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I was flipping through the June 18th, 2010 issue of All You Magazine when I saw an article titled "Clear clutter fast: Donate, dump, or sell the stuff you don't need" by Melissa Fiorenza.

My room is usually messy and I'm always looking for ways to earn some money since I'm unemployed so I skimmed through the article. There was a list of websites where people could sell their unused merchandise. One of the websites mentioned was I still have textbooks from college and books that I received from my old job at ABC 7 that I no longer need.

I was curious so I visited The website is straight forward and easy to navigate. To check if a book is eligible for sale, you type in its ISBN number into a box on the website and press "price my books." The ISBN number is usually found on the back of a book.

I gathered up a couple of my books that I haven't touched in years and entered their ISBN's at After I entered the ISBN's of around 30 books I found that I could make decent money on 8 books.

I sold the 8 books for $27.10. It's not a big amount but I wanted to clear out some clutter in my room. Plus I haven't read these books since 2007/2008 so it was time to let them go. I also would rather have $27.10 in my pocket than a bunch of books I don't need.

To sell books at, I had to create an account with their website which is free and easy. After I created my account, I went through the checkout process of selling my books with them.

Once I checked out, I was directed to a webpage that had FedEx shipping information. The wonderful part of selling books to is the free shipping to their office! Their free shipping service is what helped sway me in selling my books to them.

All I had to do was print the FedEx shipping information and take it to my nearest FedEx drop off location. was even nice enough to give me the location of the 4 nearest FedEx drop off locations. On May 22nd, I dropped off the books at FedEx and I was given a receipt with a tracking number.

On May 26th, received the books and they sent me an e-mail letting me know they received the books and that my payment was in process. On May 27th, I received another e-mail that my check for $27.10 was printed and would be mailed soon.

Then on June 1st, I received a check for $27.10 from McKenzie Books, Inc. which you can see in my June 7th, 2010 Mailbox Monday post.

The whole process was simple. I definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a way to earn a little money for books they no longer need or read.

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