Monday, February 21, 2011

Mailbox Monday - Happy President's Day!

Happy Mailbox Monday and President's Day everyone!

I received a lot of goodies in the mail. My favorite is the eBates check of $46.69 which is going into my Backstreet Boys and Glee tour fund. If you haven't joined eBates yet, you should by clicking here. It's a great way to earn cash back on online purchases.

I also love the Linea Pelle wallet I eliminated full price on. You can read about how I got the wallet for $21.97 when it normally costs $181.33 here:

Here's a picture of everything I received in the mail:

February 14
-Crest White Strips sample from Walmart
-7x7 magazine

February 15th
-eBates check of $46.69
-Covergirl Natureluxe sample from Walmart

February 17th
-Wired magazine
-Linea Pelle Wallet worth $181.33 but cost only $21.97 after discount, coupon, and eBates rebate. You can read more about how I eliminated full price on this wallet here:

February 18th
-OK! Magazine
-Soap Opera Digest
-Entertainment Weekly

February 19th
-Toaster Strudel coupons
-McDonald's coupons
-Mike & Ikes candy I won from Mike & Ikes' website
-Kleenex Atrapa pack that includes a bag, kids t-shirt, hat, travel Kleenex pack, coupon, activity book, and Kleenex travel pack holder.

If you have any freebies you've received in the mail lately feel free to share them with me and the other Mailbox Monday participants at

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Yona said...

You always win the coolest things! I want Mike & Ikes! I've been trying my luck at online sweepstakes this month. Hopefully, something will come out of it. Happy MM!