Monday, December 20, 2010

Memories Made In Miami & on the 2010 Backstreet Boys Cruise #bsbcruise2010

Warning: This is a very long review!

The 2010 Backstreet Boys cruise was an impulse decision for me. I originally didn’t plan on going but the day before cabins went on sale, I was on the old Backstreet Boys Live Daily forum reading through the designated cruise thread. A lot of fans posted they were going. I got caught up in the moment and wanted to go too!

I replied to the thread and asked if anyone had room for one more person in their cabin. A fan named Holly said she and another fan named Liliana were going together and let me join in their group. Liliana handled the booking for the 3 of us. On the day of booking, all the cheap cabins sold out fast so Liliana decided to have me and Holly share a pricier balcony cabin while she’d be in a separate balcony cabin by herself.

It didn’t hit me until December that I was going on a cruise. I was both nervous and excited. I was nervous because I’d never been to the eastern part of the US and I‘d never been on a cruise. I was excited because I got to have one last 2010 Backstreet Boys adventure and meet tons of fans!

December 8th, 2010

At around 4:00am I arrive at SFO. My dad drops me off near the American Airlines terminal. I walk inside and see a few people around. Some are sitting down and some are standing in line to check-in their luggage. I had no idea where to go or what to do so I start walking toward where there are more people.

That’s when I spot a big guy in a red t-shirt and red shorts. I recognize him as one of Backstreet’s bodyguards named Drew. Then I did a quick scan of the premises to see if there was a Backstreet Boy around but there wasn’t. I jokingly wondered if he and I would be on the same flight.

I’ve never had a flight depart early in the morning so I had no idea security didn’t operate 24 hours at the airport. I assumed security was always open. I waited for about half an hour before a line started to form. I go through security and walk toward my designated gate. I sat down in a chair and waited for the boarding time.

A few minutes later Drew stands near where I’m sitting. I debate with myself whether or not I should say something to him but I decided not to. Then he walks up to the ticket counter and asks for a first class upgrade. I’m not a frequent flier so I don’t even know what would even qualify me for an upgrade.

I get on the plane and settle in. Then a few minutes later I see Drew was able to get a first class upgrade. The flight from SFO to MIA took approximately 6 hours. The seat was so uncomfortable. My butt was getting no cushion. I tried to readjust my position a couple of times but nothing helped. I also tried to sleep on the plane since I hadn’t slept yet. I managed to get about 3 hours of sleep.

The plane landed approximately at 1:45pm Miami time which was earlier than expected. By the time I got off the plane it was 1:55pm. I caught myself up on some text messages and then went off to search for Liliana since our flights arrived almost at the same time. I didn’t know where I was walking so I just started walking toward my left. Liliana said she was down at baggage claim so I followed the signs that pointed in the direction of it.

I kept following the signs until I ended up at a dead end and the stop for the monorail. I wasn’t sure if I had to get on it or not. I decided to get on it and thankfully I did because it led me straight to baggage claim. I tried to find Liliana but I couldn’t spot her.

She said she was at baggage claim 25 so I looked all over and thought she was a girl standing against the wall. I almost went up to that girl but I wanted to be sure first. I sent Liliana a text and she said she moved to baggage claim 24 which was nearby. I asked her what she was wearing so I could try to find her so she described her clothes.

Then she sent me a text that said she had a zebra suitcase. It was because of that zebra suitcase that I saw her. Once we find each other, she introduces me to another fan named Marcie and her mom who are also going on the cruise and staying at the same hotel we are which was the Marriot.

The 4 of us get in a taxi line and head to the Marriot. The drive was longer than I expected but it gave me an opportunity to get a nice look of Miami. I loved the view of the water and the downtown skyline. Once we get to the Marriot, Marcie and her mom check in, while Liliana and I find another fan named Ana. Liliana had already known Ana previously. Ana had booked a room at the Marriot and let Liliana and me stay with her.

Once we get settled in the room, Liliana and I go visit some fans she knows: Anne Marie, Jennifer, Lalie, and Shauna. They were all from different parts of New Jersey. After that, I wanted to meet a fan, Stephanie, and her friend, Maria, who I had met on the fan club. They were both from Ohio.

After missing out on seeing Backstreet when they were in San Francisco for the Ryan Seacrest interview, I was determined to stand next to Nick in the Miami acoustic show meet and greet picture to make up for my mistake.

I posted on the fan club that I was looking for AJ, Brian, and Howie fans since Liliana and I wanted to take both of Nick’s sides. No one replied at first. I was getting worried but practically the day before I left for Miami, I found Stephanie and Maria. Stephanie is an AJ fan so she wanted to stand next to him. Her friend Maria didn’t care which Bsb she stood next to so we assigned her to Howie. It was also great that we all stayed in the same hotel so it was easier to find each other.

I knocked on Stephanie and Maria’s door. A few seconds later, Stephanie pops her head out. Apparently I have horrible timing because she only had a towel around her body. She said Maria was in the shower and she was about to shower too lol Whoops. I apologize and tell her I just wanted to drop by and say “hi” and that I’ll keep her updated on what time we’d leave the hotel to go to the acoustic show.

Liliana and I head back to our hotel room and to get ready. By 5:30pm we’re all ready to go to the acoustic show which is at the Byron Carlyle Theatre. There are 9 of us but luckily we find a taxi van that fits all of us perfectly. The ride was very bumpy and I had to hold on to the seat in front of me so I wouldn’t fly off my seat and smack against the window.

When the van pulls up to the Byron Carlyle Theatre, there’s a line along the side of the building.

We get in line and wait. I know I’ve waited longer in lines but the wait feels so long even though it was about 2 hours. I got to meet a fan named Emily whom I know from the fan club, Twitter, and Facebook. Then I met a fan named Kim who I found on the fan club who wanted to stand next to Brian during the meet and greet picture.

The line starts to move and we all check in. The lady at the box office gives me a dark pink ticket and a yellow wristband for the meet and greet. Then we all get into another line and wait to go inside. Since we were toward the back of the line an usher directs us to the balcony area. The venue was so small so we didn’t have a bad view. It was definitely smaller than the Napa venue. I sat in the 2nd row on the stage right side of the balcony which converts to row 10 if I count the 9 rows in front of the balcony.

I couldn’t figure out the right setting for my camera. Most of my pictures came out like this:

But some came out decent like this:

Some pictures came out half blurry half not blurry. In this picture Brian is blurry but Nick’s face isn’t:

During one point of the Q&A Nick came into the audience and stood near the balcony area. I thought, darn, I wish he came into the audience in Napa.

It was overall a very energetic show. I loved being in the audience with fans from all over the world. A user on youtube called stacknine21 practically recorded the whole show on her camera. The ironic part is the video is shot from the same exact view I had so I think we sat close to each other.

You can watch almost the entire Miami Acoustic show here:

I wanted to ask Nick a question during the Q&A but Justin only had 1 person ask a question in the balcony section. Justin already had some people lined up to ask a question but he got cut off by the boys who ended the show with the last song “I Want It That Way.”

I was determined to ask Nick a question and my one last opportunity of that night was during the meet and greet. I know meet and greets with Backstreet Boys go faster than a speeding bullet but I wanted to take the risk. I made a plan that during the meet and greet I would just go for it without any hesitation.

The meet and greet was after the show. I assumed since Napa’s and New York’s acoustic show meet and greet had 5 people per picture that it would be the same for Miami. Apparently half way through the picture taking, Backstreet’s people changed their mind and made it 8 people per group!

I started to feel nervous because I REALLY wanted to stand next to Nick in the picture because of missing Backstreet in SF. Each row is called up and I tried asking the people I sat next to who they wanted to stand next to but it seemed everyone wanted to stand next to Nick! My hope to stand next to him was dwindling.

When it was almost time to go into the room where the meet and greet picture was being taken, Howie starts hugging people in line but instead of staying inside the room he starts drifting outside of the room. The bodyguard at the door says “Wrong way Howie” and everyone laughs.

Then out of nowhere Nick literally bursts out of the room and no one seemed to care. He stood in front of me with his back facing me for an awkward second. When no one screamed or tried to jump him he bounced back into the room. I was about 5 seconds away from saying his name so he could turn around and look at me so I could say something like “hi” to him but I hesitated.

When I finally got inside the room, I saw Howie and AJ but they were occupied with a few fans. Next was Nick who had no one hugging or talking to him. I open my arms and say “Heeey Nick” and we hug. I’ve hugged Nick before but this one felt different. I could feel how cushiony he was. His body didn’t feel like rock hard muscle but it didn’t feel flabby either. It felt just right ;)

After I hug him, I try to move on to Brian but there are fans surrounding him. I didn’t even see him! For a few seconds I’m awkwardly standing next to Nick. It’s like no one in the room cared about him except me :p Then someone yells, “PICTURE!”

Since I’m already standing next to Nick, I position myself on his right side and put my arm around him. I was bursting with happiness that I got to stand next to Nick in the acoustic show picture. Honestly, that was my number 1 goal of the whole trip. I didn’t even really care if I stood next to Nick in the meet and greet picture on the cruise anymore.

Also you might have noticed I'm not wearing my glasses. I had ONE pair of contact lenses left that I had been saving to use on this trip :p

When the pic is over, I lean against the wall and make myself comfortable. I go in for the kill and say, “Nick, I read online that your solo album is called ‘I’m Taking Off.’ Is that true?”

Nick leans his head closer to me and replies, “Yes.”

Then I immediately fire off a follow up question and ask him, “What inspired that?”

He looks up for a moment to think about his answer and then he replies, “It’s a song.”

I then say, “Oh, okay.”

That’s when one of Backstreet’s bodyguards, I think his name is Q, puts his hand between Nick and I and tells me it’s time to move on. As I back away from Nick, I fire off one last question, “Japan only?”

Nick shook his head and replied, “No.”

I didn’t even say the whole question but I loved that he appeared to understand what I meant and gave an answer anyway. My full question was, “Will your solo album come out only in Japan?”

After standing next to Nick in the meet and greet picture and getting to do a brief 5 second personal Q&A with him, my weekend was practically made. It was nice to say a few words to Nick without other fans in the way, pushing me, hogging his attention, or saying silly things he’s heard a million times like “OMG! I love you!” or “OMG! You’re so hot!”

It was also nice Nick actually answered me and listened to what I was saying. In my previous experiences he was quiet and barely said one or two words to me. There was also no walking away from me abruptly like he did in Napa. (Ha! Couldn’t walk away from me this time Nick :p)

I surprisingly felt calm and relaxed while talking to Nick. Now that I look back on it, I think he appreciated that I wasn’t freaking out or trying to invade his personal space. It was such a stark contrast from my first time meeting him in Seattle in 2005 when I was so nervous. My heart was racing and my lips were quivering back then.

After the meet and greet, we take the same taxi van back to the Marriot and figure out where to eat. It was late so there weren’t very many food places open. While trying to find a place to eat, we find a Christmas tree and take a group picture in front of it:

We all go into Anne Marie and Jennifer’s hotel room and figure out what to eat. Anne Marie, Lalie, and Liliana decided to walk around and find food. They managed to find a place for sandwiches and pizza. I decided to join in on the pizza and drink some soda.

Either the pizza was really delicious or I was just so hungry that I was at the point where anything I’d put in my mouth would taste good.

December 9th, 2010

It was around 2:00am when I fell asleep. I woke up around 8:15am. We all got ready to head to the port. The guy who drove us to the Byron Carlyle Theatre also drove us to the port. Once we arrive, we get our bags taken away and go through security. After security we check in and wait for our boarding zone to be called. We’re all in boarding zone 1. They lady who checked me in told me she liked my name and said it was beautiful :)

About an hour passes by when someone notices Backstreet Boys entering the VIP check in area. One of the side doors for VIP check in was open so I saw part of Nick’s head. A few minutes later, they all exit the VIP area and ride the escalator. AJ is first, Nick is second, Brian is third, and Howie is fourth. They’re all with their families and significant others.

When Nick reaches the second level he walks toward the boat but then suddenly stops. He takes his camera out and aims it in our direction. I got a picture of him taking a picture. I wonder if I made it into one of his pictures lol

Brian and his family were walking behind Nick so that’s when I started to take video. After Brian was Howie and his family.

Video of Brian, Howie, and their families headed toward the boat:

After all of the Backstreet Boys are on the boat, boarding zone 1 is called and we all ride up the same escalator they were just on. Then we take a group embark picture.

We then walk the same path Backstreet was just walking through earlier and board the boat. Then it hits me. I’m on a boat! We decide it’s best we pick up our wristbands first and then get something to eat. My wristband is black and on the seating chart the seats look decent. Liliana and I are sitting next to each other in the lower level section called Window 1. I was happy our seats weren’t in the upper level.

We head up to the 9th deck which is called the Lido deck. It’s the deck where the buffet is. We’re about to get in line for food when we spot Nick coming from the opposite direction and he’s approaching us. We’re a line of 9 girls and Nick goes down the line and gives us each a hug. I was the last girl in the line.

My chin kind of smacked against his shoulder but I didn’t mind ;) Other fans asked him for a picture but he wanted to eat so he didn’t take any with anyone. I didn’t even care about a picture, I was just surprised that we were barely on the boat for 1 hour and we already unexpectedly bumped into one Backstreet Boy.

We then get food and settle at a couple of tables. Off to the side was Nick, Lauren, and his bodyguard. They didn’t stay long at that table though. I think Nick ate as fast as he could and was out of there quick. Then in the tables in front of us, Brian, Leighanne, Baylee, and Leighanne’s relatives ate there. We didn’t want to bother them while they ate so we just hung back and left them alone.

I thought that since we were leaving Brian alone to eat with his family that it would pay off in the end and that we would all get a picture with him. It didn’t happen. No one bothered Brian for almost 30 minutes but then as fans started to notice he was there, out of nowhere a huge crowd of fans started to surround him. I figured if I don’t get up and join the crowd then I probably wouldn’t get a picture with Brian. Anne Marie, Jennifer, Liliana, and I were so close to getting a picture with Brian when Drew the bodyguard said that Brian needs to take a break. Two minutes later Brian leaves.

Although I didn’t get a picture with Brian, I did get this interesting picture of him:

After Brian left, we all left to go to our cabins. I was on the 8th deck in cabin 8302 which is where all the balcony cabins were. Liliana was my neighbor in 8306.

Here’s a quick video I took of the cabin and the view from the balcony:

We also had to go through an emergency drill. Once I heard the emergency alarm go off, I go to my muster station which was H. During the drill Leighanne’s sister and her family were behind us. The drill was pretty short and once we’re dismissed we all go back to our cabins.

The first official event of the Backstreet Boys cruise was Family Feud. Backstreet Manager Jenn held an envelope with everyone’s names. She drew 4 names to come up to play with Backstreet. It was Backstreet Girls versus Backstreet Boys. Nick had no idea how to play Family Feud. He said he was way too young for the game which is a total lie because he’s about 5 and a half years older than me and I clearly remember watching Family Feud when I was a child.

Backstreet didn’t even play it correctly. It was hilarious seeing them try to guess the survey answers.

The survey questions and answers were:

Name something that Howie is embarrassed to admit he has worn.

Answers: Women’s Panties/Clothes, Leather Pants, Long Hair, Speedo

Video of Howie's survey question with Nick answering. Also, starting at 3:30 in this video Manager Jenn says to the Backstreet Girls, "Think long and hard."

Brian asks, "Did you say long and hard?"

A few seconds later Nick says, "She said long and hard."

Name something Brian might bring on tour with him.

Answers: Bible, (I didn’t get the 2nd answer), Family, Dog

Video of Brian's survey question. This is where Nick says, "I'm way too young for this game.":

Name something Nick does to pass the time at the venue or on the tour bus.

Answers: Play video games, Listen to Music, (I didn’t get the 3rd answer), Text/Tweet

Video of AJ & Brian answering Nick's survey question. The fans start booing and Brian asks "Why are our fans booing?" lol

If not a musician, what other career path would AJ have chosen?

Answers: Actor, Dancer, Porn Star, Puppeteer

After Family Feud it was the "She’s a Dream Dating Game." For each Backstreet Boy, 3 fans were picked to play the game from drawing names out of the envelope Manager Jenn was holding. I wasn’t picked :(

After answering a few questions, each Backstreet Boy would pick the one contestant they liked the best based on their answers.

AJ went first. I honestly don’t remember much from AJ’s dating game parts. I do remember that when AJ came out for the dating game, the mic was low so it was near his crotch. He kept playing with it and positioning it on his crotch area. AJ picked a fan named Lianne and when Brian heard that name, he came on stage and asked, “Did you say Leighanne?” lol

Next was Brian. The first question Brian asked his 3 contestants was “What is your favorite position?” lol (They never did specify what exactly “position” meant. It could have been sexual or not :p)

Howie was 3rd and I don’t remember much from his dating game part either. Brian decided to take over for Manager Jenn and host Howie’s part.

Nick was the last one to go. When Manager Jenn introduces him, she says he has the dirtiest mind of the Backstreet Boys. (Oooh, I like that.)

The first question Nick asks is: If you were an alien, and you could abduct anyone on earth other than me and any of the other Backstreet Boys who would you abduct and why?

The second question was: If you would describe yourself as an animal what kind of animal would you be and why?

The third question he asked was: Where’s the weirdest placed you’ve ever kissed somebody?

I would have LOVED to be able to play this game with Nick. I would have turned my flirt on and rocked those questions with my answers ;)

The lucky winners of the "She’s a Dream Dating Game" won a serenade from the Backstreet Boy that picked them for the concert on Sunday! Gah, that seriously would have been the ultimate contest win for me if I had been picked.

After the event we go back to our cabins and get ready for the cocktail party. When it was almost 7:00pm, we all head to the Lido deck where there’s a bunch of fans scattered around. It was free cocktails for everyone so I grab a red drink first. When I finish that I grab a blue drink. My third drink was red again and the server offered me a fourth drink but I had to refuse. I needed one hand free just in case I had to take a picture or video of something :p

I didn’t even remember recording this video of Howie, Nick, and Brian walking through the crowd at the cocktail party.

After the cocktail party was dinner, there were 9 of us so we were taken to a long table that was near the entrance/exit in the corner of the dining room. We sit down and are given menus. The entrée I chose was ribs! I loves me some ribs. Mmmmm!

Apparently we sat down at the right table because sometime during dinner Howie walked by us on his way to the bathroom. Then after he comes back from the bathroom someone asks if we could get a group picture of him at our table but his bodyguard says no.

A few moments later I saw Nick coming toward our table. He was on his way to the bathroom. He slowed down his walking because people were saying things to him and he touched some hands. I was sitting near the end of the table and as he came closer to our table I thought for moment whether I should hold out my hand or not.

I decided to partially hold my hand out. I didn’t even reach for him, stretch my arm out for him, or frantically wave my hand at him. I totally didn’t expect him to touch my hand at all since my arm wasn’t all the way out but as he walked by he reached over to me and touched his hand with mine. His whole palm slowly glided against my palm. I was like, hell yeah my hand was the last hand he touched before he went to the bathroom :p It wasn’t even a pathetic hand touch. His hand full on touched mine and his fingers glided on it.

Apparently, the waiters sing and dance to a song right around when dessert is served. The song was “Low” by Flo-Rida. I couldn’t see it but Nick and AJ came up and danced during the song.

Liliana was able to get video of it:

After dinner, it was the International party which was on the Lido deck. I get in the elevator and Justin and Eddie from the fan club are inside. As the elevator door slides to close, a fan I’ve seen on Livedaily named Lisa asks if I’m Jocelyn and I say yes as the doors close lol

I go back into my cabin for a brief moment. I see that housekeeping made an animal of the towels. I'm not even sure what animal it is. I think it's a stingray. (I know it doesn't look exciting in the picture but it was cute in person.)

Then I see below my pillow is a black Bravado bag. I quickly realize it’s the Backstreet cruise gift bag. When I looked inside I was underwhelmed with its contents. There was a Backstreet cruise poster with the itinerary on the back.

Then there was a smaller blue bag with 3 beaded necklaces, a yellow rubber ducky, a black bubble container, a blue bubble container, 2 temporary BSB tattoos, 2 skinny glow sticks, and an 8x10 NKOTBSB picture.

It was a rather cheap gift bag. Oh well, better than nothing I suppose. The reason there was a rubber ducky in the bags is they had a contest where whoever got a gold rubber ducky would get to see an exclusive sound check with Backstreet. My ducky was yellow :(

I then make my way up to the 9th deck for the International party. I had the hardest time finding a Filipino flag or something decent to wear to represent the Philippines. I decided to wear an orange button down top and black pants. My mom had told me that the orange top and black pants could represent the color of the San Francisco Giants who are the current World Series champions for baseball. Then I brought a small US flag to represent America, the land that I love!

I guess Brian had the same idea as me because he represented America too! He was head to toe in red, white, and blue! It was fascinating to see Brian hosting a club type of party since he never went to the Backstreet Boys after parties that happened during the "This is Us" tour. He was really into it. I actually think he was a more entertaining host than Nick was.

While Backstreet came into the crowd, I thought I heard AJ say that the DJ would play a brand new Nick Carter song. I wasn’t sure but I started recording on my camera just in case. I tried to hear if it was Nick’s voice but it was hard since the music was loud and the crowd was loud too.

Thank goodness I recorded because when I watched the video I found out it was a new Nick song! I really like it and I can’t wait to hear it without the crowd noise. The video is very shakey because Brian passed by and there was lots of pushing. Nick's song can be heard though.

Brian & Nick sharing a mic during “Living on a Prayer” & “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”

Sometime during the party, Nick and Howie, come into the crowd and go straight to the bar. I love this picture I took of Nick and Howie walking down the stairs to go to the bar. If you’re wondering what the hell Nick is wearing, I heard that he was representing Japan for the International party. That’s why he wore that jacket.

They hang out on the bar counter and start handing out shots to as many people as they could. I wasn’t close enough so I couldn’t get a shot. Someone had handed Nick and Howie red wigs that they both wore while they handed out shots.

Nick and Howie then head back up to the VIP/stage area. A few moments pass and then Nick and AJ come back down and make their way to the other bar on the other side of the deck. They start handing out shots.

Once again I wasn’t close enough to get a shot. AJ was wearing a kilt and he was just babbling the whole time. He said how he and his wife were going to have sex later in their cabin and asked if anyone wanted pictures. I thought, um, no please lol Then he said he was just kidding. He also mentioned that he was wearing underwear under his kilt. He didn’t want to but he knew people would be looking up his kilt lol

Then he also talked about how “I Want It That Way” doesn’t make sense and how even the writers of the song don’t even know what it means. I think I know what the song means. My personal interpretation of “I Want It That Way” is I think it’s about a couple who just loves drama and pushing each others buttons and they can’t decide whether or not they love each other or hate each other but they’re at the point where they don’t even care and that’s the way they want it.

When Backstreet says goodnight and disappears from the VIP/stage area I head back to my cabin for a much needed rest. Day 1 of the cruise was already over!

December 10th, 2010

When I woke up on Friday, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I wanted to continue sleeping. My roommate Holly wanted to go to breakfast and asked if I wanted to go with her. At first I didn’t want to because I wasn’t really hungry. Then I thought what if I don’t have an opportunity to eat later on. I don’t even bother changing out of my pajamas. I got out of bed, slipped into some flip flops, and go to the Lido deck for the breakfast buffet with Holly.

Since Holly finished getting her breakfast first, she looked for a table for us to sit at. A minute later, I was finished getting my food and tried to find which table she picked. That’s when I see her and a small crowd of fans around a table. I quickly realize it’s Howie. Then I thought, man, I’m still in the clothes I slept in lol

Apparently he was on his way to get breakfast at the buffet too but stopped for a couple of fans who asked for pictures. The crowd of fans asking for pictures with him was growing. I decided oh why not take a picture with him since he was in the mood to do so.

This is me, in my pajamas with Howie at breakfast. I literally just got out of bed like 5 minutes before this picture happened so I was still half asleep. As you can see, I’m wearing the ROOTS shirt I got from when I was in Canada in August :)

After breakfast, I didn’t have a clue what to do. The boat was docked at Key West, FL. I didn’t know if I wanted to get off the boat and explore or stay on the boat. At first I decided to stay on the boat because I wanted to take a long shower. After my shower, I saw there was still some time to get off the boat and go explore Key West.

It took me a while to figure out how to get off the boat. I had no idea where I was going. I was riding the elevator up and down lol Then I climbed up and down all these stairs while I tried to figure out how the hell to get off the boat.

When I got into another elevator, I saw there was a button for 0 so I pressed it. It took me down and when I got out I still couldn’t figure how to leave. I had to ask an employee who pointed me in the direction to disembark.

Then I was so confused on how to take the shuttle from the boat to downtown Key West. At first I thought I was standing in the spot where the shuttle would pick me up. The shuttle drops off people and then leaves me. I was thinking, um hey driver, I’m here?

That’s when out of nowhere a police officer sitting in an SUV asks me if I’m going to downtown Key West? I say yes. Then he says the driver will pick me up on the other side. I tell him thank you and walk over to the other side. I thought that was so nice of the police officer to help me out when he clearly could see how confused I was. I was thinking geez, the driver could have at least said something to me like wait over there instead of just ignoring me.

The shuttle drops me off near a place called Clinton Square Market. There’s a bunch of souvenir shops inside. While looking at the souvenir’s inside the mall, I found personalized license plates. I wanted to see if they had my name Jocelyn and to my surprise they did! I haven’t been able to find personalized things with my name on them for years. I had to buy it!

I tried to meet up with either Holly or Liliana in Key West since they both got off the boat before me but it was impossible to find them. I ended up walking around by myself. I did find another place that had key chains. They had key chains that said “I <3> Nick" but I didn't buy one so I took a picture of it instead.

It was almost 1:00pm and the last shuttle back to the ship was at 1:15pm so I started to head back to the shuttle area. I saw the line for the shuttle was rapidly growing. That’s when I spot Howie walking by with his family and bodyguard. There were tons of fans surrounding him.

I eventually make it back to the ship and I stand on the balcony as the ship leaves Key West. I see the US Coast Guard on the side of the ship escorting it out to sea and take a picture of it. Then I found out later that a similar picture was posted on the Backstreet Boys twitter account.

My coast guard picture:

Backstreet Boys coast guard picture:

Leaving Key West - Let the party start! #bsbcruise2010 on Twitpic

The first Backstreet event of the day was the “This is Us Q&A.” Apparently a few months earlier Rose Tours sent out an e-mail to cruise go-ers asking for questions. I never got the e-mail so I didn’t get a chance to send in any questions :(

There were 4 chairs on the stage and when Backstreet sat down, they wanted to move the chairs up closer to the fans. While this was a nice gesture, it meant that Brian was mostly blocked from my view. There was a pole in the way from where I sat.

Sometimes I could see Brian when he leaned forward in his chair.

I remember one of the questions was: What’s the most rock star thing you’ve ever done?

Brian said buying 2 cars for his wife within a 4 day period. He said they were at a car dealership when the manager said there was a brand new car that just came in and Leighanne fell in love with it.

Brian wanted to surprise her so without her knowing so he bought it. He said he wanted to be like a Lexus commercial with the big red bow. He mentioned the manager looked skeptical that Brian wanted to buy the car right then and there. It was like the manager was thinking, “Is your dad here?” because Brian looked too young to be buying such an expensive car.

Apparently on the way to being delivered, the car got keyed. Brian had to get in a lawsuit for years over it. Since the car exterior was damaged, he bought her another car that she ended up liking more than the first car he bought.

Nick said the most rock star thing he’s done was getting his 50 foot boat stuck and how the press made fun of him for it. Then he said he has so many rock star stories that he might have to put it in a book someday because that’s the PG version for us.

Howie said that the most rock star thing he’s done was in a hotel in Orlando. He thought the rooms were small. He had a few drinks in him so he thought it would be a brilliant idea to throw the ironing board out the window lol

AJ said the most rock star thing he’s done was when he went to the red light district in I think Amsterdam. He said Howie was with him and they went to a show. One of the performers started to take off his pants and that’s when Howie gets up and leaves lol

Here’s video of Nick saying what he does on his day off. He says he’s a jack of all trades. Then Brian answers the same question:

In the following video Backstreet talking about singing and forgetting lyrics.

Nick says, “Howie, just, I said you know eff it, just go for it.”

Howie says: “What’s eff it?”

Nick replies: “Freak it.”:

Someone asked what was their guilty pleasure and Nick answered sushi! Once he said that I was craving sushi really bad. I just heart sushi so much.

Brian said his guilty pleasure is “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Private Practice”, “Brother’s & Sisters”, and “Extreme Home Make Over.”

Howie said his was French Fries! Mmmm these Bsb’s were making me hungry.

Another question was if they heard their song come on the radio would they change the station or listen to their song? AJ talks about hearing “All I Have to Give” on the radio.

Then Nick says he doesn’t hear Bsb songs on the radio. He says he hears them in the grocery store or in the elevator. The grocery store part is true for me. I hear Bsb in the grocery store too.

Someone then asked if they were drag queens what would their name be? AJ said Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Nick said he’d be Elvira, Howie said he’d be Lupita la Seniorita, and Brian said he’d be Brianna or Tally McTallerson lol

Then they start talking about the movie "Titanic." Brian starts singing “My Heart Will Go On” and then says to Nick, “You’d make a great Leo dawg. Get up there and do it. I’ll be the girl come on.” Then Brian tries to get Nick to come up stage with him to reenact the famous scene in Titanic.

Once Nick gets up Brian says, “You’re a Leo dawg, I’ll be the girl. I’ll be the girl. I’ll be the girl. Put your arms out.”

Howie then says as they’re reenacting the scene, “That’s really nice. That’s kind of sexual.”

Someone asked which New Kid on the Block they’d save first if something happened? AJ said Donnie, Nick say Joey, Howie said Danny. Then AJ said that Brian could save both the Knights so that would cover all 5.

Brian said, “They would pull me straight over” and he starts to sing, “I’ll be holding you foreverrrrr… WHOA!”

Someone asked what place they would like to visit that they haven’t been to yet. Before this question was answered, the first place that came into my mind was Antarctica. AJ said something about Greece and the Coliseum. Then a fan shouted that the Coliseum was in Rome not Greece lol

Then Nick said he’d love to go to Antarctica! I turned to Liliana and said to her I was just thinking that! Great minds think alike ;) Then Brian said he’d like to go to holy land Jerusalem.

Another question was what advice does Howie and Brian have about wedding/marriage and when is Nick getting married? Nick said that he was taking his time and making sure that everything was right within himself because he didn’t want to repeat any bad cycles since his parents divorced.

Brian said his advice is that weddings are not 50/50 they’re 100/100. Brian said this at Howie’s wedding. I thought it was hilarious when Brian said he’s also been saving this advice for AJ’s wedding (but AJ has been engaged so many times) and so Brian says, “I’m still saving it for AJ.” If you look closely it’s like AJ wanted to say something but then he changed his mind.

Someone asked what do they miss about the early days of Backstreet? Nick says being on a bus together in Europe. Howie’s answer was Lou Pearlman’s house. Howie then describes how amazing Lou’s house was and then a fan in the audience shouts, “You paid for it!” Backstreet bursts out laughing and agree with her.

Another question was boxers or briefs? AJ says briefs and nothing when he’s at home. Howie says he used to wear boxers because the clothes he used to wear were baggy. Now that pants are tighter and more fitting these days he wears briefs.

Then Nick says he can’t wear tightie whities and everyone oooh’s. He says his legs rub together and he gets a rash thing. Nick says it’s a guy thing and a fan in the audience shouts that girls have that problem too and Brian just bursts out laughing. Then Nick says, “Sometimes I don’t wear anything right at all, with my jeans on.”

Brian says, “We all walk around with Nick all the time and we’re like ‘Say no to crack yo.’ Cause he’s like fixing his iPod or something…”

Then Brian starts to imitate what Nick does lol

Nick says, “I got a high crack man.” Ha!

Some fans in the audience shout “Let’s see!”

Howie says, “Nick show ‘em. They’re asking for you to show ‘em.” AJ grabs a water bottle, drops it on the ground and says, “Whoops you dropped your water bottle.”

Nick gets up and picks it up while his ass is up. The other side of the audience says they didn’t see his ass, so Howie says, “They missed it over here Nick, show ‘em one more time.”

AJ grabs the water bottle again and says, “Oh he dropped it again.” So Nick gets up and does the same thing.

Nick then said, “I’m interested in Brian’s (answer).”

Brian says, “I wear briefs. I wear briefs. You know, they’re... they’re nice. They’re nice”

Nick then says, “You guys feel the boat moving? Wait, I’m still hung over.”

The next question after that was if they could choose any celebrity to have a freebie with who would it be? Howie wasn’t sure how to answer. He didn’t want to get in trouble with his wife. He asked his wife who could be his freebie.

Leigh said, “Angelina Jolie.”

Then said Nick, “That’s everyone’s freebie.” lol

AJ said his freebie would either be Lady Gaga or Katy Perry.

Brian said he wouldn’t have a freebie. He said his wife does it the best and he didn’t need anyone else.

I was so curious to hear who Nick’s freebie was. I expected him to name some actress like Cameron Diaz but then he said Oprah lmao! I loves it.

Another question was what’s your favorite song that hasn’t made an album? Nick said his was, “Last Night.” I know the song by its full name “Last Night You Saved My Life.” I call it the doggie style song since in Nick’s verse he sings, “But I’m still lifted from the tattoo on the small of your back, the angle of your chin when you were looking back.” :p

Sometime during the Q&A Nick says he has to pee so he runs off stage. He brought the mic with him and while Howie, AJ, and Brian are talking the audience is shhhhh’ing them. Apparently, the mic was on so we could hear Nick peeing lol Then we hear him flush the toilet. (I found it weird that some fans were telling Bsb to shhhhhh just to hear Nick pee.)

Howie says, “That’s my boy. That’s my boy Nick Carter from Tampa, FL.”

When Nick comes back from the bathroom AJ asks him, “Did you wash your hands?”

Then Nick says, “I don’t need my hands.”

Someone asked who sang to them when they were children? Nick said the radio.

Someone asked which of the 7 sins they were? AJ and Brian said lust. Nick said vanity which I totally agree with. I know I’ve mentioned in the past how in some pictures he just looked so into himself and how he looked. Howie said he was gluttony.

Howie said to Nick, “Do the look. Do the look.” So Nick does his sexy look.

A video of Brian imitating Kevin when he forgets a dance move:

I don’t remember the exact question that was asked but I think it had something to do with what would you change in your past. Nick mentioned that he wouldn’t have eaten so much food.

On the subject of food, someone asked what was their favorite home cooked meal? Nick said dill salmon/like a poached type of salmon with some cool complex carbohydrate vegetables and brown rice on the side. (Only Nick would think complex carbohydrates are “cool.”)

AJ likes the Mexican food his fiancé and fiancé’s mom make like empanada’s, tacos, and guacamole. Howie says it’s tough for him to choose because his mom is Puerto Rican and his dad was a white all American boy so he grew up with all different types of foods. Ultimately he chooses his mom’s Spanish cooking.

Some other questions I remember are what can Backstreet teach New Kids? Someone from the audience shouted “how to sing.”

After the Q&A we all prepare ourselves for the formal Captain’s Dinner/Masquerade Party. Everyone is looking great in their formal attire. When we all get to the dining room we sit down at a round table. A few minutes later Backstreet and their whole entourage walk by to their reserved table near the back of the dining room.

The first thing I noticed about Nick was that he was wearing a black button down shirt and a black jacket that had black sequins on it. He was busy talking to Lauren and was like in his own little world with her. I also got a close up look of Lauren. When I saw her walk in with Nick all I saw was her HUGE boobs in her green top. I don’t even think I saw her face lol! Her boobs are out of control. They are so HUGE lol They are like porn star size boobs. Her top was tight so her boobs were like dying to break free.

On the menu for dinner was lobster. I have never had lobster in my life so I wanted to try it. I was expecting it to be out of this world amazing but when I tried it I was underwhelmed. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. Then I thought what if Nick ends up like that. Like all this time I’m fantasizing about how hot it would be to fuck him and when I actually do it, it’s not that great lmao! I also ordered myself a pina colada because I was craving a drink.


When it was time for the waiter’s to sing and/or dance to a song, AJ got up from his table and randomly chose a female fan to dance with. The song being sung was “That’s Amore.” Apparently that was her first time ever being close to a Backstreet Boy. Howie and Brian then come up and then AJ and Howie start dancing with each other.

Anne Marie was lucky enough to get a few seconds of AJ & Howie dancing together:

After dinner we take pictures in our formal attire. Then I go browse through the Backstreet merchandise which is located in the Library. All I wanted from the cruise was the cruise tote bag and when I got there I didn’t see any. I asked an employee if there were anymore tote bags and she told me they were sold out :(

The first item I try on is the cruise hoodie. It cost $65 and had the Backstreet Boys Cruise logo on the back. It was so hard to zip up the zipper so I try on another one. I try on about 5 hoodies and all their zippers are hard to zip. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get the hoodie anymore because of the faulty zipper. I hold onto it while I look at the other merchandise.

Then I see the hoodie Backstreet wears for the “This is Us” tour. I preferred the look of this hoodie more than the cruise hoodie. Plus I wanted to buy it during the “This is Us” tour but it cost $85 and I thought it was too expensive. On the cruise the hoodie only cost $65 so it was $20 off the tour price!

When I try on the “This is Us” tour hoodie, the zipper worked and felt much more snuggly than the cruise hoodie. I put back the cruise hoodie and decide to buy the “This is Us” tour hoodie. I also bought a cruise t-shirt for $30 and a cruise towel for $30.

After merchandise shopping l go back to my cabin to grab my Masquerade mask and head up to the Lido deck for the Masquerade party.

Everyone in their masks:

Before Nick went with Howie to welcome everyone to the Masquerade party, he was over at the side with Lauren trying to the sort out the green beaded necklaces to give her since her mask and top was green:

Video of Howie and Nick on the mic at the beginning of the Masquerade party. Nick says he’s reminded of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.” Then he says he’ll be coming down to the bar.

Then AJ comes out and takes the mic. Nick has some beads in his hand and he starts tossing them out.

The DJ plays “London” which is one of AJ’s solo songs. I LOVE this song so much. AJ sings along while Brian sings back up for him. AJ and Brian are just so adorable together. I loves me some A-rok.

Leighanne and Brian during "Like a Virgin":

Nick then comes down to the bar and he starts handing out shots. Liliana managed to get this really hot video of Nick licking the salt off the rim of the shot glass. Seriously… must he be such a damn tease? :-\ lol

The DJ then plays “I Want It That Way.” It’s just one big sing-a-long. You can see AJ and Lauren dancing together for a bit.

The DJ also plays “Step by Step” by New Kids on the Block so AJ and Brian sing-a-long.

Then AJ introduces a new Nick Carter song supposedly from his solo album. Then Nick plays another song from his solo album. The second song that's played is same song that was played during the International party. I personally like the second song more than the first song that was played.

They were on a roll with new music because after playing Nick’s song, the DJ played a new NKOTBSB song. Brian hadn’t even heard it yet. It was nice to be part of something special. I thought I had pressed record when the song played but I didn’t. Fortunately, Liliana was able to get video of it:

The song stops halfway through because it’s supposedly a sample. Brian asks if we can hear the sample again. Backstreet’s attorney, Jordan Keller, doesn’t want to play the whole thing and he doesn’t even want to play it again, however, he allows it to play again. After a minute Jordan pulls the plug on it. Then AJ talks about his solo album coming out February 8th.

The DJ then plays a song from AJ’s solo album that Backstreet sings back up on called "Mr. A."

I look away from Brian and AJ for a moment and that’s when I spot Nick and Lauren on the stage right side of VIP bar making out and drinking. Lauren had her back against the bar counter while Nick pressed up against her. There was some major PDA going on between them.

They’d kiss, drink, kiss, drink, kiss, drink and so on. After about a minute, I was like I didn’t come on this cruise to watch Nick make out with his girlfriend so I focused my attention back to AJ and Brian hosting the party lol I’ll be honest though, I did think, damn Lauren can we switch places for 5 minutes please? :p

During Usher’s “OMG” song, Brian and Leighanne are dancing while AJ is talking. Brian then spanks AJ’s butt and Leighanne spanks him too. Then Leighanne wants to dance with AJ but AJ says I can’t dance with you because you’re married. Then AJ unbuttons his shirt & hands the mic to Brian. After “OMG” the DJ plays “Quit Playin’ Games.”

AJ then wraps the party up and says that he’ll knock on as many doors as he can. He never knocked on my door *pout* I heard that he got up to deck 6 when he had to stop. My cabin was on deck 8. I then crawled into bed and went to sleep!

December 11th, 2010

Today was the beach party in Cozumel, Mexico. I’ve never been to Mexico and it’s been such a long time since I’ve been to the beach (even though I live in California lol). I was looking forward to chillaxing on the sand and admiring the ocean. The beach party attendees were split into 2 groups: A & B. I was in group B which meant we left for the beach last.

I didn’t know what to expect at the beach party. I thought maybe it might be lame like the concert after parties that happened during the “This is Us” tour but I had a sliver of hope it would be good. Thankfully the party was good!

Stephanie and Maria both had group B so we went together and hung out at the beach. It was open bar and unlimited buffet. I wanted to take advantage of the open bar and get my money’s worth. The first drink I got was rum and punch. It was okay. My second drink was a margarita. I’ve never had one before so I was curious to taste it. To my surprise, it was GOOD! I was instantly hooked.

We find a couple of beach chairs and soak up the sun. It was very relaxing to just be sitting down and admiring the view of the ocean. After about a few moments, we go to the buffet and get some food. The food was of course Mexican with tortilla chips, Mexican rice, and chicken. The food was okay. It wasn’t anything exciting. As we eat, a couple of people are setting up the stage area.

Once we finish eating, Stephanie gets another drink. I ask her what she’s going to get and she tells me a Strawberry Daiquiri. I wanted to try it so I got one too. (This is drink number 3.) It was good but I liked the Margarita better. We go back to our spot on the beach and soak up the sun.

We hear screaming near the stage area so Stephanie, Maria, Savannah (a fan Stephanie and Maria knew), and I go there. We see Backstreet playing Twister. It was hard to see what was going on since most of the fans were standing up on chairs. I had to get on a chair to see. I saw that Brian had put the temporary BSB tattoo that came in our gift bags on his neck:

After they’re done playing Twister Nick says he wants to jump in the ocean. The moment he says that there’s a mass exodus of fans to the ocean. I couldn’t even see him. I thought I wouldn’t be able to see him anymore since a bunch of fans followed him so Stephanie, Maria, Savannah, and I head back to our spot.

To my surprise, Nick goes toward the trampoline that’s in the ocean which is right in front of where our spot is! I had a decent view of Nick swimming out in the ocean. He’s a very fast swimmer. He was already out far while fans were still trying to catch up to him.

Nick & a security guard in the ocean:

Nick then gets on the trampoline and starts jumping:

This is my personal favorite picture I took of him shirtless. Damn, he’s so delicious:

I took some video of Nick jumping on the trampoline too. You can see him try to help the security guard get on it and near the end you can see AJ too:

While Nick and AJ are in the ocean, Justin from the fan club and his wing man (I have no idea what his name is but I call him Justin’s wing man lol) run their asses across the beach and grab a paddle boat. They paddle out into the water and try to get footage of Nick and AJ on the trampoline.

During the beach party when Nick jumped n2 the water @Dr_Dude... on Twitpic

AJ with some fans on the trampoline:

Nick somehow makes it into a canoe:

And then he starts climbing the iceberg:

Liliana also got video of him climbing the iceberg:

Nick then gets out of the water and is escorted away. I tried to switch record on my camera as fast as I could as he walked away. This is what I got:

Apparently, Backstreet played some beach games like volleyball, tug-o-war, and limbo but I missed those since they were on the other side of the beach. I was however satisfied with seeing Nick shirtless. I wish he would’ve taken pictures with fans without his shirt though.

After that I then take a pic on the beach:

The 4th drink I got was a pina colada just because I wanted to have one while I was in Mexico. I thought the pina colada’s I had at Applebees, Chili’s, and Cheesecake Factory were better.

Maria and another fan named Savannah go paddle boating. Savannah’s roommate, Tiffany, wanted to go too so I joined her. We paddled for a while and then went back to the beach.

Then a few minutes later, Maria and Savannah come back. Maria went to get a drink and got Stephanie a Margarita. Stephanie didn’t like it so she gave it to me. (Drink number 5 lol)

We had to be on the bus by 7:00pm to head back to the boat so 30 minutes before we left I wanted one last drink so I get one last Margarita. (Drink number 6!)

The sunset was fast and by the time we board the bus it is dark outside. The bus drops us off near the ship and we head back. At this point my head is throbbing and I thought, uh, oh, I think I drank too much. I was worried that the headache would get worse but thankfully by the time dinner was over, I was fine. The headache had faded away.

Before I got back on the boat, Stephanie took a picture of me with the ship in the background:

During dinner, the table I sat at was in the same area as Backstreet’s table. It wasn’t close but we could see them. I saw some of Nick’s head from where I sat.

After dinner it’s a couple of minutes past 9:00pm so I go back to my cabin since the next event, "Shining Star Karaoke" wasn’t until 12:20am! I didn’t know what else to do so I sat in my cabin watching channel 36 which was a 24/7 Backstreet Boys channel.

At around 10:00pm my cabin phone rings. It’s Stephanie and she asks me if I want to go get a drink. I said sure I’ll go with you. Then she tells me that Maria had a bit too much to drink in Cozumel and wasn’t feeling well. So I get ready to meet Stephanie down at her and Maria’s cabin when I get this idea, if Maria isn’t feeling well does that mean she’ll skip karaoke?

I call Stephanie back and ask her if Maria is going to karaoke. Stephanie says no because she feels sick. I take the dive and ask if it’s possible I could sit in Maria’s seat for karaoke. Stephanie says yes. I wanted to see if their view was better than the view I had from the side of the wall.

I take the elevator down to deck 2 which is where their cabin is. Poor Maria is passed out drunk on her bed. Stephanie and I then head to the elevator and she decides to try to get drinks at the bar near the casino. She wanted to get beer but apparently, beer was only served outside on the Lido deck.

We walk toward the elevator but Stephanie decides she wants to try her luck at a slot machine first. She picks a penny slot machine, puts in $20 and plays. While she plays I look around and notice a group of people huddled around something.

When I got a closer look I saw it was Nick at a Craps table. I tell Stephanie, “Ooh Nick is here.” About 10 seconds after telling her that, Stephanie wins $95 on the slot machine! I said, “Heeey Nick helped you win!”

I couldn’t believe she won so much on a penny slot machine. She then tells me the only way to win on these types of machines is to put in a large amount of money like $20 and then bet the maximum so you can win on more lines on the machine. I tell her I don’t know if I could put that much money in a slot machine without knowing for sure I’d win.

It took us a while to figure out how to cash out the money Stephanie won but once we figure it out, we then head up to the Lido deck.

When we reach the Lido deck there’s line dancing going on. Stephanie decides to join in so I stand awkwardly on the side as everyone line dances. Then when it’s over Stephanie and I head to the bar. The Lido deck looks so different without Backstreet fans all around. Stephanie orders a bucket of 4 Bud Lights and offers me one.

We hang out for about an hour until it’s time to go down the "Shining Star" karaoke event. Stephanie wanted to sign up and says you should do it with me. I was down for it as long as someone was there with me.

When we get to the venue, the line was long to get in. By the time we get inside there’s a bunch of people lined up to sign up for karaoke. Unfortunately, Stephanie and I aren’t able to put our names on the list. Plus not everyone who signed up got a chance to go on stage.

Stephanie leads me to where she and Maria sit. They have great seats that are in the center so it’s a great view! It’s way better than the random seat I have against the wall. Stephanie then jokingly introduces me as Maria to the fan named Delilah who was sitting to my left. I say yes I’m Maria for tonight.

The first group that went up for karaoke were some fans from Japan. They sing “I Want It That Way” and it was so adorable.

Another song that was sung was “10,000 Promises.” Howie and Nick share a cute moment. Then there was one part where AJ came into the audience and the lady doing karaoke serenaded him.

Brian being funny during “10,000 Promises”:

Another song was “Oops! I Did It Again.” Nick was doing some crazy poses and then AJ and Brian start doing some swaying type of dance.

During one song Nick came down from the stage and sat in the audience, right in front of where I was sitting! I thought, man if only he went one row back, he would’ve been sitting next to me! He sat for a minute and then got up on the chair and told everyone to dance with him so in a way I danced with Nick Carter lol

The highlight of karaoke was when a fan did “Baby Got Back.” She blew us all away! lol! She owned that stage and Backstreet was totally into it.

One of AJ’s friends came up and sang “Like a Virgin.” I noticed that when this happened, Nick went to his stool and sat down. It was like he wasn’t into “Like a Virgin” because in the other karaoke songs he was standing up and really into the songs. I thought it was cute that Brian was into “Like a Virgin” more than Nick even though he didn’t know most of the words.

Nick wanted to pick a song to karaoke to so he picked “Bust a Move.” It was such a mess but so funny to watch!

Then during “Bust a Move” Howie does a little freestyle:

Nick then says the words were just going too fast during “Bust a Move” lol

I think the last song of the night was “I’ll Never Break Your Heart.” During the song they start singing it in Spanish:

After karaoke, Stephanie and I go to the Point After Dance Club on deck 5. On the door it says it’s the “Adult Disco” lol When we walk inside I immediately notice Howie in VIP. I thought, wow he moves fast because Stephanie and I just walked out of karaoke.

Stephanie sits down at a table right in front of where Howie was standing. At first I thought the reason she sat there was because she knew Howie was behind us. Then 5 minutes later she says “Oh, Howie’s behind us.”

Then I said to her, “I thought you knew! I thought that’s why you sat here.” lol Howie takes pics with about 2 fans and then moves himself deeper into VIP to be out of reach of more fans. I thought about getting a pic with him but he looked like he didn’t want to be bothered so I didn’t pursue a picture. I already had a picture with him from breakfast on Friday anyway. He hangs out and has some drinks for maybe 30 minutes before he leaves.

Then AJ comes in and hangs out in VIP too. I’m already tired and the photo session is in a few hours. I thought AJ would do the same thing Howie did and stay in VIP and leave when he had to go to bed. (I later find out that an hour after I left, AJ mingled with fans in the club and took pictures with them. I thought darn, if I had stayed up an hour later than I could have gotten a picture with AJ.)

It was almost 5am so I tell Stephanie and Harry, a guy who Stephanie had befriended on the cruise, that I needed to go to sleep so I can get some rest before the PDA photo session.

December 12th, 2010

The PDA photo session started at noon for fans that had black and blue wristbands. I had a black wristband. When I wake up it’s a few minutes past 11am! :O I NEEDED a shower because I did sweat in Mexico on Saturday and while I was in the club people were smoking so I knew I reeked of cigarette smoke. I take the fastest shower of my life. Then I brush and blow dry my hair and slap on my clothes.

The meet and greet pictures were groups of 8. Liliana and I wanted to stand next to Nick but we had difficulty finding people who DIDN’T want to stand next to Nick. (Almost everyone we asked wanted Nick!)

I then decided since we couldn’t find non-Nick fans that I would settle for standing near Brian instead since he was my second favorite Backstreet Boy and I already got to stand next to Nick in the Miami Acoustic Show picture. Plus Liliana didn’t get a chance to stand next to Nick in Miami with me so I thought she needed her chance to be near Nick this time.

Liliana calls my room and asks if I’m ready. I tell her I’m almost ready. She tells me she thinks she’s found us a group. All I had to do at that point was throw in my contact lenses, and put on eyeliner and eye shadow. I quickly do that and then Liliana comes by my cabin and we head down for the photo session.

The pictures were being taken on deck 5 in the Criterion Lounge. When we get there, there’s already a long line formed. As Liliana and I walk along the line, someone shouts my name. I spot Stephanie and Maria. They say hi and I ask Maria if she’s okay. She says she’s never drinking again lol I tell her that’s Mexico for ya!

I catch up to Liliana who found Marcie, the same fan who we shared a taxi with at the airport on December 8th, her mom, and 2 other fans in line. We were a group of 6 and needed 2 more people to be a group of 8. An employee from Rose Tours asks us if we have a group and we say we only need 2 more people.

There’s a mom and daughter behind our group in line. We ask who they want to stand next to and the daughter wants Nick and the mom doesn’t care. One of the fans in our group sacrifices her spot next to Nick and lets the daughter have it. I thought that was so nice of her. So our order was me and another fan stand next to Brian, Marcie and her mom stand next to AJ, the daughter and Liliana stand next to Nick, and the other fan and the mom stand next to Howie.

When we get inside the Criterion Lounge, I try to sneak a peek at how the picture is being set up. I see that in some pictures Nick is kneeling down and so is another Bsb (I can’t tell who). Then I think I’m glad I didn’t choose to stand next to Nick because I don’t feel like kneeling down to his level lol I also notice AJ is in sunglasses so I thought maybe he didn’t even go to bed from being at the club till the early morning.

When we were the next group up, Bsb’s bodyguards tells us no hugs just handshakes. I don’t even care about hugs. I’m fine with a handshake. Once it was our turn, I shake hands with Howie, AJ, Nick, and Brian.

I ask Brian if he’s enjoying his View from the Bay and at first he gives me this confused look and then goes, “Oh, oh yeah.” lol He just seemed really tired and out of it.

Then Justin yells “PICTURE” so I was expecting Brian to sandwich himself between me and the Brian fan in our group but then all of a sudden he kneels down next to Nick. I was thinking wait, no, ugh, because I didn’t want to kneel down.

I scoot myself close to Brian and end up hovering behind him. Now that I see the picture, I think I should have just knelt down and put my head between Nick and Brian so it could have looked like I had a Brian and Nick sandwich.

The picture didn’t come out as awkward as I thought it would. I thought I’d look weird hovering behind Brian but I don’t.

This may end up sounding shallow but I was kind of glad I already got my picture with Nick in Miami because Nick looked like he just got out of bed and didn’t give a fuck he was about to take pictures with 1,200 fans. (Then I tried to imagine taking pictures with 1,200 people and I don’t think I could do it.) Nick was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. His hair wasn’t even done. It was just sitting flat against his head. I felt he looked 10x hotter in Miami with his tight black t-shirt and his hair spiked up.

After the PDA photo session Liliana and I head up to the Lido deck for lunch. We run into Shauna and Lalie. Then we’re later joined by Anne Marie, Jennifer, and Ana. At lunch I thought I saw sushi but it turned out to be dessert sushi. I was interested in tasting it. Apparently instead the usual sushi rice, it was sweet rice and there was chocolate acting as the fish part. It doesn’t taste as gross as it sounds. There was no fish in it lol

Lunch picture:

After lunch, we all went our separate ways and go back to our cabins. I crawl into bed and tune into channel 36. I then grab my camera and look through all the pictures and video I took on the trip so far. I almost deleted the video I got of Nick walking by me shirtless and wet in Cozumel. I was so glad I didn’t. As I watched the video, I noticed that Shauna was behind Nick and made a mental note to show her the next time I saw her.

When I’m done reviewing my footage I take a nap. It’s the middle of the afternoon when I wake up from my nap. For some reason this day seemed to drag on slower than the previous days. I just wanted it to be the concert already!

I end up taking a 2nd nap and when I wake up from that I decide I want to go down to the casino. I wanted to try my luck at the same penny slot machine Stephanie won from the previous night. When I find the slot machine, I set up my account on my sign and sail card and put in $10.00.

I follow Stephanie’s advice of betting the maximum but I didn’t win anything. I decide to put in another $10 and tell myself if I lose that I won’t play anymore. I end up winning 6 free games. When you win free games, the slot machine automatically spins for you without charging you for it. From those 6 spins I kept winning! I couldn’t believe how much my money was multiplying. I get up to around $106!

I told myself that I wouldn’t gamble anymore after one last spin. I didn’t want to lose what I just won. When my free spins are over, I bet the maximum one more time and I end up losing. I press the cash out button but when I see my win total it’s $0.00! I start to panic. I thought did I just bet everything I won without knowing it?!?!

I try to see how much the balance is on my card but the machine doesn’t say anything about it. I’m freaking out at this point and was berating myself for pressing the button one last time. I end up putting in another $10 hoping to repeat what just happened and I lose it all. Then out of desperation I put in $2.00 and only win back $0.52 of that :(

I sulk for about a minute and then decide to go to the casino bank and check to see how much money was on my card. I wanted to see if my $0.52 win went onto the card or if there was a slim chance what I won earlier went on it.

The casino banker slides my card and then tells me I have $102.32 on my card! I was so relieved! I immediately tell him that I want to cash out. I didn’t want to risk going back to the slot machine and lose it all. (Then I thought I didn’t even have to put the last $12 I put in the machine anyway.)

The casino banker talks to me in Tagalog but I answer back in English. I tell him I understand Tagalog but I can’t speak it. I only know a few words and phrases. I ask him where he’s from in the Philippines and he says Makati. Then he asks me where I’m from and I tell him my parents grew up in Nueva Ecijia in a town called Lupao.

Then he asks me if I want large bills and I tell him I need small bills because I need money for a taxi on Monday. He gives me three 20’s, two 10’s, two 5’s, twelve 1’s, and $0.32 for a total of $102.32. Even though I was holding a lot of money in my hands, I was still recovering from my brief freak out. I was happy though that I turned my $32.00 into $102.32. When I do the math I won $70.32! It’s like my $65 “This is Us” tour hoodie I bought earlier in the cruise was free.

I go back to my room and once again I’m bored. I try calling Stephanie, Maria, and Liliana but none of them answer. I hang out in the balcony for a bit and enjoy the view of the endless ocean. I didn’t want to stay in my room anymore so I ventured up to the Lido deck and walk around. I decide to stop at the buffet and eat. I find a table and enjoy another view of the endless ocean.

After I eat, I go to the 10th deck and walk around. I see Holly and her friend Erica. They were on their way to playing mini golf. We watch the sunset for a moment. The sunset went by really fast but it was really beautiful to watch. I loved the orangey color of the sun. Then I watched Erica and Holly play mini golf for a bit. On the course I saw a skull and crossbones that reminded me of Nick’s tattoo so I took a picture of it.

It was getting chilly outside so I go back into my cabin and wait for dinner time at 8:15pm. When it’s about 8:00pm I head down to the dining room and try to see if I can find the girls. I manage to find them and this time Ana’s roommate, Kelly, is with us so our dinner group is 10.

During dinner Kelly told me that when Nick went on the trampoline in Cozumel on Saturday, she went on it too but then he disappeared once she got on it. She looked around for Nick but didn't see him. Then she felt someone pat her butt and when she looked to see who it was, it was Nick! lol

While waiting to get into the dining room, I show Shauna the video I took of Nick where she’s behind him. She was so happy and it made me feel good that I could make her smile :D

When the dining room opens, we walk inside and try to figure out where to sit. Since there were 10 of us we had a hard time finding a table. As we walk inside, Brian ends up behind us as we’re walking. It felt weird having a Backstreet Boy follow us instead of us following a Backstreet Boy lol We move to the side and let him and his family walk past us since they had reserved seating and knew where they’re going already.

We didn’t know if we wanted a table on the side of the dining room or in the middle. We go with a table in the middle section. The table we got was only for 9 people but we asked the waiter to squeeze in one more place setting.

On the menu was veal and I had no idea what it was so I asked, “Does anyone know what veal is?” Shauna told me it is baby cow. I decided to order pasta with shrimp, calamari and scallops.

After dinner, we all head back to our cabins. Everyone in the group took the stairs but I didn’t feel like climbing anything. I was stuffed from dinner so I wanted to take the elevator up to my cabin. The elevators were taking a long time to operate. Most of the people waiting around and I wanted to take the elevator up but the only elevators opening we’re the ones going down. My patience was wearing thin and I thought I had to resort to taking the stairs.

As I’m debating whether to wait for an elevator going up or climbing stairs from the 5th deck all the way to the 8th deck Howie walks by with his personal body guard, Josh, and a security guard from Rose Tours. I thought he was just going to pass by and not stop.

Howie, Josh, and the Rose Tours security guard were about to climb up the stairs when Josh asks Howie if he wants to wait for the elevator. Howie shrugs and pretty much didn’t care so Josh decides that they should stay and wait for an elevator.

At first no one approaches Howie. A minute later one fan approaches him for a picture and he takes one with her. For another minute no one else asks him for a picture. It was like everyone was preoccupied with the elevator not stopping.

I then decided, all right, since Howie is there and no one is bothering him that I’ll take a picture with him. I ask him for a picture and he smiles and poses with me. After I take my picture, suddenly out of nowhere the crowd grows and all these fans want a picture with him. I was glad I got my picture before the madness happened.

Howie continues to take a few pictures with other fans. When Josh realizes that the elevator is taking way too long he motions to Howie that they need to go up the stairs. Plus I think Josh wanted to get out of there before the crowd got out of control. Howie then gives an apologetic nod to the fans that didn’t get a picture with him and runs up the stairs with Josh and the Rose Tours security guard.

I honestly was surprised no one else ran up the stairs with Howie but I guess they were feeling like me. I didn’t feel like walking up those stairs either.

Finally, after waiting about 5 minutes an elevator going up opened. I then thought if the elevator hadn’t taken long then I wouldn’t have gotten a picture with Howie. So I give a big thanks to the elevators for taking a long time :D

At around 10:20pm I go back down to deck 3 to enter the Palladium Lounge where the “I Want It That Way” concert was happening. I go sit in my seat up against the wall and wait for the show to begin. I was curious to see how they would perform on a smaller stage.

The lights flick off and the venue is filled with screams. The movie intro plays on the screen and I can’t see it at all from where I was sitting. When the intro is done, Backstreet jumps through the screen and this is my view:

The concert has the same set up as the “This is Us” tour with a few minor changes. The 4 female dancers weren’t with them so for some songs they didn’t do the whole choreography. It was weird not seeing them do the entire dance routine to PDA.

I was really looking forward to seeing Nick gyrate his hips during the P-D-A A-A line but he didn’t do it :( He sat down for most of the song until it was AJ’s part & he got up to do the choreography.


During the song “This is Us” Nick was looking berry delicious while wearing his wife beater and jeans. Plus he looked so hot when he sang the “believe in meeeeeeeeeeeeee” line and held his note extra long. (Brittany, I know it’s your favorite part so I recorded for you :D)

During “She’s a Dream” the 4 lucky fans who won the dating game came up on stage for their serenade. Gah, I wish I was that fan up there with Nick! *pout* lol

When I first saw this picture of Nick, I thought wow, it looks like he’s getting some oral action by the look on his face. (Yes, I have a dirty mind!)

Can’t get enough of Nick in the wife beater:

I&#039;d rock the boat with this guy named @nickcarter #bsbcr... on Twitpic

Brian and the fan he picked from the “She’s a Dream” dating game:

Howie and the fan he picked from the “She’s a Dream” dating game. I thought it was cute when they started to do a little dance together:

For “The Call” they sing it up top on another level of the stage. All I could see was their crotches.

Nick’s crotch (Brian is behind him):

I love how Nick looks here:

Nick’s heart during “Shape of My Heart”:

In Miami Backstreet messed up during “Bigger.” On the cruise, they messed up during “Bigger” again. You can see it in my video. You would think since it’s the last single they released that they would remember how to sing it.

AJ and Howie started to sing the chorus again but they were supposed to go into Brian’s verse. Howie quickly realizes the mistake and goes into the “ooooh” part. You can see AJ look over and point at Howie.

Also during the Spandau Ballet “True” break in "Bigger," instead of Nick saying his usual “you’re the best fans in the world cause you keep sticking around” speech, Nick thanks us for putting up with them for 4 days lol

If you read my review from the “This is Us” concerts I went to in the summer, then you’ll already know how during “Bigger” Nick and AJ say some random names.

This time while Brian and Howie sing, “You’re Bigger…”

Nick sings, “THAN JACK” and then AJ points at Howie’s body guard Josh and sings “THAN JOSH!” I wonder if the reason Nick picked the name Jack was because of the movie "Titanic."

Brian :) A-Rok/Brian singing with his eyes closed:

Before running off stage to get ready for “Larger Than Life” Backstreet calls up a guy and a girl. I had a feeling the guy was going to propose to the girl and I was right. Liliana was able to get video of the guy proposing and she said “yes.”

I thought it was funny when Nick kept telling DJ Lani to take his cue. I think DJ Lani had a minor technical problem because he doesn’t start playing the music right away. It took him about 2 minutes to finally play his mix with the “Put Your Hands Up” part.

After DJ Lani’s mix, Nick’s “Matrix” video plays. There are more technical difficulties because the sound and the video aren’t in sync. The sound is about 10 seconds ahead of the video so it’s like watching a dubbed Japanese movie lol

Nick during “Larger Than Life”:

Dance break during “Larger Than Life”:

It was also weird not seeing the book/umbrella scene during “All of Your Life (You Need Love)”:

Nick wearing a hat a fan gave him:

I gave the zoom on my camera a break:

There was a brief interlude and I expected it to be their last song of the concert which is “Straight Through My Heart.” I was shocked when “If I Knew Then” started to play. I LOVE that song and I LOVE that they added it to the set list.

They didn’t perform “If I Knew Then” during the “This is Us” tour so it was a real treat to see them perform it. After “If I Knew Then” they performed “Bye, Bye, Love.” Then they closed the show with “Straight Through My Heart.”

While they perform “Straight Through My Heart” Liliana tells me that she sees the fan who sang karaoke to “Baby Got Back” being escorted to the stage. For part of the song she got to dance with Backstreet. I really thought she deserved that moment because she did such an awesome job at karaoke the previous night. The fan shakes her booty for a few seconds with Nick and AJ.

After the concert was the "Black and Blue" party on the Lido deck. It was the last official event of the cruise. On my way out of the concert I hear someone say my name. It’s a fan who I had never met in person before. She then tells me her twitter name and real name and I immediately know who she is. We talk for a bit and she says she was able to get her seats changed because there was a pole in her way. I told her I had a pole in my way too but I didn’t ask for a seat change. If I had known Rose Tours would be accommodating about seat changes then I would’ve asked for one.

I then make my way up to the Lido deck. It was very windy outside. Every few minutes a strong gust of wind would blow by.

In this video of Brian and Leighanne at the "Black and Blue" party, you can hear the wind:

Brian and Leighanne:

Brian and an employee from Rose Tours who Brian said helped make the Backstreet Boys cruise happen:

AJ:Howie, Nick, AJ:The "Black and Blue" party had barely started when Nick takes the mic and says because of the cold weather and wind, they were going to move the party down to the club. The moment he says that there’s a mass exodus of fans going to the club.

I didn’t leave right away because Nicole’s sister Jennifer thought that maybe since most of the fans were leaving that Backstreet would hang back and not immediately go to the club. Nicole, Anne Marie, Jennifer, Shauna, Ana and Lalie had already left for the club.

Mmmm Nick:

Five minutes pass by and it looks like Backstreet isn’t moving, so Liliana, Jennifer, and I make our way down to deck 5 which is where the club is located. There were tons of fans outside the club trying to get in. We were so close into getting inside when Rose Tours security blocks the door and stops people from getting inside. It was just a big mess. What was frustrating was even though the club wasn’t full and there were people constantly leaving the club, Rose Tours security still weren’t letting people in.

Another thing that was frustrating was the head of the Rose Tours security was personally picking people to go inside. Like he picked this old senior citizen couple who clearly cut the line to go inside and then he picked some tall blondes to go inside.

After about an hour of waiting, another security guy comes by and says to the crowd that one of the Backstreet Boys is in the casino and is encouraging us to just abandon waiting to get inside the club. No one moves though. We weren’t sure if he was lying to us.

From the outside of the club I can hear AJ on the mic. The DJ plays Ceelo’s song “Fuck You” and AJ is singing along to it. As time passes by, more and more fans are leaving the club looking disappointed. I get the feeling that being in the club wasn’t a big deal.

Nicole, Anne Marie, Jennifer, Shauna, Ana and Lalie then leave the club. They all pretty much say they couldn’t see anything when they were inside. We all then go to the casino. It turns out the security guy who said one of the Backstreet Boys was in the casino wasn’t lying because we see Nick at the craps table with Lauren.

Lauren was wearing a tight dress and very high heels that made her about 3 inches taller than Nick. I thought it was funny how she was all dressed up like she was about to walk in a fashion show and Nick was dressed down in a simple striped shirt and jeans. It’s like they were going to 2 different events lol

We watch them play for about a minute until Nick says out loud “be right back” and he dashes away. Later on I find out he went to the bathroom and then he went into the club to drink. So we’re standing there watching Lauren gamble. She may have long legs and big boobs but she has no ass. (But I have an ass, so ha. In my world, big ass wins over big boobs and long legs :p)

There was one moment while Lauren was playing craps where she laughs out loud and then reaches over to some girl standing next to her and says, “I’m getting married!” She then flashes a ring she has on her right ring finger. At first I’m like what?! lol I got the impression she was just kidding though.

Liliana is kind of over the whole night with the whole "Black and Blue" party debacle. I’m pretty over it too. I thought, I didn’t come on the cruise to watch Nick’s girlfriend gamble lol We then go sit at the bar and try to figure out what to do. I was just happy to sit down. My feet were throbbing from standing for hours.

We then decide to go into club to see what was going on. There was no longer a crowd outside so the Rose Tours security guard at the door let people inside. When we get inside there’s a huge crowd of fans in front of the VIP section. So much for Nick saying “be right back” because he was in the club. I could only see Nick’s head from where I was standing. He was busy having a drink and chatting with his bodyguard. We’re there for about 5 minutes until we decide it’s time to call it a night.

December 13th, 2010

By the time I get back to my cabin it’s almost 5:00am. I was thankful that I spent some of Saturday night packing my belongings so that saved me some time. I finish up most of my packing and was about to get into bed when my roommate Holly and her friend Erica come into the cabin. I didn’t go to sleep until about 6:00am and we had to be off the boat by 9:00am! I knew I was in for a LONG Monday.

Thank goodness the boat has a free wake up call service. I set up the wake up call for 7:00am. I squeeze in about an hour of sleep before I heard the loud ring of the wake up call. I really didn’t want to wake up but I had to. I pack the last of my belongings and change into my airport clothes.

Outside the balcony, I could see the Miami skyline. It amazed me how fast my whole adventure went by. Going to the acoustic show in Miami and the Backstreet Boys cruise was the perfect way for me to end my 2010 Backstreet adventures. I met a ton of great people and have so many priceless memories. I would relive it all in a heartbeat.

I say goodbye to my roommate Holly and then go down with Liliana to disembark the ship. We meet up with the other girls and get into a long taxi line. Since there are 7 of us, it’s a bit difficult to find a taxi for all of us and our luggage. We split into 2 groups and head to the Miami International Airport. My flight to San Francisco was at 8:35pm and by the time we get to the airport it’s 10:00am :-\ lol

Liliana checks in since her flight departs at 2:00pm. I couldn’t even check in because I was too early. Liliana and I try to find Lalie and Shauna inside the airport but they already went through security so we weren’t able to see each other.

Since we hadn’t had anything to eat yet, Liliana asks if I want to eat at Subway. I say sure. Plus I had a Subway gift card I won from My Coke Rewards in my wallet that I was able to use. I had one of those moments where I was hungry but I had no appetite. I found it hard to eat the sandwich I got. I eat about half of it before I stop and save the rest for later.

After Subway, Liliana browses through some airport shops to find a souvenir for her brother. It’s a few minutes past noon when we get back to the American Airlines terminal. Liliana’s flight is at 2:00pm so she wants to go through security. We say our goodbyes and I find a place to sit near the end of the terminal.

From 2:00pm to 5:30pm’ish I stay in my seat. I play around with my cell phone for a bit. I call my dad and remind him to pick me up in the evening. I also discover that I can check Twitter and e-mail on my cell phone! I didn’t know I could do that.

I was so exhausted since I barely had any sleep so I take a few naps. After my last nap, I take out a little notepad from my backpack and start writing my review by hand. I wanted to write as much as I could before I forgot everything.

When it’s about 3:00pm, the girl sitting next to me asks me “Do you want this?” as she’s holding up a Coke soda bottle. At first I thought, huh, are you talking to me? Then she repeats herself and then adds that she didn’t open it and drink it. I said to her, “Are you sure?”

Then she says yes, because she can’t take it through security. I thank her and tell her she’s very generous. Then I say it’ll be helpful because my flight doesn’t leave until 8:35pm. Another reason I wanted the Coke from her is because the cap is worth 3 points at My Coke Rewards. Then she tells me that she’s been stuck in Miami for 3 days :O I told her, “Wow you beat me! I thought I had it bad being in the airport for over 10 hours. I can’t imagine 3 days!”

She then asks me where I’m from and I say I’m from a city called Milpitas which is about 45 minutes away from San Francisco. Then I ask her where she’s from and she names a city in Minnesota. She then says that for 4 months she’s lived in Ecuador to study abroad. Her major in college is Spanish. She said she originally was supposed to go to Chile but the earthquake there happened so Ecuador was the next choice.

I then tell her I wish I brought a book or magazine to read and she starts shuffling through her bag. Then she says all the books and magazines she has are in Spanish. I tell her that it’s not necessary for her to give me a book or magazine. I thought it was so nice of her to even consider offering me reading material.

It’s almost time for her flight so she says bye to me and tells me to have a safe trip home. I tell her the same. I was just really impressed at how nice and friendly she was. Those types of friendly people are so rare. The world needs more people like her.

I continue to write in my notepad until it’s around 5:30pm. I gather my luggage, go to the bathroom, and then go to the American Airlines self-check in kiosk. After I get my boarding pass, I see a long line at security so I hang back for a bit to see if the line would die down. I finish up drinking the Coke the Minnesota girl gives me. My parents then call me and I chat with them for a bit.

When it’s around 6:00pm I get in line for security. I feel like such a pro going through airport security now. I sail through it without any issues. The guy doing random body pat downs was kind of cute and I was kind of hoping he’d frisk me but he didn’t lol

Once I pass security, I browse through some of the shops to find a shirt for my mom. When I had talked to her on the phone earlier she seemed disappointed when I told her I didn’t buy her anything so I tried to find something for her. I walk all over the gates until I find a shop that has a pink Miami, Florida shirt and buy it for her.

I was thirsty at this point so when I see a Starbucks near my departure gate, I buy myself a tall café vanilla frappuccino. Once I get my drink, I sit down and wait to board the plane.

At around 7:45pm the ticket agent makes an announcement and says the flight is delayed one hour because of the weather in San Francisco. In my head I said, “Noooooooooooo.” I was so anxious to board the plane so I could close my eyes and sleep! I was very tired and I couldn’t stop twitching. My leg kept kicking because I was so sleepy.

I also started to hallucinate. I’d almost fall asleep so the thoughts in my head would appear in front of me until I’d snap out of it lol At around 9:00pm the passengers are called up by group number and we board the plane. When I got to my seat, I was happy to find out there was no one sitting next to me on my right side. I didn’t have to deal with feeling squished and I could stretch my legs out.

The flight from Miami to San Francisco was about 6 hours. I got about 3 hours of sleep on the plane. When drinks were served, I bought chips because I couldn’t drink anything without food.

The flight was also very turbulent. I had never experienced so much turbulence during a flight before. When the flight lands, I was so out of it. All I wanted was to continue sleeping but I had to get off the plane. I didn’t even know where I was going when I got off the plane. When I went outside, there weren’t very many passengers waiting to get picked up.

I couldn’t find my dad who had said he was there already when I talked to him on the phone. It takes a while for my mind to realize that the area I was standing at was the departure area. I had to take the escalator down to level 1 for the arrival area. That’s where I find more people and my dad waiting for me outside.

As my dad drives us home, I gush to him about how much fun I had in Miami and on the Backstreet Boys cruise. Now that I’ve had a taste of the Backstreet Boys cruise I want to do it again! I don’t know how my bank account and credit card feels about that though :-\

Here I am over 33 pages later in Microsoft Word. I don’t even know if I covered everything I experienced. I did my best though. If I missed anything feel free to leave a comment and fill in the gaps.

If you made it this far, I truly commend you and owe you a cupcake! Thank you so much for reading!

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