Sunday, February 21, 2010

My prize from the "Rebecca Minkoff Daily Giveaway!!!!"

I have a weak spot for purses and accessories. I enjoy looking at pictures of all the different purses on the Purse Forum (@purseblog on Twitter). My fascination with designer purses began in 2004 when I got my first Coach purse. Since then I've acquired two more Coach purses and two Chanel purses.

The Purse Forum has also exposed me to different purse designers. I didn't think there were so many designers out there. One of the designers I learned about was Rebecca Minkoff (@RebeccaMinkoff on Twitter and on Facebook:

Rebecca Minkoff with actress Michelle Trachtenberg who is carrying a Rebecca Minkoff Clutch:

Actress Reese Witherspoon carrying a Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch:

A lot of celebrities carry Rebecca Minkoff purses like Britney Spears, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Reese Witherspoon. On Rebecca's blog Minkette ( in November 2009 she was having a daily giveaway. Whoever was the first person to write "Rebecca Minkoff Daily Giveaway!!!!" on her Twitter, Facebook, or Minkette blog when she announced the giveaway would win a prize.

After failing to be the first person a couple of times, on November 16, 2009 I was finally the first person to write "Rebecca Minkoff Daily Giveaway!!!!" on her Minkette blog. I nearly had a heart attack trying to figure out if I was the first person. I anxiously waited months to receive my prize.

The wait was definitely well worth it because on February 17th, 2010 I received a beautiful brown/beige Benjamins leather pouch. According to Bloomingdales' website, it costs $115.00! This is absolutely one of the best prizes I have ever received. All I need now is a lot of crisp Benjamins aka $100 dollar bills to put inside it!

View of the back with "Benjamins" printed on it:

View of the front with the "Rebecca Minkoff" plate on it:

View of the interior with signature bird lining:

I would love to own a Rebecca Minkoff purse sometime in the future to go with my Benjamins pouch. I have to make money first though and hopefully I can buy one. For right now Benjamins can hang out with my Chanel's.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day Brick and Mortar Freebies

For most people Valentine's Day is dedicated to celebrating love. I'm single so I don't have that kind of love in my life right now. I spent my Valentine's Day at the mall getting "Brick and Mortar" freebies.

"Brick and Mortar" freebies means getting freebies in person at a store. In my previous posts, I've written a lot about freebies I've received in the mail. In this post, I'm going to focus on freebies I received by personally visiting stores.

I found out Bebe (@bebe_Stores on Twitter) was giving away a free tote designed by Barbara Hulanicki in their stores from February 12th to February 15th. All I had to do was print the picture from their Facebook fan page and show it to a Bebe employee. I was a bit nervous because the promotion started on February 12th and I wasn't sure if there would be some totes left on February 14th. Fortunately, I was able to get a tote. It's not flimsy and it's a great size. I love that the tote is able to stand up by itself.

After getting my tote, I visited the Bare Escentuals boutique. Bare Escentuals focuses on mineral make up. They are currently holding a sweepstakes online called "Rethink What Matters." Each week they give away a different beauty product to a few lucky winners. On January 30th, I won my choice of either a blush or all over face powder. I decided to get an all over face powder because it sounded like a product I would use more often than a blush. After a brief consultation with a Bare Escentuals employee, I got an all over face powder called "Pure Radiance." The retail value of the powder is $18.00.

is a very generous store. I've received a lot of samples from them by signing up for their mailing list on their website. A few days ago I got a postcard in the mail telling me to get a sample of their new hair product. An Aveda employee asked me questions about my hair and then recommended I try the "light|elements shaping wax." I got a cute little jar with a decent amount of wax to try on my hair.

It's too bad phase two of the Twist Txt Get promotion by Coke is over. I won so many movie tickets and $25.00 gift cards from that Instant Win Game. I used two $25.00 gift cards to buy two $25.00 Sephora gift cards. I also redeemed the movie tickets I won and used them to watch Dear John which stars one of my favorite actors Channing Tatum (@channingtatum on Twitter).

Although I didn't have a boyfriend to spend Valentine's Day with, having the opportunity to get so many wonderful freebies made up for being single.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Freebies + Eliminate Full Price Moment of the Week!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I have been receiving a lot of great freebies in the mail so far this month.

Thanks to 43kixNorCal (@43kixNorCal on Twitter) I won an awesome "Dear John" prize pack! I was amazed at all the "Dear John" goodies I received. I am a HUGE Channing Tatum fan so this was a very special prize for me to win. I love the t-shirt the most. I didn't even know "Dear John" t-shirts existed!

Included in the "Dear John" prize pack was:

1. "Dear John" Book
2. "Dear John" Bookmark
3. "Dear John" Poster
4. "Dear John" T-Shirt
5. "Dear John" Sountrack

Speaking of "Dear John"... Fandango (@Fandango on Twitter) was having a movie review rhyme contest where followers had to tweet a movie review in 140 characters or less that rhymed. I gathered up my creative juices and came up with the following rhyme:

"Dear John was da bomb I saw it with my mom. She thought it was hot. Channing Tatum was yum & Amanda Seyfried was fun!"

I ended up winning a code for two Fandango movie tickets to see any movie I want.

Kitson is a store located on the infamous Robertson Blvd. I went there once in 2006. It's a store where lots of celebrities do their shopping. When I found out Live! On Sunset (@liveonsunset on Twitter) was giving away Kitson grab bags I knew I had to enter to win. I was thrilled when I found out I won a grab bag. I received a bunch of cute Kitson branded merchandise.

Included in the Kitson grab bag was:

1. Black Kitson tote bag
2. Black Kitson pouch
3. Black Kitson compact mirror
4. Yellow Kitson cosmetic bag
5. Kitson candle

Out of all the items I received, I love the Kitson compact mirror the most. I've been needing one for the longest time so I'm glad to have received one for free.

In August 2009, Allure magazine held a ton of beauty giveaways on their website. One of their giveaways was for a Lea Journo La Forme Styling Lotion that costs $28.00.

In October 2009, Redken (@redken5thave on Twitter) was giving away 10,000 samples of their aerate 08 bodifying cream-mousse on their website. The sample I received was a 2.3 oz jar which is bigger than samples I receive from other companies. It's always nice when companies are generous with their samples. Sometimes I receive itty bitty samples good enough for one use only.

A few weeks ago on Facebook, Nestle Crunch was giving 1,000 Nestle Crunch Bar coupons to the first 1,000 people who finish their trivia game per day. I've already received 4 coupons. I'm expecting to receive 8 more coupons. My tummy can't wait to redeem these coupons.

Eliminate Full Price Moment of the Week:

I received an e-mail from Southland Mall which is located in Hayward, Ca. The e-mail said if I print out the e-mail and bring it to Southland Mall I can receive a $10.00 American Express gift card with no purchase necessary. I took advantage of the offer and went to get a gift card.

After getting the gift card, I decided to look around Macy's (@MacysInc on Twitter). I wasn't intending to buy anything but I saw a pair of pants on the clearance rack marked down to $12.49 from its original full price of $24.98. I tried on the pants and they fit nice. I decide to buy it but before I go to the cash register to pay, I scanned the price tag at the price checker. I was shocked when I saw the pants only cost $7.49!

I couldn't believe so I went to another price checker and sure enough the price was $7.49. After taxes, I ended up only paying $8.22. If I used the gift card I got, I could have gotten the pants for free but I wanted to save the gift card for something else.

I love how when I'm not looking for a deal, the deal finds me. Finding those pants at a cheap price was definitely my Eliminate Full Price moment of the week.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mail & Freebie Talk for the Last Week of January

My mailbox was filled with lots of goodies the last week of January. Here's a picture of all the free items I received:

1. People Style Watch Magazine
2. Entertainment Weekly Magazine
3. Dear John by Nicholas Sparks Book from Hit Predictor @hitpredictor
4. Elizabeth Grant: The Socializer Beauty Product from Allure Magazine
5. 1 lb. of Fair Trade Certified Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee from @TGCBC & @fairtradeusa
6. 2 bags of Mike & Ike candy
7. Personalized Pen

My favorite freebie of the week was the book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks which I got from a website called Hit Predictor. I've been wanting to get this book ever since I found out one of my favorite actors, Channing Tatum, was going to be in the film adaptation of the book.

You can join Hit Predictor by clicking here. It's a site where you earn points by listening to music clips and answering polls. Hit Predictor added the book Dear John to their store a few days ago so I immediately used my points to get it.

I started reading Dear John over the weekend and so far I like it. It's the first Nicholas Sparks book I own. I'm still not sure if I want to finish the book before I see the movie.

In case I need a cup of coffee while I'm reading Dear John, I have 1 lb. of Fair Trade Certified Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee from The Green Coffee Bean Company (@TGCBC on Twitter) and Fair Trade Usa (@fairtradeusa on Twitter).

In November 2009, I signed up on Allure Magazine's website for a free beauty product from Elizabeth Grant called The Socializer. It's supposed to reduce puffiness around the eyes. On the Elizabeth Grant website ( the price of it is $40 so I'm glad I get to try it for free.

That was a great end to January and now that it is February, I am hoping for more great goodies to come to my mailbox!