Monday, August 2, 2010

My Weekend of Eliminating Full Price

Full Price got a nice beating from me this past weekend. It wasn't easy since I had to deal with a manager and cashier who were against following advertised deals on Sunday. Despite that, it was a good weekend of Eliminating Full Price!

Saturday July 31st:

Saturday was the last day to get the deal where if you buy one 6 x 8 photo book at CVS for $7.99 and you get back $7.99 in Extra Care Bucks.

The CVS photo employee told me the 6 x 8 photo books were sold out so he let me get an 8 x 10 photo book instead for $7.99. It was a better deal for me since the full price of an 8 x 10 photo book is $14.99!

I made a 10 page photo book of pictures from the Backstreet Boys concerts I went to a few weeks ago. It came out better than I expected. I'd love to make another photo book if there's another deal in the future.

Here is what I got at CVS on Saturday for $1.11!

-2 Orbit Gum's $0.67 each x 2 = $1.34
-8 x 10 Photobook $7.99
-4 sobe's $1.59 each x 4 = $6.36 + $0.05 CA Redemption($0.20) = $6.56

Subtotal without coupons: $15.89

Coupons Used:

-$3 off a $15 purchase at CVS
-$7.99 Extra Care Bucks
-$1.29 off 2 Orbit Gums
-2 "Buy ONE Sobe Get ONE Free" coupons

Subtotal after coupons: $0.43 CA 9.25% tax: $0.68
Total after coupons: $1.11

My next stop was Safeway. I had one free Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: Cheddar Explosion coupon that had a July 31st expiration date. I also had a free Jones Dairy Farm product coupon I got from when Jones Dairy Farm visited "View from the Bay," the ABC talk show I used to work for. This coupon has no expiration date and I have had it for almost 2 and a half years. I thought it was about time I used it!

Here is what I got at Safeway:

-1 box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $1.69 each
-1 package of Jones Dairy Farm Liverwrust $3.99 each

Subtotal without coupons: $5.68
Total with coupons: $0.00

I was craving mini-churro's from Jack In The Box so I went to fulfill my sweet tooth. I also had a "2 free taco's with any purchase" coupon. (The 2 taco's are valued at $0.99.)

-10 mini-churro's $2.17
-2 free taco's $0.99

Subtotal without coupons: $3.16
Total with coupons $2.17

Sunday August 1st

I'm a DSW Rewards member. It's a free program where customers earn points from their purchases. I had acquired enough points to earn a $10.00 rewards certificate which had an expiration date of August 1st. I didn't want it to go to waste so I went to DSW. My plan was to buy something like socks or shoe laces because I didn't want to buy shoes.

My plans were obliterated when I stepped into the clearance section. I tried on a pair of black shoes that felt so comfortable I couldn't walk away without getting them.

I usually have trouble finding shoes. In the past I have spent hours at different shoe stores trying everything but not liking anything.

I was surprised that after barely 5 minutes in DSW I found these pair of shoes that felt great:

The retail price of the shoes was $45.00 but they were marked $39.94.
Since the tag was red, the shoes were an additional 50% off $39.94 which brought the price down to $19.97.

With my $10.00 rewards certificate my subtotal was brought down to $9.97.

After tax my total was $10.89!

My next stop was CVS in Milpitas. Unfortunately, I experienced a little drama here. I had some "Buy ONE Sobe Get ONE Free" coupons I wanted to use because this week at CVS because the Sobe's are "Buy ONE Sobe Get ONE Free."

From what I've learned in my CVS coupon research, if CVS has a "Buy ONE Get ONE Free" sale then it will combine with a manufacturer's "Buy ONE Get ONE Free" coupon which results in both products having a $0.00 price plus whatever tax and/or redemption value (if the state has one).

In California there's a $0.05 redemption on 20 oz. bottles of Sobe. When Sobe is "Buy ONE Get ONE Free" at CVS and a "Buy ONE Get ONE Free" coupon is used, the total for two Sobe's is $0.10.

I have always been successful at doing this deal multiple times at the Milpitas CVS. If you've read my past posts, you've seen the amount of Sobe's I have acquired.

Unfortunately, on Sunday I had a bump in the road to combining the "Buy ONE Sobe Get ONE Free" deals.

I went into the CVS in Milpitas and saw there was only ONE Sobe in the fridge. I decided to get a rain check on the deal since there wasn't enough Sobe's to do the "Buy ONE Get ONE Free" deal.

When I asked the female cashier (who I have never dealt with before) for a rain check on the Sobe she asked me, "Why there aren't any out?"

I tell her that there's only one Sobe in the fridge so she calls another employee to check the stock room. The employee gets me 8 Sobe's from the stock room. Once I got my Sobe's, I gathered additional items I wanted to get and then went to check out.

The cashier wasn't sure if the CVS store deal of "Buy ONE Sobe Get ONE Free" would combine with the "Buy ONE Sobe Get ONE Free" manufacturer coupon so she calls the manager on duty for verification.

The manager then tells me to "Buy THREE Sobe's to Get TWO Free" in order to use my coupons when the deal that is advertised this week is "Buy ONE Sobe Get ONE Free" and the manufacturer's coupon said, "Buy ONE Sobe Get ONE Free."

Nowhere on the CVS ad or manufacturer's coupon did it say "Buy THREE Sobe's Get TWO Free." The manager then tells me that even if I go to another CVS, it would be the same deal.

I reiterated that the deal is "Buy ONE Sobe Get ONE Free" but the manager insisted his own version of the deal. I was very irritated so I left and went to the next closest CVS in San Jose to test if what the Milpitas manager said was correct. To my relief, what the manager said was incorrect.

At the San Jose CVS, I got 10 Sobe's and combined the "Buy ONE Get ONE Free" CVS deal with the manufacturer's "Buy ONE Get ONE Free" coupon. I also grabbed the other items I wanted to get.

In my first transaction at the San Jose CVS I got the following for $2.14:

-10 Sobe's $1.59 each x 10 = $15.90 + $0.05 CA Remption x 10 = $16.40
-2 Colgate Toothpastes $2.99 each x 2 = $5.98
-1 Head & Shoulders Shampoo $4.99 each
-1 Head & Shoulders Shampoo $4.99 each
-1 Excedrin Tension Headache $1.99 each
-1 Altoids Tin $1.49 each

Subtotal without store deals, tax and coupons: $35.84

Coupons used:

-$5 off a $30 purchase at CVS
-$7.99 Extra Care Bucks
-Buy 1 Head & Shoulder's product Get 1 Free Coupon which subtracted $4.99
-$0.75 off 1 Colgate Toothpaste
-$0.50 off 1 Colgate Toothpaste
-5 Buy 1 Sobe Get 1 Free coupons

Subtotal with coupons: $0.71
Ca 9.25% Tax: $1.43
Subtotal with coupons & tax: $2.14

After I put everything in my car I decided to go back and get more Sobe's since I was lucky at using the Sobe coupons at this CVS.

My 2nd transaction was a whopping $0.90!

18 Sobe's $1.59 each x 18 = $28.62

Coupons used:

- 9 "Buy ONE Sobe Get ONE Free" coupons

Subtotal without coupons: $28.62

Total with store deal & coupons = $0.90
(Note: California doesn't charge tax on Sobe)

I don't know if I even want to bother going into the Milpitas CVS anymore. It's the CVS closest to my home. I haven't had problems with using coupons there until Sunday. If I look at the big picture, my positive experiences at the Milpitas CVS outweigh the negative.

I am happy though that I was able to use the coupons and eliminate full price at the San Jose CVS without any problems.

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Kristen said...

My advice- email CVS customer service telling them what the manager told you & asking them to e-mail you a copy of their coupon policy & ask specifically about combining a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale. Print it off & keep it with you to pull out if you ever have a problem there again. Usually if you mention a specific store you had a problem at, if the manager is in the wrong, they will call & explain the policy to them.