Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday! How I spent $1.05 total at CVS & Safeway!

It was a "Thrifty Tuesday" for me! I was able to eliminate full price at CVS and Safeway.

I only spent $1.05 total on all the items in the pictures below.

Here's how:

CVS Trip

I had a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon I got online. I gathered up some free product coupons I had and made sure my total would be over $25.

My original total was $25.33 but the manager wouldn't accept my free Pace salsa coupon which in the end worked out in my favor.

Without the Pace salsa my total became less than $25. I was afraid the cashier would tell me to find something to put my total over $25 to use the coupon but she didn't!

I only paid $0.55 after coupons

Here's what I got and their full prices:

CVS Green Bag Tag $0.99
11.40 oz bag of Peanut Butter M&M's $2.00
4.69 oz bag of Ghiradelli Chocolate $4.29
U by Kotex Panty Liners $4.99
Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color $9.49

Subtotal: $21.76
Total with sales tax $1.07: $22.83

Coupons I used:

$5 off $25 CVS coupon
$0.50 ECB Winter Spending Reward
$1.00 off U by Kotex
$2.00 off M&M's (free coupon)
$4.29 off Ghiradelli (free coupon)
$9.49 off Clairol Hair Color (free coupon)

Coupon/Discounts Total: $22.28
$22.83 (Total) - $22.28 (Coupon/Discounts Total): $0.55

After all the coupons were deducted my total was $0.55!

I also got $4.99 Extra Care Bucks for buying the U by Kotex panty liners. Extra Care Bucks aka ECB's are basically free money to use on a future CVS purchase. It's like I made a $4.44 profit.

Safeway Trip

I received a coupon in the mail from Safeway for $2.oo off a Tropicana juice product 59 oz. or more. In their store ad, the Tropicana was listed at $2.50 each so I got one. With the coupon my total was $0.50!

$2.50 Tropicana juice - $2.00 off coupon = $0.50 Total

Without coupons my total would have been: $22.83 (CVS) + $2.50 (Safeway) = $25.33

With coupons: $0.55 @ CVS + $0.50 @ Safeway = $1.05

$22.28 (coupons/discounts @ CVS) + 2.00 (coupon @ Safeway) = $24.28 Total Savings!