Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Savings at CVS Plus Freebies at Bare Escentuals & Nordstrom

Wednesday was a great day for me in the freebies department. I was able to get some free items at Bare Escentuals, Nordstrom, CVS, and Panda Express.

I started my Wednesday freebie adventure at the Bare Escentuals Boutique in Stanford Shopping Center. Bare Escentuals is currently running a promotion called Rethink What Matters. Each week they offer a different prize from their store. I've already won an All Over Face Powder (valued at $18) and Eye Cream (valued at $28).

I recently won the Smokey Eye Kit which is valued at $32. All I had to do was take a quiz at and submit my name and e-mail address. Don't be discouraged if you lose the first time you take the quiz. I lost about 3 times before I got the "You Won" message.

Once you win, Bare Escentuals sends you an e-mail with a coupon on how to redeem your prize. You can redeem your prize at the store or online. I chose to pick it up at the store because I didn't want to pay the $1.00 shipping free.

After I got my Smokey Eye Kit from Bare Escentuals, I went to Nordstrom to take advantage of another freebie. While supplies last, Nordstrom is giving away a free Lancome Juicy Tube lip gloss to females ages 13-29 who bring in either the April 2009 cover Seventeen Magazine or a print out of the home page.

I printed out the home page of and showed it to the employee at the Lancome counter. She let me pick from 4 different lip glosses. I selected the one called "Let It Rain" because I liked the color of it. Plus now that I think about it, it reminds me of a line in Jesse McCartney's song "Leavin'" where he sings You make me want to take you out and let it rain.

My next stop was CVS. I successfully eliminated full price on 4 different items because of coupons I used. I had to ship a package via Fedex and CVS happens to be a designated drop off location for them. I thought it would be easier if I drop off the package at CVS and then go shopping for some items I needed.

I was able to get $45.58 worth of items shown in the picture below for only $17.84. I saved $27.84!

In February, on Excedrin's website ( they had a special survey online. After taking the survey, I was offered a coupon for a free Excedrin product up to a $5.99 value. I selected the Excedrin Tension liquid capsules which cost $5.39. The coupon made it completely free!

Last year I was able to get 3 special coupons from 3 different companies. Advil had a sweepstakes called Pursue Your Passions and they gave away 10,000 coupons for a free box of Advil Liquid Gels. The Advil cost $4.99 but I paid zilch.

Febreeze had an instant win game where they gave away 840 coupons for use on any one of their products to whoever won their game. My dad loves to spray air freshener around the house so I picked the Air Effects Meadows & Rain spray. It cost $3.29 but I paid zero.

On Herbal Essences' Facebook Fan Page in October 2009 ( they had a promotion where they gave away 18,750 coupons to those who signed up. The coupon was good for either one bottle of shampoo or one bottle of conditioner up to 12 ounces. I need shampoo more than I need conditioner so I picked the None of Your Frizzness Soothing Shampoo. Getting frizz is one of my hair problems so it seemed like a perfect fit for me. Plus I thought the name was very cute. The shampoo cost $4.99 but I paid nada.

I'm a member of CVS' ExtraCare rewards program ( and sometimes they have special coupons available. I scanned my rewards card at their coupon checker in the store and I received a coupon for $4.00 off a $20.00 purchase.

I needed cottons balls so I found a bag that cost roughly $2.00. All I had to do then was find $18.00 worth of products so I can use the $4.00 off coupon. I decided to stock up on canned foods. Chef Boyardee Ravioli/Beefaroni/Spagetti cost $1.50 per can. I bought 12 cans which cost $18.00.

After taxes, the grand total of my purchase was $17.84! At the bottom of my receipt, it says I saved $27.84. If I didn't have the coupons I would've paid $45.68. Thank goodness I utilized my eliminate full price skills.

The cashier even asked me where did I get the coupons? I told her I get them online.

After CVS I went to Panda Express to use the free Honey Walnut Shrimp coupon I found on Panda Express' Facebook Fan page. The value of it is $2.25 but I got it for free!

I know you're probably wondering the same thing the cashier at CVS was wondering, where do I get the coupons?

Getting the good coupons online is all about timing. Most of the time coupons are sent to a certain amount of people who sign up first. There's really not a single source of where to get coupons. Different companies have different ways they offer coupons.

I know to some people coupons seem like a big hassle but I think as long as the coupons give a great discount then it's totally worth it.


Anonymous said...

"I needed cottons balls so I found a bag that cost roughly $2.00. All I had to do then was find $18.00 worth of products so I can use the $4.00 off coupon."

For future reference, the $4/$20 can be taken off before all of the other coupons, so what you could have done since you had almost $20 in completely FREE coupons is get $5.34 worth of various items ($3.34 after cotton balls) and then every single thing would have been free, aside from tax.

Jocelyn - said...

Wow! I didn't know that. Thank you so much for the tip. I'll definitely keep that in mind next time I go to CVS :D

Anonymous said...

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