Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday Savings @ CVS

I went to CVS on Saturday and I redeemed 3 coupons. The coupons I had were a $5.00 off one Rimmel product from the April issue of All You Magazine, one free 20 oz. bottle of Vitamin Water from Vitamin Water's Facebook, and one free Nestle Crunch Bar from Nestle Crunch's Facebook.

I was in the mood to try out some new products so that is why I used the coupons to get a Rimmel lipstick in 084 Amethyst Shimmer which cost $5.29 and the new Black Cherry Lime flavor of Vitamin Water which cost $1.25. The only product I got that I already tried was the Nestle Crunch bar which was $0.50.

I usually don't wear lipstick so I figured if I end up not liking the color on my lips then it wouldn't be a complete loss for me since it was free anyway.

When I looked at the receipt, I noticed I saved a little more than I expected. Even though the Rimmel coupon said $5.00 off, the cashier deducted the whole $5.29 amount.

Here's a rundown of my savings:

$5.29 (Rimmel Lipstick) + $1.25 (Vitamin Water) + $0.50 (Nestle Crunch Bar) = $7.04 (Total)

I was able to get $7.04 worth of products for free!

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