it was funny Nick said “contradictionary” instead of “contradicting.” Contradictionary is not even a word but Nick made it one. I don’t even think he knew he made up a word.

Flashes of lights from cameras were going off as fans took pictures of Nick putting his leg up on the banister. The flashing sort of made Nick feel like a deer in the headlights because he said, “Yo, who just got mesmerized by that light?”

Howie then says, “Yo. Protect ya tings.”

Nick then said, “All we want you to do is one thing. One thing only. You go home, you tell your friends, you tell your friends to tell their friends you say this cruise was off the fucking chain.”

The crowd cheers. So my friends, tell your friends that I say this cruise was off the fucking chain and to add to what Nick told us 2011 cruisers to do… you all should come on the next cruise with me :D

Howie then said, “If you don’t do that, all you do is tell them ‘Protect ya tings.’”

Nick bursts into laughter and imitates a Bahamian accent, “Protect ya tings man!” Then Nick asks us if we saw the sign in the Bahamas that said, “Protect Ya Tings.”

Howie said, “That’s the slogan of this tour. Protect ya tings!”

Nick then asked the crowd, “What do you wanna do? That’s my question.”

Well since you asked Nick I wanna do you.

Anyhoo some fans screamed, “Shots. Shots. Shots.” Only Howie heard since Nick was preoccupied with Manager Jenn trying to tell him something.

Howie said, “You’re never drunk enough yet?”

When Manager Jenn is done talking to Nick, Nick gets on the mic and said, “We need AJ and Brian. We need AJ and Brian. Calling AJ, calling Brian, calling AJ. the principals are calling you. Calling AJ and Brian. AJ, faster, run."

A fan then screams, “I LOVE YOU NICK!”

Nick lowers his voice and suggestively says, “I love you too… even though I don’t know you. I still love you… That’s weird right? Ya know…”

I feel that Nick was going to continue bantering about loving the fan when apparently Nick got distracted by a certain garment a fan was wearing, “Oh my God that girl walked in with panties on… Look at this she got panties on. I’m calling you out. Look. Here. Panties! Heh. Heh. Heh.” Nick started to laugh like a perverted creeper.

AJ then made his way up to the impromptu stage. Down below at the bar area some fans started singing a song. I couldn’t really hear exactly what song they were singing and neither could Howie.

Howie said to them, “Yo. Yo speak English. English. You’re not LMFAO...” and I think he says we can’t understand what you’re singing?

After listening to their song for 5 more seconds Howie then asks, “Sexyback?”

Nick then asked, “Sexy Pedro? … Dog.” Whaaa? lol How did he get those 2 things?

Howie asked, “She say sexy Pedro?”

Nick tells Howie, “I think she said sexy dog.”

I think Howie heard something else. “Sexy song?”

Nick asked the crowd, “Sexy dog? Like dog woof, woof?”

Nick woofing like a dog is just the cutest thing ever!

“Hey, a dog? Named Pedro?” Howie questioned. “I have a dog? Perro? What language is that? That’s a dog in Spanish. What’s a perro in one of your languages?”

The crowd below is shouting things at Howie. Then I heard a few fans shouting, “NEEK.”

Nick then says, “Sex?”

Yes please? :p

The blow doll of Kevin then made it back onto the impromptu stage. Howie said, “It’s Kevin over my leg!”

AJ then takes the mic and says they have one last thing to do with the fans. They want to have a pillow fight.

At 5:05 in my video Howie & Nick go LAAADIIIIIEEESSSS.

Backstreet then made their way to the bar. They’re each holding pillows that they autographed. They pillow fight with each other and with a few fans.

“I said what-what in the butt,” Nick sings along to the song the DJ is playing. Then he turns around with his butt facing the audience and continues, “You wanna do what-what in my butt?”

Of course that only invites the nearby fans to smack his ass.

Nick then asks, “You know this song? It’s got like a 100 million views on youtube… Who wants my pillow?”

Nick tossed his pillow into the crowd. I tried in vain to catch it but I was so far away. The others tossed their pillows too but not toward my direction.

The DJ then plays “Tootsee Roll” which Nick and AJ start dancing to. Nick also sings to it and allows the fans nearby again to smack his ass. Ugh, another moment I would have loved to be part of.

Howie said, “Yo Nick.”

Nick then looks at Howie and wants to do a shot with him. He asks the bartender for 4 shots of tequila. AJ is still dancing and teases the crowd by lifting up his shirt. Nick then got close to AJ. AJ reached over and unzipped Nick’s pajamas which you can see at 3:55 in my video.

Remember earlier how Nick said he wasn’t going show any nipples? Well, he lied. After AJ unzipped Nick, he motioned for Nick to turn around. I thought Nick would resist but he was drunk so I don’t think he cared anymore. Nick turned around and showed off his chest for a brief moment. I was so glad my camera was filming. He then went to zip himself back up but before he did it all the way, he pulled down the fabric and showed his left nipple, rubbed it, and then finished zipping himself up.

Boo, I wish he would have stayed unzipped the rest of the night. He must have been sweating so badly in those pajamas. It was very hot inside the atrium. I was glad I didn’t wear thick pajamas. I wore a silk robe and leggings and I was already sweating myself. I can’t imagine how smelly Nick probably was from the sweat and alcohol that night.

The bartender then handed Nick a shot which he handed to Howie and then Nick handed another shot to give to Brian. Maybe it’s just me but as I watched my video I kind of felt awkward for AJ since he’s attempting to be sober again. I wonder how AJ really feels. I know the craving to drink is there and that it takes a lot to resist the urge. I’m sure just being at the bar triggers a craving. On top of that Nick is knocking back shots like it’s nothing. Then of course I’m sure the smell of alcohol reeks around the area so I’m sure he can taste it but he just can’t drink anything.

After the pillow fight, AJ and Brian disappeared. That would be the last time I saw them on the cruise.

A bit of Howie showing off his chest with his pajama top unbuttoned while “Lady Marmalade” played

A bit of Nick and Howie on the bar sort of rapping along while “Hip Hop Hooray” by Naughty by Nature played.

Nick dancing.

That video above is a bit of Nick dancing on the bar with a drink in one hand and mic in the other hand. He lets the fans nearby smack his ass again. Then he goes over to Howie. “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” by New Kids on the Block plays and Nick makes his way off the bar. Howie stays on the bar and gets the crowd to chant, “N-K-O-T-B-S-B.”

The above video is more of Howie during “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” and “Step by Step.” He tries to make his way to the end of the bar. He has his back toward the audience so nearby fans start to smack his butt.

Howie tells the crowd, “Aw man we’re in trouble. Don’t do that! I’m a married man! Ow! Ow! Ow!”

The DJ starts to play “I Want It That Way.” Nick absorbs the first few seconds of the song until a light bulb goes off in his head. He asks out loud, “Where’s my backpack?”

The question just came out of nowhere and he sounded so cute when he asked it. Only Nick can make a simple question of “Where’s my backpack” one of the cutest questions ever. He goes in search of his backpack. It turns out it’s behind the DJ’s table. DJ Yo-C then hands Nick his backpack and he puts it on.

When “I Want It That Way” gets to Kevin and Howie’s verses, I see Howie trying to get Bodyguard Josh to loosen up and sing the verses. Bodyguard Josh protests and refuses to sing. Howie insists Bodyguard Josh sing and keeps trying to get him to put his mouth near the mic. Two girls are helping Howie out but what ends up happening is Howie falling on his ass.

The DJ then plays Howie’s solo song “100.” Howie pumps up the crowd and sings along to his own song. You see 2 Japanese looking girls in the background. They were like groupies for Hal, an employee from Rose Tours. They gave Hal so much attention. It was kind of gross to witness.

The DJ then played Nick’s solo song “Just One Kiss.” Nick does goofy acting and hand gesturing to his song. Toward the middle of the song he gets over acting goofy and goes to Manager Jenn. At around 0:47 in the video Nick grabs onto her and tells her something.

At that moment, I wish I had the ability to read lips. I wondered what they were talking about. I thought it was funny toward the end of the video Nick is saying something to her and Manager Jenn is dancing along to Nick’s solo song “Burning Up” which the DJ played next. I noticed as they talked, Nick seemed more affectionate than normal. He was holding onto her tight with his arms around her and touching her.

After Nick and Manager Jenn are done talking, Nick turns around and one of Hal’s Japanese groupies gets Nick’s attention. He hugs her real tight and takes a picture with her. Nick is so affectionate when he’s drunk.

Nick continues to jam to “Burning Up.” At the beginning of the video above that I took, you can see him sort of hump the banister. I know it’s hard to see but I definitely saw him with my own eyes thrusting his crotch into that banister. I thought that banister got more action from Nick Carter than I ever will in my entire life.

A brief clip of Nick and Manager Jenn dancing to “Dynamite.”

Another brief clip of Nick and Manager Jenn during “Dynamite.”

Also for a couple of songs I noticed Nick and Manager kept talking to each other. It looked like Nick was trying to convince her of something but she didn’t agree with him. The way they talked to each other looked like they were making out but they weren’t.

Then Nick went to Eddie, who works with Ground Control, and it looks like he tries to tell him the same thing he told Manager Jenn. It looked like Eddie didn’t agree with what Nick said. After Nick talked to Eddie, he seemed to drop whatever he was talking about and moved on to partying. I wonder what Nick said to them. I guess I’ll never know.

The atmosphere of the party begins to wind down. I looked up at the decks above me and see it’s not as full of fans like earlier. Down below by the bar the crowd has thinned out a bit.

Nick DJ’s for a few songs. I remember he played Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” Dr. Dre’s “California Love,” and Phantom Planet’s “California.”

As a 100% California Girl I was very happy that Nick decided to play two songs dedicated to California.

Somehow Nick gets his hands on a bottle of vodka. He takes a long gulp from it and passes it to Howie. You don’t see Nick drinking in my video but I clearly remember seeing him drinking from the bottle first. I remember thinking damn, as he chugged the vodka down like it was water.

Howie then passed the bottle back to Nick. A bearded guy with glasses takes the bottle and drinks from it. Nick then puts his arm around Bearded Glasses Guy and shouts in his ear. Once again I wished I had the ability to read lips. I also thought it was funny how very friendly and affectionate Nick was with Bearded Glasses Guy. I don’t know what Nick said to him but I guess Bearded Glasses Guy was over having to listen to Nick babble drunkenly so he took the bottle of vodka and took another long gulp from it.

Nick then pointed to Bearded Glasses Guy, smiled at him, and gave him a tight bear hug. It looked like they had a total bromance going on. I wish Nick would hug me like that. I can only dream about it…

Nick then jammed to the music for a few seconds. Howie tried to tell Nick something. Nick then pointed somewhere and told him something too. Nick then grabbed onto Howie and held on to him to maintain his balance because he looked really drunk. They both then made their way down the stairs and disappeared.

I didn’t know that would be the last time I’d see Nick and Howie on the cruise. It was past 3:00 AM by this point. I thought they’d come back but they didn’t. Naomi and I stuck around before we decided to see if they were wandering around the decks but we couldn’t find them.

We went to the casino but they weren’t there… and neither was Lauren. If you’re wondering, Lauren did not go to the PDA Pajama Jam Party at all. I am kind of relieved she didn’t show up because I didn’t want to see what her idea of pajamas was. Plus I was spared having to see their PDA. Actually I was glad I was spared an eyeful of PDA this cruise.

Last year Lauren went to every event and deck party so she and Nick were PDA’ing all over the place. A lot can change in a year, I guess? The only time I saw them being affectionate was at the Pre-Cruise Party in Miami. After that, the most affection I saw between them was when they held hands in the Bahamas.

Naomi and I then went to the Lido Deck but we didn’t see anything interesting going on. We saw a crowd of fans headed our way so we turned around and went back to the atrium. We hung out for a while and absorbed the music the DJ played. We found out later that we should have avoided turning around and went toward the buffet on the Lido Deck. Apparently Nick and I think AJ were at the 24 hour pizzeria. Nick was babbling about sharks in the ocean. I wish I could have witnessed that.

It also seemed pizza was Nick’s food of choice on the cruise. I heard that on a previous night fans spotted Nick’s bodyguard, Mike, holding trays filled with pizza slices and was taking them to Nick. Nick eating pizza kind of surprised since he’s Mr. Healthy now but I guess he allowed himself to cheat on his healthy eating regiment for the cruise. Then I thought, how can he be so fit and lean when he drinks so much alcohol?! Alcohol has a lot of calories. Gah, I guess some people are just so lucky when it comes to the fat burning department.

It was past 4:30 AM’ish and I knew I wouldn’t get any sleep. I mentally prepared myself to stay awake until we disembarked the ship. Naomi and I went down to the deck where the bar was. There were still a lot of fans crowding the bar and partying since the DJ was still playing music. He started to play more pop music like Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In a Bottle” which I haven’t heard in yearrrrrs. Then he played my dad’s favorite song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra which was very random. When the song “Closing Time” by Sonic played I knew that the DJ would be wrapping up soon. Eventually the DJ plays a final song which I forgot the name of and then the ship’s jazzy Muzak aka Elevator Music kicks in.

Naomi and I found some comfortable chairs and sit down. It felt really good to sit. I saw Bodyguard Josh and Bodyguard Mike near the entry way of the elevators. I hoped that meant Howie and Nick were nearby but they weren’t.

From the impromptu stage, Rose Tours employees started to toss down candy. I was too lazy to get up and pick up candy. Other fans got candy though.

There were about 4 fans wearing onesies with the covering to their butts unzipped so their bright colored panties were exposed. They were walking by but stopped a few feet away from where I sat. These 4 fans were very drunk and a few of Rose Tours employees and security dudes loved every minute of their antics. The Onesies girls were bending over and dancing very badly.

When the Onesies girls were bent over with their panty clad asses in the air 1 Rose Tours employee said he had to take a picture with them. Then I saw one Rose Tours security totally in awe of the girls asses like he’s never seen anything like that before. He quickly got out his iPhone and took an up close picture of one of the Onesies girls asses.

Then one of the Rose Tours Employees/Security announced out loud, “I’m hard.”

Really? Did he have to announce that out loud? That was just so awkward.

I couldn’t stomach anymore of what I was seeing so I thought it was about time to leave. Naomi and I then trudged back to our cabin. It was a bittersweet walk back because it meant no more cruise events to look forward to. All those months of waiting for the cruise and it was over in a flash.

Once we got to our cabin, I turned on the TV and set it to the Backstreet Boys music video channel. Then we packed our bags and filled out the immigration forms. It was tough but I managed to squeeze everything into my 2 bags.

When I finished with my bags, I took a well needed shower to wash away the sticky sweat from the PDA Pajama Jam. After I showered I put moisturizer on my face like I always do. I was really out of it because a few seconds later I felt my face burning. It turns out it was conditioner that I put on my face and not moisturizer! It was partly my fault for putting my moisturizer and conditioner in the same type of containers but I would like to think if I was 100% awake I would have noticed.

Once I got dressed I rested for about 30 minutes. Time seemed to be going so fast because before I knew it, it was 7:00 AM’ish. Naomi and I decided to go up to the Lido Deck and have breakfast.

Since our cabin didn’t have any windows we didn’t have any concept of time. It felt weird to all of a sudden go out into daylight. There were already a few fans and Rose Tours employees on deck having breakfast. We spotted DJ Yo-C sitting at a table with a couple of fans surrounding him chatting. Naomi and I sort of chuckled to ourselves because even he seemed to have his own fan club going on.

After scouring the buffet, Naomi and I decided to have a freshly made omelette. I had mine with cheese, ham, and mushrooms. Then I also got hash browns and bacon. On the 2010 cruise my favorite food was the French toast but for the 2011 cruise my favorite food was the hash browns!!! The hash browns were so crispy and delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

This is how I look after being up all night. You can see Miami behind me.

While we ate breakfast a fan we had met earlier named Laura joined us. She was the one who told us about Nick talking about sharks at the pizzeria after the PDA Pajama Jam. We chatted for a bit and until she left to get ready to disembark the ship.

Naomi and I then go back into the buffet to get our last soft serve cone of the cruise. I was tired of sitting out on the deck because so many Rose Tours employees and fans were smoking cigarettes. Gah, I hate the smell of cigarettes!

Soft serve cones were my second favorite food of the 2011 cruise. We then head inside to go to sit in the atrium. As we walked inside I heard a ship employee make an announcement that smoking wasn’t allowed on the deck. I thought that her announcement was a bit too late. Before we entered the atrium I noticed up on deck 11 the Backstreet Boys cruise banner was still up. A part of me wanted the banner but I thought Rose Tours would take it.

Naomi and I entered the atrium and sit down at a window seat. We just reminisce and gossip about the cruise for about an hour. While in the middle of gossiping Naomi spots something with the Christmas decorations all along the atrium. She had noticed that a marshmallow from the PDA Pajama Jam had somehow wedged itself with the Christmas decorations. I wouldn’t have noticed it if Naomi hadn’t mentioned it. The marshmallow blended perfectly with the Christmas ball ornaments.

That was our entertainment for the morning. Seeing that marshmallow just amused us too much. We wondered how the marshmallow got there in the first place since it was so far away from the impromptu stage. I guess it’s a mystery we’ll never get solved.

It was past 10:00 AM by the time Naomi and I finally disembarked the ship. On the way out I saw a fan carrying the cardboard cut out that most of the fans had fun taking pictures with. I would have liked to take the cardboard cut out home too but then I thought how would I bring that on a plane? How would I check it in? How much would it cost to check it in? Would I be willing to pay that price?

Naomi and I breezed by immigration and then we’re outside of the port. The line to get a taxi was long. We weren’t in a big hurry anyway. Our flight was at around 4:00 PM and it was still 10:00 AM so we sat at a bench to kill time. The view from the bench was of the downtown Miami skyline. I decided I wanted a picture with it behind me.

There really wasn’t much to do around the port. There were no stores to browse in or places to eat. It’s just the port and its parking lot. I suggested to Naomi what if we could go to DASH in Miami. For those who don’t know DASH is the store the Kardashian’s own. Naomi looked up DASH on yelp and saw it had a 2 star rating. Plus it would be hard to look around since we had our luggage with us so we decided against any type of exploring.

Once the taxi line dwindled down, we took a taxi from Port of Miami to the airport. It was too early for us to check-in so we had to wait about an hour until we could check-in. I was so out of it. While we were looking for a place to sit Naomi heard a strange noise. Apparently I was the cause of the strange noise because I was pulling my luggage the wrong way. I had it face down, instead of face up.

We found a place to sit and I checked Twitter on my ghetto cell phone to pass the time. When it was time to check-in we go to a self-service kiosk and check-in. Then we go through security. Once we’re cleared, we take a tram to our gate. It’s good we took the tram because the tram ride was kind of long which meant that it would have been a long walk.

When we reached our gate, we sat down and rested for about an hour. I think I fell asleep. I tried not to because I was paranoid about getting robbed. Around 1:00 PM Naomi and I decided to eat lunch. We found a Chinese Food place. I ordered half fried rice/half chow mien and barbequed pork. I also ordered a soda since I had been craving one so bad. I went the whole cruise without drinking any soda at all. That is amazing for me because I am a soda addict.

After we ate we did some more waiting. When it got close to boarding time, I went to the bathroom. I was in the middle of putting toilet seat covers on the toilet seat when I heard someone walk into the bathroom singing, “Shots. Shots. Shots. Shots…. Everybody. Shots. Shots. Shots…”

I immediately knew a Backstreet fan that went on the cruise had entered the bathroom. I was tempted to join her but I didn’t want to scare her. When I exited the bathroom I saw that the fan who was singing “Shots. Shots. Shots” was one of the fans I had seen on the flight from San Francisco to Miami. It turned out we were taking the same flight from Miami to San Francisco. Once again I was too shy to talk to them but it felt nice to be near fans.

I slept most of the flight back. I woke up when the plane was about 1 hour away from San Francisco. I tried to pay attention to the in flight movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love” but even the hotness of Ryan Gosling couldn’t ease the sad feeling I had of the cruise being over in a flash.

Apparently the pilot flew super fast because the plane arrived to SFO about 1 hour before its scheduled arrival. Naomi’s husband was picking her up so we say our goodbyes and go our separate ways. I still had to wait an hour for my parents to pick me up though. They were still at home so I had to call them and let them know I was already at SFO.

Devastatingly cold air surrounded me when I went outside to the pick up/drop off curb and that just made me miss the warm weather from Miami and the Bahamas. I couldn’t take the cold anymore so I went inside the airport to wait. Then when I saw my dad, accompanied by my mom, pull up in my car, I went out and took the journey home.

If you’ve made it this far into my review I salute you!

Feel free to leave a comment. I know what I wrote is a lot to swallow. I tend to get carried away with reviews but I just like to have something to read in the future if I ever feel sad and need something to make me smile.

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Anonymous said...

I entered your contest and I read the WHOLE thing! I spoke with someone on the cruise that mention Nick was sitting discussing life and your place in it, and how he love the ocean etc. Wish you would have sat in on that one. (it was at the Pajama party) Love your review and details! HUGS

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Fel. Sounds like a blast. I want a Sphynkter t-shirt- that is too cool!