Saturday, June 5, 2010

My PacUp™ for Summer Experience at PacSun on May 29th

On Saturday May 29th, PacSun had an event at participating stores called PacUp™ for Summer. The first 50 people to enter PacSun when the store opened would receive a bag with one prize inside. The prizes range from clothing merchandise, headphones, or trips to certain cities in the US.

I chose to drive down to Stanford Shopping Centre because I could also pick up a free cupcake at Sprinkles and redeem a $25 gift certificate I had to Bloomingdales. I arrived at around 9:45am and there was already a long line outside the store. It looked like there were already 50 people in line but I got in line anyway.

At 9:55am a male store employee came outside and gave a brief rundown of what would happen. He would pass out only 50 tickets and the store would open at 10:00am. When I got my ticket, I found I was #41! I breathed a sigh of relief that I made it into the top 50.

When it was 10:00am the doors open and each person gets one PacSun shopping bag that has a sealed bag inside. After I got my bag I found it was extremely light. When I opened the sealed bag, I found there was a coupon for a free pair of flip flops valued up to $12.50.

Since the coupon was only valid on May 29th, I browsed PacSun's selection of flip flops and chose black Roxy flip flops.

If I didn't have a coupon the flip flops would have cost me with tax $13.66. Thanks to the coupon I paid $0.00!

I thought this was a great promotion for PacSun to do and I hope they do it again in the future!

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