Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the Year Freebies & Discounts!

I ended 2010 by scoring myself some freebies and discounts. I first went to Sprinkles in Palo Alto and got a free milk chocolate cupcake. The full price of one cupcake at Sprinkles is $3.25 but I paid $0.00.

After getting my free cupcake, I went got a Honey Baked Ham because my mom wanted one for our New Year's celebration. I used a coupon I found on Honey Baked Ham's website for $9 off an 8 or 9 lbs. ham. The ham I got was 8 lbs. and the full price was $51.27. The $9 off coupon brought down the price to $42.27.

A few months ago, I won two free meal vouchers good for a two piece meal with 2 sides, and tortillas at El Pollo Loco. They held a contest on their Twitter (@elpollolocoinc). The expiration date on the vouchers was 12/31/10 so I had to use them before they expired. Each two piece meal costs $5.09. Plus I ordered 1 small drink and they full price was $1.59.

$5.09 + $5.09 + $1.59 = $11.77 is the full price of everything. The cashier was kind enough to let the drink be free too so I paid $0.00.

Then I went to Aveda at Valley Fair Mail because I had a coupon for a free product worth $25. I got the coupon from being part of their mailing list. One of the perks to being part of their mailing list is getting a coupon for a free product worth $25 on your birthday. My birthday is on October 5th but the coupon expires on 12/31/10 so I didn't want it to go to waste.

The free gift I chose was bath salt. The full price is $25 but I paid $0.00.

In October, Rite Aid had a contest where they were giving away coupon codes for their photo department. I won a code 10 free 4 x 6 prints. I decided to get 4 x 6 prints of pictures from the Backstreet Boys cruise I attended.

The full price of 10 4 x 6 prints at Rite Aid is $1.50 but I paid $0.00.

I had a coupon for Energizer rechargeable batteries. I went to CVS and got AAA Energizer rechargeable batteries. The full price is $12.99 and tax was $1.20. The coupon deducted $12.99 and I used the CVS gift card I got for free from My Points to cover the $1.20 tax so I paid $0.00.

In 2009, I received a coupon from McDonalds because I wrote them a e-mail saying I lost a coupon they had mailed to me. The coupon was for one McCafe coffee. I used the coupon to get an iced latte with hazelnut syrup. This drink went well with the free cupcake I got at Sprinkles! The full price of an iced coffee is $2.07 but I paid $0.00.

I ended my freebie streak at Safeway where I got a box of Crystal Light Popsicles for free with the last coupon I won from Twitter in 2009. The full price of Crystal Light Popsicles is $2.99 but I paid $0.00.

Then my dad wanted to try using the Blockbuster Express Machine inside Safeway. I had a code for one free DVD rental. The movie we rented was Salt with Angelina Jolie. The full price of a DVD rental is $1.00 but I paid $0.00.

Finding freebies was a great way to end 2010. I hope I can find more in 2011!

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