Monday, March 21, 2011

Mailbox Monday - $17.36 check from!

Happy Mailbox Monday everyone!

A majority of my mail were magazines this past week. My favorite freebies are the checks I received from Pinecone and The Backstreet Boys 2011 cruise was just announced so I'm trying to save as many pennies as I can to fund my trip.

Here's a picture of everything I received:

March 14th
-Cosmo magazine
-$3 Pinecone Research Survey check
-$17.36 check - Click here to sell your unwanted DVDs, CDs, & video games for cash!
-2011 calendar from Kaiser

March 16th
-More magazine
-Coupon for 1 free box of Just for Men or Touch of Gray

March 17
-More magazine
-Wired magazine
-Better Homes & Garden magazine

March 18th
-Playstation 3 Heroes game I won from Subway's Instant Win Game

March 19th
-Marie Claire
-OK! mag

If you have any freebies you've received in the mail lately feel free to share them with me and the other Mailbox Monday participants at

Frugal Friend

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Anonymous said...

Awesome mailbox week! I don't buy DVDs except some exercise one's so I have nothing to sell. Boo!

Marsha Cooper said...

I signed up for some free magazine subscription this past week, and then took the offer to order a 2nd one for just $2. I chose the OK magazine. Don't even remember which one I'm supposed to be getting free LOL