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December 3rd, 2011 – Bahamas Beach Party, Concert, & Prom Night

December 3rd, 2011 – Bahamas Beach Party, Concert, & Prom Night

I was in Group B so that meant the call time to ride the shuttle from the ship port to the beach was at 10:00 AM. Naomi and I went to the Xanadu Lounge to wait to be allowed to go down to exit the ship.

Once we disembarked the ship, we had to take pictures with Carnival’s photographers. It’s just their way of trying to make more money because the pictures are free to take but in order to get a copy of the picture you had to pay for it.

© Copyright CCL

I found the picture Naomi and & took and it was just too cute to pass so I had to buy it. The picture cost $11.99. We then followed the rest of the Backstreet Boys cruisers to a pick up/drop off area to board a shuttle that would take everyone to the beach. While we walked I saw a man dressed in a Bahamas military uniform. I couldn’t help getting a Natalie Holloway vibe. (Natalie is girl who mysteriously disappeared in Aruba during a high school trip.)

As we waited in line we saw that there were ladies trying to get people to get their hair braided. I saw they had “certified” hair braiders and Naomi noticed they had “licensed” hair braiders. I wondered what the difference was and which meant more experience.

After we boarded a shuttle we stopped at a stop light. A fan behind me told the girl to my left, “Look at the sign.” That made me curious so I looked at what they were looking at and I saw this sign:

Protect Ya Tings! Use a rubber everytime.

(Picture taken from Google)

I thought the sign was so hilarious. When I first read “Protect Ya Tings” I held onto my bag a little closer and thought I need to watch my wallet. Then when I read the rubber part I just lol’ed. It didn’t even cross my mind that the Bahamas would be a place people would be into hooking up.

I hope Nick protects his tings!

The ride to the beach took about 10 to 15 minutes. I felt like I was in a movie as we passed through the streets of the Nassau. Seeing the houses reminded me of the Philippines. Then when we passed by the cemetery it reminded me even more of the Philippines. There was a mix of poor and rich houses. I also saw some houses under construction which I assumed were damaged from the hurricane that passed by a few months earlier.

The ride was rough and the driver sped through the streets. Once we reached a main road, I saw that he was driving on the left side of the road. I’m used to driving on the right side of the road. A few minutes later I heard two fans with English sounding accents saying we were driving on the proper side of the road which meant they probably were from Europe. They were also very fascinated that we passed through a round-about since I guess that’s popular in Europe?

I also noticed that most of the cars in the Bahamas were Japanese cars like Honda, Toyota, Lexus, and Acura. I also saw a lot of Ford. I didn’t see many European cars. I also noticed that there were two Shell gas stations and I saw one KFC.

The shuttle then stopped in front of the Wyndham Hotel and Resort. I had no idea that the beach party would happen near a hotel. We get out of the shuttle and are given red wristbands. We then follow the crowd and walk through the hotel. I then spot a Starbucks inside the hotel. I would’ve LOVED a frappuccino but I didn’t want to risk having to go to the bathroom.

There were a lot of fans on the beach. Some fans were in front of the stage and some fans were already sunbathing and tanning. Naomi and I decided to stand with the other fans in front of the main stage. The wait was agonizing. I think we were there standing for about 3 hours!

I thought it was amusing because at first the fans around me were all hyped up and excited to see all five Backstreet Boys. They were singing along whenever the DJ would play Backstreet Boys songs. Then after 3 hours the crowd looked like this -_- It was so obvious we were all over waiting and we just wanted them to get on stage already!

Backstreet Boys arrive and they first settle into a VIP area that is located on stage left. Once they’re all settled all FIVE Backstreet Boys finally make their way on the stage. The crowd is going nuts seeing Kevin!

Backstreet has beaded necklaces in their hands. Nick was trying to get the ladies to lift up their shirts to flash him lol He even flashed us and I was like ugh, I wish I got that on video.

I honestly couldn’t see much of what was going on the stage. I just held up my camera and hoped for the best as I filmed.

Backstreet talking about the Bahamas. Nick says, “So this is a place where magic happens is what we’re trying to say.”

I remember seeing Brian wearing a blue hoodie and thinking, “Aren’t you hot?!” I was sweating like a pig. He ended up taking it off later. Him and Kevin were the only Backstreet Boys who didn’t take off their shirts. Too bad. :p

After their introduction they play some games with fans. They played Musical Chairs, Twister, Limbo, and the 3 legged race. I wish they played tug-o-war. I would’ve loved to see that and be part of it!

Musical Chairs – Kevin won

Twister – Nick won

Howie's Butt & Nick's hair during Twister

After Twister it was Limbo. Nick and Kevin were designated to hold the limbo stick while a few fans, AJ, Brian, and Howie did the limbo. Before limbo started Nick told Kevin, “That was a workout” which I’m assuming he was talking about Twister.

Nick was so funny with the limbo stick. He held it to his crotch and pretended like it was his cock. Then as they did the limbo and had to lower the stick, he stuck the stick in funny places. He put the stick on his nipple and belly button.

Then when the stick got lower he and Kevin both stuck it on their cocks! I was like doesn’t that hurt? But then I thought they probably like how it feels.

After the limbo all 5 Backstreet Boys conspire to do something. It looked like they were going to sing a song. The crowd couldn’t hear what they were singing though as they practiced since the DJ was spinning songs.

When they were done practicing the DJ stopped the music and Backstreet began to perform an acapella version of “Safest Place to Hide.”

Backstreet then gets squirt guns and starts shooting the crowd with water. I got hit with Nick’s water first. I remember thinking, Nick nooooo don’t squirt here! I didn’t want the lens of my camera to get wet :p

Nick then wants to have a wet t-shirt contest. They picked fans who were wearing predominately white shirts. I was like blaaaah why did I wear a pink shirt?! Nick picked an older fan for the wet t-shirt contest which I thought was cute.

I noticed in my video of the wet t-shirt contest Brian didn’t spray his water gun on a girl. He sprayed it on AJ! I then remembered the whole Rollingstone magazine incident when Brian refused to do the photo shoot with the topless girls because he was married. So of course he wouldn’t be down to spray a female for a wet t-shirt contest.

After the wet t-shirt contest they all danced for a while. AJ took off his shirt and then Nick took off his shirt. I made sure to get my camera focused on that. When I watched the video I noticed how bright white Nick’s skin is! Then Howie took off his shirt. Those were the only 3 Backstreet Boys that dared to take off their shirts.

Wet-shirt contest/Nick takes off his shirt

Howie wiggling during I’m Sexy & I know it

Kevin hangs out on stage and signs autographs while the other 4 exit the stage. I was so close yet so far to Kevin. I wasn’t able to get anything signed. Naomi and I then head to the little covered area designated for Backstreet and their entourage. I can see Brian, Leighanne, and AJ sitting down and eating. Off to the other side is Nick and Lauren. Nick is eating and he tries to feed Lauren something but she shakes her head and doesn’t want to eat whatever he’s giving her.

I thought haha, Nick got rejected by his own woman. That’s when I realized Lauren wasn’t wearing a bikini/bathing suit like I was expecting. I knew last year she wore a bikini and was out sunbathing. She was wearing a super long dress and a jean jacket. I guess at least I didn’t have to be subjected to see her body builder/bikini model/whatever the hell she is body.

Nick throwing food:

Nick then holds something that looks like a chicken finger or French fry and then tosses it into the crowd. I thought, what are we, a zoo? I thought that because of how some zoo’s let visitors feed the animals.

I noticed Brian by the side where I was standing and he was making his way along the impromptu fence to take pictures with fans. The fan in front of me got a picture and I was supposed to be next. Then the fan behind me literally snatched him away from me and got the pic before me! Brian didn’t come back for me because he thought he got everyone on that side already so he kept going in the other direction.

I was so pissed because I was supposed to be next not her! Then she had the audacity to talk shit about me to her friend saying that I was pushing but I wasn’t. Then I tried calling Brian’s name to come back and she just shook her head at me. Seriously, if I wasn’t such a nice person I think I would’ve cussed the bitch out and slapped her. I remember thinking, I hope you never meet another Backstreet Boy in your life bitch. She seriously doesn’t deserve to meet any Backstreet Boys if she’s going to be selfish and not wait her turn.

I just really hate that when it comes to Backstreet Boys you have to be fast or else in a split second you can lose your moment. I just tried to calm myself down and remind myself of all the amazing times and pictures I had with Brian elsewhere but still… I would’ve liked a small moment in the Bahamas with Brian.

Then I noticed on the other side Kevin, AJ, Howie, and Nick were taking pictures. Apparently I was at the wrong place at the right time. It was even more painful when I saw that Nick was taking a few pictures with fans without a shirt. I would have LOVED a picture with Nick shirtless but it wasn’t meant to be. It also hurt that I couldn’t get a picture with Kevin. Oh well :(

Backstreet is then escorted to a place for the three legged race. I honestly couldn’t see anything. There weren’t any mics so we couldn’t hear what was being said. Apparently Howie won? I didn’t see anything.

Backstreet then made their way back to the stage and Nick says he wants to get on a jet ski. Then he made a remark about how Kevin shouldn’t get on a jet ski so apparently there’s some inside joke about Kevin and jet ski’s.

Nick and security then make their way across the beach to the jet ski area. While fans are chased him as he power walked across the beach there was a guy with a mullet who starts babbling about how he wishes he was famous because he saw that all the women where flocking to Nick as he walked across the beach. It was so hilarious. The man looked like he belonged in the “Just Want You To Know” video.

By the time Naomi and I got to the jet ski area there were a lot of fans already crowding the area. The jet ski employees did their best to keep the fans out of the water area for the jet skiing. After about a minute of debating with myself if I wanted to get my feet wet for Nick, I took off my leggings and stood in the water up to my stomach. I wanted to get some pictures and video of Nick and AJ jet skiing. The water was cold but it wasn’t too unbearable. I got used to it.

Nick on a jet ski

One of the jet ski employees started shouting at fans who were going into the water. Nick was on a jet ski and he looked back because I think he thought the jet ski employee was yelling at him. I had such a great shot of him looking back in my camera but my camera decided to stall at that time so I didn’t get a picture.

Nick jet skied for a few minutes. He went out REALLY far. He went out so far that he only looked like a tiny black dot from where I stood. For a while I got worried and hoped he didn’t get washed away.

Nick eventually comes back and makes a signal to the jet ski employees and his security dudes that he’s done jet skiing. The moment his feet hit the sand fans swarm him. He’s such a fast walker though with his long legs so he and his security walk across the beach and back to the closed off area near the stage. He, Lauren, and Bodyguard Mike hang out for a while before they start to walk toward the hotel. It looked like they were leaving for good.

A trail of fans then followed him, including Naomi and me. The fans in front tried in vain to get Nick to stop but he brushed them all off. When he, Lauren, and Bodyguard Mike were near the entrance/exit of the hotel, they all abruptly stopped and turned around. It was amusing to see the trail of fans following do the same and follow him to wherever he was going.

I thought that they were just going to make a detour to a private back entrance/exit so that fans wouldn’t continue to follow him but I was wrong. He just needed to go to the bathroom. I thought it was amusing that he didn’t go when he passed the bathroom in the first place.

When they got to the bathroom area, it kind of looked like Nick almost walked into the women’s bathroom but then he quickly realizes it and diverts to the men’s bathroom. As Nick did his business Lauren sort of awkwardly stood outside with the swarm of fans waiting for her man. Some fans then began taking pictures with her.

I almost got a picture with her but Nick’s a quick pee’er because about 1 minute later he exits the bathroom and starts walking away with security in tow while Lauren was still taking pictures with fans. Lauren wasn’t aware that Nick was done in the bathroom because she wasn’t facing the bathroom door. I think it took Nick about 10 steps before he realized he was leaving his woman behind.

I heard him sort of shout impatiently and angrily, “LAUREN!”

She took one last picture with a fan and then joined the trail of fans that had already started following Nick who already had a good head start on walking away. I personally thought it was kind of rude he didn’t wait for her or go back to get her so they could walk out together. He just took off walking with security and left it up to her to catch up.

Lauren had to literally weave her way through fans and run after him. I laughed when I got video of it when I didn’t even know I got video of it. She seriously looked like us fans running after him. I would have been so amused if she caught up to Nick and his security pushed her away mistaking her for a fan.

After Nick left, Naomi and I wanted to go back to the beach and perhaps get some food/drinks. However, we both noticed there was a crowd near the other set of bathrooms across from Starbucks. Whenever there was a crowd and people dressed in black t-shirts with “STAFF” on the back, ya know something was going on. Naomi and I decided to check it out and 2 minutes later Howie left the bathroom.

Instead of walking away like Nick did 5 minutes earlier, Howie took the time to take pictures with each and every fan there. I loved that the fans around the bathroom were calm and no one pushed! I got another picture with Howie. I look a little disheveled but it was mainly from standing in the sun for hours. I wish I had remembered to put my sunglasses on so that he and I could have worn sunglasses in the picture.

I thought it was funny that if we hadn’t followed Nick then we wouldn’t have a picture with Howie. So thank you Nick for peeing and leading us to Howie. I wish Nick was in a fan friendly mood like Howie that day.

After we got our pictures with Howie we made our way back to the beach area to try to find something to eat. Unfortunately the buffet was closed and I didn’t want to spend money to buy food and drinks.

Then at the same time we’re bummed at no food that’s when Howie walked by us. He went to the right but management was to the left. I made a joke like, oh you have to make a detour, but he didn’t hear me.

Howie and the Backstreet Management/Rose Tours employees hung out for a bit. It seemed like they were just figuring out what to do next. Then about five minutes later Howie, Bodyguard Josh, and some of their entourage leave.

There really wasn’t much left to do so Naomi and I waited until the long shuttle line back to the port died down. We ended up getting on the last shuttle back. There was a mom and 2 girls holding us back. They all had drinks in their hands. The one girl seemed like whatever and got on the shuttle in her bikini and drink in hand. The driver was so frustrated with her because people had to be covered up to ride in the shuttle and no food or drinks were allowed.

The driver ended up letting it go because I think he just wanted to be done with dropping off fans to the port. The mom even told her to cover up and she whined like a little baby and said, “Whatever. I don’t want to!” It was sad that she talked to her own mom in such a rude tone but I think it was even sadder her mom didn’t reprimand her for being so rude. Then I remembered my own mom and she’s pretty much the same way as that mom with my cousins. She even asked the lady who was like an assistant to the driver, “Do the people in the Bahamas speak English?” I heard the people around me gasp and scoff at her question. I know we were all thinking “Oh no, she did not just ask that.” Then she continued to like brag about how she’s been to the Virgin Islands and how they all speak French there.

When the shuttle pulled out of the hotel’s pick up/drop off area, I was shocked to see how dramatically the weather had changed. When we arrived in the morning the weather was sunny but when we left the weather was gloomy. The skies were grey and it was raining hard!

Before we could step onto the port area, we had to pass through security that was checking both IDs and Sign & Sail cards to make sure no stowaways would sneak in. Near the security check point I noticed a bunch of Asian guys on laptops sitting on the floor. I wondered what that was all about. I thought they were just tourists checking their e-mail/facebook/twitter after a long day of sight seeing in the Bahamas. I was wrong.

The lady in front of us in line told us that they worked there! I was shocked! Apparently those guys work for some sort of telecommunications company handling things like customer service/telemarketing/etc. I felt so bad that they had no chair, no desk, the weather was hot/sticky, they had no privacy, and everyone was practically staring at them before they stepped onto the ship’s port. It made me appreciate my cruise even more because I am fortunate enough to have a life in America where I don’t have to resort to working in such horrible conditions.

When the security guy checked my ID and Sign & Sail Card I was amazed at how fast he checked it. He barely looked at it for 1 second and said, “Thanks Jocelyn.” I guess he’s used to reading those things fast.

Before we boarded the boat Naomi & I took pictures of the boat docked. I also got a picture of me in front of a sign.

We had to wait in another line and when we boarded the boat around 6:00 PM we decided to go up to the Lido deck for a pre-dinner meal. I remember getting some shrimp stir fry and a sort of kind of cute employee from Rose Tours asked me if it was good. I had no idea so I said I hope it is.

After our pre-dinner meal we had about an hour to kill so we went back to our cabin. We then met up with the two AJ fans from Toronto Canada who I found on Twitter to be in our meet and greet picture. It also turned out a fan I met on Twitter was in the cabin across from theirs so we all chat for a moment.

Then Naomi and I took an elevator up to the dining room for dinner. The elevator goes up and stops at a floor. When the elevator doors open we immediately see Kevin and his bodyguard waiting. There was plenty of room in our elevator car but they didn’t come in and ride with us. They ended up taking another elevator car that was empty and didn’t let fans go inside. Kevin y u no ride elevator wit us? We don’t bite :p

While finding a table to sit at, we notice sitting at a large long table are Howie, Brian, Kevin, Leighanne and their entourage. I was surprised to see them eating in our dining room since the first night Brian and Leighanne ate at the other dining room. I thought for sure they’d continue to eat there.

I thought it was cute but at the same time a bit unprofessional when the serving staff started to take pictures with Kevin. I also thought it was funny Kevin was the one getting the most pictures with the staff and I wondered if they even knew Howie and Brian were right there sitting next to him.

I noticed on the menu there was alligator as a starter so I decided to be daring and order that. It was surprisingly good. I think what helped make it taste good was that the alligator was mixed in with other food like green peppers and a battered/tempura-like covering. It also came with potato chips and onion rings.

Then as a main course I ordered lobster. I can’t turn down lobster. It was a bit on the small side but I wanted to save room for dessert.

Then for dessert I ordered a soufflé since I remember on Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef show one of the challenges was to make a soufflé. I was curious to see how it tasted and it was good.

It was about 9:45 PM when we finished dinner. I thought Naomi and I had plenty of time to get ready for prom and go to the concert which we thought would be at around 10:30 PM. I took a shower to get rid of the stickiness and sweat I had acquired from the beach party.

Naomi and I decided to wear our prom dresses to the concert so that we wouldn’t have to worry about getting ready after the concert. I ordered my prom dress from It’s gray and very sparkly. I bought it at a very cheap price. It only cost $22.60 total with taxes and shipping! The dress originally cost $89. Technically it was free for me because my mom had given me her Macy’s gift card to use.

After we were done getting ready, we headed down to the Dynasty Room for the concert. I noticed it seemed eerily quiet as we walked down the hall and took the elevator up to the venue. When we got to deck 8 to enter the concert we saw that the area was empty and the music was blaring inside.

The concert had started already!

We opened the doors and ran to the aisle. Backstreet was in the middle of singing “Incomplete.” I wondered if they caught the commotion of Naomi and I trying to get to our seats. After an agonizing 5 seconds of having security make sure we weren’t Group A’ers trying to sneak into the concert we made it to our seats.

I couldn’t believe we missed the start of the concert. I hoped that we hadn’t missed most of the concert already. Ugh, the one time we wanted Backstreet Time to be on our side it wasn’t. We did find out later that “Incomplete” was the first song of the set so I felt a bit relieved.

I really hate being short sometimes. Right in front of me were two tall blondes who blocked most of my view. I know we can’t help how tall we become but damn it, of all the places for them to sit it had to be in front of short lil me. *pout*

The concert was full of energy. Backstreet was like on a “whatever” kind of mantra because nothing was choreographed. They just sang and went crazy.

The highlights for me were:

-When they sang “If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy).” I didn’t think they’d do it but they did.

-The price tag situation. Apparently Nick borrowed the jacket he wore for most of the concert and the price tag was still on it. As Backstreet performed “Siberia,” Nick said he noticed Bodyguard Josh trying to signal to him that the tag was still on. Nick had no clue what Bodyguard Josh was talking about until after the song was done.

-Nick forgetting the words during “If I Knew Then.” Out of all the songs for him to forget it had to be one of their most recent songs. His mind totally blanked during his verse and before the chorus he just started going “whut whut” to fill in the gap.

I was in Row E and there were multiple times Backstreet came into the crowd and jumped onto the seats near Row E’s aisle as they performed. I wished they came closer to me. Later on I thought ugh, I should have jumped onto the couch with them.

Before they sang “Helpless When She Smiles” each Backstreet Boy went into the audience to pick a fan to serenade. I tried my best to get picked but I think I have anti-serenade repellent on me. While they picked fans, the band played “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams. Brian started to sing the song and it sounded so beautiful. I didn’t record it because I was trying to get picked for the serenade.

Backstreet talking Nick says Kevin is in the building but Brian says no he’s on the boat

Some more talking

In between blocks of Backstreet performing their songs, each member performed a solo song. AJ went first and sang “London.” I love that song so much.

AJ London

After AJ performed “London” Nick told a little story about how Backstreet wanted to record that song but AJ wouldn’t let them.

I don’t know why I recorded “Siberia” since I couldn’t even see it while they performed. They decided to sit down on the stairs in front of the stage. I guess all that matters is that we can hear it? I don’t even really like the song anymore. They sing it at every God damn sound check. It’s not because fans request it like Howie says in the video. They just fucking do it. #endrant :p


After “Siberia” it’s Brian’s turn to perform his solo song. I thought he would sing something from his solo record “Welcome Home” but I was pleasantly surprised when he decided to sing “Mary Did You Know” which is a Christmas song. The moment the guitar started to play the song I had my hand over my heart. It’s such a beautiful song and to hear Brian sing it was amazing. The whole room was nearly quiet and silent. That’s usually so rare when it comes to any Backstreet Boy singing. I was so glad fans were mostly quiet and didn’t sing along obnoxiously as he sang.

I noticed the song was making him emotional because during the beginning it took him a few bars to finally get into singing it. Then near the end I kept seeing him wipe the corner of his eyes. When he kept wiping his eyes that’s when I knew he was crying. I had never seen a song touch him so emotionally before and I love that he was so connected to the song. He wasn’t just singing the song he was feeling the entire song.

Unfortunately… near the end of the song my camera’s battery decided to die! UGH. But I am glad that I recorded a majority of the song and I knew that other fans would have the entire performance on youtube.

I recorded the end of “Bigger” because I thought they’d do the “True” by Spandau Ballet mash up like they did during the “This Is Us” tour. They didn’t do it.


Some of ALAYLM They came into the crowd and did “All I have to Give” from the second level.

Some of AJ & Brian trying to the AIH2G hat dance

Nick saying they all woke up late b/c they all partied hard the night before and asking if they could have a “Get out of jail free card.”

Doesn't it look like Nick is telling AJ, My dick is not this big.

After that the band starts going into “I Want It That Way” and AJ tries to get the band to stop playing so he could talk for a moment. The band then keeps on going into the song and I think either Brian or Nick kept egging the band to start playing the song as soon as AJ talked.

Finally they stop and AJ explains how “I Want It That Way” is like their biggest song and that hopefully with a new Backstreet record they can get another song that’ll be a bigger hit than it.” While AJ said that I thought, “You cannot get a bigger hit than ‘I Want It That Way.’”

I started recording because I thought Kevin would come out during his verse like he did in the LA NKOTBSB show… and he didn’t.


I haven’t heard Howie’s solo album yet. I’ve only heard “100.” For his solo song he sang “Lie To Me.” When I watched my video I noticed I could hear fans chattering in the background which is a stark contrast to the near silence in my “Mary Did You Know” video.

Lie To Me

Backstreet then says the next song has a video that has clips from a tour and I immediately knew they were talking about “The One.” The band then starts to play “The One” but stops. Backstreet, mainly AJ, says they want to sing another song that was supposed to be a single but because of Nick it didn’t happen.

Nick then starts to freak out because it seemed AJ was blaming Nick as the reason “The One” became a single. Then Nick segues and asks what song AJ is talking about that should have been a single and the answer is “Don’t Want You Back.”

Nick freaking out and “Don’t Want You Back.”

Nick then performs his solo song “Burning Up” and I had a feeling the concert was almost over since he was the last Backstreet Boy to do his solo song. Nick was just spazzing all over the place the whole performance. My video is a hot mess because I was trying to follow him with my camera but he kept moving all over the place.

During the performance he came into my row and it’s hilarious because my camera is zoomed in all the way so the video is really all up in his face. My camera is ghetto because it won’t allow me to zoom out while I’m recording. That’s why I had to keep it zoomed all the way in. I didn’t want to stop recording to zoom out because then it would cut the song.

Near the end of the song Nick grabbed a bottle of water which he proceeded to dump all over himself. The water ended up dripping down Nick’s body and to his crotch area. The water on his crotch made it look like he peed on himself.

Burning Up

Backstreet then performed “Shape of My Heart” and I thought okay, this is when Kevin will come out since this was the song he came out during the 2008 Unbreakable show in Hollywood. So I started recording… Kevin didn’t come out during this song.


After “Shape of My Heart” Backstreet performed “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” If you look closely you can see what I mean about how the water that dripped onto Nick’s crotch that made it look like he peed on himself.

Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

At that point I lost hope that Kevin was coming out to sing with them. Until I remembered that they had do an encore. I was clueless on what song they’d perform though.

The crowd began to chant “BACKSTREET BOYS, BACKSTREET BOYS, BACKSTREET BOYS.” The Christmas lights then lit up on the stage. For a moment I thought, “They’re going to sing ‘Christmas Time’ as their encore.’”

I was on a roll with being wrong that night because they ended up performing “Drowning” with Kevin! The screams shattered my ear drums. It was bittersweet for me because I didn’t want the concert to end!

They performed “Drowning” and that was the end of the show.


After the show was done, Naomi and I headed up to the Lido deck for the Prom night party. We noticed that most of the fans were waiting by the stage in the center of the deck. Unfortunately we were in the wrong spot because Backstreet spent most of their time on the deck 11 stage area.

When Backstreet came out I noticed Nick was head to toe in orange and Brian wearing bright blue. I thought Nick’s favorite color has to be orange since he had worn an orange Crush t-shirt at the beach party earlier. Nick said Brian looks like a used car salesman. Howie looked very 70’s in his prom attire so he said he was Tony Montana from the Godfather. Kevin looked the most prom in his attire.

Since Kevin wasn’t sticking around for the entire cruise and he performed for Group B’s concert, Backstreet decided to perform “I Still” so that the fans in Group A who had their concert on Sunday night wouldn’t feel jipped. Either way, Group A got jipped and singing “I Still” only gave us Group B’ers more of a bonus.

I was practically across the deck when they performed “I Still” so the image isn’t good but the audio is good.

I Still

Nick gets on the drums for a while and plays along to the songs the DJ is playing.

They made an announcement for the prom queens to come to the stage area. The way they picked the prom queens was whoever got a crown in their gift bags would be prom queen. I didn’t get a crown :’(

Backstreet and their prom queens then made their way to the main stage in the center of the deck to take prom pictures and have their first dance. As they walked, the Neptunes remix of “The Call” was playing. Kevin made a comment about how they were one of the first groups to work with “The Neptunes.”

After Backstreet and their prom queens take their places they began to slow dance. I could only look on in envy as each prom queen got to slow dance with Backstreet. Howie was having so much fun dancing with his prom queen! Kevn was having fun too. I thought it was weird that Backstreet and their prom queens danced to Backstreet’s song “The Perfect Fan.” That song is about moms! I think it would’ve been more appropriate to dance to “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” or “All I Have To Give.”

The Perfect Fan

They dance some more and I can see Kevin is so into dancing with his prom queen. They take some pictures and I hoped they’d do prom poses but I didn’t see them do it. Apparently it turns out AJ and Nick were the only 2 Backstreet Boys who didn’t go to prom. If it’s any consolation to them I never went to prom either because I was cheap and I asked a guy but it was too late for him to rent a tux.

A short clip of Nick jamming to “I’m On a Boat” & Soulja Boy’s “Superman”

Manager Jenn then announced it was time to do the Electric Slide and Nick didn’t know what that was. I thought, really? Then I saw Kevin demonstrate it and Nick realized what it was and went something like, “Ohhh, like line dancing?” I thought the DJ would play Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Break Heart” but he played the Electric Slide song instead. It seemed that Nick read my mind because he kept asking the DJ to play “Achy Breaky Heart” instead but the DJ ignored him.

Electric Slide

Since Nick kept bugging the DJ to play “Achy Breaky Heart” Kevin started to sing a little bit which you can hear in my video below. The DJ ignored Nick's request and played YMCA.


After YMCA it appears that AJ, Brian, and Nick slip away without even saying goodbye. Howie stayed and went back to the deck 11 stage area to drink for a bit and hype up the crowd.

I don’t remember how this idea came about but I think Naomi and I were going to head back to our cabins when we spotted a crowd of fans inside the promenade/atrium area near the elevators. As I mentioned earlier whenever there’s a crowd of fans and men wearing “STAFF” shirts it means a Backstreet Boy is nearby.

Naomi and I decided to check out what was going on. When we got to the deck 11 elevators it turned out Kevin was there! He and his security were waiting for an elevator to go down. I was about 5 fans away from him when a fan asked him for a picture so he said he’d take pictures until the elevator came. I told the elevator in my mind to slow down but of course it didn’t listen. About 30 seconds later the elevator dinged and Kevin had to go so I didn’t get a picture with him.

The fans then dispersed once Kevin was gone, however, Naomi and I went back to the place where the small crowd of fans were that we had seen earlier. Apparently they were waiting for Howie who was still out on deck 11 partying the early morning away.

Anne Marie, a fellow fan I had met on the first Backstreet Boys cruise, was there waiting with her friends. I figured there wasn’t anything else better to do so for I think 2 hours we sat and waited for Howie to come out.

At first we were all standing but I was so over standing that I had to sit down so everyone seemed to follow suit. Justin the photographer walked by us a couple of times. The first time he walked by us he sarcastically said, “You all look so excited.” We were all so tired and all we wanted was for Howie to come out.

The next time Justin the photographer walked by he told us that we should go out onto the Lido Deck and have fun with Howie as he entertained the crowd from deck 11. Nobody seemed to take Justin’s suggestion.

Then when Justin and another photographer guy with a beard (I don’t know his name lol) walked by us again they both said something like Howie’s a machine and that he’s not going to stop partying out on the deck, he’s going to be there all morning, and that it’s best if we all go out to the Lido deck to watch him.

Photographer dudes weren’t lying. Howie parties hard and all night long. However, none of us again listened to what Justin and the other photographer said. We stayed there and sure enough a long few minutes later Howie came walking by with Bodyguard Josh. I thought he was done partying and on his way back to his cabin. However he was on his way to the Lido Deck to limbo!

The fans who got to him first tried to ask him for a picture and to hang out with us fans who were waiting for him but he was on a mission to limbo. Also, he couldn’t really understand what they were telling him so he said to just follow him.

Howie and Bodyguard Josh then led the way to the Lido deck as me and the other fans followed him. We looked like Howie’s harem of girls as we followed him in a line to the Lido deck. I think what made this even funnier is he was wearing a 1970’s style suit and he kind of looked like a pimp with all his girls following him.

Howie and bodyguard Josh then stopped in front of a crowd of fans and we all made an impromptu circle around him. Two people were holding a limbo stick. Some fans and Howie made a limbo line and they all did the limbo for about a minute. I don’t know why they limbo’d for a short time? I tried to get pictures and video of Howie limbo’ing but my battery died. I had a 2nd spare battery on me but it was already dead because I filmed so much during the concert. My 3rd spare battery was in my cabin charging.

After Howie was done limbo’ing he started to take pictures with fans. Since my battery was dead I wasn’t able to get a picture. The fans started to get rough when Howie was taking pictures. Even though it was a small group of fans, they were pushing and shoving Howie and Bodyguard Josh.

It was obvious Bodyguard Josh wasn’t happy so he took Howie and led him away. Rose Tours security was there too. While Howie and Bodyguard Josh went to the elevators to escape the madness, Rose Tours security made sure fans didn’t follow them and blocked the entrance/exit to the Lido deck for about 5 minutes.

Since no one could leave the Lido deck, Naomi and I had no choice but to stick around. Naomi went to the bathroom and after she was done she told me that the bathroom had 2 stalls. One of the stalls didn’t have a door! That immediately reminded me of when I was in high school and I went to mini boot camp for my NJROTC class and the barracks’ bathrooms had no doors!

Rose Tours security finally moves away from the entrance/exit to the Lido Deck so we head back to our cabin. On the way back I saw the card board cut out of Backstreet. Since there was no one around, Naomi and I decided to take pictures with it. It was somewhere around 5:00 AM so I had to be sort of dirty with my poses...

Sorry Leighanne... :p

Sorry Leigh... ;)

This picture has a whole new meaning to me since now I'm addicted to the TV show "The Vampire Diaries." My original reason for taking this picture was because in my story Fantasy/Reality, Nick loves to give Viola hickeys so I wanted to give him one too. Now the picture looks like I'm a vampire biting Nick :p

On the 1st day of the cruise I saw a fan bending over Nick's cardboard crotch for her picture. That gave me the idea to take a picture of me facing the other way.

I'm not sorry Lauren... muahahaha

While we took pictures a fan that I know from Facebook named Olga and her friend start chatting with us. At first Olga asked me if I had a blog. I said I have two websites, Flirting With Obscene and Eliminate Full Price. Then she introduced herself and I immediately knew who she was. Her and her friend told us to visit their cabin since they had their own huge cardboard cut out of Backstreet and they were running a contest. I can't resist a contest so I told them we'd definitely visit them later.

It was around 5:30am by the time we got back. It wasn’t so bad for me because I am used to staying up super late. Plus it didn’t matter that much because I was in Group B and the meet and greet picture was scheduled for 1:00 PM on Sunday. Once my head hit my pillow I quickly fell asleep.

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