Saturday, May 8, 2010

Free 8x10 Collage Print at Walgreens - Ends May 8th @ 11:59 PM CDT

Walgreens is eliminating full price on 8x10 collage prints!

The full price of one print is $3.99 but when you enter the code GOODTHOUGHTS while checking out the print is completely free if you choose to pick it up in person at your nearest Walgreens. There's also the option of having the print shipped to your home for $0.99 if there's no Walgreens near you.

This offer ends May 8th at 11:59 PM CDT.

To get your 8x10 print follow these steps:

1. Visit the Walgreens website (

2. If you aren't a member of Walgreens' website, register here (

3. If you are a member of Walgreens' website go ahead and follow the steps to creating your collage here (

3. When you're done creating your collage make sure to enter the coupon code GOODTHOUGHTS while you are checking out. You have the option of picking up the print for free at your nearest Walgreens or having it shipped to your home for $0.99.

4. Before ordering your collage print make sure to preview it to make sure it's the way you want it. Also, make sure the total is $0.00 if you're picking it up in store or $0.99 if you're having it shipped to your home before pressing the submit button.

5. Once you are satisfied with your order, press submit, and then wait for an e-mail from Walgreens which will let you know when you can pick up your photo or when your photo will be shipped to you.

I decided to make a collage of the pictures I took with Backstreet Boys from my weekend in Napa, Ca.

Leave me a comment if you were able to create a collage and tell me what pictures you used.

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