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Dec. 2nd, 2011 – Day 1 of the Cruise: Sail Away Party, “In It To Win It” Game & 80’s Deck Party

December 2nd, 2011 – Day 1 of the Cruise: Sail Away Party, “In It To Win It” Game & 80’s Deck Party

I had a bit of a cold and cough so I brought Halls cough drops. The Halls that I had had inspirational quotes printed on the wrapper. The one I opened that morning said, “Don’t waste a precious minute.” That quote was so perfect for what I was about to experience. It was also another reminder to make sure to enjoy every minute on the cruise.

We left the hotel around 10:30 AM and after we pass through the Port of Miami’s security we go check-in. As we checked-in I turned around and a few feet away I saw Nick walk by to the VIP check-in area. I noticed he was wearing the same shirt he wore in the “I Got You” video. I was surprised he still had that shirt and that it fit him right.

After we checked-in, I got my sign and sail card and seating arrangement wristband. I found out that I had row E seat 14 in the yellow section. I was so happy that I got such great seats without having to pay for an expensive grand suite!

I saw Anne Marie and Jen who I met last year on the cruise. I also saw Jaime who I went to Vegas with to see NKOTBSB. After waiting a long time and enjoying that I had free Wi-Fi at the port, I noticed a commotion near the escalators. Then one by one the Backstreet Boys made their way out of the VIP check-in room, up the escalator, and onto the boat.

After they all boarded the boat, boarding zones were called up. I was in zone 3 so I had to wait another few minutes. When zone 3 was called, Naomi and I went up the escalator. I remember thinking, aw Backstreet Boys rode this elevator a few minutes ago.

Once we were on the boat, we got our picture taken by the cruise staff so that our face would be matched to our sign and sail card. Then I saw a welcome aboard sign and the cardboard cut out that Lauren had tweeted earlier where she was kissing 2D Nick with 3D standing nearby with sunglasses on. Fans were already taking serious pictures with it. I knew I wanted to take funny and dirty pictures with the cardboard when there wasn’t a crowd around.

Since we didn’t have our luggage yet and we were starving, Naomi and I went to the Lido deck to check out the buffet. There was a grill outside with French fries, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Next to the grill was a Mongolian wok area. I wanted to check the food inside the other buffet area and saw it was nothing but boring salads. However, next to the boring salads was Brian sitting down with his wife and a group of people.

I loved how I was barely 15 minutes on the boat and I saw Brian already! We didn’t bother him though since he was eating. Naomi and I then go back outside since we were interested in trying out the Mongolian Wok. After I got my noodles cooked with shrimp, I got a plate of French fries too since I’m a sucker for those.

Then we headed inside back to the inside buffet area to get a table near Brian. As I ate, I had a good view of Brian’s bald spot.

After we ate, Naomi and I left the buffet area. I remember Naomi asked me if we had to put our dirty dishes somewhere or leave them on the table. I told her that we could just leave them on the table. The reason I mention that is as we were leaving the dining area, I heard Leighanne ask out loud the same question lol! That was when I knew that they were leaving too.

Naomi and I stuck around for a bit and once Brian and Leighanne left we walked behind them as they walked across the Lido deck to catch an elevator. I really couldn’t help staring at Leighanne’s chest when she walked by us because her nipples were popping out from her tank top! I was like geez, don’t you have a bra?

When Brian and Leighanne reached the promenade area, there were two fans over looking the center atrium. They both had no idea Brian was behind them walking by.

Brian noticed this and tapped on her shoulder. She turned around and looked shocked. Brian then walked away and the two fans then burst into laughter because it was so unexpected. I kind of wish I got that on video because it was such a funny moment.

It felt like Brian and Leighanne walked in a circle in the promenade area because somehow Leighanne ended up standing near me. I decided to be bold and say, “Hi Leighanne, you probably don’t remember me but I’m Jocelyn from View from the Bay in San Francisco, on ABC.”

Sometimes I tend to talk with my hands if I’m nervous. My hands were up moving around and as I talked Leighanne reached out held my hand. Her eyes lit up as realization struck her. She asked me how I was and I said I was good. Brian started to walk away and then Leighanne said, “It was nice seeing you.” Brian saw me as he walked away too so he said, “It’s good seeing you.”

I loved how I was barely on the boat and I already had a brief encounter with the amazing Littrell’s.

My roommate and I then head to our cabin which is on deck 4 R62. To my surprise it was more spacious than I imagined. I honestly think it felt bigger than the balcony cabin I had in the 2010 cruise.

I immediately turned on the TV and put it on the Backstreet Boys Channel on 38. The channel was 24/7 of Backstreet Boys music videos. After we reacquainted ourselves with the cabin we decided to go back out and explore the ship to get a feel of where places were.

We made our way back up to Lido deck. I think there was a point where I saw either Howie or Nick and a bunch of fans following but they slipped into a glass door that led downstairs to the elevators. After exploring we went back to our cabin and started working on decorating our cabin’s door to kill time.

After we finished our door we tried to go up to the Lido deck to explore some more but the cruise staff said we had to go to our muster station. The muster station is the place we’d go to in case of an emergency. My deck’s muster station was C which was so appropriate since I love myself some Carter.

Unfortunately we had to take the stairs all the way from deck 4 to deck 9 because the elevators were on luggage mode. Climbing the stairs took foreverrrr. That was a workout! While we were at our muster station, the cruise staff demonstrated what to do if we needed to evacuate the ship.

After the emergency drill, it was almost time for the Sail Away party so we made our way to the Lido deck. It was windy but I loved being able to look off the boat and see the Miami skyline, Port of Miami, and of course the vast blue ocean. There were fans already gathered around the main stage in the center of the Lido deck.

Naomi and I decided we’d get a better view on the deck above the Lido deck. It was a long wait but finally Backstreet Boys made their way to the stage. They hyped the crowd along with the DJ. The first thing I noticed was how Brian was wearing the pinkest shoes I’ve ever seen on a man!

At some point Nick asks the other Backstreet Boys, “Who am I? Who am I?” Then he gives a dramatic pause and says in a deep loud voice, “LAAAAAAADIEEEEEES.”

Backstreet Boys responds, “DJ Lani Akea.”

What I love about this video is in the back you can see the ship is in motion.

Backstreet during "I Gotta Feeling"

Backstreet during "Poison

AJ and Nick blasting streamers

Backstreet was given streamer guns to blast off to the beat of LMFAO’s “Party Rockers.” They waited for the beat and Nick was holding the streamer gun innocently on his chest. Then he looked over at AJ who had the gun already positioned over his crotch. Nick copied him and put it over his own crotch. Then when the right beat hit, they shot their guns which honestly looked like something else if you know what I mean ;) Then after they shot their guns, Nick kept his gun over his crotch and wiggled it around like he was playing with his own cock. He wishes his cock was that long… :p

Nick then asked the crowd if any of the fans left someone at home who didn’t want them to go on the cruise. Then he said this song is for that person and the DJ played “Fuck You” by Cee-lo.

I remembered Backstreet had fun picking songs and dedicating them to each other. I remember Nick dedicating “Gimme More” by Britney Spears to Howie since he recently toured with her in South America.

During “Gimme More” Nick started to pelvic thrust and damn.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I loved that of all the Britney songs to pick Nick picked “Gimme More.” That’s one of my favorite Britney songs. Nick even said, “Girls like this song.” Hell yes girls like that song. I had my main female character Sadie karaoke “Gimme More” in one of my fan fic stories I wrote called “A Knockout Valentines Day.”

Then after that song was done, AJ went to Nick and said “This song is for you.” Nick looked like WTF is going on? Then the DJ played “Tearing Up My Heart” by ‘NSync! Brian grabbed AJ and Howie’s hands so that all 4 of them could imitate ‘NSync and their photo shoot poses. Then AJ and Brian started to do ‘NSync’s dance moves.

The DJ didn’t play the entire song though and immediately cut into Everybody (Backstreet’s Back). Nick made comments about how this was the long version/extended version and that it was 2 keys higher than the original key. I just thought it was so cute he was using music lingo.

Also, during Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) Nick did a little freestyle rapping.

I thought it was so cute when “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani played Nick sang, “This my ship. This my ship” instead of the actual lyrics of “This my shit.”

The DJ played LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” and for some reason Brian got the idea to surf on the banister in front of the stage. I thought, eeek, he might fall on his ass and get injured. He was a pro though and surfed for like 2 seconds before jumping off.

Snoop Dogg’s song plays and Nick starts to dance. Then he babbles about how Kevin looks like the White Snoop Dogg. After that AJ told Nick that he wanted to go way back. Then the DJ played “That’s The Way I Like It.” Nick said he liked the song and near the end of the video, someone threw their flip flop on stage and it almost hit Bodyguard Q.

Nick grabbed the flip flop and tried to find the owner of it. I thought it was so cute that he wanted the flip flop to make it back to the person who threw it. He gave back the flip flop but then the girl threw it back. Nick picked it up and turned around.

Nick said, “You’re smart.” He knew that the girl wanted him to come back to the crowd but he didn’t fall for it.

After “That’s The Way I Like It” the DJ Played “Shining Star.” Then after “Shining Star” Nick said, “We’re gonna play Brian’s favorite song right now.” The DJ then played “Masquerade.”

Nick then does a little crazy dance and Brian follows up with his own crazy dance. Nick was being sarcastic when he said “Masquerade” was Brian’s favorite song because it isn’t! Brian hates “Masquerade.”

I remember at one point during the party Nick told the crowd he wants to see us all dripping sex. Well then, come over here to me Mr. Carter.

Backstreet then wraps up the party and announces the next event is the “In It To Win It” game and the 80’s night deck party.

Since I am in Group B, “In It To Win It” was at 6pm in the Dynasty Room. As I walked into the Dynasty Room I was a bit nervous that my seat would be in front of a pole. On the 2010 cruise I was seated up against the wall with a pole in the way.

Praise the Lord my seat wasn’t in front of a pole! I had a good view of it!

Manager Jenn introduces Nick and one of the adjectives she uses is “delicious.” It made me wonder if they knew about my website Berry *Delicious* Nick Carter stories. I also remember when Brian came out he was wearing the life vest!

Backstreet Boys were divided into 2 groups. Brian and Nick were one team. Howie and AJ were one team. Brian and Nick wore blue shirts. Howie and AJ wore yellow shirts. Both teams started bantering back and forth and shit talking each other.

I think it was Nick who went at least I’m not on Team Pee Pee because Howie and AJ’s shirts were yellow. Then AJ said something like at least I’m not on Team Blue Balls and the whole crowd went ooooooooooh.

Each team had 2 fans join them on stage to play the games. The first game was to get the most moves on the pedometers. Each team had 1 fan and 1 Backstreet Boy to represent the team. Each player had 4 pedometers which were placed on their wrists and ankles.

Team Blue Balls of course chose Nick to do the challenge since he’s all about being active. Team Pee Pee had AJ. AJ made a remark and said he felt like Lindsay Lohan since he had pedometers on his ankles that looked like the GPS tracking/alcohol detecting bracket she wore when she was on probation.

It’s weird because before the game happened I had like this image of the game being done like the scene from Flashdance with the song Maniac. Nick goes to the DJ and tells him a song he wants to play.

When the game begins Maniac begins to play and Nick was imitating the scene. Once again the dude was in my mind. He went so crazy during the game. He moved as much as he could. I was really impressed. Team Blue Balls ended up winning the challenge and I think it was mainly because of Nick.

In between each game, there was a “commercial break” so that the stage could be set. While it was the “commercial break” old Backstreet Boys commercials would play. They played commercials from Germany when they promoted some pager thing, the Burger King commercials, Unbreakable and This is Us album release commercials. I loved how fascinated Nick was by the old commercials. It was fun watching him watch himself.

This is Nick watching the Unbreakable commercial. He thought that Unbreakable came out 7 years ago:

The next game was to get the most cotton balls into a bowl by moving it only with the player’s nose. Players would dip their nose into glue to get the cotton balls to stick to their nose. Then they’d walk to where the bowl was to dump the cotton balls. Whoever had the most cotton balls would win.

I know this is so wrong but my first thought was this game is perfect for Nick since he’s done cocaine before and he knows how to handle his nose with white stuff. My second thought was this game is perfect for Brian since his nose and nostrils are huge!

Despite Nick’s drug use and Brian’s huge nose, Team Blue Balls lost and Team Pee Pee won.

The next game after that was the Orange Pass where all 4 players had to pass an orange only using their neck and chins. No hands were allowed. Whoever had the most oranges passed would win. I thought the rules were pretty straight forward. However, it appeared the rules weren’t clear to either team. Both teams passed oranges with 2 players where as it was supposed to be oranges passed with 4 players.

Due to the incorrect way both teams performed the game, they played again.

The first way vid.

The second way vid.

In the second way it seemed Nick was over playing the game and he went over and stole the bowl of oranges for a while. I forgot who won but if you knew who won from Group B leave a comment.

The next game was Coconut Smoochie. Players were divided into pairs and each pair had a coconut between their bodies. Each pair had to move the coconut that was on their chest all way up their bodies without using their hands. This game just looked so dirty to watch.

Coconut Smoochie

When I saw Nick play, it seriously looked like he was giving the fan he was paired up with oral sex at 1:22 into the video. Damn, I want Nick Carter in that position for me! Brian was even more hilarious since he and the fan he was paired up with were on the ground! Team Blue Balls ended up winning that challenge. Brian also started to juggle the coconuts.

It was time for another commercial break.

The next game involved having to transfer a huge Christmas wreath between all 4 players without using their hands. On stage there was a tiny Christmas tree. In a high pitched voice Brian started singing “O Christmas Tree.” It was so cute. Then he asked if anyone heard Justin Bieber’s Christmas album and he started to imitate Justin.

Team Pee Pee doing the Wreath Challenge

Team Blue Balls doing the Wreath Challenge

After the Wreath Relay was the Laundry Day Relay. One player had to put on all the clothes in the bag, then run across the stage, take the clothes off and another player would put the clothes on. It would go on until all the players in the team had each had a turn wearing the hideously looking outfit. Team Pee Pee won the relay.

The last game was another relay where 1 member from each time would ride a very small tricycle in figure 8’s around the palm trees on the stage. Whoever was first to have all team members do figure 8’s would win. Nick wasn’t sure he’d do a good job on the challenge since he said he had “big ass legs” and it would be hard for him to maneuver himself on such a tiny tricycle.

Brian was a pro at riding the tiny tricycle! I think he’s had practice before with Baylee’s bikes. It seemed there was confusion on who exactly won the race since it was so close. Nick took charge and said to the crowd just point in the direction of you think won and a majority of the crowd pointed to Team Blue Balls.

The next game involved popping balloons. The team who popped the most balloons would win the game. In my video you can see Brian get on AJ and then he straddles AJ for a second. I thought, oooh that’s some hot A-Rok action there. Team Blue Balls won the challenge.

The last game was Flip Cup. I went to college and I have never even heard of Flip Cup. Hell I’m going to college again and I still hadn’t heard of Flip Cup until this cruise. Manager Jenn then made a remark about how none of the Backstreet Boys went to college and Howie was like hey I went to college. (He didn’t graduate though.)

Before the game begun, I think it was Brian who suggested that the table be moved up forward and shifted so that the audience could see more. Nick agreed, he said, “People gotta see it.”

Then Howie didn’t like that the cups had water with ice in it. Manager Jenn made a remark, “Howie is complaining about the water having ice. When he played in college there was no ice.”

The game seemed so hard to play. Team Pee Pee had the lead. When AJ had to flip his cup, Brian tried to make him lose by blowing on his cup to prevent it from flipping. The fan on Team Pee Pee tried to block Brian’s blowing with her hand. Then Howie came over and tried to pull Brian away. Howie ended up jumping on Brian’s back and Brian tried to get rid of him.

Despite all that distraction Team Pee Pee won once AJ successfully flipped his cup.

Team Pee Pee ended up winning the entire In It To Win It game since they had the most points. The prizes were honestly kind of lame. The prizes were a Backstreet Boys Cruise towel and the Cruise DVD from last year. Really? With all that money we all paid you’d think Backstreet’s management AND Rose Tours could hook fans up with better prizes.

Short clip of Nick during "Moves Like Jagger"

Brian and Howie stayed on stage for a while and took pictures with fans. Once fans noticed this, more fans tried to swarm the stage. I tried but there were too many fans up there. Nick then came down and took some pictures with fans. I was about 3 people away from him when he walked away and then took pictures with the fans on stage left. I thought damn it! I should have gone to that side instead. I almost went there but I changed my mind and tried to go into the middle. Blah, oh well.

After the event Naomi and I ended to dinner. I wondered if Backstreet would have late dining like last year but I didn’t see any of them in the dining room. I saw the dinner menu had escargot as a starter but I wasn’t brave enough to try it. I had something called gazpacho. I really wanted to try food I’d never heard of or tasted before. The gazpacho turned out to be soup that tasted like salsa.

For my main course I had pork steak that was so juicy. For dessert I had warm melting cake which is like the specialty of Carnival cruise lines. Unfortunately the melting cake was over cooked and didn’t have much melt to it.

After dinner, Naomi and I stopped by the Library to check out the cruise merchandise. I bought the official cruise hoodie and the official cruise shot glass. I originally wanted to buy the official cruise tote but I was very disappointed at the design on it. Plus it was very flimsy so I passed. I was also disappointed at the design on the official cruise towel. On the bright side my credit card was spared from overused.

Then we went to our cabin to get ready for 80’s night. We noticed that an orange bag was placed on each of our beds. The orange bag was our gift bag. I’m glad that this year we got a reusable bag with the 2011 cruise logo but I was disappointed by the contents inside the bag. Inside the bag was a postcard with the cruise schedule, a set of Backstreet Boys buttons, 1 cruise logo tattoo, and a green wristband that said “Backstreet Boys Cruise 2011.”

For some reason I got an extra AJ button in my gift bag so what I did was I traded it to Michelle, the AJ fan in my meet & greet picture for her Brian, Howie, and Nick buttons.

80’s night was the one night I wasn’t sure how to dress for. I ended up buying a leopard print top that was Jennifer Lopez for Kohls. Then I wore black leggings I had bought from Neiman Marcus and the heels from Sears. I wasn’t sure how to do my hair. I had the hardest time getting my hair into a side pony tail. After multiple failed attempts I was like whatever and just ended up with a kind of side pony tail. For my accessories I wore my NKOTBSB wristband, BSB snap bracelet, and BSB heart necklace. I also made sure to make my eye shadow as heavy as possible.

We then made our way to the Lido deck for the party.

This is Naomi and I waiting for Backstreet to appear.

I was so curious to see what outfits Backstreet would wore for 80’s night. I had a feeling they would do the Spynkter look from the “Just Want You To Know” video. They did dress up similarly but I’m glad they didn’t dress up exactly. I loved Nick’s super curly wig. It was windy on the deck so their hair kept blowing into their faces. AJ and Nick said now they know how girls feel and were wondering how we can handle having such long hair.

I thought it was so funny when Nick screamed “GOD DAMN IT” when the wind blew hard and all his curly hair went into his face.

The boys hyped up the crowd for a few minutes on deck 11 and sprayed silly string. I got hit by Nick’s silly string first. Then they slowly moved to the main stage in the center of the Lido deck.

Brian and Leighanne stayed on deck 11 for a while and took pictures with the fans in VIP. I didn’t have VIP so I could only watch from behind a blockade of deck chairs. Then when they were done taking pictures they walked toward the stairs to get down to the Lido Deck and to the main stage. I tried to get Brian and Leighanne’s attention but it was useless. Security told me to move as they breezed by me.

Once all of Backstreet is on the stage, they brought up some fans to join them on stage to play beer pong. Only Nick, Howie, and Brian played beer pong. AJ decided to play host since he is trying to abstain from drinking alcohol.

Here’s Brian, 2 fans, and Eddie from Ground Control playing beer pong.

I had a really good view of Brian’s butt during beer pong.

There was one point when the DJ began playing “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Nick asked, “Do you remember that one game show?” He was talking about “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” where Backstreet had to sing the song for the game.

If you watched my earlier video from the Sail Away Party where Backstreet danced to “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas then you would have seen an older gentleman that Brian introduced as Billy from Philly. Apparently he is the owner of Rose Tours, the company that runs the cruise. December 3rd is his birthday so Backstreet sang a very quick “Happy Birthday” to him.

Here’s a short video of Brian and Leighanne dancing to Michael Jackson’s PYT. They are such a cute couple! I hope one day I can find a love like theirs.

Brian dancing to New Kids On The Block’s “You Got It (The Right Stuff).”

There was one point when Nick and Howie went to the bar. Naomi and I scurried off to the bar to try to catch them. We got a good spot in front of the bar but Nick and Howie went on the opposite side of where we were! Nick and Howie handed out shots. I hoped that once Nick was done with that side that he’d come over to my side but he didn’t.

The side I was on tried to get Nick to come to our side. We kept waving him over and he gave us all a WTF look. It looked like he thought we were trying to tell him something else but we were trying to get him to come over to our side. I think he was playing innocent and he knew exactly what we wanted. After we were over trying to wave at him, he smirked at us and then pointed to his eyes with his pointer finger and middle finger and then to us like “I got you but I ain’t coming over there.” Boo.

After Nick and Howie were done handing out shots they went back to the main stage. I noticed when Nick got back to the main stage he started talking to this one chick. They seemed to be having an intense conversation and I really wished I either had superhero hearing and/or the ability to read lips. That’s when I realized I hadn’t seen Lauren at the party at all. I remembered last year Lauren was at all the parties and all the events. Hmmm…

The night was winding down. Brian, AJ, and Nick had left but Howie was the only one to stay behind. Howie then started to take pictures with fans. It was a rough crowd but I took a picture with Howie. I had to take it myself because I didn’t want to risk him getting away. In these types of situations a fan has to be fast so even just a split second of asking another fan to take a picture would be too long.

After I took the picture, I saw that Howie’s wig hair had covered up one of my eyes. I just thought it was so hilarious.

Howie stuck around some more and took tons of pics with fans. I really appreciated that he stayed and didn’t sneak away like the other Backstreet Boys did. I remember near the end of the night Careless Whisper by George Michael played and I thought finally the DJ plays a good 80’s song.

I also remembered the song “Lady In Red” played. Eventually Howie left so Naomi and I went back to our cabin to sleep.

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