Sunday, January 17, 2010

Super Saturday Savings

Saturday was a wonderful freebie day for me and my family. January 16th was my parents' wedding anniversary. They've been married for 28 years! I wanted to make sure we could celebrate this momentous occasion while saving tons of money at the same time.

My mom really wanted to watch the new Jackie Chan movie "The Spy Next Door." I had 4 movie tickets which I won from Coke's Twist Txt Get promotion. If I had to pay, the 4 movie tickets would have cost $39.25 but thanks to Coke I paid nothing.

I had a total of $50 in gift cards to California Pizza Kitchen that I bought with two $25 Mastercard's also from Coke's Twist Txt Get promotion. I decided to take my parents and my cousin there after we watched the movie. My mom loves California Pizza Kitchen's Thai Crunch Salad. Plus I had a "Be our guest" coupon for any free entree and drink that I got from a segment producer when I used to work at "The View from the Bay."

I used the coupon to get one of the most expensive entrees on the menu which was the "Blue Crab Cakes" that cost $17.79 plus the drink was $2.49. That coupon saved me $20.28. We ordered one Pepperoni Pizza, one Thai Crunch Salad, one Blue Crab Cakes for my mom (because she likes to copy me), three soda's and one twisted colada for me. The total for all the food was $63.64. With the $50 gift card we only had to pay $13.64 for the dinner. (Don't worry we didn't forget to tip the server. He was such a delicious looking server.)

After we ate, I wanted to drop by Victoria's Secret. I had another $10 off any purchase coupon that I wanted to use. I got two lotions, one PINK soap, and one tube of PINK shaving cream. The price of each item was $2.50! Plus there was an in store promotion going on where if you buy a PINK item you get a free PINK dog so I got one. I got 5 items for FREE!

Here's a shot of my Victoria's Secret freebies:

Let's recap:

Without coupons & gift cards this is the cash value of everything:

Value of Spy Next Door Movie Tickets: $39.25
Value of California Pizza Kitchen Dinner: $83.92
Value of Victoria's Secret Beauty Products: $10.00
Total: $133.17

With coupons & gift cards:

Spy Next Door Movie Tickets: Free
California Pizza Kitchen Dinner: $13.64
Victoria's Secret Beauty Products: Free
Total: $13.64

$133.17-$13.64=$119.53 savings!

Now that's what I call Super Saturday Savings!

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