Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Sunday Savings: I only spent 21 cents at CVS!

It's so hard to stay away from CVS. On Sunday, I went to the CVS near Stanford University for the first time. There were so many hot college guys walking around. Yum!

For a whopping $0.21 I bought:
-1 pack of pens (price $0.99)
-1 pair of scissors (price $0.99)
-2 bottles of Sobe water (price $0.77 each)

I used $2 in Extra Care Bucks and a buy 1 Sobe get 1 free coupon I won from Sobe's Instant Win Game which you can play here:

I was so happy when I brought my total down to $0.21 :D

Since I was in the Stanford area, I dropped by Sprinkles Cupcakes. Everyday they release a password you whisper in order to get a free cupcake. Since I went with my dad we were both able to each get a free lemon blueberry cupcake. We saved $6.50 because cupcakes at Sprinkles cost $3.25 each.

I also had a gift card to Starbucks so I bought frapp's for me and my dad.

In the mail, I received a coupon from Victoria's Secret where if I made a PINK purchase I could get a free PINK cotton panty. I bought a PINK lip gloss on sale for $1.91 (retail price was $7) and got a free PINK panty valued at $7.50.

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Dana @ The Coupon Challenge said...

Thanks for linking up today! I hope you'll join us again next week!

You had fantastic savings! Shopping at CVS for $0.21 and getting free Starbucks and cupcakes. I'm sure your daddy is proud :)