Monday, April 25, 2011

Mailbox Monday - 3 weeks of mail!

Happy Mailbox Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter if you celebrate it.

I've been slacking on my entries this month. This post will include 3 weeks of mail.

Here's a picture of everything I received from April 4th to April 23rd:

April 4th - April 9th:

April 4th
-$3.00 Pinecone Research Check
-$135 Yoogi's Closet check - Since I need money for my Backstreet Boys Cruise in December I decided to sell my Marc Jacobs Clutch to Yoogi's Closet.

April 6th
-2011 Backstreet Boys calendars (They were technically not free because I paid for shipping & handling.)
-Two $3.00 checks ($6.00 total) from trading in 2 video games through Best Buy's online trade-in program

April 7th
-NKOTBSB ticket (Not free but I just wanted to remembered when I received it.)

April 8th
-OK! magazine
-$3.00 Pinecone Research check

April 11th - April 16th:

April 11th
-Pepsi Max T-shirt
-Shisiedo sample

April 13th
-Oxy sample from Walmart

April 14th
-Matthew Morrison ticket (Not free but I just wanted to remembered when I received it.)

April 16th
-OK! magazine
-Better Homes & Garden magazine
-Mike & Ikes candy

April 17th to April 23rd:

April 18th
-Marie Claire magazine
-Tide Wash In booster & Tide sample from being one of the first 150,000 to sign up on their Facebook page

April 20th
-Mayo sample

April 21st
-Shape magazine
-Bsb cruise DVD
-Mirolax sample
-Product trial

April 22nd
-OK! magazine
-Aveda free product coupons
-Better Homes & Garden magazine

April 23rd
-$3.00 Pinecone Survey Check
-USPS sample showcase box that includes:
1. Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant sample
2. Wisk Detergent sample
3. 1 Biscotti
4. 1 GUM Soft Picks sample & coupon
5. Starbucks VIA coupon
6. 2 French Vanilla Coffee Mate samples

If you have any freebies you've received in the mail lately feel free to share them with me and the other Mailbox Monday participants at

Frugal Friend

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Marsha Cooper said...

I looked at the picture and though OMG that's tons of mail for a week! I see now it's for most of the month, but still so many goodies.

youy said...

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