Sunday, October 3, 2010

How I got 2 pairs of leggings worth $105 from Neiman Marcus for $5.46!

Sometimes it's worth it to subscribe to department store e-mails. On September 23rd, I received an e-mail from Neiman Marcus with the subject "For a limited time: Receive $50 OFF with purchase." At first I thought the offer would require a purchase minimum like $100 or more so I ignored it.

While I was browsing Slickdeals, someone posted that Neiman Marcus was sending e-mail subscribers $50 off any women's apparel purchase with no minimum amount required. It seemed too good to be true so I went to Neiman Marcus' website to look for something. I found a pair of Neon Buddha leggings worth $55 and went to check out to see if I'd get $50 off.

After I entered my e-mail address, $50 was deducted from my total! There was free shipping so after taxes I only paid $5.46 for a pair of leggings worth $55!

The next night, I was reading on
Slickdeals that other users who had subscribed to Neiman Marcus e-mails on different e-mail accounts had successfully done the deal twice. I had another e-mail that I used to order from Neiman Marcus in 2009 so I tried ordering with that e-mail and I was able to get a pair of XCVI worth $50 for free!

I am impressed that Neiman Marcus was generous enough to give e-mail subscribers an opportunity to get $50 off any women's apparel. I really hope they do this again.

Here's how I eliminated full price:

1st pair of leggings:
$55.00 Neon Buddha Leggings - $50 off coupon = $5.00
$5.00 after coupon price + $0.46 California tax = $5.46
$55.00 - $5.46 = $49.54 savings!

2nd pair of leggings
$50.00 XCVI Leggings - $50 off coupon = $0.00
There's no tax charged on a $0.00 so my total savings on these leggings is $50.00!

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